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Being an evolved Indians, You have adopted various kinds of useful cooking modes. With the shift of smart work, kitchen appliances have become one of the most emergent markets in India. 

Nowadays, Homemakers prefer handy as well as time-saving kitchen appliances, which makes the entire kitchen work, more comfortable and faster.

With time, the traditional utensils made of stainless steel have been replaced by aluminum and copper utensils. The introduction of microwave ovens during the mid-1990s brought in many other storage vessels and utensils, which have become an integral part of numerous households in India.

Some of the major used kitchen appliances in the country are microwave oven, toaster, mixer – grinder, tea or coffee maker, sandwich maker, potato peeler, vegetable cutter, water filter, coconut scraper, flour kneader, oil shaker, pressure cooker, casserole, microwave utensils, bread bin, chopping board, mixing bowl, kitchen trolley, non-stick and copper-bottomed cookware and many more.

Meanwhile, if you are specifically looking for washing machines, then do check the article on best semi-automatic washing machine in India.

What are Home Appliances?

When you think about it, home appliances are those electronic devices that aid you in your day-to-day life at home. They might help you in the chores that one needs to carry out at home. These home appliances make your tasks easier and quicker as they reduce the time needed to carry out a task and also reduce the efforts required to do so. They also make each work more efficient. 

There are many Top Appliance Brands of 2022 that make electronic devices and gadgets that carry out these functions very easily. Some of them are mentioned in this article. So if you are looking to buy one of the products from the Top Best Home Appliances Brands in India 2022 , then you should check out this article so that you can have more information in order to make a better choice in the purchase. 

Top 10 Home Appliances Brands in India 2022

Brand Name
Deals In
Customer Care
Website Link



Air purifier, Ironing, Cooking, Food Preparation, Lights and more

1800 102 2929




Built-in Appliances, Microwave Ovens, Coffee machines, Small domestic Appliances, Dishwasher and more

1800 208 1800




Refrigerators, Washing Machine, Air Conditioners, Air Purifier, Cooking Appliances and more

1800 407 267 864




Washing Machine, AC, Dishwasher, Oven, Chimney and more

1860 425 5678




Refrigerators, Washing Machine, Washer Dryer, Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Ovens  and more  

1800 315 9999




TV, water heaters, refrigerators, ACs, washing machine, microwave ovens and more

1800 102 9999




Refrigerators, Washing machine, Air Conditioner, Air Purifier, Chotukool, Ovens and many more





Room Heater, Air Cooler, Irons, Water heater, Fans, Lighting, Mixer, Juicer, Coffee Maker and more

1800 233 2453




Dish Washer, Washing machine, Air Conditioner, Induction hobs, Ovens and many more

080675 21111




Washing machine, Refrigerators, Inductions, Chimneys and many more

1860 200 1212


Review of the Best Home Appliances Brands of 2022 in India

Here are some of the Best Home Appliances Brands of 2022 in India, along with their prices and specifications.

1. Philips

Philips India Limited is a market leader in the Home Appliances Industry. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. They develop products majorly in Sound & Vision, Personal care, Mother & child care, Household products, Lighting, Automotive, and accessories.

Philips began its operations in India in 1930. They established as Philips Electrical Co. (India) Pvt Ltd in Kolkata as a sales outlet for imported lamps.

Philips Trimmer, Philips Garment Steamer, Philips Juicer, Chopper and mixer grinder are some extensively used household products. People trust their quality and efficiency. With the newly launched Philips air purifier, you can make your home a better place to live.

What Do We Like About Philips?

  • It is one of the most affordable brands that one can find.

  • Its products are technologically superior to other brands.

  • The brand is considered one of the most popular Kitchen Appliances Brands in India 2022

  • Its products are available in all retail outlets and also e-commerce websites.

2. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is one of the most reliable brands of the Home appliances market. They design products with durability, you do not need to contact them right after buying the product.

According to Yale Appliance statistics, Whirlpool is the most reliable brand in its affordable lines with the lowest percentage of service calls. Its popularity does not stop here, Whirlpool also comes in the top 3 on Ranker’s survey of the best large kitchen appliance brands.

You may find almost every basic home needs under the roof of Whirlpool. From air purifier to water purifier, From washing machines to refrigerators, From Oven to Dishwasher.

Their products don’t always have a lot of hues but provide long-term durability. And what more a homeowner could expect from a brand. However, if your need is particularly large or spacious appliances, then you may consider other brands.

What Do We Like About Whirlpool?

  • It is another one of the Top Most Popular Home Appliances Companies in India.

  • It is best known for its washing machines and refrigerators.

  • The brand’s products are considered top-notch and are most preferred by the people.

  • It is known for its great quality products which are available in very affordable pricing.

3. Samsung

According to yale lists, Samsung is one of the top luxury appliances brands in India. Excellent for people who are willing to spend a bit extra to invest in high-tech features, large appliances, and the latest designs. 

Samsung design products that are stylish yet powerful. Their products are very compatible with other devices. You can see its durability in TVs, they are just as durable as their kitchen appliances.

The best part of Samsung electronics is their smart features, you can operate them on the same Samsung platform, including your appliances.

Samsung refrigerators come in excellent design. Apart from that, they are also known for producing top-notch oven ranges and stovetops.

