9 Best Mobile Stands For Video Recording In India- For Best Recording Experience

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Mobile phones have been part of our lives for a long time now. Their features and utilities have been easing our day-to-day activities and making our daily tasks hassle-free with time. 

Recording of videos, one of the best features of mobile phones, has now been made easier with the help of the Best mobile stand for video recording. Without a proper mobile stand, the video cannot be according to the best specifications as the recording person wants it to be.

The mobile phones that record the best videos as per the dimensions, angles, lighting, and sound are considered the best mobile phones for video recording. 

Similarly, the stands that assist in this recording also need to be the best, as they play an essential part in making the video as per the appropriate dimensions.

To know which is the best mobile stand for video recording in India, we will discuss some of the best sellers, which are high in ratings.

Also, if you wish to know the best CCTV camera brands in India, click here.

Best mobile stands for video recording 

What is a Mobile Phone Stand?

 A mobile phone stand is a device that helps hold the mobile phone in one place at a specific angle to use it accordingly. It greatly helps in recording videos, along with capturing pictures in the best angles and dimensions.

Nowadays, when recording videos is such a popular act, mobile stands for video recording are a must accessory for everyone.

We will see the best mobile stand for video recording India.

There are various mobile stands available in the market. Some of the best in terms of features, quality, and ratings are listed down below:

Top 9 Mobile Stand For Video Recording





Rs. 3990-4999



Rs. 1999-3999



Rs. 1499-2599



Rs. 895-7495



Rs. 1490-2990



Rs. 1999



Rs. 2749






Rs. 899


Note: MRP. Actual prices depend on the latest offers, discounts and coupons.




Syvo tripods are made of aluminium and have adjustable heights from 22 inches to 50 inches. They are compatible with all mobile phones. They have smooth functioning and have a full grip to make the mobile stand firmly.


  • Adjustable height- 22, 30, 40 50 inch

  • Minimum height - 16 inches

  • Max stretch- 3.4 inch (width)

  • It is compatible with all smartphones as well as digital cameras

  • It is lightweight

  • It has a three-way head tripod


This tripod comes with a bag and a mobile holder. It has a variant with 55-inch specifications too, which can hold upto 5kg of weight. This tripod weighs 0.69g and is an excellent option to carry from one place to another.

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It is a mounted mobile phone stand that can be clipped on the desks or table corners to record videos while sitting somewhere.

A trendy unique clip design and firm hold help the mobile phones be held firmly without any possibility of scratch or damage. It is made of cast iron.


  • It is compatible with phones and tablets having screen sizes from 4.7-10. 5 inch

  • It has 360 degrees rotation

  • It is lightweight- 320 gm

  • It is a tablet as well as an e-reader


A unique clip-on design helps hold the phone in the corners of the desk or tables and helps record videos while sitting comfortably. Highly light in weight and trendy looking.

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Yozti offers a 7 feet tripod with a 10-inch ring light, making it ideal to use for social media video recordings. This feature also makes it among the best mobile stand for youtube video recording.


  • It is 7 feet and with a ring light

  • It is lightweight- 900gms 

  • It is heat-resistant - to protect the LED, built in.

  • It is adjustable- 16 inches to 50 inches

  • It has a dimmable ring light

  • It has three light colours for ring light and 11 level brightness in each colour.

  • It has a 3- way pan head and tilt motions compatible


With heat resistance technology, it helps retain the video's lighting without any damage to the LED and the mobile.

The ring light with many colour options for light and adjustable brightness levels makes it an excellent choice to choose for proper lighting of the videos as per the needs of the recording person. Also, phones can be placed on the ring base to make the best use of the ring light.

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Made of plastic and available in 13 models/sizes or designs, this mobile phone stand is one of the most purchased in this category. The classification of the Gorillapod mobile tripod makes it sturdy and its life long. 


  • It is portable and lightweight

  • It is compatible with all the smartphones

  • It is a heavy-duty Gorillapod.

  • It has an easy clasp lock- firm grip, damage-free usage

  • It comes with a mobile attachment

  • It has a Bluetooth remote

  • Maximum height- 9.4 inches


 Though being sturdy, its height is a bit of a limitation for it to be used by many sections of video uploaders. It has various models/sizes and designs, but the variant in which the tripod's height cannot be extended much doesn't work for all. 

Apart from this, the attachments make it a bit user-friendly. The Bluetooth remote works for it very well.

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Made of aluminium, it is available in 6 variants. This Photron tripod with a mobile holder has a section for four tubes with leg braces. It can install any with a ¼ inch tripod stand as its holes have standard specifications.


  • It is lightweight- 420-500g

  • The maximum load it can take is - 2kg

  • It is compatible with all smartphones as well as digital cameras

  • The height can be extended from 13 inches to 41 inch

  • Its 3-way head allows all way rotation and angles

  • Level detector- detects the level of the ground, if horizontally lined or not


This tripod stand helps in detecting the level of the ground it stands on. Also, the compatibility with all the digital cameras and smartphones makes it an excellent option to buy.

