12 Best Solar Panels In India [Updated 2020]

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12 best solar panels in india

Are you planning to buy Solar Panels? check this article we have done depth research on it. In India, many people started using solar panels. There are majorly 2 reasons why people start choosing  Best solar panels in India over electricity. Either they are getting high electricity bills or they may not get enough electricity supply in their area. As you planned to buy the Solar panels, it may be difficult for you to choose the best right brand under budget. As the demand for solar panels in India is increasing, many brands are now in this business with their best products. In this article, we have shared the best brands with their products technical information and their features. This will surely help you out. 

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 In this article, we are sharing what is a solar panel? How solar panels work and the best solar panels in India.


Top Solar Panels In India 

Here is the list of top 10 Solar Panels in India with their price and Buy link. These are the Best solar panels in India 2020

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Top Solar Panels In India


Buy Link

Luminous Solar Panel 100 Watt 12V 4289 Buy Now
Microtek Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V 5499 Buy Now
Loom Solar 125 watt-12 Volt Mono Crystalline 14500 Buy Now
Sukam Solar Panel 100 Watt - 12V 4950 Buy Now
Solodine 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline 3599 Buy Now
Luminous 160 Watt - 12V Poly Crystalline 5798 Buy Now
Loom solar Panel 50 watt - 12 Volt Mono crystalline 2620 Buy Now
Loom solar 375 watt - 24 Volt Mono crystalline 25950 Buy Now
Loom Solar 180 Watt-12 Volt Mono Crystalline Panel 16950 Buy Now
Urja Solar Module 40W 1899 Buy Now
UTL Solar Panel 150 W 6350 Buy Now
Bluebird Solar Panel 100W - 12V Mono PERC Solar Panel 3975 Buy Now

 Review of Top 10 Solar Panels in India

Here is the detailed review of the above top 10 solar panels in India with their Specification and the Best solar panels in India 2020

1.Luminous 100W/12V Poly Panel

The solar panel is used to generate electricity,  connected to the inverter, solar charge controllers, battery for generating electricity for home use. Luminous is one of the Most trusted solar panel brand in India 2020

The dimension of the 100watt solar panel is 3.3 feet and 2.1 feet (length*width). It generates 5.5 amps current at peak power generation. The cost of solar panels in India is affordable. 

Features of Luminous 100W/12V Poly Panel

  • It has high strength light-weight aluminium frame design for high resistance in snow loads and against the wind.

  • It is covered with Anti-reflective coating for more light absorption.

  • The company is giving 25 years of Performance Warranty.

  • Polycrystalline cells type panel.

Technical Specifications of Luminous 100W/12V Poly Panel You Should Know.

  • Open Circuit Voltage 22 V 

  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 1035 x 670 x 34

  • Short Circuit Voltage 6.06 amps

  • Current at Max Power 5.56 amps


  • Comes from a trusted brand. 

  • Best for solar power generation. 


  • Not found yet. 

2. Microtek 150W/12V Polycrystalline Panel

Microtek is one of the known manufacturers of Solar panels in India. It also manufactures stabilizers, Solar products such as solar inverters and controllers. It is one of the best rooftop solar panels in India.  There is a range of solar panels; photovoltaic modules are 40wp to 320 wp with many cells ranging from 36 cells to 72 cells.

Features of Microtek 150W/12V Polycrystalline Panel

  • It has high-efficiency solar cells for high performance of solar modules and creates more power. 

  • It undergoes 20 in-house quality tests for better results.

  • It is equipped with heavy-duty anodized aluminum frames with drilled holes for easy installation. 

  • It comes with a 25-year warranty.

Technical Specification of Microtek 150W/12V Polycrystalline Panel You Should Know.

  • It has 36 units as the number of solar cells.

  • Multi crystalline silicon is the solar cell type.

  • Open circuit voltage 22.47 V

  • Current at maximum power 8.47 amps

  • Length x width x Thickness is 1495 x 665 x 35 in mm.


  • Comes with high conversion efficiency 

  • Has longer battery life and backup as compared to others. 


  • Not found yet. 

3. Loom solar 125W/12V Mono Panel

This panel is made up of A-grade mono perk cells that give higher efficiency even in low Sunlight. The Loom is the only company that makes mono panels by using 12-volt design. The Loom has one of the Best solar panels to lower your electricity bill

The Loom has one of the best Solar Panels in India. 

Features of Loom solar 125W/12V Mono Panel

  • The Loom is giving ten years of manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects. 

  • It has high efficiency in low Sunlight.

  • It has a corrosion-free aluminium frame that allows for lasting long.

  • Twenty-five years of performance warranty.

