Best Baby Carriers In India 2021 [Updated]

Here you will get the best Baby Carriers in India 2021 with the best price.

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Best Baby Carriers In India 2020 [Updated]

If you are buying a baby carrier for your baby, make sure that it must be comfortable for the baby as well as for the mother all the time, especially when you are carrying for a long day. When you are travelling a long distance with your baby, then the Best Baby Carriers To Buy Online In India becomes more important. You can also know the Best Baby Sleeping Bags in India with a click on the provided link.

For the new parents using the Best Baby Carriers In India 2021 is essential as it keeps the baby close to them. Baby Carrier becomes a basic part of parenthood as parents can keep a close watch on their baby while doing multiple tasks.

Also, if you want to know more about the Baby Walker In India with just a click on the provided link. So to make it simple for all the parents, we have listed the best Baby Carriers in India. After all, every parent cares about their baby. 

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10 Best Baby Carriers with price In India 

Here is the best baby carrier in India for you to buy. We have also listed the Best Baby Carriers To Buy Online and the list of baby carrier with the price.

Best Baby Carriers In India 2021 

Infantino Multi-Pocket Baby Carrier

Rs. 5,999


Mee Mee Lightweight Breathable Baby Carrier

Rs. 1,699


Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier

Rs. 6,433


Infantino 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier 

Rs. 8,563


Luvlap Galaxy 

Rs. 1,799


Ineffable Baby Carrier Shoulder Belt Sling Backpack

Rs. 998


Luvlap Royal Hip Seat Carrier

Rs. 2,499 


Mee Mee 6 Position Premium Baby Carrier

Rs. 2,999


U-Grow Hip Seat

Rs. 2,495


Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Polycotton Adjustable Baby Carrier Sling Backpack

Rs. 999


1. Infantino Multi-Pocket Baby Carrier

Best Baby Carriers In India 2021 are given a chance for the parents to spend some time with their babies and share a loving bonding. 

Infantino Multi-Pocket Baby Carrier is the right choice for all the busy moms and dads as it gives comfy to hold and safe ride to the baby. 

The baby carrier bag is safe for babies to have a nap on the go with a family trip or while going to the park or anywhere. For all the mommies it is the best as it helps to keep the clothes clean and also keep the feeding safe. 

The Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier features six natural pockets plus a flexible seat that cinches small for newborns and increases for older babies and toddlers - giving ergonomic comfort at all steps. Padded shoulder bands and a supportive waistband belt equally to give weight for relaxed wearing. 
Handy pockets insert an easy passage for pacifier pouch on the shoulder strap, waist hanging pockets for phone and keys, and front pockets for soft goods like diapers, wipes, or a spare onesie. 

A breathable mesh panel prevents an air circulation moving between parent and child, gripping you and baby fresh and comfortable in all types of weather.

The baby carrier has a soft cloth in it to keep the skin of the baby gentle. 

  • The Infantino Multi-Pocket Baby Carrier comes with full-featured.
  • It comes with soft padded shoulder straps and with a wide belt for the waist.
  • There are fours Ways to carry your baby, the folded seat, second is the extended seat, third is Facing Out folded seat, and last is the back carry.
  • The Baby Carrier can hold a baby with a weight capacity range of 3.6 Kg to 18.14 Kgs.
  • The seat of the baby carrier can expand and can be narrow for the older kids and younger kids.
  • It comes up with comfortable head support for the baby.
  • Baby carrier price in India is for Rs. 5,999
  • Adjustable
  • Padded Shoulders straps
  • Expandable seats
  • Comfortable head support for the baby.
  • A bit Expensive



2. Mee Mee Lightweight Breathable Baby Carrier

Mee Mee Lightweight Breathable Baby Carrier is the most convenient baby carrier for the babies. With this Baby Carrier, you can take out your Baby carrying in Mee Mee Lightweight baby carrier without any worry.

Now moving out is a lot more fun. Take your baby out of the home without any concerns in this helpful Mee Mee's baby carrier. Your baby can traverse the surroundings carefully while feeling emotionally safe with you close by. 
Made of added character breathable fabric, this carrier originates with your baby; manageable height and adaptable seat make sure your baby is most convenient. 
Resembling carrying has been reliably determined to help your baby grow up to be strong, intelligent, family-oriented and happy. 

With the premium quality fabric, the Best Baby Carriers In India comes up with. For the baby skin, it is very safe and does not cause any skin problems. The material is 100% tested for the safety of the Baby.

