How To Watch C/O Kaadhal Movie For Free?

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Regional cinema in India has found a new home on Netflix. The latest regional movie to arrive on the OTT platform is the C/O Kaadhal movie. It is a Tamil movie that has been appreciated by audiences and critics alike for its amazing storyline and character development. In this article, we are going to talk about the movie and how you can watch it online.

There are a number of popular web series and shows on Netflix. One such example is the Decoupled web series, about which you can learn more here. Let us now explore all the details and information about the Care Of Kaadhal Netflix movie and what it has to offer to the viewers. 

Watch C/O Kaadhal Movie

Care Of Kaadhal Netflix Movie

It is a romantic movie that revolves around four love stories and the way all of them end up together in a moving experience. It is a remake of a 2018 Telugu film and has been sighted as an example of great filmmaking by many. 

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The C/O Kaadhal Netflix movie is available on the platform and if you are interested in watching this heartwarming movie, then check out the upcoming sections of the article to know all the details. 

C/O Kaadhal Release Date

Care of Kaadhal release date on Netflix is 15th March 2021. It is now available on the platform, and you can easily have a look at it by subscribing to the platform. All the details on how to watch and download this movie have been shared in the sections below, so keep reading for all the latest updates and other important details. 

C/O Kaadhal Trailer

The Care Of Kaadhal Trailer was released on Netflix on 13th March 2021. You can check it out above and find out for yourself what the movie has to offer to the viewers. It has been widely appreciated by many as a promising movie, and the best way to check that out is to watch the trailer of the movie. 

How To Watch C/O Kaadhal Movie Online?

After getting to know all the information about the movie release, let us now discuss how to watch the movie. Here are the steps that you can follow to watch the Care Of Kaadhalmovie online.

  • Download the Netflix mobile app or visit the official website.

  • After that, sign up and create a new account.

  • Next, select the plans you want to subscribe to.

  • Initiate the payment process.

  • After making the payment, you will be subscribed to Netflix.

  • You can search for the film using the option available.

  • Click on the movie and enjoy it.

How To Watch Care Of Kaadhal Netflix Movie Free?

If you are a subscriber of Jio postpaid plus, then you can get free access to the Netflix platform along with the plan. Here are all the steps that you can follow to enjoy the Netflix movie for free.

  • Recharge your mobile with a Jio Postpaid plan.

  • You can select any pack in Jio postpaid plus.

  • Now you can enjoy free Netflix for a year.

  • Search for the Netflix movie you want to watch.

  • Watch and enjoy the film easily online. 

How To Download C/O Kaadhal Netflix Movie?

Apart from watching this movie on the platform, Netflix also gives users the option of downloading the movie to watch it later. If you want to download this movie to watch it offline, you can follow the steps you can follow.

  • Visit the official Netflix website or download the Netflix app on your mobile.

  • Log in to your account with the information required.

  • Click on the ‘Download’ option.

  • Select the quality in which you want to download the film.

  • Once the download is complete, you can watch the movie offline.

C/O Kaadhal Soundtrack

The C/O Kaadhal songs are composed by Sweekar Agasthi, with lyrics penned by Karthik Netha. The songs have received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. They have been released earlier this year, to huge fanfare and appreciation. 

C/O Kaadhal Tamil Songs:





Anthony Daasan

Karthik Netha

Katril Aadum

Anurag Kulkarni

Karthik Netha

Patta Kelu

Gana Mani

Karthik Netha

C/O Kaadhal Cast

Here are the lead actors in the Care Of Kaadhal cast list. 

  • Deepan 

  • Karthik Rathnam 

  • Vetri

  • Mumtaz Sorcar

  • Sonia Giri

  • Abitha Venkataraman

  • Swetha

  • Ayra Palak 

  • Master Nishesh 

So this was all about the C/O Kaadhal movie on Netflix, its release date, cast members, trailers, and others. If you are looking for more articles, blogs, and news, keep following our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cast list for the Care Of Kaadhal Netflix movie?

A. The movie stars Deepan, Karthik Rathnam, Vetri, Mumtaz Sorcar, and others. Check out the complete list in the article above. 

Q. When will the Care Of Kaadhal movie be released?

A. The C/O Kaadhal movie was released online on Netflix on 15th March 2021. It can be watched online by getting a subscription to the platform. Have a look at the article above for all the information. 

Q. Where can I watch the Care Of Kaadhal movie online?

A. You can watch this movie on Netflix by getting a subscription. For more details on how to watch it, check out the article above. 

Q. How can I watch the Care Of Kaadhal movie for free online?

A. There are many different ways of watching this Netflix movie online for free. One way is to get a free Netflix plan. To know how to get that, check out the article above. 

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