100+ Top YouTube Gaming Channel Names 2024

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Embarking on a journey to create a new gaming channel on YouTube? You've got the content idea, but what's missing is the spark - an exclusive name that sets you apart. 

Get ready to discover the hidden gems of 100+ unique YouTube gaming channel names, each one packed with the potential to ignite your brand identity and make you a standout star in the gaming community. 

I'll also go over how to change your channel name on YouTube, how to choose a catchy name for your gaming channel, and what mistakes to avoid when choosing a name for your gaming channel. 

So, to get the complete information regarding this, stick to this article until the end.

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YouTube Gaming Channel Names

List of 100+ YouTube Gaming Channels Names 2024

Below, I will tell you about 100+ YouTube Gaming channel names in 2024, which will set you apart from the crowd in the gaming industry. Scroll down to the table to learn more. 

100+ YouTube Gaming Channels Names

100+ YouTube Gaming Channels Names

1. Powerplay

61. Leggo the Lich

2. Level Up Gamer

62. Falcon gaming

3. Last Оne Stаnding

63. Deadlox

4. Feаrless Fighter

64. Clueless gamer

5. Gaming Universe

65. Game cults

6. Awesome Duо

66. Gaming trivia

7. Ultimаte Squаd

67. Crafty looters

8. Fortnite Soldiers

68. The king of killings

9. Freak Gaming

69. Paradise Palms

10. Playstatella

70. Crossroad to Victory

11. Nerd Gamer

71. The Сenter Sроke

12. Clan Battles

72. Shooter Pro

13. Level Legends

73. Destruction Lord

14. Behind The Joysticks

74. The Rider

15. Arcade Aces

75. Demon’s Hunt

16. Battle Brawlers

76. The Wielder

17. Action Addicts

77. Hell and Heaven

18. Gamer Galaxy

78. The Lazy Gamer

19. Suit Up Gaming

79. Noob Gaming

20. AdventureQuesters

80. Lightning Spot

21. Angry Creeper

81. Game Droolers

22. Alpha Legends

82. Troll Hunter

23. Hunter Gaming

83. Virtual Warrior

24. Queen Of The Hills

84. Venomous

25. Slaying Dragons  

85. FTW Gaming

26. Spooky Gamers  

86. Enemy Destroyer

27. Ramping Riot

87. Keyboard Smasher

28. Gamelights

88. Street Gamer

29. Geeky Gamer

89. Frost Gaming

30. Gaming Fanatics

90. Playzilla

31. Gamer Rants

91. Live Action Adventures

32. The Funny Gamer

92. Hotline Gaming

33. Player Unknown

93. Chiffchaff Gamer

34. Apex Legends

94. Game Galaxy

35. Retro Rascals

95. Playtime Pros

36. Joystick Heroes

96. Noob Navigators

37. Screen Soldier

97. Quest Quenchers

38. Duty First

98. Retro Rampage

39. Fearless Fighter

99. Mega Machinists

40. Professional Outfitters

100. Digital Dragons

41. Block Builders

101. Power Pioneers

42. King of the Ladder

102. Button Bashers

43. Minecraft Island

103. Gaming Guardians

44. Attack Boiz

104. Digital Domination

45. The Castle

105. Mega Masters

46. Last One Standing

106. Heartfelt Haven

47. Spoils of War

107. Smiling Screen

48. Realtime Gaming

108. Fun Flicks

49. Express Gaming

109. Reality Realm

50. Ninja Enough

110. Cyber Safari

51. Lonely Lodge

111. Tech Territory

52. Wailing Woods

112. Video Verse

53. Fortnite Cube

113. Action Arena

54. Game On Dude

114. Virtual Vault

55. Paradise Palms

115. Retro Rendezvous

56. Fatal Fields

116. Crafty Cruises

57. Serenity Gamer

117. Game Galleria

58. Free Fire Fun

118. Tactical Titans

59. Geeky gamer

119. Mindful Missions

60. GameXplain

120. Adventure Awaits

How To Choose A Catchy Name For Your Gaming Channel?