What Do We Like About Samsung?

  • It is a technology giant that makes a vast number of products.

  • Its appliances are always ahead of their competitors in terms of technology.

  • The products from this brand are also available at very affordable prices.

  • You can find them online or at any retail outlet. 

4. IFB

IFB Set yourself free - from household chores. You will find a range of IFB products from laundry to kitchen to living. They offer affordable home appliances to give you freedom. 

This is the company that introduced the first smart load washing machine, India’s first Dishwasher, India’s first clothes Dryer, and India’s first front load washing machine.

You will have unforgettable experiences with their modular kitchen setup. For any need related to fabric care, Dish care, machine care, and kitchen care IBM serves the need.

What Do We Like About IFB?

  • IFB is an Indian brand that has made a huge impact in the electronics market.

  • Its products are of top quality and efficient.

  • It is available at very affordable prices.

  • You can find a vast number of products that are manufactured by this brand.

5. LG

LG Electronics Inc. is a multinational electronics company offering a wide range of home and kitchen appliances to its Indian consumers. 

According to the JD power report, LG ranks highest in appliance ratings for washers, dryers, dishwashers, oven ranges, French door refrigerators, and top-mount freezer-fridge setups. Yeah, so many in the list.

The company has enough high-end tech to make their appliances top performers, without making them too fragile or difficult to use. The popularity of the LG brand comes with a price – high prices, to be frank. You need to pay more for an LG model. 

6. Haier

Haier is a Chinese collective multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company headquartered in China. It creates innovative home appliances that anticipate the fast-changing need of consumers. 

If you are considering to buy the best home appliances then Haier is one of the premium brands you can consider. The best thing is that there are various online retailers who give rewards of 7.5% over and above the discounts already available on Haier best buy refrigerators with starting prices in the range of Rs. 7000 – Rs. 8000. 

You can go for single door refrigerators or double door options.

7. Godrej

Godrej Appliances is also referred to as the home of thoughtfully designed home appliances. You will be surprised to know that Godrej was the first company to introduce refrigerators in India 60 years back.

Godrej appliances are a part of the reputed Godrej group which is in business for more than 120 years. One of the major miss from Godrej is the unavailability of premium French or multi-door refrigerators which all other big brands offer. Though they have embarked on a premium refrigerator segment by launching NXW series it needs to bring French door models to cater to high-end customers.

Godrej offers various products ranging in Home Care, Personal wash, Air care, and Hair Care Sectors, appliances, Confectionery, Beverages, and Grocery.

8. Bajaj

Bajaj provides a wide range of consumer products & appliances for Breakfast & Snacks, food preparation, cooking appliances, home comfort appliances, and the list go on.

Bajaj Electricals is an Indian consumer electrical equipment manufacturing company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a part of the Rs.380 billion Bajaj Group.

It has diversified with interests in lighting, luminaries, appliances, fans, LPG based generators. You can easily see the innovation in their products according to the technology.

India’s first anti-germ fan has been created by Bajaj Electricals. There is a variety of products in Bajaj Air Cooler and water heater.

Apart from that, you can have Bajaj Microwave, the Food processor, Irons and other range of household products.

9. Bosch

In the recent study, we have seen that LG has got most of the J.D. Power Rating awards in the recent study, Bosch came in second place for these esteemed ratings.

The Bosch brand is famous for cooktops and wall ovens, plus wide range microwaves. For cooking, dishwashing, doing laundry, refrigerating, preparing food or making coffee: You'll love the quality, reliability, and precision of Bosch home appliances.

10. Electrolux

Electrolux is the world's largest appliance company. It offers a full line of kitchen and laundry appliances. Electrolux appliances are developed in close collaboration with professional chefs and can be found in many Michelin-star restaurants.

Electrolux laundry products are also trusted by the world most elegant hotels and healthcare facilities, where clean is paramount. That’s why they have a punch line for their laundry range of products ‘There is clean, then there is Electrolux clean’

Electrolux Inspirational design and consumer-relevant innovation are the primary reasons behind Electrolux’s premium market position in vacuum cleaners in addition to its wide range of small domestic appliances offerings.

So, These are the top 10 home appliances brands in India that you may consider to renovate your day to day household needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What brand of appliances is most reliable?

If you are looking for an appliance brand that is most reliable in India then, you can check brands like - Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, Philips, IFB, and Godrej. These brands are leading the Home Appliances Industry and you will find all types of home appliances from these brands. 

Q. Which company is best for home appliances?

Here you will find some of the Best Home Appliances Companies in India 2022, along with their prices and specifications. You can check brands like - Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, Philips, IFB, and Godrej. These brand are considered one of the most popular Home Appliances Brands in India 2022.

Q. What are the top 10 appliance brands?

Here you will find some of the Best Home Appliances Companies in India 2022, along with their prices and specifications. For top 10 appliance brand review and specifications click here. Our list has brands like Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, Philips, IFB, and Godrej.

Q. What is the most reliable refrigerator brand?

Here you will find some of the most reliable refrigerator brands in India 2022, along with their prices and specifications. You can check brands like - Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, Philips, IFB, and Godrej. These brands are considered one of the most popular Kitchen Appliances Brands in India 2022.

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