12 Best Recliners in India at Best Prices in 2021

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Best Recliners in India at Best Prices

Today, the competition is all about making the workplace or your home a better place. Nowadays, people are willing to go ahead for their goals without any stops. The best recliner in India will give you relaxation and extra comfort during the preparation of the goals. The products and services which provide you with peace and happiness need to be here, which is slowly going from our culture. The recliner is one of them which offers comfort and offers some extra hours of work. Here check out the top 10 furniture websites in India by clicking here.

  Mostly, recliners are equipped with either a button or a lever in order to activate the reclining motion; high end models are able to combine the comfort with heat or vibrations, and some even double as wheelchairs. The recliner comes from different brands and in different shapes. The Indian recliner is so comfortable that you can fall asleep and give you relaxation after a hectic day. These recliners are very different from ordinary chairs. Here we are giving you the details of the best Recliners in India. 

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Best Recliners Brands in India  

Here is the list of the best recliners brands in India with their brand name, price, and buy link.  Buy online recliners at best price in India 

Best Recliners in India


Buy Link

INVATE-RS Innovate Solid Wood Motorized Recliner (Brown)


Check Here

Fabric Recliner in Blue


Check here

Innovate Recliner & Sofa Manual Recliner Chair - Empirio_Brown



Check here

DeckUp Pallazzo Single Seater Recliner (Brown)


Check here

Furny Chester Six Seater Recliner Corner Recliner Sofa Set


Check here

The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown


Check here

Woodcasa - Alpha Fabric 2 Seater Sofa (Blue)


Check here

bi3 Recliner Household Multi-function Adjustable Easy Lazy Chair (Red)


Check here

WellNap Single Seater Comfortable Recliner Chair (Brown)


Check here

Amazon Brand - Solimo Musca Three Seater Fabric Recliner 


Check Here

Furny Elisse One Seater Living Room Single Seater Recliner


Check Here

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Review of The Best Recliners in India 

Here is the detailed review for the best recliner in India with detailed information on each brand and its products. These are the best recliner chairs in India. 


1. INVATE-RS Innovate Solid Wood Motorized Recliner (Brown)

Invate is one of the known brands for recliners in India. They are providing for best recliners sleeping. They are made with foam, fiber, solid wood, and leatherette. Their products are classy and comfortable and they slightly differ from others in the market. 

The brand uses 100% genuine products and the best quality stuffing. Invate has the best recliners in India that offer a very comfortable seating experience for many years, they are also building complete sofas set for families in order to bring happiness in every family. 

The price of this Recliner chair is Rs. 33,500


  • This is an armchair sofa that reclines when the occupant lowers the chairs back and raises its front.

  • It also has a footrest that may be extended on a lever on the side of the chair and may extend automatically when the back is reclined. 

  • This recliner comes with a 1 year warranty on mechanism. 

  • It is one of the best recliner chair in our list to buy online  

  • One of the classy and comfortable, the image represents actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ. 

  • A 100% genuine product and innovate recliner & sofa by Invate-RS.


  • Not found yet 


2.  Fabric Recliner in Blue

best recliners in india

Fabric recliner in blue is the first choice as the best recliner in India. It defines comfortable seating with an extra relaxation zone. It provides utter relief with the moment you seat in; it will fill your senses with tranquillity and contentment while relaxing. 

The stunning design of this Fabric Recliner in Blue has become ideal for many peoples. It helps to enhance the interior of your room and comes at a very affordable price. The price of this Recliner chair is Rs. 14,500


  • It is the best recliner to buy in India. 

  • It is defining the cosy seating with a fantastic design. 

  • This product from Fabric recliner in blue comes with a ten days replacement policy. 

  • The royal blue colour is so attractive. 

  • It is one of the best recliners in India with stunning design. 

  • The stunning design makes it ideal for your room while economical pricing suits your budget. 

  • One of the excellent products under this price range. 


  • It comes with no warranty. 


3. Innovate Recliner & Sofa Manual Recliner Chair - Empirio_Brown

best recliners in india

Innovate is one of the outstanding products of the furniture business. The sturdy wood with an iron system, both are secured with fibre makeup things. This recliner chair is available in majorly three shades, darker, cream, and burgundy. You can choose them to enhance your home’s interior. 

