How to activate Missed Call Alert in Jio?

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Do you worry about missing important phone calls when your phone is switched off or out of coverage area? Then you should activate Jio Missed call alert service on your number. 

With this service, you will get alerts about incoming calls when your phone is switched off. So let us take a look at different methods to activate Jio Missed call alert for free. 

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What is Jio Missed Call Alert? 

Jio Missed call alert is a useful service that helps you stay updated with the calls when your mobile phone is switched off or out of coverage area. 

For instance: If your phone is switched off due to any reason and during that period many people may try to call you but normally you will be unaware of these calls. But with Jio Missed call alert, as soon as you switch on your mobile phone, you will receive SMS alerts for all the numbers that have tried to contact you during this period. 

You can easily figure out the important calls that you have missed and call that person back. 

If you are impressed with this service and want to start it instantly, then let us check out the ways to activate Jio Missed Call alert. 

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Jio Missed Call Alert Activation

If you are browsing through different sites to check how to activate Jio missed call alerts then let me tell you that this service is pre-activated. All Jio users get missed call alerts for free. There is no USSD code or number to activate this service. 

But a lot of users have reported that they are not getting missed call alerts on their number. If you are also facing the same issue then it is better to get in touch with Jio customer care. 

You can call their customer care number or get help via the My Jio app. 

Jio Missed Call Alert Not Working?

You can switch off your phone or turn on flight mode and try calling from another number to check whether Jio Missed alert is working or not. If you don't receive any alert then you should get in touch with Jio customer care service. 

Some users report not receiving missed call alerts. There can be various reasons for which you are not able to receive alerts. For instance: if you have activated call forwarding or call diverts you will not receive missed call alerts.

To cancel call diverts/forwards dial *413. Once your cancel call diverts you will start receiving missed call alerts.

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Jio Missed Call Alert Number

Jio missed call alert is pre-activated on your number. You don't need to dial any number or USSD code for activation. However, if the service is not working then you can call Jio customer care. 

You should also check if the call diverts service is active on your number. In case the call divert is active then you won't receive missed call alerts. To cancel call diverts dial *413 from your Jio number. 

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How To Deactivate Jio Missed Call Alert?

Jio Missed call alert is a free service and it cannot be deactivated. Sometimes we receive notifications about telemarketing calls as well which can be annoying. 

In such a situation, most people think that it is better to deactivate missed call alerts. But currently, the option is not available. However, Jio may bring this option in the future. For all updates stay tuned. 

We will update this post as soon as the option is made available by Jio. 

So that's all about Jio Missed call alert service. This useful service is pre-activated on your Jio number. You get SMS alerts for all the calls you have missed when your phone is switched off. This service also works when you are out of coverage area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate missed call alert in Jio?

Missed call alert is pre-activated for all Jio users. However, if you are not receiving alerts then you should get in touch with Jio customer support.

How do I turn off Miss call alert on Jio?

Currently, you can't deactivate missed call alert on Jio. It is a free service that comes pre-activated on your number. However, you can call Jio customer care if you are facing any issues with Missed call alert service.

Is Missed Call Alert free in Jio?

Yes, Jio is providing Missed call alerts for free. If you have a Jio SIM with an active plan you will receive missed call alerts for free.

How do I receive text messages when I miss a call?

With missed call alert service you receive text messages for all missed calls when your phone is switched off or out of coverage area. As soon as your phone is switched on you will receive an SMS alert about all the calls you have missed. 

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