Licious Refer And Earn Offer - Get Rs. 200 Instant Discount

Refer Licious to your friend or family members and get amazing discounts and cashbacks.

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Licious gives all of us a great way to order food online and also win some great offers and discounts at the same time. The Licious Discount Offers are a great way to save some quick bucks on non-vegetarian food items. Licious also has a Refer and Earn Offer where you can get great discounts by suggesting the app or website to any friend or family member.

Apart from offering the best non-vegetarian food products, Licious is also giving you the opportunity to earn real quick with the help of its Licious Refer and Earn offer. You can make use of this opportunity and share the wonderful experience you have had with the app to your friends and family who can also enjoy the same benefits that you have. 

It is very easy to make use of this offer and here we are going to tell you how you can also be a part of this and avail all the benefits that it has to offer. So in this article, we will have a look at this offer where not only the Referrer but those availing the Licious Referral Code can win great discounts and cashbacks on their orders. 

Licious Offer for Today - Refer and Earn 

With Licious, you can very easily get a large number of superior quality dishes at very reasonable prices. You can get from Licious chicken, meat, fish, seafood, eggs and more. All these are readily available on their website or mobile app, which you can download and install in your smartphone.

When it comes to referrals, it is a great opportunity to share the benefits you have enjoyed with Licious to other people. They too can get to know the ease of ordering through the Licious app and make use of the Licious offers that they can find. 

Now you might be thinking, why one needs the Licious Referral Code offer and what does one get out of it. You might have been getting cashbacks and deals from Licious and might have been perfectly fine with what you had with you. Then why should one indulge in the Licious Refer and Earn offer? Well, the answer is pretty simple. One should always make use of the opportunities that lie before themselves. 


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The Licious Offers today we are talking about, is an excellent offer that provides you with extra discounts and cashbacks, every time someone else makes a purchase using your code on Licious. Earlier, you would get Licious discounts and cashbacks only when you made a purchase. But now, even when someone else makes savings, you make one too. So your earning capabilities on this app have become far improved. 

So do not let go of this opportunity on Licious and redeem the Licious Refer and Earn offer today and get a chance to win big each time you purchase on this platform. 

By using the referral code, your friends can get a chance to win Rs. 200 discount and you will get 200 Licious Cash+. Apart from that, both of you can get extra benefits from Licious, want to know how? Then keep reading.


Licious Referral Code - JIZXEX1Z


How to get the Licious Referral Code?

If you are a user with Licious, this is how you can win great offers.

  • Go to the Licious App or website.

  • Select your Account.

  • In the account section, you will find the ‘Refer A Friend’ option.

  • Select the ‘Refer a Friend’ Option and the Referral Code will become available on your screen.

  • Share the referral code with friends and family through Whatsapp/SMS/Mail/Other social media etc.

  • Once they place an order with Licious using the code, you will get credit in your Licious wallet.

  • When the order is delivered, then you can get credits in you Licious Cash + wallet. 

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How to Avail the Licious Offer on Referral Code?

If you using a referral code and are new to Licious, then here is how you can utilize the offer.

  • Download the Licious App on your mobile or visit the Licious website.

  • Create a New Account by sharing the credentials required.

  • Enter the Referral Code 'JIZXEX1Z' in the specified box.

  • Enter your phone number for successful verification and registration.

  • You will receive an OTP for logging in.

  • Once logged in, place your order and utilize the cashback.

Terms and Conditions

There are a few terms and conditions that you should note before you redeem the Licious refer and earn offer. Here are the terms and conditions, given below.

  • The offer is valid on a minimum order of Rs. 500.

  • Licious Cash+ earned can be utilized on orders valued at Rs. 500 or above, with up to Rs. 100 per order. 

  • Referral Code advantaged and benefits are subject to change.

  • Licious has the right to alter, change or terminate the terms of the offer at any point of time whatsoever. 

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Benefits of Licious

Now one might think why we need to purchase non-vegetarian products online when we have perfectly fine outlets nearby. Well, the same reason why more and more people prefer purchasing the daily need items online is the reason why we need to check out Licious as well. Just like other e-commerce websites that provide a lot of benefits to frequent buyers, Licious also has multiple benefits that help users do a lot more.

Here we have curated a list of all benefits of shopping from Licious, and how all extra Licious offers and discounts help us save more. 

1. Meat Quality

One fo the biggest benefit that Licious has over others is the quality of meat it serves. You can find the best and highest standard of non-vegetarian products and items being served on the online platform. Extra care is taken to ensure that the items that reach your plate are absolutely fresh. The strictest quality control steps ensure that only supreme quality meat and other non-vegetarian products are available on the website.

Each product is handpicked and ensures that it follows all quality standards and guidelines set. This makes sure that every purchase is farm fresh and of the best quality. 

2. Variety of Products

Licious has a great advantage over other outlets. It is a one-stop for all non-vegetarian products. You can find chicken, meat, eggs, fish and seafood products. Along with that, you can find ready to cook and marinated products that are of absolute top quality. Licious chicken is very famous among all consumers and you can also find the same popularity for eggs and seafood. On Licious, you can also find spreads, kebabs and much more. 

You also have a wide range of variety within the categories itself. Licious chicken is available in lots of variety and cuts that ensure that you purchase only that much amount as you need for your consumption. A number of different fish and seafood are available on the platform that helps you select the best item for your needs. 

3. Licious Recipe Section

If you are looking for the best chicken and seafood recipes then you can check out Licious platform for the best and latest recipes that you can prepare very easily at home. These recipes are very effective, delicious and easy so that even a beginner can prepare some of the tastiest dishes very quickly.

That is the best thing about Licious, not only can you purchase products but you can also decide which recipes you wish to make for yourself. 

4. Licious Offers and Discounts

With easy payment methods, you can also save a lot of money with Licious. All that you have to do is to make the most of the best Licious offers and discounts that you can get on the website and get amazing cashbacks, deals and more methods to save as a lot on each transaction that you make. There are a number of Licious promo codes as well that you can utilize for your daily use. 


So this was all about the Licious Offer on Referral Code, if you are looking for more such exclusive offers, discounts, cashbacks and other deals, then keep following our site for regular news and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to order Licious Chicken on the app?

A. You can download the Licious app from the App store and create an account with the app. Once you have done that then you can proceed to place your order online. 

Q. How to use Licious Coupons?

A. On Licious, you can find many offers and coupons that you can utilize for getting great cashbacks. Just check out the Licious app for more.


Q. What discount can I get with Licious Offer today?

A. There are many Licious Offers that you can utilize, one of them is mentioned above. For more offers, keep following our site.


Q. Is Licious meat a good option?

A. Licious has some of the best quality options available for lamb and goat meat. You can order them online via the website or Licious app.