Technical Specification of  Loom solar 125W/12V Mono Panel You Should Know.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) is 1020 x 665 x 35 (in mm)

  • Current max power 6.13 amps

  • Voltage max power 20.4 V

  • Wattage 125 watts 


  • Comes with the excellent efficiency level up to 20% as one of the best in Industry.  

  • Durable because of the unbreakable toughened glass. 


  • Not good when comes to handling cloudy days.

4. Su-Kam 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Solar Panel

Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd was an Indian power solutions provider and also deals in Solar Panels. The company is dealing with more than 80 countries. Su-Kam was one of the most trusted companies in India for the power sector.

Features of Su-Kam 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel

  • They provide recyclable solar panels.

  • It has a 5-year warranty and 25 years of performance warranty.

  • The silicone is used to manufacture 

  • They have white and blue colour panels.

  • Su-Kam offers flexible solar panels in India. 

Technical Specification of Su-Kam 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel You Should Know

  • The number of solar cells is 36 units.

  • Open circuit voltage 23.8 V

  • Short circuit current 6.45 amps

  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 66.6 x 3.5 x 100.6 (in cm)

  • The voltage at max 20.4 V


  • One of the reputed brands in Indian Market. 

  • Less in cost as compared to mono-crystalline panels. 


  • These panels do not display the same efficiency levels in cloudy conditions. 

5. Solodine 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel

Solodyn is providing one of the best solar panel quality in India. The availability of the product and their fast deliveries stand them out from others. Their products are IEC and MNRE approved. They are available in different watt ranges like 75 watts, 100 watts, 150 watts, 200 watts, and more. They are one of the best Solar panel selling companies in India.

Features of Solodine 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel

  • It has excellent energy-producing power in low Sunlight.

  •  Tight junction with stable performance due to IP67.

  • Good quality of solar modules built with polycrystalline.

Technical Specification of Solodine 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel You Should Know

  • Weight is 8 kg.

  • The number of solar cells is 36 units.

  • The voltage max power is 20.4 V.

  • Dimension (L x W x H) 66.6 x 3.5 100.6 (in cm)


  • Provides table performance due to IP67 waterproof junction. 

  • One of the reliable and sustainable products. 


  • Company does not provide installation service.

6. Luminous 160 Watt - 12V Polycrystalline

As we all know, Luminous Power Technologies is one of the powers and trustworthy brands in India for its wide range of products. Products like home solar panels that cover, inverters, batteries, complete solar solutions. Luminous has the top-rated Solar Panel in India because of its excellent quality.

Features of Luminous 160 Watt - 12V Polycrystalline

  • It does not require regular maintenance as it comes with charge lead-acid tubular.

  • The polycrystalline solar panel has the capability to provide better performance while the Sunlight is low.

  • The new cell technology which is enabled in panels is worth investing in it.

Technical Specification of Luminous 160 Watt - 12V Polycrystalline You Should Know

  • Dimension height is .48 feet, and width is 2.1 feet.

  •  Weight is near to 11 Kg.

  • The output power capacity is 160 watts.

  • Operating voltage is 12 V


  • It comes with high current output with up to 8.7amps on a sunny day. 


  • These poly-crystalline cells show less durability than the mono crystalline cells.

7.  Loom solar Panel 50 watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline

Loom Solar 50 watt with mono panels are made with mono perc cells and cleared tempered glass that does not break easily and provides 22% higher efficiency even when the Sunlight is low. The Loom is the only company in India that uses mono panels and provides the best service to its customers.  It is one of the Best solar panel in India 2021

Features of Loom solar Panel 50 watt - 12 Volt Monocrystalline

  • It has four busbars, 36 cells as an additional feature.

  • Loom provides 25 years of performance warranty.

  • It has an MC4 compatible cable connector for better efficiency.

Technical Specification of Loom solar Panel 50 watt - 12 Volt Monocrystalline You Should Know

  •  It has exclusive panel technology named mono panels.

  • Operating voltage is 12 V

  • The manufacturer's warranty is for ten years.

  • The output power is 50 Watts.


  • One of the ideals for charging a PC, UPS, and LED lights about six hours. 

  • Best for meeting the small power requirements needs. 


  • Not best for meeting significant requirements

8. Loom solar 375 watt - 24 Volt Monocrystalline

Loom Solar Panel 375 watts is made of mono perks cells. It is the same as mentioned above, the latest technology for cloudy or low Sunlight. The panel is made with anti-PID cells. It has an IP 67 rated junction box with an MC4 connector for high module efficiency. It comes with five busbars and 72 cells.this is one of the best Solar panels in India.

Features of Loom solar 375 watt - 24 Volt Monocrystalline

  • This is one of the best panels in monocrystalline technology. 

  • It has 25 years of performance warranty.

  • The design is a bit different from other solar panels.