These recliner chairs give excellent helpt your shoulders, back, and neck muscles. The attractive design of this product is unique from others. This is the best recliner for sleeping also. 

The price of this Recliner chair is Rs. 22,864


  • This recliner comes with a one-year warranty on its mechanism. 

  • This is a 100% genuine product from this brand.

  • This recliner has classy and very comfortable couches as they believe in simplicity for better customer experience. 

  • Experience the world-class quality at this price.

  • It will give you very comfortable experience 

  • It provides ultimate comfort under this price.


  • Relatively expensive from other recliners.

  • It has no rocking mechanism provided 




4. DeckUp Pallazzo Single Seater Recliner (Brown)

best recliners in india

This Deck up Pallazzo Single Seater Recliner in brown colour has a good quality leather. It is one of the best leather recliners in India. This recliner is highly comfortable and comes in a very neat and clean packaging. This recliner needs to assemble, which is easy for everyone through the assembly guideline instructions. If you find any kind of issue in the product, they have easy returns and exchange policies. The product requires basic assembling when comes with DIY (do it yourself) and it is theBest recliners in India February 2021


  • This product comes with a ten days replacement policy if found any defect or damage.

  • The dimension of the product is 40 inches of length, 39 inches of width, and approx 40 inches of height. 

  •  This recliner has Pu-leather and comes with a modern style. 

  • It ensures the comfortable and cozy seating with its enhanced seating of soft foams cushions. 

  • It is very easy to assemble as no tool is needed and takes less than 3 minutes. 

  • Comes with a high durable metal frame better to enjoy your favorite TV shows or rest. 


  •  It comes with only a 10 days warranty. 

  • Not a durable product. 



5. Furny Chester Six Seater Recliner Corner Recliner Sofa Set

best recliners in india

Furny is one of the known brands for the best sofa and recliner in India. These Chester recliners sofas are smooth manual for extreme comfort with excellent reading, napping, and sleeping. The durable design and stable wooden frame are giving an intensive look to it.

This brand is devoted to providing high-quality products to their consumers. The Furby brand is specialized in giving modern design furniture for your living room. These recliners are built with high-density quality foams for comfortable sitting and long-lasting. They use best quality durable foams to make it more comfortable to sit on longer.


  • This recliner is made with a highly durable metal frame to enjoy a long time sitting. 

  • They provide 100 % satisfaction to the customer if they need any kind of services from them. 

  • This product also comes with a ten days replacement policy.

  • Their recliners are easy to clean and made with premium fabrics and leatherette. 

  • They use the best quality durable foams and are more comfortable to sit on and last longer. 

  • Made with strong woods to make the whole recliner sofa stronger and you can Buy recliner sofa & chair online 


  • The height adjustment of hands is not available in this set. 



6.  The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown

best recliners in india

The couch cell is one of the growing brands for the best small modern recliner in India. They are not only giving the recliner; they provide your relaxation zone. The belief in creating a relationship with its customer by offering better quality and comfortable products.  Their stunning design attracts everyone to their gallery. 

The dark brown colour of this recliner is unique and loved by almost every customer who purchased it. 


  • This product from The couch cell brand comes with a ten days replacement policy. 

  • It is equipped with good quality metal rods for long life. 

  • This recliner is 40kg in weight and comes semi- assemble condition, you have to assemble it.  

  • This is one of the best recliners in India as made with best quality leather. 

  • The stunning design makes it ideal for your room while it is one of the cheapest recliners in India online. 

  • It comes with a 6 month warranty on any kind of manufacturing defect.

  • It can recline to 176 degrees position along with stunning design  that makes it ideal for relaxing.


  • Not found yet 


7.Woodcasa - Alpha Fabric 2 Seater Sofa (Blue)

best recliners in india

Woodcasa is one of the leading organizations for creating beautiful furniture for home offices and for outdoor since 2015. As they successfully started, now they have owned their own factories for manufacturing the Sofas, recliner, beds, mattress, dining tables and many more household items. 

Woodcasa is of the best brand where the best recliners are made. They have a vast network of distribution in all over India. They believe in giving joy to the customer on the first look of their products. They also design and manufacture the products as per particular order. 


  • This recliner from Woodcasa comes with a 1-year warranty with ten days replacement offer. 

  • This is one of the spacious designs with larger depth for broader sitting and allow complete relaxation to the body. 

