FreeKaaMaal Missing Cashback - How to raise the request, Eligibility Criteria etc.

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1)What is FreeKaaMaal Missing Cashback?

Missing Cashback is a condition when the User has completed a Purchase but did not receive a confirmation mail regarding the cashback. It generally takes from 24-48 hrs for us to track orders. Therefore, If the User’s pending cashback tab is not showing the earned cashback then it is a Missing Cashback Issue.


2)What can be the reason behind a Missing Cashback?

There is only one reason behind a missing cashback. The User-generated a click through our website but the Merchant’s website did not track it.

3)After What duration can you report a missing cashback request?

The User can make a missing cashback request just after 48 hrs of the purchase. Usually, it takes 24-48 hrs for us to track the cashback of the purchase.

4)How to raise a Missing Cashback Report?

In order to raise a missing cashback report you need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, login to the FreeKaaMaal ID and then click on cashback Summary.


  • Click on Report Missing Cashback.  

  • Now Select the store then enter all the necessary information asked along with the order receipt and click on Submit.

  • We will revert back to you within 24-48 hrs of the missing request filed.

5)Why a Missing Cashback Request gets denied?

There can be many reasons why the request got denied like:

  • The User either canceled, returned or updated his/her order.

  • The User didn’t log in to his FreeKaaMaal Id and independently made the purchase.

  • The User was not connected to the internet while the transaction got completed.

  • The User didn’t complete the transaction in one go.

  • There are endless reasons for this although to make sure that the cashback is processed without any issue read the Terms & Conditions on the website. In order to read them click on the following URL The terms and conditions are mentioned as “Important Points to Read”.

Additional Tip: Use incognito mode while making the purchase. It becomes very easy to track the order during incognito.

6)What are the stores eligible for a missing cashback request?

The stores can be divided into three types based on the missing Cashback issue. These stores are:

#1. If a store asks to fill up a cashback claim form then the User cannot raise a missing cashback request against it. In the cashback claim, we itself ask to fill the entries regarding the purchase, therefore, everything is recorded on a prior basis.

#2. There are stores where it is specifically mentioned that a missing cashback report cannot be filed. Therefore, please check it before carrying forward any transaction to avoid getting denied the earned cashback.

#3. If nothing has been mentioned on the store and there is no cashback claim form then the deal is eligible for a missing cashback report.


7)What is the maximum duration of filling a missing cashback request?

The User can make a missing cashback request till 5-7 days of the purchase or before the 4th of the next month whichever is earlier. 

Note: We have our closing of previous month’s request on 3rd, therefore, any previous month missing cashback request won’t be processed afterward.


8)How much time does it take for FreeKaaMaal to register a missing cashback report and give a response?

The User will be provided with a valid answer after 24 hours of the report filed. The User’s request will be accepted and we will provide him/her with the earned cash back. In case if we deny it then the User will be provided with a relevant reason why that happened. In order to avoid getting the missing cashback denied please do read the Terms & Conditions on the URL The Terms & Condition of our website is written under “Important Points to ReUser”.