Technical Specification of Loom solar 375 watt - 24 Volt Monocrystalline You Should Know

  • The voltage at maximum power is 39.00 V.

  • The open-circuit voltage is 44.50 V.

  • The Loom is providing ten years of manufacturing warranty.

  • Wattage is 375 watts.


  • A good quality solar panel. 


  • Gives low output as compared to others. 

9. Loom Solar Panel 180 watt / 12-volt Monocrystalline 

This one is the fourth one from the Loom from our list. In past years, the Loom has provided the top Solar Panel in India with its exclusive monocrystalline technology for better and fast results. This edition is made with A grade black silicon cells to generate better electricity from the Sun. This panel is made with the latest monocrystalline.

Features of Loom Solar Panel 180 watt / 12-volt Monocrystalline

  • It comes with five busbars and 36 cells.

  • It has IP 67 with MC4 junction and 1-meter wire.

  • It has ten years of manufacturing defect warranty.

Technical Specification of Loom Solar Panel 180 watt / 12-volt Monocrystalline You Should Know

  • Dimension with a height of 4.8 feet and 2.2 feet width.

  • Open circuit voltage is23.26 V.

  • The short circuit current is 9.31 amps.

  • Wattage is 180 watts, and max voltage power is 19.95 V.


  • Comes with efficiency power. 

  • A reliable and durable product. 


  • Has poor sale services as per the customer complaint. 

10.  Urja Solar Module 40W

Urja Global is one of the growing Solar panel manufacturers in India. They supply a wide range of panels for ground mount, flat roofs, on the roof, etc. Their products are for both commercial and personal utility. They also provide Best solar package deals online in India as they are one of the trusted brands. 

  Urja Global has the best selling solar panels in comparison to others. They provide the right quality panels at a very affordable price.

Features of Urja Solar Module 40W

  • They are full weather resistant with white tempered glass.

  • The engineers make it with low power loss at the time shades.

  • This is the most economical in comparison to others. 

Technical Specification of Urja Solar Module 40W You Should Know 

  • The open-circuit voltage is 22.2 V.

  • The short circuit current is 2.37 A.

  • Dimensions are 465 x 670 x 25 mm with 4 kg weight.


  • One of the approved brands by Govt of india.

  • Comes with high performance multicrystalline solar cells.

11. UTL Solar Panel 150 W


UTl is one of the known brands in the field of solar power services. They have a wide range of products like UPS, Batteries, Battery chargers, Solar charge controllers, and many more to fulfill the needs of the customers. UTL is currently delivering its products in India only but they are eyeing to create a global presence. 

Features of UTL Solar Panel 150 W


  • This UTL solar panel comes with an anti-reflective coating and back surface field structure to improve the cell conversion efficiency. 
  • Multi-layer encapsulation for better module protection. 
  • Equipped with A+  grade crystalline silicon cells. 


  • Comes with the lightweight aluminium frame. 

  • Comes with 25 years of warranty. 

12. Bluebird Solar Panel 100W - 12V Mono PERC Solar Panel

Bluebird solar panels come with 30-days carry warranty as standard one. They are providing one of the Best solar panels in India 2020 as they are one of the finest players in the solar energy sector. Their team actively engaged in manufacturing the highest quality products with the most exceptional services in this industry. 

These Top solar panel brands in India focus on the quality products, services and the lineage of sound to forward business. This Bluebird Solar Panel 100W is one of the durable products coated with AR tempered PV grade glass. 

Features of Bluebird Solar Panel 100W - 12V Mono 

  • This Top solar company in India 2020 offers 25 years of warranty on performance and 10 years on the product. 

  • As it is prepared for home lighting system, it is the Best solar panel in India for home use

  • It comes from the Top solar company in India 2020 which is dedicated to latest technological advancements. 

Technical Specification of Bluebird Solar Panel 100W - 12V Mono

  •  An ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 Certified company

  • Covered with an AI frame, the sliver anodized aluminum frame that enables protection from salt-mist corrosion. 

  • The product is 110W-12V with monocrystalline PERC solar Module. 

  • Maximum current 3A, open circuit Voltage 22.5V and short circuit current-5.3 A. 


  • Comes with heavy duty silver anodized aluminum frames. 

  • Provides excellent performance in cloudy weather. 


  •  Not found yet.


Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Panels 

Let's check out some important and necessary things before buying a solar panel. 

Efficiency- the higher the efficiency, the lesser in number of panels you need for your solar systems. The effectiveness of a solar panel depends on how much sunlight it can convert into electricity. 

If the area is limited, then it is better to opt for a solar panel that has high efficiency levels. 

Tolerance Level-  a positive tolerance level is acceptable whereas the negative figure is not. Under ideal conditions, conditions a 100W solar panel should deliver an output of 100 Watts. However there is a concept of tolerance level. 