  • This sofa is made with premium fabric for a regal finish and durable for long-term use. 

  • This best recliner sofa requires basic assembling; the assembling kit is given with it. 

  • Their products are exclusively designed while keeping durability and comfort at priority. 

  • They are one of the leading ecommerce platforms and distribution networks for all leading brands. 


  • Not found yet 



8. bi3 Recliner Household Multi-function Adjustable Easy Lazy Chair (Red)

best recliners in india

This is a brand new design with high-quality outdoor beach folding sun lounger recliner chairs. This recliner chair has lightweight frames which makes it perfect for travelling with easy storing during winters. This bi3 Recliner is a low maintenance close-weave fabric in a classic colour that will comfortably mix with other garden furniture.

This product is majorly used in pools, beaches, courtyard, balcony and in lawns. It has a perfect balance between firmness and softness. This is one of the best recliners to buy in India. This recliner comes with a complete setup and no assembling required for it. 


  • This recliner is foldable and easy to use in very little space.

  • It is a portable recliner and worth the cost you invested in it.

  • It has high-quality pipe racks to strengthen load-bearing capacity.

  • This chair is used to reduce muscle tension and stress from the body by giving you complete relaxation.  

  • One of the best outdoor camping beach folding sun lounger bed garden recliner chairs

  • No assembly required. . 


  • It comes with no warranty.  




9. WellNap Single Seater Comfortable Recliner Chair (Brown)

best recliners in india

Wellnap is one of the leading recliner makers in India based in Hyderabad. They are producing very comfortable recliners compared to others in the market. This recliner from Wellnap is a luxury retreat for you and your family. These manual recliners are made with solid hardware for a last-long run. 

Wellnap is proving the best comfortable recliner chair in India at this price. The brown colour in this unique design is pretty attractive for everyone  and it is the Buy best recliners chairs in India


  • This recliner from Wellnap comes with a 10days replacement policy. 

  • This unique recliner is soft against your skin as the thick foam supports your body for extra comfort. 

  • This product from Wellnap is the best from their list.

  • Buy recliner chairs & sofas online as it comes with upholstery  and durability. 

  • This is the classy and comfortable recliner chair and customized as per your expectations. 

  • This WellNap manual recliner is crafted from excellent grade hardware and made to last long. 


  • It comes with no warranty. 


10. Amazon Brand - Solimo Musca Three Seater Fabric Recliner

The Amazon Brand Solimo Musca will bring the most designed fabric recliner for your home furniture with durable and strong that ensure longevity. It is one of the best recliners in 2021 that fabric olor does not fade with rubbing. It is highly durable as tested with 100 kg weight on the backrest seat.

This recliner is completely free from harmful chemicals like Dye and formaldehyde. It is the top recliner in India to buy online. 


  • The performance of this recliner meets the European standards and complet safety requirements. 

  • It comes with two comfortable reclining sides and 1 non-reclining centre seat. 

  • It comes with 3 years of manufacturing defect warranty.

  • The chocolate color of this recliner attracts the customers and provides an elegant look to your home.

  •  It is a lightweight body maes shifting it around the house hassle free and unwind after a long day at work. 


  • There is a 2 inch gap between the cough and floor which makes it look bad. 

  • Poor post-customer service. 


11. Furny Elisse One Seater Living Room Single Seater Recliner

Furny is one of the Indian brands which specializes in designing and developing high quality recliners. If you are looking for the Top best recliners in India to buy online under the budget friendly options in singe dear recliner range. It is one of the best products from the brand.

As we all know there are multiple options available in the market, but this product has high quality fabric material so you will not feel sweaty or congested. It has the solid wooden frame which is used as the base of the product which provides durability even in daily use. The high quality foam supports you back and curves perfectly and it regains its shape back after you get up from it. The foldable legs rest makes it easy to relax your legs and keep them upright.  As the recliner can recline up to 180 degrees, you can relax in any position you want. 


  • It comes directly from the manufacturer.

  • It has high density foam.

  • It comes with solid framework

  • Comes with best armest and leg rest. 

  • It is value for money. 


  • Height adjustment of hands is not available.

  • Assembly required. 


