11 Best Quality Cement in India 2023: Customer Review and Price

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Are you looking for the best cement to build your home? If yes, you are reading an excellent article. 

In this article, we will tell you about Best Quality Cement in India, its production capacity, establishment year, headquarter, market Capital, debt-to-equity ratio (DOE), and more. 

India can produce nearly 151.2 million tons of cement, and for the same, India is the house of many cement brands. As per the records, there are nearly 185 cement plants in India and majorly located in Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh. 

Cement is classified depending on the grades which help in determining the compressive strength gained by the concrete. Let’s check out the Top best quality cement in India in 2023 

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Best Quality Cement in India

List of Best Quality Cement Brands in India 2023

These are the top 11 cement companies in india. We have mentioned the names of the brand with the production capacity and their per bag price. Note that cements that are listed and mentioned in this article are based on their popularity in the public.

Top Cement in India

Production Capacity (MTPA)

Price [Per Bag]

Ultra Tech Cement 



Ambuja Cement 


280- 375

Birla Cement 



Jaypee Cement


200 - 385

J.K Cement 

30 275

Shree Cement 



Ramco Cement 



JSW Cement 



Binani Cement 



Dalmia Cements 



The Indian Cement 



Review of Best Quality Cement Brands in India 

Here you will get detailed information about top 11 cement in india 2023 and their features and more. We suggest you read the entire article so that you can make a better decision before making the purchase.

Ultra Tech is one of the largest manufacturers of Grey Cement in India and the leading one of the top companies in this category. One of Grasim Industries Ultra Tech Cement subsidiaries is operated by the Aditya Birla Group of industries. The brand was founded in 1983 and headquartered in Mumbai.  This is one of the best cement for house construction.

It is one of theTop cement companies in India 2023 with presence in 5 countries including UAE, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh. The brand has nearly 20 integrated plants, 7 bulk terminals and 25+ grinding units. The brand has nearly 20 integrated plants, 7 bulk terminals and 25+ grinding units. They offer the best quality cement and the manufacturer of RMC and white cement in the country. It is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company. 


  • Has the capacity to produce 60 million tones cement. 

  • They operate from Vikram Cement Works as one of the largest cement plants in Asia. 

  • They have nearly 12000 employees that belong to 35 different nationalities. 

More about Ultra Tech Cement 

  • Establishment: 1987
  • Headquarter: Mumbai
  • Production Capacity: 102.75 MTPA
  • Market Cap:211,716 Cr.
  • Stock P/E: 38.8
  • Divided Yield: 0.18 %
  • ROCE: 16.2 %
  • ROE: 13.4 %

It is one of India’s popular brands with the eco-friendly manufacturing cement initiative in a sustainable manner. Mr Suresh Kumar Neotia founded the brand. In 1983, the brand achieved a startling 20 years of experience and now works under N.S Sekhsaria, its chairman. 

The brand was known by the male Gujrat Ambuja Cement, the Best cement companies in India 2023. By Incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable development practices, Ambuja Cement has welcomed feasible construction solutions in India. It comes under the top 10 quality cement in India. 

The brand is headquartered in Mumbai and spread across different states including West Bengal, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujrat, and Maharashtra. 


  • It has advanced products such as roof special cool walls and Ambuja Compocem. 

  • Currently, they are operating in more than 80 countries. 

  • They have nearly 2200 operating sites in India. 

More about Ambuja Cement 

  • Establishment: 1983
  • Headquarter: Mumbai
  • Production Capacity:29.65 MTPA
  • Market Cap:76,060.14 Cr.
  • Stock P/E: 26.6
  • Divided Yield: 4.70 %
  • ROCE: 18.3 %
  • ROE: 10.5 %

Birla Cement is one of the major brands from the MP Birla Group of Company. The group also acquired steel, jute, healthcare, and the education sector with a strong cement footing. The Birla cement group is headquartered in Kolkata and started in the early 1890s. It is one of the best cement brands in India. 

With more than 10 cement plants in the country, they offer various cement types, including Fly ash-based, portland Slag cement, and low Alkali Portland cement. The brand has a powerful presence in north India. Acquiring 100% shares of the Reliance Cement Company, they are an ISO 9001:2000 Certificate holder brand that covers an entire range of production and marketing.  


  • One of the Indian flags shipped conglomerate of MP Birla Group. 

  • Offering a wide range of cement 

  • Comes with the production capacity of 15.5 MTPA.

More about Birla Cement 

  • Establishment: 1919
  • Headquarter: Kolkata, India
  • Production Capacity:  5.58 MTPA 
  • Market Cap: 68.30 billion
  • Stock P/E: 102.53
  • Dividend Yield: 1.13%
  • ROCE: 5.63
  • ROE: 4.77

4. Jaypee Cement

Jaypee cement is the third largest cement producer in the country and has one of the highest production growth rates in India. Jaypee’s cement facilities are located in Satna Cluster, M.P. as well as U.P.  Jaypee cement was founded by Jaiprakash Gaur in the year 1979 with its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 

Jaypee has been in this industry for the past three decades. The brand produces a special blend of Portland Pozzolana Cement under the brand names Jaypee Cement, Buland, Master Builder & Buniyad. 