  • It is made of premium quality fabrics that are safe, breathable and gentle on your Baby's skin.
  • The Soft-cushioning near headrest to protect and support Baby's delicate scalp and sensitive neck area.
  • The Baby Carrier is designed to accommodate as many as 4 positions for carrying your tiny tot - front-facing and back-facing positions, and front-facing and back-facing kangaroo positions.
  • The Baby Carrier is suitable for 3 to 24 months toddlers. 
  • Baby carrier price in India is for Rs. 1,699
  • Soft cushioning near headrest to protect
  • Front pocket for carrying essentials
  • 4 positions for carrying your tiny tot
  • None


3. Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier

Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier is designed in such a way that it gives comfort to both the baby and mommy. That's what every parent wants from the Baby Carrier. The Baby Carrier can be worn both in front and back as per your wish.

 The full, ergonomic seat helps baby's hips in the "M" position. Baby is carried from knee-to-knee with a generally rounded back for a safe and comfy ride. Mom and Dad will cherish this carrier too with the rich, flexible shoulder straps and a wide waist belt that gives weight to wearer's hips for a more relaxed fit. 
The Cuddle Up carrier is as charming as it is working, with the detachable teddy bear hat and a hoodie-inspired pouch for parent's hands. Carries babies from 12-40lbs (5.4 - 18.1 kgs). Carry on the front or as a backpack. Font Carry Position - Until your child is able to completely sit correctly on their own, this is the correct position.

  • The Best Baby Carriers In India is made with soft-touch fabric with much of padding around the straps. 
  • There are two pockets in the front to hold your baby and give some rest to your hand at the same time. 
  • There is a waist strap that distributes the weight while not putting extra load on parents shoulders.
  • The baby carrier comes with a detachable hoodie for the baby.


  • Seat holds baby's hips in the "M" position
  • Carries babies from 12-40lbs (5.4 - 18.1 kgs)
  • Comfortable Material
  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy
  • No other Colour option available



4. Infantino 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier 

For the total comfort and security, Infantino 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier is there as it is compact. The Baby Carrier is washable in the machine. It is made in a way that it does not cause the problem to Baby nor mom. 

Along With It Multiple Carrying Options And Start With Baby Flexibility This Convertible Start Offers An Ergonomic Seat For Optimal Baby Hip Positioning, A Super Supportive Waist Belt And Adjustable Padded Straps For Long Term Wearability. 

You can carry your baby in 4 ways like facing In Narrow Seat For Newborns, Facing In Wide Seat For Older Babies, Facing Out Narrow Seat For Babies With Head Control And Back Carry Wide Seat For Older Babies And Toddlers. Includes The Clever Wonder Cover 2 In 1 Bib To Protect Your Carrier And Clothes.

  • The Inner portion of the baby carrier provides a soft-touch finish. Both the portion in the baby carrier is made with a different fabric material. 
  • The baby carrier bag can get used in four different positions as the name has already suggested. 
  • The baby carrier has a triple strap system which allows the parents to do the distribution of the weight across the shoulders and waist.
  • This Best Baby carrier In India is machine washable, making it even easier to maintain.
  • It has convertible seats
  • It can carry baby weights from 8-32Lbs/5.4-20.4Kgs
  • Can be washed in Washing Machine
  • None



5. Luvlap Galaxy 

LuvLap Galaxy is the premium product provided by LuvLap. The LuvLap Galaxy is the Best Baby Carriers In India not only looks better than others but also feels better while being more comfortable to wear.

Take your little one with you anywhere you go with the Galaxy Baby Carrier by LuvLap. The superior characteristics such as Luxurious Interiors and 3 Sturdy Padded Arms and Waistbands, you and your little one can go on long passages without feeling tired or weigh down.

  • Head support in the baby carrier is included in this baby carrier has extra cushioning.
  • The parents can use the luvlap elegant baby carrier in three different positions, as they may find fit.
  • Padding has included in every corner of the baby carrier including seat, armholes and leg openings for added comfort for the kid.
  •  And for parents too extra padding has been including around the shoulder straps and waist strap for excellent lumbar support.
  • In line with other LuvLap products, this one is also available in a variety of products.
  • Available in many colours
  •  Very comfortable for the baby
  • Can be used in the 3 Carrying Positions
  • Very light-weight
  • Very few pockets for you to carry stuff for your baby


6. Ineffable Baby Carrier Shoulder Belt Sling Backpack

Ineffable Baby Carrier Shoulder Belt Sling Backpack is specially designed for newborn babies. With this Best Baby Carrier in India 2021, every mom or dad can make a perfect bond with their baby. 

With Ineffable Baby Carrier Shoulder Belt Sling Backpack, you can cuddle with your baby every time. While you are doing your household work or anything you can wear it and do the work. Baby sling carriers India will help you to take your child out without any worries.

  • The weight of the baby should be of 15 Kg to use the baby carrier. 
  • Mostly suitable for the baby of 0 to 30 months.
  • The weight of the baby carrier is 300 grams. 
  • In four-position, you can carry your baby with this baby carrier. The first positions are the kangaroo style, and the second is the chest way. 
  • The other two positions are the back carry, and cross arm carries.
  • The baby carrier built in such a way that it won't let your child all down, as it has a child safety belt.
  • The inner and outer material of the baby carrier is Cotton and Polyester. 
  • The baby carrier has adjustable shoulder and waist straps. 
  • The baby carrier comes up with extra handy pockets, where you can store your baby food or small toys. 

