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What is the first thing comes to your mind when you think of baking? Yes, Electrical Beater is an essential tool while baking, Whisking or kneading. If you want to gift something special to someone as a housewarming or birthday gift, this is the finest and most durable appliance that can be used regularly. If you want to buy the Best Electric Beater in India, you can read the following article. 

An Electric Beater is a tool to mix the ingredients of the batter in the perfect proportion and consistency. It is a budget-friendly tool that conveniently covers almost every kitchen chore.  

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Following is the list of Best Electric Beater in India that you can buy online and offline:


Best Electric Beaters In India


Product Name




PHILIPS Watt Hand Mixer




PHILIPS Hand Blender




Kent Hand Blender




iBELL Hand Mixer




Prestige Hand Mixer




Borosil Smartmix




Bajaj Hand Mixer




Bosch Watt Hand Mixer



In this article of Best Electric Hand Mixers for Home in India (2022), the entire list of best electric beaters in India for whipping cream and cake is available:

1. PHILIPS Watt Hand Mixer

PHILIPS is one of the most trusted brands in the market, known for its premium quality products in every range and durability of the products. PHILIPS Watt Hand Mixer is a cone-shaped beater built with an ergonomic design and a very lightweight product that makes it very convenient to handle. The box includes Hand Mixer, Stainless Steel dough hooks and Stainless Steel Strip Beaters. It is known as the best electric egg beater in India.


  • It has one large Eject Button, which releases the beaters to cover a larger surface area of the batter with just one touch. 

  • It provides effortless cleaning as it has a sheeny and smooth surface and dishwasher-safe accessories.  

  • The machine has five different speeds and lets you choose the speed of the beater according to the consistency you want.

  • Cone-Shaped Beaters incorporate air into the batter for a smooth and fluffy texture.

  • Beaters and Dough Hooks are attached conveniently with a click that you can hear to know that you have done it right.


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2. PHILIPS Hand Blender

PHILIPS is one of India's leading brands, ensuring its customers' convenience. PHILIPS Hand Blender provides the blending of larger quantities of ingredients for as long as 20 minutes smoothly. It is built with an ergonomic design for a better grip, and it comes with a rust-proof metal arm with food-grade material and helps blend hot and cold dishes with proper consistency.


  • It makes daily whisking very smooth and easy as this hand blender comes with two different blades for whipping cream, eggs, and beverages. 

  • Its strong motor helps blend harsh ingredients in the most refined form. 

  • It has a wall bracket for convenient storage, and you can single-handedly operate it with one trigger. 

  • It ensures easy cleaning.


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3. Kent Hand Blender

Kent Hand Blender is considered to be the ideal appliance to manage several kitchen tasks effectively and efficiently. It increases the speed of the cooking process as it can do all three functions in no time: mixing, blending and whipping. It comes with multiple beaters and dough hooks. It is considered as the best electric blender in India


  • Turbo function in the blender speeds up the mixing process and can blend different food items like soups, purees, whipped eggs and many more.

  • It also has user, and product safety inbuilt as the machine automatically shuts down in the case of over-heating.

  • It has five variable speed control that lets you become creative while using the blender.


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4. iBELL Hand Mixer

iBELL is among the fast-paced electronics industry widely known for launching products with innovation and new techniques. It is widely known for its product to be classy, convenient to use and affordable for consumers. The hand mixer by iBELL is made of steel, and the hand mixer is attached to 2 Beaters, and 2 Dough Hooks made with stainless steel. 

This Hand Mixer is known as the Best Electric Beater For Whipping Cream In India.


  • The hand mixer is lightly weighted, making it easy to handle the appliance while blending the ingredients of the batter.

  • It helps you mix, blend and beat the ingredients with five different speed control according to your desired consistency.

  • It is a multipurpose appliance used to mix, beat or blend various dishes like shakes, cakes and many more.

  • The Mixer comes with accessories for baking like an Oil Brush, Silicon Spatula and 4 Sets of Cake Shapers as a complimentary product.