Temperature Coefficient- Solar panels require sunlight for its operation and should not that solar cells can get extremely hot. The high temperature can lead to degradation of the cells. It is one of the important and critical factors that decide the efficiency of the solar panel. 

Durability- as we all know that they are outdoor appliances and they have to bear the brunt of nature such as heavy rains, wind, pressure, temperature, hailstorms and so on. It is advisable to choose the solar panels that exhibit the maximum durability. 



What is the Solar Panel and How It Works?

Here we are sharing detailed information about solar panels and how they work?

Solar panels are used to convert light from the Sun which is composed of particles of energy called “Photons” into electricity which can be used for electrical purposes. The solar panel was invented back more than 100 years ago and upgraded as per the time.

Solar panels can be used for a huge variety of applications like cabins, telecommunications equipment, remote power, and many more. The production of electricity can be done from residential and commercial solar systems.

Solar panels are made up of Photovoltaic(the reason why generating electricity with solar panels is called solar PV) that convert Sun’s rays into electricity. The Pv cells are sandwiched between layers of semiconducting materials like Silicone. Every layer has different electronic properties that energize when hit by sunlight to create an electric field.

Solar panels generate electricity and then pass through an inverter to convert into an AC (alternating current), which can be used by homes or businesses. Nowadays there are many companies in the market that are manufacturing the best Solar panels in India.

Advantages of Solar Power You Should Know 

Before buying a Solar Panel, check out these advantages of Solar power.

  • It will give you guaranteed power when the sun is shining and proving a stable form of generation throughout the day.

  • Solar Panels need to acquire a small space compared to renewable technologies.

  • They do not produce any kind of voice while generating electricity. Which means that installation costs not expensive and interfering, whether you are living in crowded locations

  • Solar Panels, not any special maintenance. They need normal cleaning from dirt and debris.

  • They are very safe as they are made up of silicon sheets, there is no danger for ceiling leaking or any toxins.

Here are some Disadvantages of Solar Panel You Should Know 


  • In the initial, the costing of the complete solar panel system is high as it includes installation, inverter, batteries, wiring. It has the chance that the price will go down in the future.
  • During the manufacturing of the solar panel, the companies use toxic, material, and hazardous gases which are not good for the environment and affect it badly. 
  • They require a lot of space on the roof to fit.
  • Solar energy can be still collected during the cloudy days but the efficiency of the solar system will drop. 

Here we have shared a detailed review for the best Solar Panel in India. While buying s Solar panel, the most important factor is the price. Everyone wants to buy the best product at a lesser price which is good, But never compromise with the quality of the product for the money.Best solar panel brands in India are the same as per the normal panels. Infact, most of the panels are installed on the roof only. 

  Roof solar panel cost in India is the same as per the normal panels. In fact, most of the panels are installed on the roof only. 

We have also shared the price list of the best Solar panels in India. Always check the components, quality, warranty period, and installation charges of the Solar panel. These all are the Top solar companies in India in 2021

  If you are looking for the subsidy which is offered by the Indian government on Installing Solar Panels, then you must check the certification of the Solar Panels.  Always buy Solar Panel that comes under MNRE ( Ministry of New and Renewable Energy).

Questions You May Have 

Here are some questions you may have for Solar Panels or related to price, company and etc. 

Q. Is solar panel worth it in India?

One of the biggest benefits of installing Solar Panels on your rooftop is they offer cost-saving. The rates for Rooftop Solar are low in comparison to commercials. It is also worth some area where electricity is not stable, especially in commercial units in rural areas.  You will also receive the subsidy which is offered by Indian Government on MNRE( Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) to listed companies for Solar Panels.

 Q. Which solar panel is best?

There are several companies in the Indian market for Solar Panels with high-quality products. It majorly depends upon the requirement and budget. According to me, Monocrystalline Solar Panels have the highest efficiency rates as they made with good quality Silicon. The Loom company is providing the Solar Panel with monocrystalline technology. They have been proven as the best till yet.

Q. How long does a solar panel last?

Generally, Solar panels last about 30-40 years. Although the warranty given by the manufacturers is for 25 years. It does not mean that after 25 years it will stop working, but there may be chances for low production of energy. The panels will degrade as the time is going, but if you have installed high-quality Solar Panels then that will make the difference. This is the main reason why you should not compromise with the quality of the product.

Q What is the price of Solar panels in India?
Solar panel prices in India are as per the brand and the product type. All the solar panels are not the same in the market. 

Q. Which is the best solar panel selling company in India

All above are the best solar panel selling companies in India, but Luminous, microtek, and Loom is the all time best solar panel selling companies in India. 

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