How To Delete Myntra Account: Step By Step Guidance

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We all know that Myntra is one of the most popular Indian e-commerce stores. It offers a wide variety of products ranging from footwear and clothing to cosmetics and accessories. It also delivers good services to its customers.

But due to any reason, if you are not completely satisfied with the services delivered by Mnytra and have determined that you will no longer use it, then you can quickly delete your Myntra account.

Do you know how to Delete your Myntra Account? This article will provide every detail of it. There are many methods to delete a myntra account, which are mentioned below. 

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How To Delete Myntra Account

3 Ways To Delete Myntra Account Permanently

Looking for the steps of how to Delete your Myntra Account permanently? I have researched various websites, and I found out that there are three methods to delete it. See the methods given below- 



Via Call


Via E-mail

[email protected]

Via App


1. Delete Myntra Account Via Call

Follow the steps given below to delete your Myntra account permanently via call.

  • Open Your Phone

  • Call Myntra at +91-80-61561999 

  • Ask customer care support to block, deactivate or delete your account

2. Delete Myntra Account Via E-mail

Follow the steps given below to delete your Myntra account permanently via E-mail.

  • Open your Gmail account. 

  • Compose a mail at [email protected] and ask support services to block, deactivate or delete your account.

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3. Delete Myntra Account Via Myntra App or Website

Follow the steps below to delete your Myntra account via Myntra App permanently.

  • Open the Myntra app on your mobile.

  • Login to your Myntra account.

  • On using the mobile app, go to the upper left corner and last click on the contact us tab.

  • Now, click on 'Non-order Related Issues' and then on the 'other' tab in the select issue option.

  • Click on the option which says, 'I have an issue with the app'.

  • A popup will appear saying, 'Sorry! we are not able to recommend a solution. Please get in touch using the Contact Us Option below'.

  • Then click on the Contact Us option below.

  • Now, a pop-up will appear below the screen (Two options will appear, contact Myntra customer care support- by chat or by calling)

  • You can choose any option from these two and ask Myntra Customer care to delete your Myntra account permanently.

Steps to Delete Order History in Myntra

Well, there is no direct option to delete history. All you need to do is follow the few steps given below. 

1. Your first step is to open Myntra application.

2. Sign-in to your Myntra account. 

3. The app does not allow delete history, so archive orders to keep them hidden from view. It will help in tracking your previous purchases. 

Forgot Myntra Password? Not to worry now! The steps I have shared below will help you to recover it quickly. 

  • Go to Myntra account recovery page and share your email address or phone number.

  • Tap on the “Send Link” button. 

  • Myntra will share an email on your registered email address. 

  • Click on that link.

  • Set a new Password now. 

How to cancel myntra order?

It is quite easy to cancel the order in Myntra by following the below-mentioned steps. Just follow these steps.

  • Open the app or website

  • Go to the main menu

  • Click on my orders

  • Select the product you want to cancel

  • Click on the cancel option

  • After clicking it, you will be asked for the reason for canceling your order

  • Mention the relevant reason

  • Then, Confirm your cancellation by clicking

  •  Your order will be cancelled successfully

How to Sell Products on Myntra App?

Are you looking to register your business as a seller on this popular shopping application? Yes? Check out the steps to sell on Myntra-

  • Visit Myntra’s partner info page and then, tap on the ‘Register Now’ button.

  • You will land on the Application form now. Enter your mobile number first. 

  • Share your email address now and verify it through OTP. 

  • Use a strong Password now and click on the Submit button.

  • Log-in to your Myntra seller account by using these details. 

  • Share all required details now to complete it. 


This article has saved your time as you don't need to search for any method of "How to Delete your Myntra Account". I have shared the easiest methods. You can not only delete your Myntra account through an app or website but also through e-mail or by call. The article has also covered the steps to sell Products on Myntra App. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we delete Myntra account?

A. You can permanently delete your account from Myntra through call, App or website, and email. 

Q. How can I get my old Myntra account?

A.  If you have stopped using the email or phone number that is associated with your Myntra account, you can contact customer care  for help to restore access to your account.

Q. How to delete myntra account?

A. To delete a Myntra account, you can follow the methods like Call, Email, or Myntra app. 

Q. How do I delete my order history in Myntra app?

A. In general, there is no way by which Myntra allows its customers to delete their order history. However, you can archive your purchases and order history to keep it hidden from others.

Q. Can Myntra block my account?

A. This shopping platform can unilaterally terminate your account. A user should read its Terms of Use under point no.4 which is related to user conduct and rules.

Q. Does Myntra blacklist customers?

A. It can do this in cases of repeated fraudulent activities, returns, and abuse.

Q. Can I reactivate my Myntra account?

A. You only need to contact their customer support team that helps in restoring access to your account.

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