20 Best CCTV Camera Brands In India

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As advancement in technology has sprung up over the past few decades, it has become impossible to do away with the use of the Best CCTV Camera Brands In India.

Nowadays, it is compulsory in public places like restaurants, banks, shopping malls and even tourist attractions.

Be it commercial spaces or residential areas; one can see these cameras mounted on the top of every corner in order to ensure the security of their possessions. 

Installing a surveillance system has become a necessity in today’s world, and with the ongoing menaces in society, the market of CCTV cameras has been shooting up! 

In this article, you will find all the details about Best CCTV Cameras in India, like- Products they offer, features, pros and cons and much more.

So if you are considering getting one for yourself and if you are confused with the umpteen options available, then don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Here is the list of the Top 20 Brands of CCTV Cameras in India here, and you can check all of them and select the best one as per the price and requirements. 

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Best CCTV Camera Brands In India

List of Best CCTV Camera Brands In India- with Price Range

Here is the  List of best CCTV camera brand in India with their price ranges. 


Top Brands 
Price Range

CP Plus

Rs. 775-Rs. 20,450


Rs. 3,400-Rs. 41250


Rs. 2,599-Rs. 25,450


Rs. 6000-Rs. 33,000


Rs. 950-Rs. 12,000


Rs.1,700- Rs. 41,000


Rs. 960- Rs. 12,000


Rs. 1,000- Rs. 27,000


Rs. 4,000- Rs. 13,000


Rs. 1,000- Rs. 4,950


Rs 18000-Rs 175750


Rs. 800- 1.45 Lakh


Rs. 900- Rs. 14,500

Mi CCTV Camera

Rs. 1,799 - Rs. 2,899 


Rs. 2,999- Rs. 81,490

Axis Communications

Rs. 2,400 - Rs. 40,000


Rs. 5,000  - Rs. 17,000 


Rs. 999 - Rs. 19,000


Rs. 2,499 - Rs. 12,000


Rs. 400 - Rs. 3,000


Note: Price range may vary from time to time due to many factors.

Review of the Top Cctv Camera Brands in India  

Check out the detailed review for the top CCTV camera brands in India with their special features and products offered by the brands.  

1. CP Plus

‘Upar waala sab dekh raha hai’! When you hear this tagline, does it ring any bells? It is the campaign tagline of CP Plus, and it is one of the leading brands in CCTV Cameras. By delivering a great range of products for everyone’s surveillance requirements it has become one of the most preferred CCTV Camera brands in India. 

They produce a variety and range of these cameras in different sizes, shapes, colour, and lenses to provide different features as per the requirements. It is one of the best CCTV camera brands on our list. 

This CCTV camera is equipped with CMOS image sensors.

List of products offered by CP Plus:

a. Network Cameras

b. Network Video Recorders

c. Analog HD Cameras

d. Speed Dome Camera

e.Video Door Phones

Features of products offered by CP Plus:

  • CP Plus CCTV Cameras come with a lot of amazing features like
  • Night Vision
  • Easy to Install
  • Digital Zoom
  • Inbuilt analytics for videos


  • Colour camera with full HD recording

  • An infrared lens with a range of up to 20 meters

  • The variable frame rate for smooth recording


  • Plastic body with the average build quality

  • Lacks support for microSD card and NAS storage

2. Godrej

Godrej is one of the most preferred CCTV Camera brands in India. Customers have been relying on the quality and reliability that comes with their products. Amazing features accompanied by great quality at a reasonable price makes it all the more pleasing for the customers to buy products offered by Godrej. It offers the best CCTV Camera in India in 2023. Godrej is mainly known for its other products in the market, but they are good in the security cameras area too.

It comes with mobile alertness, 360 degree pan-tilt functions and smart playback  function. 

List of products offered by Godrej:

a. See-Thru Series

b. See-Thru Octa HD

c. See-Thru Quadra HD

Some key features of Godrej CCTV Cameras are:

  • Camera Imaging Technology
  • Smart IR Function
  • Intelligent Detection


  • Provides 720 HD resolution DVR and camera. 

  • Provides real time recording. 

  • Hybrid digital video recorders support both analog and digital cameras. 


  • Not found yet. 

