Tips and Tricks For Balance Transfer Idea To Idea

Are you an Idea network user? Get to know some simple ways of how you perform balance transfer Idea to Idea whenever you want. 

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Idea is the largest Indian telecom network and provides GSM network service in India. With the help of balance transfer idea to Idea, you can easily share your prepaid Talktime balance to any of the idea numbers keeping in mind that both the idea numbers are around the same circle. 

So, in case of an emergency, you can transfer your balance to any of your family members or friends when they do not have sufficient recharge to make calls. 

To know more about balance transfer Idea to Idea, keep reading! Also, get to know the ways to Check Idea Offers for getting more data, Talktime, and more. 

Idea To Idea Balance Transfer Service Charges

The term Idea to Idea money transfer is a complete process by which you can share your idea mobile balance to another idea network through the use of the mobile number. 

The Idea, which is the largest mobile service provider in India, announced the launch of a balance transfer facility which is valid for all its prepaid subscribers in India. 

It is the latest service offered by Idea. With this service, all the Idea customers can transfer their balance from Idea to Idea customer around India.

Most of the network providers in India, for example, Airtel, Vodafone, do charge a small amount of money transfer balance from one number to another. It is known as service charges. Similarly, Idea to Idea transfer is also not free and does cost you some service charge. 

1. Balance Transfer Idea to Idea using USSD code

Balance transfer in Idea is rapid. Idea is a very convenient service for all the Idea customers as they do get some of the other benefits from the Idea to Idea recharge transfer. All you need to do is apply the Idea to Idea balance transfer USSD code. Listed are the steps you can follow.

  • Open your mobile dial pad and dial *191#.

  • Select Talktime transfer balance.

  • Enter the mobile number on which you want to transfer the money.

  • In< Receiver's mobile number>, enter the mobile number to which you want to transfer the money from your Idea number.

  • Enter the Amount to transfer.

Note: You can send money amounts that are in the order of 5,10,20,50,100,150, which is applicable only five times in a single day. This service is only available for customers using Idea services for a minimum of 120 Days.

2. Balance Transfer Idea to Idea Using SMS

If you are facing problems following method 1, you can opt for this method. All you need to do is open the keypad of your phone and enter the Idea to Idea money transfer code to whom you want to send your balance.

  • Enter the Idea balance transfer USSD code. For that, you need to dial *151*your friend's number*enter the Amount # how much money you want to transfer.

You will receive a final message from Idea after you have successfully transferred your idea balance to another idea number. 

3. Balance Transfer Idea to Idea

You can also try the third method if you are failing with the methods as mentioned earlier.

  • Firstly, you need to dial 12345, which is the Idea to idea balance transfer number. 

  • You can also send a message - GIVE (space) Receiver's mobile number (space) transfer amount. 

  • Send this message to 55567. 

  • Idea will deduct Rs.2, and the other Amount will get deposited to the number you wish to transfer your balance. 

4. Transfer Main Balance from Idea to Idea

The final and last method for the Talktime transfer idea to Idea is again simple and easy to use. Before you try out this method, be sure that you are applying the correct Idea to Idea net balance transfer code. 

  • Dial *191# from your smartphone.

  • You will get a popup message after which you have to select an answer and click send 2 (Talktime transfer) option. 

  • You will get a popup message again[enter 10-digit idea number)] on which you want to send the money. 

  • Press or click on answer/send.

  • Another popup will appear and in that put the Amount of money you want to transfer and press answer/send.

5. Idea to Idea Balance Transfer Using My Idea App

  • First, you need to download my idea app from the play store.

  • Signup using your existing idea number.

  • Select shop option and select share everything option

  • You have to add a beneficiary and finally, share Talktime.

Terms and conditions

  • Balance transfer idea to Idea is only applicable to local idea number.

  • You can only send amounts like 5,10,20,50,100,150.

  • The limit of transferring money balance from one idea number to another is five times per day. 

  • The money transfer process should have a gap of 5 min.

  • The Amount gets instantly transferred to the account and service charge for this idea facility is Rs.2. 

That was all about the balance transfer idea to Idea. All the discussed techniques are 100% working and genuine. Also, if you wish to receive free internet data, check out Idea Free Internet Tricks to know all tricks and tips to get up to 30GB data for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we transfer the balance from Idea to Idea?

A1. You need to dial *151**< Amount># to transfer Idea balance to different prepaid Idea numbers. 

Q2. How can I transfer data from Idea to Idea?

A2. Share idea data balance with Web Service. Dial *121*121# for sharing Data/SMS/Minutes. Select your preference and proceed to next. Finally, select the data plan you want to share with friends and family members.

Q3. What is the code of balance transfer in IDEA?

A3. Dial the Idea balance transfer USSD code which is *151*your friend's number*enter the Amount # how much you want to transfer.

Q4. How can I transfer my balance to another phone?

A4. If you want to transfer some balance from your number, dial *141# and follow the instructions. Or type SMS GIFT 'Amount' and send it to 121. You can transfer a minimum amount of Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 to another network.