20 Best Laptop Brands in India 2022 - Reviews, FAQs, Buyers Guide And More

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Best Laptop Brands in India

What is the role of a Laptop in our life? It is the basic need of today's children and adults for all kinds of tasks and work. It makes you smart, efficient, and productive. Whether you are working at the office or set up your business you need a laptop.

Now the question that comes is Which brand should I go for? Which specifications should I consider most and so on?

To help you in finding the answers laptop buying guide 2022 brings the key guidelines while shopping for your brand new Laptop. Click here to know more about them. 

Surely with so many different types of laptops, the first step in narrowing down your choice is to select some brands that you like.

From gaming laptops to 2-in-1 options, rugged designs to ultra-thin models, you can probably find the best laptop for your needs from these top brands.

Top Laptop Brands in India 2022

Laptops are now one of the most important electronic gadgets that we can carry around with ourselves. Laptops can be used for casual work, official work, playing games, making reports, editing videos and music and many more purposes. Each laptop is suited for a particular task. In this regard, we have some of the best laptop brands in India which produce laptops that are suited for particular purposes.

if you need a laptop, you can check the configurations that will suit your needs and requirements and then proceed to select the laptops from the top laptop brands 2022. If you are thinking about which brand to purchase then you can check out this article which lists some of the best laptop brands in India and their products as well. 

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List of the Best Laptop Brands in India 

There are a number of laptop brands that are known to make some of the best gadgets and devices. These brands have many laptops in all the different budget categories. They have gaming laptops that are power-packed with all the best features. Other than that, they also have budget laptops for office work and for students. All in all, you can check out these brands and decide for yourself which one of these will be best to purchase a laptop from. 

Laptop Brand
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Life Digital

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Purchasing a laptop requires a lot of thought and decisions because laptops are not purchased on a regular basis and one that you buy for yourself should be apt for your daily needs and requirements. Once you buy one for yourself, you should be sure of it and it should absolutely apt for your daily needs. 

In this article, we are looking at the top brands for laptops. In no way do we say that these are the only ones that make great laptops but these are the ones that usually make consistent and powerful laptops suited for all ranges and purposes. You can find them in the budget sections and some of them are best suited for gaming and other power activities. 

Overall, once you go through these brands, you will most probably get a fair idea as to how these fair against each other and which ones are going to be the most suitable for your needs and requirements. Let us check out each brand one by one and analyze what kind of products they have to offer. The decision might be tough but with the help of the details mentioned here, you can select the best one that you can use on a regular basis.

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Brands for the Best Laptops with Price in India

If you want to purchase a laptop from the best brand then you should know all about the brands and what they have to offers to the client and customers. So here in this section, we have shared with you all the in-depth analysis of each brand, their product ranges as well as the price range that they have. So let us look at these brands and find out what they are all about. 

This will help you decide which brand will best suit your needs and which laptop from it will be the most suitable for purchase. 

Here are some of the best laptop brands in India along with their different models and products. You can also find the features and what to expect from the top brands of laptops in India. 

1) Apple (Great designs and Class)

The brand has crafted its unique niche in the technology industry. Whether we talk about iPhones, iTunes or Macbook the customer base of Apple knows it all. You will never see an Apple user switching to some other brand. That is the power and likability of Apple and we call it the one of the top laptop brands in India.

Apple makes 3 models of laptops that come in different screen sizes and with different specifications. The models which Apple makes are :

  • Macbook (12 inches) - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 60,000. 

  • MacBook Air (13.3 inches) - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 90,000.

  • MacBook Pro (13-15 inches) - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 1,00,000.

Note: Apple not only delivers premium Laptops it is also renowned for its premium services. See the tweet below for example:

You would also love to see their #behindTheMac Campaigns.


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2) Dell (Ultimate Performance and Services)

Dell is one of the most popular laptop brands in India. In terms of Innovation Dell laptops have been one of the biggest sources as evident in the newest XPS 13 laptop.

Dell also has very good services which include doorstep pickup and delivery from the customer service department. It became a renowned brand that has been designing laptops for masses in different price ranges. That’s why it becomes possible to say it as top laptop brands in India under 40,000.

With its Alienware launch, it has become one of the favourite Gaming Laptop brands in India.

Dell manufactured a series of latest laptops in India are-

  • Inspiron- for home and office - Estimated Price - Upwards of Rs. 25,000 on base models

  • XPS- for the ultimate experience - Estimated Price - Upwards of Rs. 80,000

  •  Alienware- for high-performance gaming - Estimated Price - Upwards of Rs. 1,50,000


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3) HP (Your Productive Companion)

Hp Laptops are one of the best laptop brands in India. The brand is popular for a balanced combination of functionality and style and is ranked higher among the consumer and office users.

