Paytm UPI Offers - Earn Rs.1000 Cashback Every Month [Updated For October]

Earn cashback with Paytm UPI offers. Send money on Paytm app to participate in cashback offer. Chance to earn free paytm cash every month.

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Paytm is one payment wallet that gives you great cashback on making every transaction. Paytm coupon codes provide cashback on mobile recharge, DTH, Flights, movie tickets and more. Now Paytm is offering a total cashback of upto Rs.1000 on UPI. The Offers has been started by the NPCI(National Payments Corporation of India). The offers are being given to promote the “Digital India” initiative. You can easily participate in Paytm UPI offer to earn cashback every month. Do money transfer transaction for which you need to link your bank account with Paytm or you can open Paytm Savings account.

Now, let’s check out all the Paytm UPI cashback offers.

Paytm UPI Offer - All Offers

Paytm is offering a cashback of total Rs.1000 using it's UPI service for making payments. Let’s check out all the offers and learn how we can get all of it. You can participate in all offers to earn more. However, one transaction will qualify for only one offer. In order to avail the cashback offers, you need to link your bank account with your Paytm account or open a Paytm Savings account. Paytm Savings bank users can also order the Paytm debit card. The debit card is available with cashback of Rs 60. The cashback will be given after activation of the debit card.

Note: We have provided the steps to link your bank account down below in case you need help with it. We have also provided the steps below to transfer money using UPI BHIM interface.

1. Paytm 10 Pe 10 UPI Offer - Earn Up To Rs. 1000

Earn up to Rs 1000 Cashback from Paytm 10 pe 10 offer. You need to make 10 Transactions of Rs 25 or above. The cashback of Rs 10 will be credited instantly. With this Paytm UPI offer, earn cashback of up to Rs 1000. The money should be transferred to a UPI ID ending with Paytm. You can send 10 times to the same UPI ID.

Note: To avail Paytm 10 pe 10 offer, you need to do send money to UPI ID ending with Paytm. Also, the minimum money transfer is Rs. 25.

How to Avail Paytm 10 pe 10 UPI Offer

  • Open Paytm App

  • Go to Cashback Section.

  • Click On 10 Pe 10 UPI Cashback Offer.

  • Active The Offer.

  • Now Send Money @Paytm UPI.

  • Send Minimum Rs.25.

  • Complete 10 Transactions & Get 10 Cashback In Wallet.

  • Repeat the procedure several times to earn more.

2. Paytm 15 pe 25 UPI Offer: Get Rs.1,000 Cashback

Unlock 15 pe 25 UPI offer with first money transfer of Rs 2000 or more. Get Rs 25 cashback after your 15th UPI transaction. Do 15 transactions of Rs 2,000 or more within the offer duration to earn the cashback. You can avail 15 Pe 25 UPI offer a maximum of 40 times. So the total cashback a user can earn is Rs 1,000. One UPI transaction of user qualifies for only one offer.

How to Avail 15 Pe 25 UPI Offer

  • Open Paytm App.

  • Tap on Money transfer.

  • Do first UPI transaction of Rs 2,000 or more.

  • You will receive notification for participation in 15 pe 25 offer.

  • Click activate offer.

  • Complete 14 transactions more.

  • Cashback of Rs 25 will be credited to your wallet.

  • Participate in this offer up to 40 times to earn Rs 1,000.

Note: For all ongoing Paytm UPI offers, tap on the cashback icon on the top right corner of Paytm app. You can also activate the offer of your choice for participation from this section.

3. 20 Pe 30 UPI Ofer - Cashback upto Rs 300

Paytm UPI offers are easy chance to earn cashback in your wallet. New UPI offers are introduced by the e-wallet which you can avail in some easy steps. Next, Paytm offer is 20 Pe 30 UPI Offer. User has to do 20 transactions of Rs 25 or more. On your 20th UPI transaction with this offer, you get Rs 30 cashback in Paytm wallet. Each user can avail this offer 10 times. It means you can earn up to Rs 300 with 20 Pe 30 UPI Offer.

How to Avail 20 Pe 30 UPI Offer on Paytm

  • Open Paytm app.

  • Login into your e-wallet account.

  • Click on cashback button on top right corner.

  • Find "20 Pe 30 UPI Offer".

  • Click on Activate offer.

  • Do UPI transaction of Rs 25 or more

  • Now, Do 19 more transactions of Rs 25 or more

  • Cashback will be given after your 20th transaction.

Note: You will receive notification/message after your first transaction. Don’t forget to activate the offer on Paytm App to get cashback on UPI Transactions.

4. 10 Pe 25 UPI Offer - Cashback upto Rs 500

Under 10 Pe 25 UPI Offer, user has to complete 10 transactions of Rs 1500 or more. These transaction need to be done within offer duration to earn cashback. The cashback awarded to user will be Rs 25. Similarly, the user can complete the offer 20 times to earn total cashback worth Rs 500. The steps to avail 10 Pe 25 UPI offer remain the same.

How to Avail 10 Pe 25 UPI Offer

  • Open Paytm app.

  • Login into your e-wallet account.

  • Click on cashback button on top right corner.

  • Find 10 Pe 25 UPI Offer

  • Activate the cashback offer

  • Complete 10 transactions of Rs 1500 or more

  • Cashback will be rewarded after 10th transaction of user.