  • Better workability due to spherical shape of fly ash particles and better slump retention.
  • High compressive strength. 
  • Reduced shrinkage and swelling.

More about Jaypee Cement 

  • Establishment: 1979
  • Headquarter: Noida, India
  • Production Capacity: 33.80 MTPA
  • Market Cap: 21.28 billion
  • Stock P/E: 25.08
  • Dividend Yield: 0.00 %
  • ROCE: 0.38%
  • ROE: -10.62%

They have been one of the biggest names in the cement industry for a long time. The brand was started in 1975 and installed its first production unit in Rajasthan. With the network of 4000 cement distributors across the country, they are among the pioneer brands in this area. 

Not just in India, they are the global conglomerate that operates in more than 40 countries globally with the prediction capacity of 14 Million Tonnes Per Annum. They are the first company to set up a waste heat recovery power plant in India. They have a wide range of varieties in their house and represent JK White Cement, JK Super Strong Cement, JK WallMaxx and much more.  


  • Have a wide range of cement varieties. 

  • The very first brand to set up the waste heat recovery power plant. 

More about JK  Cement 

  • Establishment: 1975
  • Headquarter: Rajasthan, India
  • Production Capacity:  30 MTPA 
  • Market Cap: 221.29 billion
  • Stock P/E: 42.74
  • Dividend Yield: 0.53%
  • ROCE: 16.75
  • ROE: 14.83

As said above, India is the 2 largest producers of cement. It is one of the leading cement brands in India, which was founded in the year 1979. Earlier the brand was founded in Jaipur Rajasthan and now shifted to East of Kolkata. They are also the proud owners of the two other brands named Bangur Cement and Rockstrong Cements. 

Coming from the strong backup of corporate management and social efficiency, Shree cement has been able to acquire commendable financial results in the past decade.  It is one of the Best Cement Companies in India

The brand is spread in different states including Bihar, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. It comes with both the best quality and affordability. 


  • They have a production capacity of 39.9 Million Tonnes per annum. 

  • It cost approx 280 per bag of cement. 

  • One of the trusted brands in India for several years. 

More about Shree Cement 

  • Establishment: 1970
  • Headquarter:Kolkata, India
  • Production Capacity: 37.90 MTPA
  • Market Cap:101,354.61 Cr.
  • Stock P/E: 44.4
  • Divided Yield: 0.21 %
  • ROCE: 19.4 %
  • ROE: 16.0 %

This brand was formerly known as the Madras Cement. The brand was established in 1975, which is headquartered in Chennai. It is one of the most popular brands in India and especially in south India. They are known for producing portable cement. They have nearly eight manufacturing plants in India. it is one of the  best cement in India with this price

They are the best brand for plastering in India as largely premixed dry mortar necessary for construction. They are the proud acclaimers in our Bombay Stock Exchange, and they have a strong understanding of corporate and social responsibility. It is one of India’s top cement brands under the price of 285 per 50kg bag. 


  • They have a production capacity of 16.45 million tons per annum.  

  • They cater only to the domestic market. 

  • They are equipped with the number of quality controls as per the modern system.

More about Ramco Cement 

  • Establishment: 1961

  • Headquarter: Chennai, India

  • Production Capacity: 21 MTPA

  • Market Cap: 219.73 Billions

  • Stock P/E: 70.68

  • Divided Yield: 0.21 %

  • ROCE: 5.7%

  • ROE: 0.65%

They are headquartered in Mumbai and have 3 cement production plants in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh. They entered the market in 2009 and aimed to produce a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. They are known for having the three varieties of cement Ordinary, Portland and Portland Slag cement. They are one of the best quality cement for construction in India. 

With the production of 12.8 MTA, the company is run under the leadership of Sajjan Jindal as the managing director of the company.  They are one of the Top best cement brands in India 2023


  • They have more than 900 employees.

  • They are one of the leading and trusted brands in India, especially on the western side. 

  • Comes with the affordable price of 330 per bag. 

More about JSW Cement 

  • Establishment: 2009

  • Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Production Capacity: 17 MTPA

  • Market Cap: ₹1,91,543Cr

  • Stock P/E: 46.81

  • Divided Yield: 0.43%%

  • ROCE: 30.5

  • ROE: 15.35 %

It is one of the flagship products of Binani Industries Limited like the Birja Binani Group stand for. Their group is mainly known for the reputation garnered over the old experience that has gone beyond Indian and settling up in China and Unit Dubai. Their products are manufactured globally, and they are certified by Merit of Energy Conservation in Cement from the Ministry of Power. 


The brand was founded in 1996 as the best cement in India and run by Mr Vindo Junega, the managing director who is known for leading many successful ventures. The brands headquarter in Mumbai with nearly 500+ in-house employees. Their one plant is in China that produces PPC cement along with 2 grades cement 43 and 53. 