  1. Keep It Brief and Sweet: Try to stay under 30 characters and limit your sentences to two or three words. Keywords are simple to remember and type.

  2. Make It Memorable: Make a lasting impression by naming your YouTube gaming channel something original, thought-provoking, and striking. For the game channel, a clever rhyme, joke, or unexpected use of a phrase can do wonders.

  3. Reflect Your Content: Your channel's name should tell viewers what to expect from it. If appropriate, incorporate pertinent keywords. However, avoid being overly generic for YouTube gaming channels.

  4. Check for Availability: Before you let a name catch your eye, make sure it is available on YouTube, social media, and as a domain name.

  5. Make It Unique: Ensure that the top gaming names on your channel are unique from those on other channels that are already in use. Having a clear and simple name helps people find you more easily and avoids confusion with other content creators.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Name For Your Gaming Channel

Here are several mistakes made by people very often that need to be avoided. Look through them below.

  • Poor Search Engine Optimization

  • A Name That Is Too Similar to Already-Existing Channels

  • Overly Focused on One Niche

  • Denying Social Media Accessibility

  • Ignoring Legal Aspects

  • Selecting an Overly Lengthy Name 

  • Rejecting Feedback from Users

  • Proposing Name Selection Without Verifying Availability

How To Create A New YouTube Channel?

With a Google Account, you can subscribe to channels, watch videos, and like them. However, you cannot be publicly seen on YouTube if you do not have a YouTube channel. To upload videos, leave comments, or create playlists, you must first create a YouTube channel—even if you already have a Google Account. Both the YouTube mobile site and the YouTube website allow you to create a channel.

How To Create A Personal Channel On YouTube?

Using your Google Account, create a channel that only you can manage by following these instructions.

  • Log in using the mobile website or a computer to access YouTube.

  • Once you click your profile picture, a channel can be created.

  • It will ask you to start a channel.

  • Verify the information (including your name and photo from your Google Account) and click "Create Channel."

How To Create A YouTube Channel With Business Or Other Name?

To create a channel that can have multiple managers or owners, follow these instructions.

If you would like to use a different name on YouTube than your Google Account, you can link your channel to a Brand Account. Study up on Brand Accounts.

  • Log in using the mobile website or a computer to access YouTube.

  • Access your list of channels.

  • Whether to use an already-existing Brand Account or establish a new channel:

Note: Click to start a channel. Make a fresh channel. Select the Brand Account from the list to create a YouTube channel for the Brand Account you currently oversee. You cannot add a new channel if this Brand Account already has one. You will switch to that channel when you choose the Brand Account from the list.

  • Complete the form to give your new channel a name. Click Create after that. Thus, a new Brand Account will be created.

  • Change the owners and managers of the channel by following the instructions to add a new manager.

How To Change Your Channel Name On YouTube?

If you would like to rename your channel, just follow the instructions listed below.

  • Visit the Creator Studio on YouTube.

  • Navigate to the Basic Info section by scrolling down the menu bar on the left to Customization.

  • Next to edit the name of your channel, tap the edit icon.

  • Add the new name of the channel you want to use now.

  • Your new channel will be updated in a few hours after you click "Publish."

Summing Up

Your channel name needs to be catchy and compelling to increase views, likes, and subscribers. With its distinctiveness, this list of YouTube gaming channel names can aid in the growth of your gaming channel. Give it time to find a name that complements your content, resonates with your target audience, and establishes the framework for long-term success. Personalise them for a wider audience and a more intimate feel. If you love reading the article, make sure to share it with your loved ones so that it can benefit them as well if they are looking for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is a Good Channel Name?

A. Try to keep your channel name to a maximum of 20 characters. Viewers will find it simpler to remember and type in as a result. 

Q. Who Is the No. 1 YouTuber?

A. American YouTuber with a large following of 244 million subscribers as of March 2024, MrBeast is the most subscribed individual and the second most subscribed channel overall.

Q. Who Is the No. 1 Gamer in India?

A. Ajay is an Indian YouTuber who goes by the handle of Total Gaming (or Ajju Bhai). The most subscribed Indian gamer on YouTube was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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