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5. Prestige Hand Mixer

Prestige is a renowned brand for its several products and is trusted by most of India’s Population for its quality and longevity of the product. The Prestige Hand Mixer aims to save the time and effort of the consumer along with providing good consistency of the mixture. It is built with the technology of twin mixers and adjustable speed levels. It is among the best electric hand blender in India.


  • It has an appealing design and colour that looks perfect in your kitchen and compliments its beauty.

  • This hand mixer is excellent for whipping cream, icing pancake batter, cake and salad dressing. You can also make mashed potatoes with the Mixer.

  • It saves both time and effort because it comes with 300 watts motor.

  • It offers effortless cleaning, maintenance and operation. 

  • It comes with two high-quality stainless steel attachments: a whisking attachment and a dough hook attachment.


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6. Borosil Smartmix

Borosil is India’s most trusted brand of Glassware and is the market leader for consumer glassware and produce high-quality glassware product. The Smartmix Blender provides chrome finished beater and dough hook attachments. Borosil is considered one of India's best electric beaters for cakes.

Beater Attachment is used for bending and whisking

Dough Hook Attachment is used kneading all sorts of doughs, atta and other batters.


  • It comes with Turbo Button and 5 different speed options to give you flexibility in adjusting speed according to your needs.

  • It also has a separate container to fit all the accessories of your appliance.

  • Its powerful motor of 300W makes it the perfect blender for whisking, blending and kneading different kinds of dough.

It is amongst the Best Electric Beaters in India for Whipping Cream & Cake.


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7. Bajaj Hand Mixer

Bajaj is an Indian consumer electrical equipment manufacturing company. It has diversified its range in lighting, appliances, fans and many more electrical appliances. This company has been in the market for a long time and has won the trust of many Indian households by providing premium quality appliances.


  • This hand mixer comes with 3-speed control, which lets the dough hook and beater attachment rotate at low, medium and high speeds to give relevant blending results.

  • It offers effortless blending at a fast rate with its strong motor of 250W.

  • It has an eject button which helps remove or change the attachment. Removing the attachment is impossible until the eject button is pressed.

  • This Hand Mixer is very lightweight, and the slice/push-button provides safe and easy operation.



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8. Bosch Watt Hand Mixer

Bosch is an International company delivering its products globally to provide reliable and good quality products. Their products are designed so that they can improve the quality of life along with protecting natural resources. It has the best electric whisk in India.

Bosch Watt Hand Mixer provides consistent results in perfect blending and kneading.


  • It has a powerful motor which ensures quick and appropriate mixing, whisking and kneading. 

  • A separate eject button has been given for easy assembling of beaters and dough hooks.

  • 2 Stainless Steel Whisks are also provided with the box for high-quality whisking, blending and kneading.

  • A Stand and Rotating Bowl are included for complete hands-free operations.


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The above list also includes Best Electric Hand Mixers in India 2022 and you can choose accordingly. It is very important to have the right tools present in your kitchen when it comes to baking, whisking, kneading, and making milkshakes or other items, Electric Beater is the one-stop solution for all these things. An electric beater is much more convenient than manual beating and takes less time. Electric Beater is also used to whisk different kinds of batter and cream also.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which company electric beater is best in India?

Ans. PHILIPS Watt Hand Mixer is the best brand for an electrical beater in India as it is cone-shaped, built with an ergonomic design and is a very lightweight product that makes it very convenient to handle.

Q. Which brand hand beater is best?

Ans. Following are the best brand for hand beaters:

  • Philips Hand Mixer

  • Bajaj Hand Mixer

  • Prestige Hand Mixer

  • Borosil Smartmix Hand Mixer

  • iBELL Hand Mixer

Q. Which beater is best for cake?

Ans. Following are the brands for the best beater for the cake: 

  • KENT Hand Blender

  • Shree Mart Hand Blender

  • Borosil Smartmix Hand Mixer

  • iBELL Hand Mixer

  • Bajaj Hand Mixer

  • Philips Hand Mixer




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