3. Panasonic

CCTV Cameras by Panasonic are widely used in many places because they cater to all the surveillance requirements at an affordable price, without having to compromise with the quality of the product. It is on one of the leading CCTV Camera brand lists. Panasonic comes under the top 10 CCTV camera brands in India 2023.

List of products offered by Panasonic:

a. PTZ Cameras

b. Multi-sensor Cameras

c. 4K Cameras

d. Fixed Dome Camera

e. Bullet Type Camera

Features of Panasonic CCTV Cameras are:

  • Can Connect up to 4 CCTV Cameras
  • Capture rate of 25 frames
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Full HD resolution with great clarity

  • High imaging range

  • Usable even in dark environments


  • No SD card expandability

  • Limited movement

4. Samsung

One of the largest manufacturers of electronic devices, Samsung has always ruled the market be it in the sector of mobile phones, television sets or any other electronic appliances. In the case of CCTV Cameras, Samsung has seeped into this sector as well. Their cameras are highly durable and offer a wide range of collections with exciting features. Their normal range starts from 6000-12000 further it will depend on the model you select. Samsung brings the Best CCTV camera in India

It is one of the average price CCTV cameras with good quality products. 

List of products offered by Samsung:

a.Dome CCTV Cameras

b.Full Body CCTV Cameras

c.Night Vision CCTV 

Below are the features of Samsung CCTV Cameras:

  • High-quality footage
  • Bi-directional audio
  • Clear footage even on zooming in the footage
  • Anti blur technology


  • It provides 2.1 MP premium resolution  

  • Full HD 1080 DVR with HD input. 


  • They do not have SD card slots. 

5. Zicom

Zicom is another company that pioneers in providing security solutions. It is one of the best CCTV Camera brands in India. They offer ample security solutions, including wireless security cameras, hybrid cameras, etc.  They are involved in importing, testing, designing, programming, installing electronic security systems to protect industrial and commercial establishments including household segments.

This Zicom CCTV camera comes with great flexibility

List of products offered by Zicom Security Systems:


b.HDTVI Cameras

c.Hybrid Cameras

d.Hybrid DVR

e.IP Cameras

f.Network Video Recorders

Features of Zicom CCTV Cameras are:

  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Noise deduction to produces clear images
  • Enhanced footage quality even in low light 
  • Best CCTV Camera for home


  • The camera delivers true color images with no color variation.

  • Zicom presents its CCTV surveillance kit as the most trusted security product. 

  • Comes with mainly two power adapters. 


  • Not found yet. 

6. Hikvision

Hikvision is one of the Top best CCTV camera brands in India 2023. It provides security solutions for commercial as well as residential spaces. They offer a great range of products that come with intelligent features to render to all your security requirements. 

Hikvision is one of the largest suppliers of video surveillance products based in China. Their cameras come with dynamic zoom features and come with great megapixels resolution. Hikvision is one of the top CCTV camera brands in India. The cameras of the Hikvision range start from Rs. 1200-12500. 

The lens has wider coverage and it comes with great resolutions.

List of products offered by Hikvision:

a. Network Camera

b. Thermal Camera

c. Analog Camera

d. PTZ

Features of this top-selling CCTV Camera brand are:

  • Monitoring of video over the internet using SmartPhones
  • Can connect to HDMI / VGA compatible monitors


  • Works great in dark environments.

  • Secure chassis to prevent tampering.

  • Great after-sales support.


  • No SD Card slot

7. TVT

TVT is one of the fastest-growing CCTV camera manufacturing companies.  It has been delivering great quality products since 2004 and has always lived up to the expectations of their customers. 

List of products offered by TVT CCTV Cameras:

a. HD IP Camera

b. HD Analog Camera

c. PTZ Camera

Features of the products offered by TVT CCTV Cameras are:

  • Waterproof Cameras
  • Full Real Time Coding
  • High Resolution Recording


  • It comes with incoming and outgoing bandwidth of 56 Mbps. 

  • Supports 1SATA up to 8TB. 

  • Comes with dual stream technology for local storage. 


  • Not found yet. 

8. Dahua

To be sure that your valuables are safe while you are at work or if you own a commercial space, CCTV Cameras are very important. Dahua is another brand that offers Best CCTV cameras in India. 

Their price range starts from Rs. 1205-16000 and they provide different features like low light recording and special night cameras. Still their cameras are affordable in comparison to others.  

Their cameras are mostly used in parking lots or stadiums to save on cabling costs. 

