Idea Free Data Code: Get Upto 30 GB Of Free Data

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Free data gives a great deal of satisfaction to everyone. But Do you know there are various tricks through which you can enjoy free data in Idea?

This article will provide you with all the information about the Idea Free data code and their availing tricks. Using these tricks, you can enjoy upto 30 GB of free data in Idea Network.

Some of the tricks are user-specific. You can try these tricks in less than 2 minutes to check eligibility. If you are eligible, you can enjoy high-speed data for free.

We will also give you a step-by-step guide to avail yourself of the free data in idea using these tricks. 

Furthermore, to learn the steps of availing free data in jio,I would suggest you to read our article on Jio Free Data Code .

Idea Free Data Code

How To Get Idea Free Data: Simple Tricks 

Here, we have provided you with all the tricks through which you can avail of free idea data. Also, we have provided the steps to get free data by using these tricks below the table. Scroll down, and read on.

Ways Of Getting Idea Free Internet

Offers Available

Through Rozdhan App


Through Earn Easy


Through Lucky Cherry App

Get Rewards

Through Offer Page

30 GB Of Free Data

Dial #999

1 GB Of Free Data

Through Downloading Idea App

2 GB Of Free Data

Dial 121365

10 GB Of Free Data For 10 Days

Dial *800*888#

10 GB Of Free Data For 1 Day

Trick 1 - Get Free Recharge With Rozdhan App

  • Download Rozdhan App

  • Open The App & Signup Using your Mobile Number.

  • Verify your Mobile Number Using OTP.

  • Use Referral Code 09BZ0Q

  • Complete The Signup process Using Email, DOB Etc.

  • Go to Menu and Tap on Rewards Option.

  • Transfer your earned money to Paytm

  • Use the money for recharge or spend as per your wish

Trick 2 - Earn Daily Free Recharge with Earn Easy

  • Download the free recharge app 

  • Login with your mobile number

  • Use Referrer Code - IZaYaCsI

  • Sign up bonus will be added to your account

  • Earn a daily login bonus as well

  • Complete simple tasks to earn money

  • Redeem your earnings for free recharge

Trick 3 Get Free Jio Recharge with Lucky Cherry App

  • Download the Lucky cherry app

  • Register on the app

  • Use referral code 6XCNVK for sign up bonus

  • Start trying different apps & tasks

  • Redeem the coins for rewards of your choice

Trick 4 - Get 30GB Free Data For 1 Month

This offer is for select 4G users. You get 30GB of data free for a period of 1 month. Get a free plan for one month. You only need to verify your number with an OTP to avail of the promotional offer. Once verified 30GB of data will be credited to your account. Enjoy the free data on your Idea number. 

  • Visit the offer page

  • Enter your Idea mobile number

  • Verify the OTP sent to your number

  • Congrats, free data is credited

  • Enjoy free internet for one month

Trick 5 - Get 1GB Data Free for One Day 

This free data trick or offer is for all Idea users. Recharge with any prepaid plans. You can recharge for Rs. 10. Once the transaction is completed, dial *999# from your number. You will receive a response to the USSD code. You will get to choose from different options. Enter 1 to get 1GB of data free for 1 Day. 

  • Visit the Idea recharge page 

  • Choose any pack of Rs. 10 or more

  • Complete the transaction

  • Now, dial *999#

  • In the pop-up screen, freebie options will appear

  • Enter 1 to get 1GB data free for one day

This offer is not working now but it can resume soon.

Trick 6 - Download Idea apps to get 2GB of Data For free

Download Idea apps to your smartphone and get 2GB of data for free. You need to download 4 apps - My Idea, Idea Music, Idea Movie Club, and My Idea Game Spark. For each app, you will get 500MB of free data. If you download all the apps 2GB of free data will be credited to your account. The free data is valid for 7 days.

  • Download app

  • Register on each app with your Idea number

  • Get 500MB of free data for each app

  • The validity of the free data is 7 days

  • Offer is valid once per user 

Idea Free Data Code For 7 Days Free Data

Idea is offering 1 GB of free daily data to users for 7 days. If you are a lucky user, you will receive a notification that free data offer has been activated on your number.

The number is generally for users who are not active on any plan.  If you are looking for any number or code to activate this free data offer, then from my personal experience, I think that they are offering this benefit to random users who are not active on any plan.

Some users have got free data pack after recharging with Rs. 10 top-up plan. But I think that may just be a coincidence because personally, I have got this offer without any recharge. 

Also, there is no number to activate this offer. If you are a lucky user, wait for the message on your number. 

As of now, this offer is not working but it can resume in the future. 


With the tips and tricks, you get unlimited Idea Free Data your Idea number. You can try all the tricks to see which one is working for your number. The free data will be credited to your account instantly. With the work from home scenario, the need for high-speed data is more than ever. You need high-speed data for everything from office work to entertainment and making video calls with friends and family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How can I get free data on Idea?

Ans. Idea subscribers can follow different tricks to get free data. Download My Idea app to track your data balance. 

Q.2. How can we share data in Idea?

Ans. Use your smartphone as a personal hotspot to share data with friends and family. The feature is available on all leading smartphone brands. 

Q.3. Is my Idea SIM 4G?

Ans. The easiest way to check the 4G compatibility of your Idea SIM is by sending an SMS. Type CHECK and Send it to 12345. 

Q.4. What is the APN of Idea?

Ans. Use APN internet or imis on your Idea number. 

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