They are largely involved in the manufacturing and sale of clinker and cement while being certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, etc. they have grown internationally including Sudan, UAE, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Madagascar. They are especially known for the premium products, which makes them the best cement in India currently. 


  • One of the flagship products of Binani groups.

  • They have the capacity to produce 11025 million tons of cement.

  • Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of this organisation.

More about Binani Cement 

  • Establishment: 1996

  • Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Production Capacity: 11.25 MTPA

  • Market Cap: ₹56Cr

  • Revenue: ₹18,722 million

  • Divided Yield: 16.67%

  • ROCE: 1087.14%

  • ROE: -35.7%

Founded in 1939 by Jaidayal Dalmia is one of the pioneer cement companies in India headquartered in Delhi. Dalmia Cements is the part of Dalmia Groups thy are one of the most reputed business conglomerates in India. They are available in more than 22 states and union territories. They have a wide range of cement products with mainly three brand names Dalmia Cement, Konark Cement, and Dalmia DSP cement. 

The company is a super leader in this category and used for oil well, railway sleep and airstrips. Dalmia Cement is the largest producer of portland Slag cement in India. 

It is the first company to join the RE100 to use 100% renewable energy by 2030. They invest heavily in the research and development area for a better product. 


  • The brand operated a manufacturing capacity of 26.5 million tonnes per annum. 

  • They have nearly 13 grinding and cement plants in India. 

  • One of the best cement brands in Indian under this price range. 

More about Dalmia Cement 

  • Establishment: 1939

  • Headquarter: New Delhi, India

  • Production Capacity: 41.1 MTPA

  • Market Cap: ₹405.19 Billions

  • Revenue: ₹8,300 Crores

  • Divided Yield: 0.64%

  • ROCE: 2.63

  • ROE: 7.1%

Established in 1946, The India Cements Ltd is currently headed by former ICC Chairman, N.Srinivasan. Founded by two eminent men, Sri T S Narayanaswami and Shri S N N Sankaralinga Iyer, the brand was built to translate dreams to reality.

The largest cement producer in South India, The India Cements Ltd offers a quick supply across rural and urban markets through feeder depots. It comprises around 12 integrated cement plants throughout the country and is headquartered in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

With a proud capacity of 15.5 MTA, the best cement in India 2020 has over 8 integrated cement plants along with 2 grinding units. With more than 1120 workers in the brand, The India Cements Ltd has made its way to being the seventh-best cement brand among India’s top 10 best quality cement.


  • Comes with the production capacity of 15.5 MTA.

  • They have 7 integrated cement plants in Tamil Nadu.

  • They were already under many prestigious projects like Hyderabad Airport and much more. 

More about The Indian Cement 

  • Establishment: 1946

  • Headquarter: Chennai, India

  • Production Capacity: 298 MTPA

  • Market Cap: ₹65.70 Billions

  • Revenue: ₹4,510 Crores

  • Divided Yield: 0.47%

  • ROE:  -0.09%

Types of Cement Available in the Market 

Check out the different types of cement available in the market and Which is the best cement in India for house construction

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)-  It is the most widely used cement across the world, largely useful for the production of mortar, concrete, non-specialty grouts and stucco. Commonly referred to as grey cement, the type is mostly beneficial in the field of concrete construction.

This one is highly beneficial for the purpose of mass converting along with plain cement concreting. 

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)- PPC has undoubtedly become a crucial choice because of its use of pozzolanic materials which imparts improved properties to the cement. It comprises a greater degree of fineness and is built to be highly resistant to corrosion.

Its usage not only leads to a reduced cost in construction but also is largely responsible for bringing a change in the quality of the structure.

White Cement-  it is created with raw materials that comprise manganese and iron oxide, the white portland cement is primarily beneficial for the non structural works. It offers a large usability across architectural purposes like wall painting, mosaic walls and others. 

Cement particles are offered a chemical coating at the time of manufacturing and offer unique water repellent properties. This prevents the cement from being affected due to high humidity. 

Factors to be considered while buying the cement 

1. The cement should not have lumps. Smooth cement is good if there is moisture then the cement is not good.

2. The cement should always have a grade written on which should be either Grade 43 or 53. TYpe of cement should also be mentioned.

3. Cement should not be more than six weeks old and should have proper identification marks on pack such as logo, trade mark, etc. 

4. Buy the cement which is factory manufactured and not plant manufactured. 


This is all about the best quality cement in India, and these are the top brands that are best for the home construction as we all know that India is one of the most populated countries in the world, and always exposed to a number of constructions.  Choosing the right cement will help you to go in the right direction. 

They are the best cement to build robust structures. I hope this information will help you to choose the right brand as per the need and you buy cement at best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the No 1 cement in India?

Ans. UltraTech Cement is said to be the No 1 cement in India. 

Q. Which company is best for cements?

Ans. Ultra Tech, Ambuja Cement, Shree Cement are some of the leading cement brands in India. To know about more top cement brands in India, read our dedicated article on the same.

Q. Which grade cement is best?

Ans. Grade 53 cement is believed to be the best grade cement.

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