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It is a lightweight tripod made of aluminium alloy. It has a 360 degrees swivel function which allows the users to capture the panoramic view while recording videos

 It also allows easy change from one mode to another- from landscape to portrait and vis-a-versa. It comes in 4 variants.


  • Lightweight- 300gm

  • Can hold a max of 2 kg weight

  • It has an extendable height from 13 inches to 41 inches

  • Compatible with all smartphones and digital cameras

  • It has a lever tester feature too

  • It has an extendable gearless center post for convenience.


It's durable and sturdy. It also supports the level tester feature, which allows having a perfect horizontal level while recording videos.

It also has an adjustable center post that can be extended for easy movement and getting the desired angle.

So here we have discussed the 6 best mobile phone stand for video recording. According to usability, one can choose the best out of the lot to make beautiful videos for their social media accounts or official purposes.

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This mobile stand is one of the best mobile stand for youtube video recording. It is handsfree and can be extended to a great height. Also, it can be adjusted to various angles, making it the best for video watching and recording. 

The lights in its led ring are adjustable and can be dimmed according to the needs.


  • It is lightweight with the dimension of -‎69 x 36.8 x 8.2 cm and a weight of 1.58 Kg

  • It has three light modes white, warm yellow, and warm white.

  • It has dimmable options.

  • It emits extra lights- best for video recording.

  • It has a 360 rotating feature for better recording and better mobility

  • It is effortless to install.

  • It has a 10 inch Ring Light.


It is a lightweight tripod with a light-emitting ring perfect for makeup, shoot, youtube, Instagram videos, and much more. The lights are adjustable according to their needs and usage. Its wide-angle rotation helps in capturing the best video mode and better picture quality.



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This tripod from Prosmart is made of aluminum and has a three-way head for better mobility. It can help make videos in both the modes- landscape and portrait.

This tripod has a level tester feature that makes the horizontal levelling of the ground very easy.


  • It has a dimension of ‎30 x 8 x 8 cm.

  • It is very lightweight, weighing - 400 Grams

  • It has a pan-tilt-swivel head that allows quick movement.

  • It is three-legged, and all legs are extendable.


Its extendable feature makes it highly good to use. It is a universal phone holder and allows 360 movement that makes it useful for landscape and portrait video recording. Also, the feature of a level tester makes a clean recording experience.


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VLSA has a mobile stand with a round base to facilitate its customers making videos quickly and easily. Its height is adjustable and has a tightening clamp to avoid slips. It is highly flexible and lightweight for regular use.

It is easy to carry and highly sturdy with a firm base.

  • It has a dimension of 10 x 5 x 12 cm.

  • It is very lightweight, weighing - 390 Grams

  • It has a solid round base for sturdiness.

  • It is 360 degrees adjustable.

  • It is adjustable with desired altitude and angle for best usage.


It is highly sturdy and easy to carry as it is light in weight. It is adjustable and extendable, which makes it an ideal partner for video recordings on mobile phones. It is one of the most stable mobile stands for video recordings.


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Also, we can here have a look at which phone is best for video recording. The list of some good quality video recording phones are:

1.Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

2.One Plus 9 Pro

3.Vivi X60 Pro

4. iPhone 12 Pro

5. Oppo Reno 6 Pro

These are some of the smartphones which have the best video recording.

How To Record A Video Using A Mobile Stand?- Tips And Tricks

Let's find out some quick tips and tricks to make our video recording experience extraordinary:

Best mobile stand for video recording


Why does one need a good Mobile Phone Stand?

With the advancement of technology, we are highly reliant on it; people spend most of their work and social time on mobile phones. Whether they have to watch the news, play funny videos or attend an office meeting, they do it on their mobile phones.

With the ongoing pandemic, an online era has started in which, from classrooms to playgrounds, all are online. Students take their lectures through video recordings.

Various influencers earn by making youtube videos or Instagram reels, apart from socialising through these social media handles. They require a sound video recording for uploading perfect videos. An excellent mobile phone stand plays a vital role in getting the best shot at an ideal angle. Capturing the right moment at the ideal time gets the most subscribers, likes, and comments.

These influencers earn from it. So they pay great attention to the type of tripod they use for their video recording.

Also, what they research highly is which smartphone has the best video recording feature. Mobile phones that have the best quality cameras are in high demand. Social media influencers are in search of these types of smartphones. Then they choose the best in both the categories- mobile phone and its stand and start recording. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which stand is best for video recording?

A.One can choose any one of the best mobile phone stands listed above.

Q. Which smartphone is best for video recording?

A.there are various smartphones in the market which have the best quality cameras. One can choose any from Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to Oppo Reno 6 Pro.

Q. Which tripod is best for mobile?

A.Tripods that have the best grip and are rubber footed are best for mobile phones. Some of them are Tygot, Syvo, etc.

Q.What can I use to hold my phone while recording a video?

A.You can use a high-quality mobile stand for video recording and buy yourself one of the best tripods for video recording from the article above.

Q.Which Tripod is best for making YouTube videos?

A. Any Tripod with sturdy legs can be used for video recordings, but some of the best tripods YouTubers use are from TYGOT, Sylo, Digitek, etc.

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