Their laptops basically aim for people who work in offices, students and general work users.

It’s important to consider that customer support options place HP in the top five of all manufacturers. They provide up to 3 years comprehensive warranty So you can net yourself some serious protection for your new laptop too.

Laptops manufactured by HP For Home-

  • Spectre - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 90,000

  • Omen by HP - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 60,000

  • Pavilion - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 40,000

Laptops manufactured by HP For Work

  • Elite - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 1,00,000

  • ProBook - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 70,000

  • Zbook - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 90,000


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4) Lenovo ( Business Class)

These laptops are generally dark or black in colour, suitable for the working class. Lenovo latest laptops are simple and the build quality is amazingly strong. You may consider it as the Budget laptop brand in India that will give you value and performance in a single package.

Their innovative 2-in-1 Laptops are a part laptop, a part tablet and are a perfect example of their work to amaze you. It is considered to be one of the top laptop brands in India. 

Laptops manufactured by Lenovo are:

  • Ideapad - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 20,000

  • Yoga - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 30,000

  • Lenovo V series - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 17,000

  • Thinkpad - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 30,000


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5) Asus (The All rounder)

Asus Laptops are a smart choice as it is budget-friendly, user-friendly, and compact. With Asus laptops, you will get high-quality configuration, upgraded programs to satisfy any need and preferences.

The designs are solid and straight forward. That’s why it comes under one of the top most popular laptop brands in India.

Laptops designed by Asus are:

  • VivoBook series  - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 25,000

  • ZenBook series - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 55,000

  • Republic of Gamers - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 57,000

  • ZenBook Delux Series - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 90,000

  • ZenBook Flip Series - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 59,000

  • EeeBook Series - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 20,000


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6) Acer (Explore Beyond Limits)

Acer is again the brand of affordability. You can easily find a good build laptop both in software and hardware in the Indian market. This is one of the top laptop brands in India.

You will be pleased to know that it is the one company which has an award for each product. Having an enormous global market, their products have a huge demand abroad. It is one of the best laptop company in India and has many great features.

Laptops manufactured by Acer are:

  • Acer Aspire - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 17,000

  • Acer Aspire 8920

  • Acer Extensa

  • Acer Predator - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 60,000

  • Acer Swift - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 30,000

  • Acer Travelmate - Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 25,000


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7) Samsung

This South Korean company is one of the giants in consumer electronics. Their hi-tech designs have earned the name around the world.

Samsung is known for its affordable business laptops, it’s true that just a few years ago Samsung was not a big player in the Laptop industry. But it is now famous for its enhanced security features, ergonomic designs, long battery life, touch display feature, and fast processors.

Samsung’s Chromebook series is one of the best selling laptops in India. Because of this, it became in our top laptop brands in India list.

Laptops designed by Samsung are:

  • M series Laptops

  • N series Laptops

  • Notebook 7

  • NoteBook 9

  • P series Laptops

  • Q series Laptops

  • X series Laptops.

Estimated Price - Upwards of Rs. 40,000

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8) Vaio ( All eyes on You)

Vaio is the subbrand of the Sony brand in the Laptop segment. Vaio is the acronym of Video Audio Integrated Option which denotes the brand's positioning as a product that performs on both video and audio front.

Like any other product from Sony, Vaio is also positioned ( and priced ) as a premium brand. It is one of the top laptops in India with price in the affordable and budget range. 

Vaio launched its first series of Notebooks with a price ranging from Rs 80,000 - Rs 1,25,000 making it one of the costliest as well as one of the best laptop brands in India.

Laptops manufactured by Vaio are:

  • Vaio Flip series Laptops

  • Vaio Ultra Book Laptops

  • Vaio Z series Laptops

Estimated price - Upwards of Rs. 30,000

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9) Toshiba Laptops (Leading Innovation)

This Japanese company has earned good reviews from customers throughout many years. They make affordable high- quality laptops for everyone.

In between, they were struggling with few problems in their products but they have made a comeback in the market. Satellite P55t and Kirabook are some of the best Toshiba laptops around. It is without a doubt one of the Top 10 Best Laptops with Price in India.

Some of the well-known Toshiba Laptops are as follows:

  • Toshiba Satellite UHD 4k

  • Toshiba Satelite Pro

  • Toshiba Portege

  • Toshiba Tecra

Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 27,000

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10) MSI Laptops ( Innovation with Style)

MSI is originally famous for its gaming hardware and now have finally entered the Indian laptop market. Now you can understand it as the company that produces high-quality Desktops, laptops, Motherboard, Graphics card and almost everything about gaming.

