How to cancel Train Ticket Online IRCTC - Refund Policies for IRCTC

In case if you have been in the scenario where you needed to cancel your E-Tickets on IRCTC, We have written this article to help you out.

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Most of us Indians prefer to travel via a train. Although, remember the time when we had to stand in a queue just to make that reservation possible. A lot of people preferred agents back then but it wasn’t the scenario for everyone.

Although, now everything has changed since you can book tickets for train online at IRCTC. It has become very easy for people to book their train tickets, all they need is a decent internet connection. People can also use IRCTC online Offers to get some discount on their ticket bookings. Although, what happens if in case you need to cancel your ticket, I know a lot of people might be confused regarding it. Worry not !!! As we have written this article to help you guys with each and everything regarding the cancellation. Therefore, let’s read on below all the steps and rules & regulation regarding your cancel train ticket online on IRCTC.



How to cancel Train Ticket online IRCTC

  • In order to start the cancellation procedure for your IRCTC train ticket cancellation, click on the link here.

  • Now login to your IRCTC account using your ID and password.

  • Now click on the my transaction link on the left side of the page, expand it.

  • From there click on the cancel e-ticket/refund button.

  • Now you need to enter your password again and click on go.

  • You will be able to see your booked ticket history, select the one you wish to cancel and then click on the cancel ticket option.

  • Congratulations !!! You have successfully cancelled your ticket on IRCTC.



Things to know before canceling your e-ticket on IRCTC

  • You can cancel the tickets on the Internet before the chart has been prepared.

  • You can not cancel any train online if your ticket is booked at the counter.

  • For a train that has a timing of noon, the chart is usually prepared during the night.

  • Once the ticket cancellation has been confirmed then the amount will be refunded back to the account from which the transaction occurred.

  • In case of any partial cancellation of the ticket, there is a separate slip for the e-reservation.


Cancellation of E-Tickets before Chart Preparation on IRCTC

  • If your ticket is cancelled before 48 hours of the chart preparation following are the list of Railway Train Ticket cancellation charges that will be deducted from the refund amount.

  • A cancellation charge of flat Rs.240 for the booking of AC First Class/Executive class.

  • An amount of Rs.200 will be deducted as IRCTC Train Ticket cancellation charges in case of AC 2 Tier/First Class.

  • In case if you have booked your ticket in AC 3 Tier, AC Chair Car,  and AC 3rd Economy then the IRCTC cancellation Charges of Rs.180 will be deducted.

  • Also, the deduction charges for Sleeper class is Rs.120, and the second class is Rs.60.

  • If a confirmed ticket is cancelled within the time range of 48 hrs to 12 hrs before the scheduled departure, the cancellation charges will be 25% of the fare. The cancellation fee taken will be as per above charges where the higher amount will be considered among the two.

  • A cancellation fee of 50% will be deducted if in case the ticket is cancelled between 12 hrs to 4 hrs of the train timing.


Cancellation of e-tickets after Chart Preparation on IRCTC

In case if you’re a normal user then you can not perform a booked ticket cancellation after the chart has been prepared. Although, you can use the TDR form in case of a refund for cancellation. Below are the following guidelines under which you can fill the TDR form:

  • In order to get your refund in case of confirmed tickets, you need to fill in the TDR before 4 hrs of the scheduled departure of the train.

  • In case of RAC, you need to fill the TDR form online 35 minutes before the scheduled departure in order to get the refund. The IRCTC waiting list cancellation charges will be incurred railway guidelines.



Steps to fill the TDR form online for ticket cancellation on IRCTC

  • In order to start the process, click on the link here.

  • Now you need to login to IRCTC Id using the ID and the password.

  • Now go the My transaction link on the left side of the page.

  • Now click on the booked ticket history.

  • Now fill in the PNR number of the ticket that you want to be cancelled.

  • Now choose the reason for filing the TDR form.

  • Now click on the button fill TDR.

  • Now, forward your TDR form to the concerned Indian Railways. The process for the refund will start from there itself.



TDR rules for cancellation and refund from E-Tickets

  • If the train is cancelled by the railways.

  • If the train has been late for more than 3 hours.

  • In case if the proper coach is not attached to the train.

  • If the AC of the coach fails.

  • If the passenger is traveling without a Proper ID proof.

  • In case if the passenger didn’t travel.

  • If you are wrongly charged by the TTE.

  • If you have on the train partially.

  • In case if you didn’t travel at all.


Cancellation of e-Tickets for Agents

In case of cancellation for agents, the service is not available the usual way. Although, if the agents want to get the cancellation done then he needs to send a mail to The agents also need to send the following details like:

  • PNR number.

  • Transaction ID.

  • Train Number.

  • Trains destination both to and from.

  • Date of Journey.

  • Passenger Name.

  • Age & Sex.

  • The reason for filing the TDR form.

IRCTC will record the request and forward further to concerned railway authority. Once, the process is initiated when you will get the refund. In case of any clarification, you can mail to regarding Railway refund inquiry.


Cancellation of E-Tickets for Tatkal

In case if your ticket has been confirmed then no refund will be provided. In case if your seat is still coming under the waiting list then the tatkal ticket cancellation for 2018 will be deducted as per railway guidelines. Also, you can not partially cancel the tatkal e-tickets.

Cancellation of E-Tickets if Train is Cancelled

In case if the train has been cancelled due to any reason whatsoever then IRCTC ticket cancellation refund time is 3 days. In the case of E-Tickets, the customers can file for a refund using the Internet.

Both booking and cancellation can become really confusing at times in case of IRCTC. We hope that we were capable of answering all your queries with the help of this article regarding the cancellation of e-tickets. We also tried to cover all the rules and regulation although, if in case you feel something has been left do comment it down and we’ll try to write add that in the article. 

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