List of products offered by Dahua:

a.HDCVI Cameras

b.Thermal Cameras

c. HDCVI Cameras

d. Network Cameras

e.PTZ Cameras

Features of CCTV Cameras by Dahua:

  • Multiple Network Monitor
  • Dual Stream Coding
  • Event Stream


  • Come with a 2 years warranty. 

  • Comes with 3+1 copper cable and freecom power supply. 


  • Not found yet.

9. Sony

Sony as a brand has become synonymous with great performance and value. Sony is one such brand whose appliances are always there in one’s home. Television sets, home appliances, mobile phones, CCTV cameras, Sony is a brand that is omnipresent. It not only offers great quality products, but their performance is also satisfactory.  Now they have also started making a name in the field of security gadgets as well.  Sony is one of the Top CCTV Camera brands available in India.  Their cameras are cost-effective and provide a network camera with surveillance applications.

Their mini dome cameras are suitable for offices, factories or public spaces.

List of products offered by Sony CCTV Cameras:

a. Digital Camera

b. Analog Camera

c. Encoders

d. IP Cameras

e. Network Recorders

Features of products offered by Sony CCTV Cameras:

  • Day and Night vision feature
  • Great camera range
  • High resolution images
  • Affordable price
  • Impeccable performance


  • One of the trusted brand in India 

  • Known for special quality products. 


  • Not found yet.  

10. Zebronics

Zebronics is another top brand of CCTV Cameras. Even if you have installed a CCTV Camera and the footage is not at all recognisable then what the use is? Zebronics offers products that have HD image recording so one can see clearly and even zoom in to get a hold of the littlest of details. 

List of products offered by Zebronics:

a. PTZ Cameras

b. Dome Cameras

c. IP Cameras

Features of products offered by Zebronics:

  • Low priced cameras
  • Wide range of products
  • In-built microphone
  • Blur reduction
  • High Definition Video Recording
  • Clarity in Images even on zooming in


  • The camera has 2.0 megapixel advanced motion detection with 2 way audio function 

  • Comes with a 1 year warranty. 


  • One of the best for home security cameras.


It is a multinational brand and delivers products in selected countries. The brand has 5-6 units of manufacturing in Asia, Europe, and American regions and offers the best quality products. Sony is a partner brand of Bosch, and this brand has products at a high price range. Bosch claims for the best professional video surveillance for everyone that goes beyond the security with built-in essential video analytics standards. Bosch is the best brand for CCTV cameras.

As we all know these IP cameras are more advanced  in comparison to analog cameras and they are equipped with too many features. 

List of products offered by BOSCH

a. Automotive parts

b. Power tools

c. Security systems

d. Home appliances

e. Electronics

f. Cloud computing and IoT

Features of products offered by BOSCH

  • For Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera Use

  • Night Vision Feature

  • Different No of Channels

  • Different No of Channels


  • A high-performance dual quad input CCTV encoders. 


  • Not the best one 


Pelco offers industry-best security cameras, CCTV, and video surveillance systems. The brand is famous for its exceptional quality products. 

They are offering extraordinary performance in the outdoor and indoor the grand is a global provider for all security-related equipment. It is one of the good CCTV camera brands. 


List of products offered by PELCO

a. Security cameras

b. Recording and management systems

c. Software and services

d. Hybrid cloud services

Features of products offered by PELCO

  • High-quality and high-speed dome

  • Integrated positioning camera systems

  • Capture details in poorly lit situations

  • HD video and industry-leading performance


  • Flexible Video Security
  • Cover large areas


  • Sometimes Server problem rises
  • Unrivalled in functionality and performance


The brand is very well known for its best quality products. It is a multinational brand and has a trusted value. Honeywell delivers its products in more than 70 countries. It is an ancient brand and focuses more on the specific grade of customers. The performance series of IP cameras provide affordable video surveillance solutions to meet a wide range of everyday security applications.  You can Buy CCTV cameras online at best price from Amazon, Flipkart or directly from the company's website. 

It comes with both day and night modes, WDR and it is water resistant with IP66 ratings. 

List of products offered by HONEYWELL

a. Fans

b. Heaters

c. Thermostats

d. Air Conditioners

e. Humidifiers

f. Air Purifiers

Features of products offered by HONEYWELL

  • 600 TVL resolution

  • Direct drive 

  • Infrared Specialist type 


  • 360-degree camera capture quality
  • High in Resolution


  • Not found yet.