7. Luvlap Royal Hip Seat Carrier

To keep the parents happy, LuvLap creates a lot of fantastic stuff for babies as it is the best baby carrier brands. The Luvlap Royal Hip Seat Carrier is the most comfortable baby carrier as it accompanies your baby on travel. 

The baby carriers in India online gives the maximum support and comfort to the baby and the parents. You can Buy Baby Carrier online at best prices in India 

  • For superior lumbar support, the baby carrier comes with two shoulder belts and one waist belt. 
  • For easy usage, it has a detachable buckle.
  • The hip seat o the baby is comfortable and relaxed.
  • For parent's comfort, it has a padded shoulder strap.
  • It has a four carrying positions, the Inward Facing, Inward facing seat, Outward facing and the outward-facing seat.

8. Mee Mee 6 Position Premium Baby Carrier

Mee Mee 6 Position Premium Baby Carrier is made with premium quality fabrics, breathable and gentle to your baby's skin. The baby carrier gives a chance to both to stay close with each other. It is one of the top baby carriers in India for your baby.

For parents, it is tough to hold the baby for long hours in their hand. So to make it a little easy, Baby Carriers online India are there to minimise stress and tiredness. 

The material used in this Baby Carriers Online is tested to make sure the comfort and safety of the baby while you wear them.

  • The baby carrier comes with four-position mode. The first is the Front facing; second is Back facing. The third and fourth is the front and back Kangaroo positions.
  • It has excellent support for the Baby's Head, Back, Neck, Hips and Spine, which makes it comfortable for the baby to stay on it for long hours. This is the best baby carrier for hips.
  • It gives enough padding around the baby legs for maximum comfort.
  • It comes with a soft cushioning headrest to support baby's delicate scalp and neck.

9. U-Grow Hip Seat

The U-Grow Hip Seat carrier is known for comfort. In the list of top 10 baby carriers in India, this one is a soft structured carrier with a cushioned hip-seat to provide the baby with a better sitting position supporting their butt and thighs up to the knees. This is the best baby carrier for newborns.

  • The seat can get adjusted in the centre, left or in the right position. To make both the baby ad Mumma feel comfortable for long hours. 
  • There is a two-position mode, the front carries facing, and the other is the front carry facing outside.
  • It can carry a baby of 3 to 24 months age. 
  •  The baby carrier is made up of non-toxic fabric material, which keeps rashes away while giving a smooth feel to your baby.
  • The U-grow also cares for the wearer and gives baby optimum back and shoulder support.
  •  The cross strap in the back and the wide waist belt lessens the burden of weight by distributing the pressure evenly off the shoulders into the hip areas.

10. Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Polycotton Adjustable Baby Carrier Sling Backpack

The Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Polycotton Adjustable Baby Carrier is the most affordable baby carrier in the list. This baby carrier has its ergonomic design, four carrying position and yes, the low price. 

The baby carries with adjustable buckles and straps that let every parent put the carrier on before picking up the baby. 

  • The baby carrier is made with high-quality cotton fabric and materials. 
  • The baby carrier is safe, durable and feels very smooth when touched.  
  • It safely holds babies weight up to 10kg.
  • A cushioned headrest protects the baby’s head from any injury.
  • It has a four carrying position, the Chest way, Kangaroo style, Cross arm and the Back-carry. 
  • Baby carrier price in India is for Rs. 999

Security Steps to Think While Using The Best Baby Carrier In India 

  • Discuss your paediatrician before using a slingshot if your baby is less than 4 months old, born early, has cold or respiratory problems.
  • If you are utilising sling or wrap, correct on your baby often. Make positive he/she is not rolled into half rings. And verify if the face is held against the material. Because these two conditions can make the baby choke within minutes.
  • Make sure the baby in the carrier can observe, and you can see your baby’s appearance as well. But while breastfeeding, your face should be evident to your baby.
  • If you are feeding the baby while consuming it, make sure to reposition him later. So, the baby can see you. Make sure no material is near on his/her face.

This was all about the baby carrier brands in India for your baby best care and protection. These best baby carriers India will make every parent and baby life simple and more comfortable. Given baby carriers are available in the Indian market at the best price for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the Best Baby Carriers In India?

A1. The Best baby carriers in India is Mee Mee Lightweight Breathable Baby Carrier, U-Grow Hip Seat, Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier, and many more for you to buy. These baby carriers are available online for you to purchase.

Q2. Are baby carriers good?

A2. Yes!! The baby carriers are good as they are safe and secure, helps in letting your baby sleep and feed easily. They are the safest option when you go out or travel.