How To Watch JioTV On Laptop?

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Since its launch, Jio has been making the lives of its loyal customers easy and entertaining. With many services, Jio has an entertainment portal for Jio users named JioTV. JioTV is an app for Jio Users that help them watch their favourite movies shows, and many other entertaining activities like sports and series, on their mobile phones and tablets. With some simple tricks, you can watch JioTV on your laptop too. To learn How To Watch JioTV On Laptop, you can read this article and gather complete information.

With time, everything is getting more accessible and more achievable, so why not your favourite TV on your laptops? That too, your much-watched - JioTV. JioTV can now be synced with your PC, Desktop and laptop. All you need to do is read the article below.

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Is It Possible To Watch JioTV On A PC?

If you try to get JioTV from your laptop, you will be asked to download it from the Google play store and watch it through the app. That's the easiest and most obvious way to access JioTV. But as we want everything everywhere, we want our JioTV to be on our PCs. 

Sometimes we are lazy and want to binge-watch our favourite shows on our desktops and laptops; we try to sync JioTV with our Laptops. 

So can we do it? 

Yes, with some simple tricks, we can do it.

So stop wondering how can I watch JioTV on my laptop, and start following the method explained below to get it done quickly.

Also, you can download the JioTV app from here to have full entertainment on the go.


JioTV App


Pre-Requirements For JioTV Sync Or Installation On Laptop

There are some basic requirements for a JioTV installation on Laptop. These are:

  • Jio Sim and Jio account id and password

  • A suitable resolution laptop, desktop or PC

  • Enable the settings to sync with the app like- Virtualisation, etc., options in the BIOS

  • 2 GB RAM storage space

  • Android Emulators to sync in JioTV

Now you can proceed to watch JioTV on Laptop

How To Watch JioTV on Laptop? 

You can indeed watch JioTV on your Laptop. All you need to do is to install Bluestacks Android Emulators.

 Follow the steps to know how to do that:

  • Install Bluestacks Android Emulators

  • After its complete download, go to Google Play Store

  • Search for JioTV APP

  • Install the app

  • After installation, it will appear in the Bluestacks

  • Access the app from there

Now you can enjoy your favourite shows on the go.

You can also use all the features of the JioTV through the Laptop, just like you do on your smartphone. You can minimise and maximise views too and control the channels with the help of the cursor.

You cannot record videos on Laptop, unlike smartphones.

Download Bluestacks

How To Watch JioTV On Laptop Without Bluestacks?

You can watch JioTV without Bluestacks or any other android emulator too.

You can do it with the hel[ pf Chrome Extension. Steps to do so:

  • Go to Chrome browser on your laptop, PC or desktop

  • Update the chrome browser for extension.

  • Download ARC Welder Extension for Chrome browser

  • Right-click on the ARC welder

  • Click on -test your app

  • Download the APK file of JioTV from the internet

  • Add it to the welder

  • Click on test

  • Login with Jio account Id and password

Now you can enjoy JioTV on your PC.

What is jio Tv?

JioTV is a fantastic app by Jio telecommunication that enables one to watch their favourite shows anytime and anywhere they want. It helps you get Television on your laptop with live channels, shows and movies. It also has sports, kids channels, wildlife channels and much more.

You can watch tv shows aired in the past seven days and can pause, rewind and replay any program you want. It has more than 575 channels to choose from.

JioTV Features:

  • Search for programmes and channels from the wide variety available

  • Have a backup of the past seven days of aired shows.

  • Simple swiping feature to go to the previous or next channel of the player.

  • You can rewind and forward shows for 30 seconds 

  • You can share your favourite programmes with others

  • It is multilingual- so many languages options are available

  • You can set reminders of your favourite shows and upcoming programmes

  • Have zero disturbance while watching with a locking feature.

  • Mini player view to browse the content while the show is playing on the mini view

  • Enjoy regional languages too

JioTV is available for smartphones and tablets. If you are wondering how to watch JioTV on desktop, refer to the article.

 Enjoy the intelligent JioTV on your laptop, too, by following the method discussed above in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How to watch JioTV on my laptop?

A.You can watch JioTV on a laptop by installing any android emulator like bluestacks or through a chrome extension.

Q. On which devices can I use JioTV?

A.JioTV can be watched on smartphones and tablets, but you can watch it on a laptop PC too.

Q.Can I record my favourite program on JioTV?

A.Yes, you can record your favourite programme on JioTV on your smartphones and tabs only.

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