Buy Organic Colors For Holi Online in India

Buy organic colors online to make your Holi Celebrations safer. The herbal colors made of natural ingredients are goof for skin. You can Buy organic Holi colors online at lowest price.

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  • UPDATED ON: 14 Mar 2019

Excited to play Holi this year? Make your celebrations safer by using organic colors. You can buy Organic Colors for Holi Online. The ingredients available in households are used to make organic Holi organic colors. The colors are derived from natural products like turmeric, beetroot, marigold, spinach etc. Holi organic colors are preferred for their safety. Also, the organic colors used for playing Holi are environment-friendly and bio-degradable. With the increasing awareness against the danger of chemical colors, the stores selling organic colors have seen a significant rise in recent years. Natural and organic colors boost eco-friendly Holi. You are most likely to find organic colors at a store near you. But if you are not sure about them you can find good quality herbal and organic colors online. Also, check Holi Online offers to save up to 80% off on your every purchase.

Buy Organic Holi Colors Online

If you are looking to buy organic Holi colors online. Here are five websites that you must check to find good quality herbal colors with home delivery and various offers.

  1. On the occasion, Amazon has come with a special Holi Store. It is one place destination for all your shopping needs this season. You can also find organic colors at very good prices with Amazon Holi Online offers.
  2. You can also check Flipkart Holi Sale for buying everything from organic colors to pichkaris, clothes, gifts and more. Apart from a wide range of products find some amazing deals as well.
  3. The website is popular as a gifts portal. And on the occasion of Holi, you can buy everything from organic colors to unique gifts on Indian Gifts portal( And don’t forget to check the IGP coupons to save on every purchase.
  4. You would have heard of Big basket as a website for online grocery shopping. But you can order organic colors as well from Big basket. From herbal colors to water balloons and gifts the website takes complete care of your Holi Shopping.
  5. The website is popular for providing a wide range of kids and baby care products. And if you are looking to buy Holi colors online you must check Firstcry. Apart from herbal colors, you can find a wide range of water guns and Holi gifts on Firstcry.

Benefits of playing with organic Holi Colors

The quality of colors used to play Holi have a long-lasting effect on your health and the environment as well. The Holi Colors were traditionally made with flowers, herbs, and spices. The synthetic colors that are cheap and made of chemicals and dyes are enticing but the consequences can be deep. They can leave you with rashes, blisters, and itchiness. The substances used for synthetic colors are not readily degradable as well.

  • Good for skin

  • Easy to wash off

  • Safe for kids

  • Bio-degradable

Check tips to remove Holi color easily from your skin, hair, and nails.

Tips for Buying Organic Holi Colors

  • Check to ingredients to make sure there is no presence of harmful substances.

  • Look for certification on the package.

  • Buy trusted brand colors online.

Using organic colors is an excellent way to make your celebrations safe. But there are a few more measures, you can follow for a hassle-free Holi.

Tips to play Safe Holi

  • Apply oil and around your ear lobes.

  • Apply oil on your face other exposed body parts like arms and hair.

  • Place a small ball of cotton into your ears before going out to play Holi.

  • Clip your nails and apply dark nail paint.

  • Avoid shaving before 2-3 days.

The use of toxic colors adds a negative impact to the celebrations of Holi. This year make sure to use only handmade colors for your safety as well as to keep the environment safe from the toxins.

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