New Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Rule - How to Port your Number within 48Hrs?

TRAI has extended the deadline to implement new mobile number portability rules. Soon Port your number within 48 hrs.

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is all set to make changes in the Mobile Number portability process. The New MNP rules have come in effect starting today.

TRAI has reduced the time frame of MNP from 7 Days to 2 days. The new rules were expected to be introduced on 11th November but TRAI has postponed the date. 

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What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

MNP is the process of changing from a telecom operator to another without changing your number. 

MMP service was first launched in India in 2011. The subscriber needs to generate a Unique Porting Code (UPC) to port from one operator to another. To generate UPC number subscribers need to send an SMS to 1900.


How to Avail Mobile Number Portability Sevice?

  • Generate an 8-digit UPC code by sending an SMS, ‘Port (your mobile no)’ to 1900

  • Visit any telecom operator’s store

  • Fill the form with relevant documents

  • Choose a rate plan

  • The new operator will port your number after consulting with the existing operator. 


New MNP Rule of TRAI

With the change in rules, users will be able to change from one operator to another operator in less than 48 hours. The new port-out rules also reduce the porting fee to Rs. 6.46 per transaction. However, the revised process getting deferred, the old porting fee will apply for now. 


How can I check my MNP status?

  • Visit MNP website

  • Enter mobile number and UPC code 

  • solve captcha code

  • Tap on the submit button to process further

  • The current status of your porting request will be displayed on the screen

Can I port my mobile number online?

You need to visit the store of a new operator for the submission of KYC and receive a new SIM card. Some operators have the facility of document collection at the doorstep. 

How can I generate a UPC code without SMS?

Instead of sending SMS, you can call 1900 to generate your unique UPC code. The code is valid for a limited time period. So generate UPC only when you are at the store and about to fill the form.