How To Activate Jio Sim After Long Time?

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Often with time or being busy in life, you tend to forget even some of the essential things. You may have multiple sim cards with you but forget about the inactive ones. Everyone nowadays has a Jio sim with them. But those having multiple ones tend to forget to recharge each, leading it to get deactivated after some time. 

You may require reactivating the same number or sim for some work urgencies in life. While doing so, many questions come to your mind. The most immediate and vital one is -How To Activate Jio Sim After Long Time?

Today, through this article, we will try to give the answer for the same. You may have some other queries, too, along with this one; we have tried to answer all of them.

Read on to know everything about Jio sim reactivation. 

Also, with a reactivated Jio sim, you can further have an increased speed of your Jio internet and enjoy smooth internet service.

How To Activate Jio Sim After Long Time?


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After How Many Days Jio Sim Gets Inactive?

All the telecom networks are ruled under TRAI -Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Its primary function is to regulate the telecommunication sector of the country.

So Trai has regulated that - after no sim usage for more than 90 days, the number may get deactivated for further use.

Further, if the sim number has a balance of Rs.20 or more, the number won't be deactivated. To keep your number going even when you do not use it regularly, you need to have at least Rs.20 as a balance in that number. 

So, if you wonder how to activate Jio sim after a long time of recharge, you can add a balance of at least Rs.20 or more to continue the sim to remain active for usage.

Also, a grace period of 15 days is allowed for a number to be recharged for reactivation.

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How Long Can A Jio Sim Card Be Inactive?

A Jio sim can remain inactive for a maximum of 90 days without the latest recharge. If your number gets no recharge, the incoming and outgoing facilities of the number get deactivated. 

So it is always advised that even if you do not regularly use your sim, if you want the number to remain active, you should get it recharged after the expiry of the last recharge within 15 days.

How To Activate Jio Sim If Not Using For Long Time?

As per TRAI regulations, your sim gets deactivated after a non-recharge of a number for more than 15 days and below Rs.20.

This simply means to keep your number activated for a longer time, ensure to regularly recharge it after the balance expires and make sure the balance is more than Rs.20.

There are three scenarios in which your number may get deactivated after a stipulated time and in the absence of the specified balance amount. Such situations will make you wonder how to activate Jio sim after not using for a long time.

These scenarios are:

Within 15 Days

If you don't recharge your Jio number within 15 days after the recharge expiration, the sim will be deactivated with no incoming and outgoing services, provided your balance is below Rs.20.

After 15 Days, Within 90 Days

If within 15days, you get your sim recharged, the incoming and outgoing facilities will not stop, and your sim will reactivate immediately for usage. To prevent your number from becoming a discontinued sim, you have to get it recharged within 90 days of getting inactive.

After 90 Days

After 90 days, it is most likely that your sim will be discontinued if you fail to recharge the minimum balance requirement of Rs.20. If you have More than Rs.20, the amount can be debited from your number balance, and your sim can be continued for usage again. But in the absence of even Rs.20 balance, the sim will get discontinued.

To save it from not getting deactivated, contact customer support immediately. If they can save your number, they will provide you with the solution.

You can also visit the Jio store and provide them with all the necessary documents to get your number activated again after being inactive for a long time.

How To Activate Jio Sim First Time?

You must have bought the Jio sim after producing all the relevant documents verifying your KYC.

The documents required include:

  • Id proof

  • Photographs

  • Aadhar Card

  • Address proof

After purchasing your first Jio sim, all you need to do is relax.

You have to Call 1977 for your Jio sim to go through the tele verification process and complete it.

To tele-verify your number, you can:

  • Contact the customer support of the Jio network

  • Provide the five-digit PIN received on the alternate number given

  • Giving the last four digits of the aadhar card.

This will make your verification get completed successfully, and your sim card will be operational.

Also, some may require only data activation in their sim, so they can Call 18008901977 and get your number activated only for data services.

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Jio Tele Verification And SIM Activation Number

Jio sim and the number get deactivated with non-usage and non-recharge. So it is essential to get the number recharged from time to time. Also, you can contact customer care related to the recharge balance amount, confirmation and different economic plans to have a customised and sustainable pack activated in your Jio sim.

So, It is essential to know the tele verification number of Jio and keep it handy. It is vital to activate your Jio sim whenever it gets deactivated. You can get it done via customer care too. 

Jio Sim Verification Number:

  • 1977

  • 18008901977

  • 1991 (For packs, data and balance-related, recharge and recharge confirmation related too)

What Is The Jio eSim?

You must be aware of macro, micro and nano sims. Now, Jio has launched eSIM. And we all wonder what the Jio eSIM is? 

It is a new concept of having a mobile number without having a physical sim. You need only activate the eSim and get your device connected with the network services.

It promises to provide effortless services that will have no interference and disruptions. the devices that will be compatible with Jio eSim will be Smartphones, tablets and watches

You can quickly get your sim converted to eSIM via SMS or the Jio store.

To request for Jio eSim activation, you can:

  • Send GETESIM <32 Digit eID><15 Digit IMEI number> to 199

  • Send SIMCHG<19 Digit eSIM number> to 199

  • You will receive an eSIM update

  • Confirm by sending SMS - “1” to 183

  • You will get an IVR call

  • Provide your 19 digit eSIM number

Your eSim will be activated successfully.

So hope that you got the answer to how to activate jio sim after a long time with solutions to some of your other related queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can I reactivate my old Jio SIM?

A.You can reactivate your old Jio sim if it has been deactivated for 90 days max. After that, the number might get discontinued.

Q.How do I activate my Jio SIM card after a long time?

A.You can activate your Jio sim after a long time by following simple steps. These steps are described in the article in detail. Kindly read the full article for all the relevant information.

Q.Will my Jio sim get deactivated if I don't recharge?

A.Yes, a number is valid for 15 days after the last recharge consumption, and after 90 days, it may get discontinued.

Q.How much time will the Jio sim take to activate?

A.A Jio sim may take a few hours to a couple of days depending on the sim- whether it's a new number, ported one or reactivated one. All will have different activation time frames, depending on the documentation and other processes.

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