18 Best Online Instant Medicine Delivery Apps in India

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An online medicine delivery app is very useful nowadays as they save a lot of time, and even you do not need to go out. The online apps are tremendously beneficial as they deliver all your medicines at your doorsteps by offering instant delivery. There is a range of medicines available that you can select from. 

Also, you have the option to choose the brands across your choice and as per the price. The medicines which are delivered to you are mostly genuine and of good quality. Many online pharmacies are operating in India and engaging in the delivery of medicines through websites and apps. To know more about online medicine delivery apps that are available on both android and iOS, keep reading! 

Also, know the Organic Food Brands that you can buy and consume in India to stay away from infections and diseases. 

17 Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps in India For Ordering Healthcare Products 

Is Buying Medicine Online Safe And Trustworthy?

Everything - from essential to non-essential, from basic to luxury- is available online. We rely on online shopping for almost all of our daily requirements. Especially after the pandemic hit the world, we rely more on online shopping commerce that helps us provide everything required at our doorstep.

Similarly, the medication that has become a life saviour lately can be bought online with great ease. But what we are wary of is that medicines, if fake or adulterated, can cause more damage than being beneficial for health. So an important thing comes to our minds: should we buy drugs online or not?

If you go by old advice, you may be doubtful about buying it online, but with changing times, you are more open to the ever-changing world and trust it for being authentic and valuable. So you may trust online medications but with some extra alertness and mindfulness.

You can follow these tips before buying medications online.

Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Be aware of where you are buying from

  • Be cautious.

  • Check for the dates of manufacture and expiry of medications

  • Always buy from branded pharmacies that are affiliated with renowned hospitals, clinics etc

  • Buy only prescribed drugs

  • Buy from a pharmacy that sells only prescribed drugs

  • Avoid local pharmacies for online medicines

By following these tips, we can be sure of the trustworthiness of online medical apps.

Let's see some of them.

Top 18 Medicine Delivery Apps For Instant Delivery

Listed below are the Top best online medicine delivery app in India that you can download on your Android or iOS mobile device. Check out the rating and features of each app before you proceed to use it.

Medicine Apps 

Download Link 

App storage 

Tata1mg App

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 8.7 MB 

iOS- 93.6 MB

Medlife - Medicines App/PharmEasy

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 13 MB

iOS- 86.1 MB

Practo App 

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 17 MB

iOS- 148.5 MB

PharmEasy App

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 9.4 MB

iOS- 135.9 MB

Yodawy App 

For Android 

Android- 44 MB

Netmeds Pharmacy App

For Android 

Android- 9.3 MB

MedPlus Mart App 

For Android 

Android- 2.9 MB 

BookMEDS App 

For Android 

Android- 19 MB

Myra Medicines App-

Not Available Now

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 12 MB 

iOS- 117.3 MB

BrownPacket App 

For iOS

iOS- 64.5 MB

Apollo 247/Ask Apollo

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 20 MB 

iOS- 293.6 MB

Tata Health App 

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 15 MB 

iOS- 110.1 MB

Pulse Pharmacy App 

For Android 

Android- 5.9 MB 

SastaSundar App 

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 5.9 MB 

iOS- 79.4 MB

Gomedii App 

For Android 

For iOS

Android- 13 MB 

iOS- 90.2 MB

SmartMedics App

For Android

For iOS

Android 5.4MB

For iOS 23.5 MB

HeyCare App

For Android

For iOS

Android 12.0MB



For Android

For iOS

Android 38 MB

For iOS 197.5 MB


Review of Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps in India

Check out the detailed review of the best online medicine delivery apps in India and Buy online medicine with discount


1. Tata 1mg App

Tata1mg is a health app for all your medical needs. Recently, your very own 1mg has been revamped and now it is Tata1mg. You can view medicine information and buy them online by consulting doctors. To stay healthy, you can read regular health tips you can follow. Here are the benefits of the best medicine delivery app. The brand has set up premierships with the local vendors that take care of fulfilling the customer need. One of the major benefits of this medicine home delivery app is that when you enter the name of medicine, it shows a cheaper alternative with the same compound. 

