How To Call Malaysia From Singapore? (Guide in 2024)

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The distance from Singapore to Malaysia is 377 km. However, it takes less than a minute when the connectivity is done via call. 

Today, I’m going to tell you in detail “how to call Malaysia from Singapore”. If you are living in Singapore and want to call friends, family or business colleagues, this article might be helpful for you. 

You have to take care of the country codes and area codes while making an international call. Worry not, I will cover all the related aspects in this article. 

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How To Call Malaysia From Singapore

How to call Malaysia from Singapore? On Mobile

If you want to connect to someone over the mobile phone, here is the complete process of how to do that. You simply need to follow the steps given below in order to make an international call from Singapore to Malaysia. 

Step 1 - Enter the Singapore Exit Code 

International calls can not be done without an exit code. This code identifies the country where the call is going to take place. The exit code for Singapore is 001. So, first, you have to enter the exit “001” on the dial pad. 

Step 2 - Enter the Malaysia Country Code 

Next, you have to enter the Malaysian country code 60. The country code is also known as the International Direct Dialling (IDD). It is added to direct your call to the correct country. 

Step 3 - Enter the Mobile Code

You have now successfully entered the exit code and country code. Now, you have to add the mobile code for Malaysia, as the call is happening on a mobile device. The mobile code for Malaysia is 1. 

Step 4 - Enter the Mobile Number

Here comes the final step in the learning of “how to call Malaysia from Singapore”. Enter the 8-9 digit mobile number of the person you want to connect with. So the final format of the call will be 001-60-1-xxxxxxxx. 

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How to call Malaysia from Singapore? On Landline

If you live in Singapore and want to make a call to Malaysia over the landline, don't worry, I've got you covered. Below are the complete steps on how to call Malaysia from Singapore over the landline phone. 

Step 1 - Enter the Exit Code 

Again, the first step is to enter the exit code of Singapore. The exit code will vary as per your landline operator. Some of Singapore’s exit codes are 008 for Starhub, 000/001 for Singtel, 012 for Fax Plus, 019 for SingTel VoIP, 002 for Mobile One, 013 for Budget Call, and 018 for StarHub VoIP. 

Step 2 - Enter the Country Code 

Now, you have to enter the country code of Malaysia. The country code is very important when routing your calls to Malaysia. The country code for Malaysia is 001. 

Step 3 - Enter the Area Code

In the case of connecting over landline, you have to enter the area code and not the country code. Like any other country, Malaysia also has multiple area codes. However, if the person that you are about to call has no area code, then you simply have to skip this step and move to the next one. 

Step 4 - Enter the Landline Number 

The final step is to enter the complete landline number of the person you are about to connect with. So, the final format for this call will be 001-60-3-xxxxxxxx. 

Major Malaysian Area Codes 

Here are the area codes for some popular Malaysian towns and cities. 


Area Code 

Kuala Lumpur


Johor Bahru
















Kuala Terengganu




George Town


Final Words 

Connecting over calls has balanced the communication despite the large physical distance. In this article, I have told you all about “How to call Malaysia from Singapore”. Whether it’s a professional meeting call or cherishing bonds with loved ones, all you have to do is follow the steps given above. Last but not least, if you like this information, share it with your friends as well.

Questions You May Have 

Q. How do I call a number in Malaysia?

Ans. You have to enter the country code of Malaysia that is 60, in order to make the call. 

Q. What is the cheapest way to call Malaysia from Singapore?

Ans. There are a few apps like DialerHQ which allows you to make cheap international calls. 

Q. How to call Malaysia from Singapore Singtel mobile?

Ans. The exit code of Singapore’s Singtel mobile is 000/001. So, you have to enter the exit code first. 

Q. How to call an international number from Singapore?

Ans. You have to first enter the Singapore exit code and then the country code of the other country in order to make an international call. 

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