Note: You need to activate the offer and wait for the notification after your first transaction. Once you receive notification, complete 10 transactions of Rs 1500 or more to earn cashback

5. 20 Pe 5 UPI Offer - Cashback Upto Rs 150

To unlock this UPI offer do a money transfer transaction of Rs 100 or more. Activate the 20 Pe 5 UPI offer. Do the remaining 19 transactions to earn Rs 5 cashback. Each user can participate in this UPI offer up to a maximum of 30 times to earn cashback of Rs 150. The money can be sent to any UPI ID or Bank account. You can even send multiple times to the same account or UPI ID.

How to Avail 20 Pe 5 UPI Offer

  • Do first UPI transaction of Rs 100 or more

  • Activate 20 Pe 5 UPI offer

  • Complete 20 money transfer transactions

  • Cashback of Rs 5 will be added to your Paytm Wallet

  • Each user can participate maximum of 30 times to earn up to Rs 150 cashback

Note: User has to do money transfer transactions within Paytm app to earn the cashback. Send money to another bank account or UPI ID.

6. 7 pe 11 Offer - Cashback Up to Rs 1100

Here is one more offer added to Paytm UPI. You can see this offer in the cashback section on Paytm app. Earn Paytm cashback of your Rs 11 in your wallet. Do 7 transactions of Rs 10 or more to participate in Paytm 7 pe 11 UPI offer. This offer can be availed a maximum of 100 times per users. With this UPI offer, earn up to Rs 1100 cashback. So participate in the UPI cashback offer and earn easy money.

How to Avail 7 pe 11 Offer

  • Do first transaction of Rs 10 or more using your Paytm UPI.

  • CLick Activate 7 Pe 11 offer offer.

  • The offer is unlocked complete 7 transactions to earn cashback.

  • The cashback will be given after 7th transaction.

  • Each user can participate 100 times in 7 pe 11 UPI offer.

  • Earn cashback of up to 1100.

7. Paytm 10 p 30 UPI Offer: Get Rs.300 Cashback on UPI Payment

Get Rs.30 free Paytm cash on 10 UPI transactions. To get the required cashback amount you have to complete 10 UPI transactions of Rs.1500 or more. Once the 10 UPI transactions get completed, the free Rs.30 cashback will immediately be added in your wallet. The maximum money you can earn till the offer validity is of Rs.300. Adding on, the first transaction will be considered for unlocking this UPI offer. Once the offer gets activated, you need to complete the remaining 9 UPI. The offer is valid till 15th September 2018 so start transaction now in order to earn more free Paytm cash.

How to Avail Paytm 10 p 30 UPI Offer

  • Open your Paytm account .

  • Click on cashback offers and select Paytm 10 pe 30 UPI offer

  • Now, tap on the participate option and start your transaction

  • The first transaction is reserved for unlocking this cashback offer

  • Now complete your remaining 9 transactions of Rs.1500 or more

  • Once all the 10 UPI transactions get completed the cashback amount of Rs.30 will be credited to your Paytm wallet

Note: The transaction amount of your 10UPI must be Rs.1500 or more to get the cashback of Rs.30 in your Paytm wallet.

Paytm UPI Offer - Earn Gold Worth Upto Rs. 500 on 1st Transaction

Earn Rs. 10 worth Gold on first money transfer using Paytm UPI. Also, 1000 lucky users stand a chance to win gold up to Rs. 500 daily. The offer is applicable on first money transfer using Paytm UPI. Minimum transaction of Rs. 100. Paytm 1st UPI offer is applicable till 16th November. Do the money transfer transaction using UPI on the same day you link bank account on Paytm.

How to Avail Paytm 1st Transaction Offer

  • Open Paytm App.

  • Login or Create an account.

  • Lik your Bank account on Paytm.

  • Complete money transfer of Rs. 100 or more.

  • Get Gold Worth Rs. 10.

  • Also, stand chance to win gold up to Rs 500.

Note: Paytm UPI offers may vary from user to user. You can check the available offers for your account in the cashback section. However, the procedure to avail remains the same. Complete the given steps to earn cashback in Paytm Wallet.

Steps to Pay using UPI on Paytm

These are the steps to pay using the UPI service in the paytm application:

  • Firstly, Open the Paytm App.

  • Now click on the BHIM UPI option by scrolling the carousel given on the application.

  • Now click on the bank transfer button.

  • You can also scan the Paytm QR code and pay.

  • After clicking on the bank transfer enter the Bank account number of the account you wish to transfer funds. You can also enter the UPI address of the receiver.

  • Now enter the amount and click on proceed.

  • After that click on confirm bank transfer.

  • Now enter your m-PIN to further proceed the transfer.

  • Congratulation !!! You have successfully made your first UPI payment through Paytm application.

Steps to Link Your Bank Account with Paytm

  • Open Paytm App on your Phone

  • Now click on link your bank account button.

  • Select to bank account option from the checkbox.

  • Your account details will be automatically fetched

  • Complete the process with OTP verification

  • Congratulations !!! Your bank account has been linked to your paytm.

Terms and Conditions- Paytm UPI Offers

  • By availing the cashback offers you are by default agreeing with all the terms and conditions.

  • In order to participate for the cashback offer you need to be at least 18 or above.

  • Paytm reserve the right to change or alter any offer as per their convenience

  • Paytm reserve the right to disqualify any user from the benefit of cashback offers.

  • In order to read the full terms and conditions click here and scroll down for the terms and conditions tab.

Note: Paytm is also running a Paytm Refer and Earn Offer which can get you a cashback of up to Rs.5000 every month

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