12. AE Designs Rocking Recliner

Last but not least, this AE design is the rocking recliner in love brown fabric in our list. It is also available in aa couple of other colors too and in addition to olive brown. It is one of the Best recliners in India in 2021 as it comes with big advantages like swivel revolving features. Most of the other rclinwr are not equipped with this mechanism.

It can also be used as an arousing chair with a smooth to and fro rocking mechanism provided in it.  It comes with sturdy cushioning and good looks make it value for your money. Assembly is required but can be done yourself by the following instruction given in the manual  


  • It has multiple color options available 

  • It is one of the Best recliners in India 2021 as it comes with swivel revolving features. 

  • The durable fabric and firm cushioning makes it more comfortable.

  • It comes with adjustable leg rest. 


  • One of the main cons about this product is it comes with no warranty. 

  • The backrest height is relatively low. 

  • Assembly required in it. 


How Recliners Works 

They are highly stable yet mobile frames which are usually made of good wood material that is brought together by a system of heavy duty screws. These screws allow for a easy mobility while maintaining a cohesive structure 


The arms of the recliner have separate structures that are lined together by a system of crossbars. They allow the mid-section of the chairs to operate independently by changing the positions. The control system of the recliner can be mannul as seen in most of the chairs. It comes with a lever that can be pulled to adjust the position. It also comes in an automatic as seen in electric systems which includes a series of buttons that trigger the reclining mechanism. 


Types of Recliners 

Check out the different types of recliner available in the Indian market. 

  1. Lift Chair Recliners-  It is one of the expensive types of recliners in the list. They come with a motorised mechanism in order to push the chair from the base.  They are very convenient and perfect for people with bad knees. 

           It comes with a lifting function and reclining backrest which is limited. This type of recliner is very suitable for individuals with injuries or disabilities. 


  1. Rocker Recliners-  It is one of the simplest recliners and they work as rocker as well. This is the most affordable option and it is the best recliner in India to purchase online. It adds the rocking functionality while you are sitting upright. The rocker recliners are perfect for those who have trouble falling asleep. 


  1. Wall-Hugger Recliner- it is one of the compact and space saving recliners and it is ideal for small apartments. It provides a full recline option but consumes very little space. These types of recliners  can also be adjusted for people with weak knee or low mobility. It helps them to enjoy the comfort of the chair with ease. 


  1. Massage Recliner- this one is significantly more expensive than the other variations. These recliners are equipped with massagers and some manufacturers add the heating functions well. It is ideal for people with severe back and leg pain. These types of recliners are designed for ultimate comfort there is actually nothing like getting a good message recliner. 

These are the 4 main variations of recliners which are best in the market. 


Types of Leather Offering Varying Degrees of Strength

Most of the buyers believe that there is one type of leather used in the recliners. But it depends upon the quality and price. Check out the types of leather and Best Recliners in India with buying guide 2021

Grain Leather-  This is 100 percent Cowhide, and it easily qualifies as the most durable type.

Leather Match-  This combines Cowhide and Vinyl. The result is a structure with varying strengths at different spots.

Bonded Leather-  This incorporates a small amount of Cowhide in the structure. Thus it has the shortest lifespan of the three.

Faux Leather-  This is also known as artificial Leather as it affords some properties of Leather without actually incorporating any Cowhide in it.



These all are the best recliners in India with detailed information. This is the complete review of best chair recliners. All these brands are very well-known in the market for providing the best products to their customers. These all reclines have multiple adjustments reclining angle for your backrest and leg rest.  Buy this recliner sofa and chairs online from the given links in the table. 


We hope that the review of the best recliners that we have sharted will help you to find your ideal recline in the budget. Buy Recliner chairs & sofas online in India at best prices. You can also check the best revolving chair in India by clicking the link given below. 




Question You May Have 

Q. Which brand of recliner is best?

All of the brands and their products mentioned above are good and known brands for recliners, but woodcasa and  Casastyle are the best brands for recliners. 

Q. Where to buy the best recliners 

As all the recliners are available online with best quality products, you can buy them from Amazon and Flipkart. Further, Bangalore has the best market for the best recliner in India. 

Q.How do I choose a good recliner?

Choose based on the quality first. The product lasts long and enhances the interior of your living room or office. The best quality product will be the first choice always. 

Q. Why are recliners so expensive?

Recliners are expensive, and some of them are more expensive because they have the luxury and functional; item built to give you comfortability and durability. 


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