14. Mi CCTV Camera 

Mi is one of the most popular and known brands among all. It manufactures various products of good quality and has a high demand in the market. It is one of the top cctv camera brands. MI is the fastest growing brand in all over the world.

List of products offered by Mi

a. Wireless CCTV camera

b. Outdoor CCTV camera

c. Mobiles 

Features of products offered by Mi

  • 360° Degree Vision protection

  • High-Definition Picture Quality

  • Full Colour in Low Light

  • Advanced Video Encoding Technology

  • Conveniently Store Videos

  • Install Upright or Inverted


  • Best Android-compatible security camera available in India

  • Inverted Installation Possible

  • Suitable for harsh weather conditions


  • Expensive compared to less feature-rich devices

15. Flir 

Flir is the world’s largest company that manufactures thermal imaging cameras, components, and sensors. 

 They are specially used for military and civilian aircraft that sense infrared radiations. 

List of products offered by Flir 

a. Handheld Thermal Cameras

b. Deep Learning Inference Cameras - Area Scan

c. Machine Vision Cameras.

d. sUAS Cameras.

Features of products offered by Flir 

  • Good quality products

  • Reliable brand 

  • Low fault rate 

  • Reasonable cost 


  • Good Camera quality
  • Afforadble 


  • Not found yet.

16. Axis Communications

Axis Communications AB is one of the best Swedish manufacturers of network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries.

List of products offered by Axis Communications

a. PTZ

b. Vandal-resistant

c. Thermal

d. Nitrogen-pressurized


f. Wireless

g. Motion detection 

h. Progressive scan cameras.

Features of products offered by Axis Communications

  • Palm-sized 

  • Budget-friendly

  • PoE technology, and a built-in microphone for audio detection

  • Video compression

  • IP51-rating to protect the lens


  • Amazing storage
  • High Video Compression


  • Quite expensive

17. Watchnet

Watchnet has developed industrial quality DVRs that can be networked with multiple locations and cameras to withstand the environment, including vibration, extreme heat, moisture and low lighting conditions.

List of products offered by Watchnet

a. Recording Systems

b. Storage Devices

c. Video Management Solution

d. Software Accessories

e. Switches.

Features of products offered by Watchnet

  • Vandal-resistant IP66 rated

  • IP based network cameras can cover medium, large or enterprise-level installations. 

  • It is easy to keep security in industrial applications.


  • Easy to mentain 
  • Amazing in storage


  • Not found yet.

18. D-link 

D-Link provides best-in-class CCTV security camera systems for offices and homes. D-Link makes your Smart Home Smarter, Safer and Truly seamless.

List of products offered by D-link 

a. CCTV AHD Solution

b. HD CCTV cameras

c. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 

d. Business IP Solution

e. Thermal Systems.

Features of products offered by D-link 

  • Advanced artificial intelligence

  • Global brand 


  • Night Vision features
  • High video quality


  • Not found yet.

19. Logitech

Logitech is one of those companies that produce a wide variety of products. The company has been on the webcam and home camera business. The brand has a good selection of security camera systems available.

List of products offered by Logitech

a. Webcams 

b. CCTV camera

Features of products offered by Logitech

  • Autofocus

  • Better video quality

  • High resolution


  • High in Resolution
  • Updated Technology


  • Lacks support for  NAS storage and micro SD card

20. IHP

It is a good brand you can find online for CCTV cameras. The brand manufactures good quality cameras at an affordable price. So, if you are not planning to spend much, you can go for this brand. 

List of products offered by IHP

a. CCTV camera

b. HD CCTV camera 

c. Home Security Cameras

Features of products offered by IHP

  • Indoor & Outdoor Security Camera 

  • Night Vision Feature

  • 360 Degree Rotate Via Mobile

  • Durable

  • Motion Detection

  • Easy To Achieve Real


  • Night Vision Features
  • 360-degree rotation funtion


  • Not found yet.

Benefits of CCTV camera 

  • It helps to prevent shoplifting and theft by employees. 

  • Help To lower down the crimes happening. 

  • Helps in solving crimes. 

  • Ensuring safety of customers and employers frommany outside threat

  • It provides protection against burglary. 