So if you are looking for gaming laptops brands in India, then MSI will be your first choice. Their laptops double ensure that you will get high-quality gaming experience.

They come with a built-in 7th generation core i7 processor to deliver superior performance than other competitive laptops.

Top gaming Laptops manufactured by MSI are:

  • MSI GT series Laptops

  • MSI GS series Laptops

  • MSI GE series Laptops

  • MSI GP series Laptops

  • MSI GF series Laptops

  • MSI GV series Laptops

Estimated Price - upwards of Rs. 50,000

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11. Google Laptops

Google Laptops are used in many places as educational tools. They work on Chrome OS which is different from Windows and Mac. There are easily available online with many features and specifications that are very effective and make this laptop very efficient to carry out day to day tasks with ease.

You can find three series of Google laptops in India. They are given below

Laptops manufactured by Google are:

  • Google Chromebook Series.

  • Google Pixelbook Series.

  • Google Pixel Slate Series.


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12. iBall Laptops

iBall is a well known Indian brand that has been at the forefront of providing upcoming technology to the masses at very affordable rates. you can purchase their products very easily online as well as offline. They are priced at very reasonable rates which makes them quite popular among people looking for more features at very low costs.

There are a few series from Ball laptops that you should check out if you are looking to purchase them. All these makes it one of the Top 10 Most Popular Laptop Brands In India.

Laptops manufactured by iBall are:

  • iBall Marvel Series

  • iBall Slide Series

  • iBall Netizen Series

  • iBall Compbook Series


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13. Huawei Laptops

Huawei is one of the most popular brands for electronics all over the world. It is known for its cutting-edge technology that has defined the progress of digital technology worldwide. They have some great features and specifications. Apart from that, they are a very dependable brand that makes them one of the most trusted laptop manufacturer. 

Huawei Laptops are available online as well as all major electronic retail stores. Here are some of the most popular series from Huawei

Laptops manufactured by Huawei are:

  • Huawei Matebook E Series

  • Huawei Matebook X Series

  • Huawei Matebook 13 Series


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14. LG Laptops

LG is a very popular electronics brand from South Korea that is known to provide some of the best products that one can find. LG Laptops are equally well known and used by many for their day-to-day needs and purposes. 

Laptops manufactured by LG are:

  • LG Gram Laptop Series


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15. Micromax Laptops

Micromax is a well known Indian brand that has been producing electronic items and products for the masses. It has made considerable process in a very competitive Indian market. It is known for its appliances and gadgets. You can find them easily online or on any electronics retail store near you. Here are the best Laptops from Micromax.

Laptops manufactured by Micromax are:

  • Micromax Canvas

  • Micromax Neo

  • Micromax Atom


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16. Avita Laptops

Avita is a new Laptop brand that is becoming more and more popular due to its colourful and vibrant laptops. They pack some serious features and are available at fantastic prices. Avita Laptops are very versatile and you can use them for high-level work and make a fashion statement at the same time.

You can find them online at any e-commerce site very easily.

Laptops manufactured by Avita are:

  • Avita Pura Series

  • Avita Liber Series

  • Avita Cosmos Series


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17. Panasonic Laptops

Panasonic is a well-known electronics brand that is popular for its durable and long-lasting products. hence, there is no doubt that Panasonic laptops are also appreciated by many people. 

You can find Panasonic Laptops online on many e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Laptops manufactured by Panasonic are:

  • Panasonic Toughbook Series


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18. Razer Laptops

Razer Laptops are heavy-duty laptops known for their power-packed features. They are usually preferred for high-end purposes and are used widely all over the world. Be it gaming or film-grade movie editing, you can use Razer laptops for top-class features and specifications.

They can be purchased easily online through e-commerce websites.

Laptops manufactured by Razer are:

  • Razer Blade Stealth Series

  • Razer Blade Pro Series

  • Razer Blade 15 Series


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19. RDP Laptops

RDP is another heavy-duty laptop that is used by gamers and video editors. It has many features to offer that make it a preferred laptop of many. 

RDP Laptops are available online at great prices. You can also find many renewed and refurbished models as well on e-commerce websites.

Laptops manufactured by RDP are:

  • RDP Thinbook Series


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20. Life Digital Laptops

Life Digital is a lesser-known brand but it does have some laptops that are worth trying. If you are looking to buy renewed and refurbished models of Life Digital, that too are available on various platforms. Life Digital can be bought online on various shopping websites.

