MobiKwik Petrol Offer: Save up to Rs. 200 at Petrol Pumps Near You

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Using digital modes of payment is catching fast, it is not only convenient but also helps save money. Save up to Rs. 200 cashback with Mobikwik Petrol offer. You can use MobiKwik Supercash for payment at petrol pumps. 

Also, get 10% supercash on the first transaction of the month at petrol pumps. Mobikwik has rolled out the new year offer to help you save on petrol bills.

PhonePe also has Great offers on Petrol. Check PhonePe Petrol offers and save up to Rs. 200 this month.

In this article ahead, we will be discussing MobiKwik offers that you can  avail at your near petrol pump while you make the payment.

Read this article till the end as this article is going to be a very helpful one for saving some money at the petrol pumps.

Mobikwik Petrol Offer: Save up to Rs. 200 at Petrol Pumps Near You

MobiKwik Petrol Cashback offer

Use Supercash on minimum transaction of Rs. 50 at petrol pumps near you. You can use Rs. 50 supercash per day and a maximum of Rs. 200 per month. Supercash can be used for 5% of the transaction amount.

 Also, Get 10% cashback on payment with Mobikwik at Petrol pumps. The offer is applicable on the first transaction of the month. Minimum transaction of Rs. 50 is required to avail the offer. The maximum Supercash is capped at Rs. 50 per user.

How to avail Mobikwik Petrol offer?

  • Make a transaction of a minimum Rs. 50 at Petrol pump

  • Scan the QR code at the fuel station

  • Enter the amount to pay

  • Supercash will be credited within 24 hours

Mobikwik Petrol Offer for Regular Users

While you get 10% Supercash on the first transaction of the month at petrol pumps you can also save on subsequent transactions. 

Get 0.75% cashback at select IOCL and BPCL petrol pumps only. The Supercash is capped at Rs. 45 per transaction and Rs. 150 per month.

Terms and Conditions of Mobikwik petrol offer

Use 5% Supercash at petrol pumps with a cap of Rs. 50 per transaction and Rs. 200 per month.

10% Supercash on the first transaction of the month, up to Rs. 50

0.75% cashback on repeat payments with a maximum of Rs. 45 per transaction and Rs. 200 per month

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Reasons to Choose Mobikwik For Petrol Payment 

If you are not already using the e-wallet payments app for your fuel payments you should start using it today. You are missing out on a lot of benefits without the use of digital payment apps.

Here are some of the benefits to start using Mobikwik for Petrol payment today. You can easily get started in a few steps and also earn amazing rewards on every payment. So let us start with the top reasons to choose Mobikwik e-wallet for petrol payment.

Vast Presence: You will pay using Mobikwik at all major petrol pumps across the country. You can pay for your fule payments at leading petrol pumps such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, HPCL, or Nayara Energy you will find PhonePe. Open the Mobikwik app and make payment for your fuel bill. Save time and money with a varied range of payment options available on the app.

Hassle-free: The e-wallets are hassle-free. Mobikwik allows seamless payment without any worries. When you useMobikwik for Petrol payment you will experience the ultimate ease. The Mobikwik app makes the payment possible without any waste of time. Usually, a lot of time is wasted at petrol payment due to payments but with Mobikwik, you are removing the hassles. Your billing process is completely seamless with Mobikwik.

Great Discounts: In addition to helping you save time and effort, you will also save money with Mobikwik. The e-wallet has many payments offers to help you save money. Earn cashback on your petrol payment with Mobikwik Petrol Offers. Mobikwik online petrol offers are valid for all major petrol pumps. You will surely save a lot of money every month on petrol and diesel bills with Mobikwik. The cashback is credited to your Mobikwik wallet. You get to choose from Mobikwik Petrol offers at Indian oil, Bharat petroleum, HPCL and more.

Save time: When you need to visit a petrol station when you are short of time. Normally, it happens to most people. The situation is part of every person’s life. You are getting late for work and all of sudden you realize that you need to visit the petrol station. Save your time in such situations by choosing digital modes of payment. You can pay with the tap of a button without wasting important time.

Security: Mobikwik app is very secure. It is a leading app for digital payments. There are different security measures in place to take complete care of your safety. All your payments are secured with high-level encryption. You can make payments without worrying about your privacy or loss of information. At the same time, you don’t need to carry cash around as all payments are possible in a safe manner using Mobikwik app.

Mobikwik petrol cashback offers make you save money on your petrol by paying online. So choose the smart method of payment and also save money and time.

Save on your petrol bills with Mobikwik. Use Supercash at Petrol pumps and also get up to 10% cashback on your transaction. Scan QR Code at Petrol pumps to make payment using Mobikwik.


So, this was all about MobiKwik Petrol Offer, where we discussed and learnt how you can save upto Rs. 200 at petrol pump near you, using MobiKwik. Share this article with your friends and family so that they can also be benefitted from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Mobikwik SuperCash for petrol?

  • Download Mobikwik wallet and load money | Offer source.

  • Visit the Petrol pump where Mobikwik is accepted. ( List of outlets)

  • scan the QR code at the fuel station and enter the amount to pay.

  • Earn 100% super cash upto Rs. 100.

What is super cash?

SuperCash is a way of ensuring that you get a discount on each transaction. SuperCash works on the same lines as cashback, the only difference being it gives you a 5% discount on every transaction. For instance, you have ₹10,000 as available balance & ₹600 as SuperCash in your wallet.

What can I do with SuperCash Mobikwik?
SuperCash is a way of ensuring that you get a discount on each transaction. SuperCash works on the same lines as cashback, the only difference being it gives you a 5% discount on every transaction.

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