Indoor and outdoor CCTV Camera 

Both types of cameras serve the same common purpose of security and protection. But they come in different styles and different features. An indoor camera is fixed inside the houser so it does not possess the risk of getting stolen or tampered. 

They are mainly smaller in size and are less bulky than the outdoor camera.  An outdoor camera is vulnerable to tampering and thus is made with objects like metal. It is heavier than the indoor one and also has weather and waterproof. 

Some outdoor cameras are even hidden for surveying a street or the neighborhood. Having a hidden indoor camera can serve a more useful purpose to the owner of the house or any organization.  

How to Select the Camera Position

The purpose of setting the camera is to nab any unusual activity on your premises. It is necessary to choose the place you can spot the window and entrance.  If in the office, then place where the most of the activity happens. It is a good option to place the camera inside as the perpetrators have no idea about the location. 

You can also fix the outdoor camera on a higher position as no one will tamper it. 

Types of Best CCTV Camera

There are different types of cameras available in the market, let's check them out.

  • Dome Camera- These dome cameras are enclosed like a dome structure and these are small in size which makes them easy to hide for real stores or outside . 

  • Bullet Camera-  they are one of the most used and one of the Best CCTV cameras in India for Home and shop as they are comocat and less easy to tamper. 

  • Pan,Tilt, And Zoom Cameras-  these cameras have 360-degree rotation technology so that they can monitor larger areas and they are mostly used in parking lots, warehouses etc. 

  • Box Camera-  this camera usually comes with multiple features and has a wide-angle and view. They are easy to tamper if you kept them within the reach. 

Types of Resolutions of the Cameras

All the CCTV cameras  come with major three types of resolutions, check them out. 

  • HD-  the HD cameras are the high resolutions cameras which can be used for collecting evidence for legal purposes. They record footage at 720p or 1080p and for that you also need HD DVR. They are one of the Top CCTV cameras in India. 

  • Analog- They are one of the oldest options cost effective choices. The analog cameras provide low resolutions but still provide useful footage.  

  • IP- These CCTV cameras come with the highest resolutions  which provide high quality pictures and you can even zoom in digitally for identifying certains objects. 

Some Essential Features of CCTV Cameras You Must Look For

  • Wide-angle Video-  the footage which is recorded by the camera is crystal clear and distinctive and allows the law officials to detect even the smallest details. These Wide-angle cameras will cover larger areas with a single camera eliminating the need for multiple cameras. 

  • Low Light cameras/ Night Vision-  it is better to invest in night vision cameras than the regular cameras as they are capable of recording in low light conditions. Most of the cameras record footage in black and whites videos at night. As the technology is growing, more advanced cameras use infrared or heat vision for complete dark areas. It is one of the good options for those who need it. 

  • Speakers-  Security cameras with speakers are a step up from the normal cameras. They are allowed to speak through the door. There is no need to install another intercom system and these cameras are much better than the regular one. 

  • Motion Sensors and Automations-  one of the major advantages of this ii, it cut down the amount of footage being recorded, saving your tonnes of storage space. More advanced motion detection system comes with movement tracking too. The motion sensor can also be used to trigger alarms, alerting you to intruders.  


Here are the complete details for the Best CCTV Camera Brands In India with their complete feature and brand information. Cctv cameras are one of the essential parts nowadays in any commercial or private building. They provide complete security with good-quality video and recording. 

I hope the information we share about the CCTV camera-top brands will help you to choose the right brand under your budget. 



Q. Which is better CCTV or IP camera?

Ans. The major difference between the two is the cabling type they use. While CCTV Cameras use power and a coax cable, IP cameras use standard network cables. The cost of cabling for IP cameras is relatively less than that of CCTV Cameras because they can transfer videos with the help of a single cable only.  

Q. Which is the best brand for CCTV camera?

Ans. There are many best brands for CCTV camera available in the market, check out our dedicated article on the same topic and learn about the best CCTV camera brand in India. 

Q. How do CCTV cameras work at night?

Ans. It is easy for cameras to work well in the daylight and capture HD images and footage with great colours without blurring. Whereas, in the night, to capture images properly CCTV Cameras work on the mechanism of infrared light which is visible to cameras but not to humans. 

Q. Which brand of CCTV is not China?

Ans. MOBOTIX is a non-China CCTV brand.

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