Laptops manufactured by Life Digital are:

  • Life Digital Zed Air Series

  • Life DIgital Zed Air Ultra Series


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How to Select the Right Laptop?

If you are thinking about which laptop to buy, then you can follow these steps to decide which of the top laptop brands in India will be more suited for your tasks and purposes. For that, we will look into the categories of laptop users that exist. You can try to place yourself in one of these categories to decide which of the top laptop brands and their products would be the most suitable for your needs. 

Here are the laptop user categories - 

1. Students User

2. Average User

3. Artistic User

4. Gamer

5. Power User

In all these categories, the demand and requirement of each user are different. For example, the Student User needs a laptop that is light and efficient. It has enough RAM support and internal storage that can help run the basic Softwares and is light enough to be carried around regularly. 

The Average User needs a Laptop that is good enough for the most basic purposes. Internet connectivity with Bluetooth, wifi and other connections are important for this type of laptop. It is the most cost-effective and budget laptop. 

For the Artistic User, a slightly powerful laptop is needed to run all the editing Softwares that one needs. RAM and internal storage are very important. Graphics support with graphic cards is also necessary. Some of the best laptop brands in India produce laptops suitable for all artistic users. 

Gamers need top of the line laptops that have a dedicated graphics card, very high RAM and also the best display. Some of the top laptop brands of 2022 are known for their amazing products suitable for gamers. They are a bit expensive but are good enough for the gamers.

Power Users are those which require the most premium laptops for their daily needs and purposes. The laptops are expensive but come loaded with some of the most powerful features that one can find anywhere. The best laptops from the top laptop brands in India are the right choice for power users. Specifications matter a lot and are decisive in determining which laptop is the most suitable. 


Factors for Selecting the Best Laptop 

If you have planned to purchase a laptop for yourself among the best laptop brands in India, then there should be certain parameters that you should follow before going into buying the product. This will help ensure that the product you select is the one that is the most suitable to you.

Here are the main factors that you should consider while purchasing a laptop. 

RAM Size

One of the most important factors that separate each product from the top laptop brands in India is the RAM Size. The RAM or Random Access Memory is a crucial factor which decides the performance and speed of a computer laptop. 

So in case you require a laptop for regular office work, you can opt for laptops with lower RAM Size like 4GB etc. If you need a laptop for higher-end demands then you can opt for one with a higher RAM size.

Display properties

Most laptops come with a good quality display however, with demands, needs and requirements, a much higher display quality are required for users. If you are one such user then you can check out the visual resolution of the display.

Also, you might need to check the screen size, many laptops come with 14 inches or 15.6-inch screen sizes. You can opt for the most suitable one for yourself. 


The most popular processor that you can find is Intel processors. These are some of the best quality processors that are very useful and are used by a majority of the best laptop brands.

Some of the top processors from Intel are i3, i5 and i7. You can also check out the Ryzen processors like Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5 etc.


Budget is a very important factor for selecting the best laptops for yourself. There are many premium laptops as well as budget laptops available which make your choice very easy. The budget decides the power of the laptop where higher priced laptops have more features and specifications while, budget laptops have just enough features to carry out basic functions. 



These were all shortlisted top best laptop brands in India. Surely no brand can beat Apple when it comes to class and design. And for Indians no brand will give you a better gaming experience than MSI, Acer is of having its own significance in the market. It’s time for you to decide what is your requirement and budget?

Move ahead according to that and you will be more than happy for your buying experience.

You may also check-out the top laptop bag brands in India in our coming article.

Till then keep exploring the best thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which laptop should I buy in India?

A. It depends on the requirements and needs that you have. You need to check which RAM size, Display properties, Memory Size etc. suit your needs in order to determine the best possible laptop. 

Q. Which laptop is best in low price?

A. There are many laptops in the budget category. You can check for lower RAM laptops, which are usually in the budget-friendly category.

Q. How do I choose a good laptop?

A. First, determine what all requirements you have, then go for the RAM Size, Display properties, Memory Size and other specifications. Lastly, check which laptop ranks best within the budget.

Q. Which company laptop is best for students?

A. All laptop brands are actively creating new products specially designed for students. Check the list above to know more.

Q. Which brand of laptop is the best?

A. There is no particular brand that can be considered as the best because the ideal laptop is decided on the basis of the needs and requirements of the user. if the selection of a laptop is made with due consideration, only then can it be considered the best.

Q. Which is the best laptop brand in India?

A. First, determine what all requirements you have, then go for the RAM Size, Display properties, Memory Size and other specifications. Lastly, check which laptop ranks best within the budget. There will be many brands of laptops in India that will turn out to be quite useful for you. Keep reading the article above for more details. 

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