Key Features 

  • Book Lab Tests & Health Check-ups by quality labs 

  • Find lower-priced brands and save up to 90%

  • Get medicine information, including treatment uses, side effects, usage recommendations, safety warnings, expert advice.

  • Order different medicines including Allopathic medicines, Homeopathic pills, Ayurvedic herbs and Over-The-Counter (OTC) health products online

  • The app provides free medicine home delivery in over 1200 cities across India.

  • The app has 4.5 ratings in Android and 4.6 ratings in iOS.

  • Consult with India's leading doctors online for free. 

  • Get the personalized health tips from the best doctors. 

Customer Review 

 I choose 1mg for their super fast delivery and great quality of products. The Green tea was certified organic by USDA Organic and India Organic. So, there was no doubt that it was a genuine product. 

2. Medlife - Medicines App - Now PharmEasy

Medlife is India’s largest medicine delivery app where you can order and buy medicines at discounted rates. Now, save money on every order and get cashback in return by ordering healthcare products at home. The brand is known for providing genuine medicine and affordable doctor consultation fee. They are also planning to launch in the remaining part of India.It is one of the best Indian online pharmacies.  Listed are some of the features of the Medlife app. Currently, the brand is offering flat 150 off with free delivery on the very first medicine order. Their medicine is already trusted by more than 10 million users and it comes with a 100% sanitized process. 

It has merged as one with PharmEasy. Details on PharmEasy, can be found below.

Key Features 

  • Deliver health care products in over 2,500+ cities and over 25,000 pin codes

  • Medlife has its state of the art labs in cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and more.

  • Authentic and quality-checked medicines. 

  • It supplies masks, sanitisers, medical devices, health supplements, and more.

  • Your reports get uploaded to your account in 12-48 hours.

  • Medlife has 4.4 ratings in Android and 4.2 ratings in iOS. 

  • The brand is offering up to 50% discounts on different medical products. 

  • You can book an appointment with a doctor online. 

  • It delivers more than 1 lakh high quality products from its authorized deals. 

Customer Review 

Everything is good except courier delivery..


3. Practo App

Practo app lets you book online doctor appointments and also order medicines anytime you need. You can look into a doctor's online profile and consultation fees before you book an appointment. Listed are the benefits of Practo app, which is the fastest medicine delivery app. It is one of the trusted brands for medicine delivery at home. You can nearly order approx 40,000 medicines using this app in more than 100 cities in India such as Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bengaluru and many others too. You can order nearly 40,000 medicines from their platform and their system also remembers your past orders and makes them ready when you need them. 

Key Features 

  • You can consult and chat with a doctor online 24x7

  • Get affordable family health plans.

  • It allows you to maintain digital health tips regularly 

  • Book health checkup and lab tests online and up to a 45% discount. 

  • Opportunity to maintain digital health records

  • You can read free and regular health tips.

  • Get the expert advice on the call 

  • India’s most powerful app with the best doctors. 

  • The app has 4.5 ratings in Android and 4.7 ratings in iOS.  

Customer Review 

Definitely a great app, the time to find an experienced doctor and to fix an appointment is reduced. I was able to choose a doctor with more years of experience very easily. Would like practo to perform more surveys to get the best results for other equipment like specs,etc so we could know the actual prices and where to buy so we do not have to bargain and keep looking


4. PharmEasy App 

PharmEasy Healthcare app is having the highest rating amongst all the online medicine delivery apps. is having the highest rating amongst all the online medicine delivery apps. They even sell fitness and nutritional products, personal care, healthcare & diabetes care products from well-known brands.  It is one of the Top apps to order medicine online in India 

Medlife medicine is now PharmEasy. They have joined hands and now have made online medicine service more easy and affordable.

Key Features 

  • Order medicines and get them delivered in 24-48 hours in select cities

  • You can buy healthcare products, OTC products and medical equipment on PharmEasy.

  • You can track your orders and return them anytime. 

  • Choose the monthly refill option to get the desired medicine based on the validity of your doctor’s note. 

  • Book diagnostic tests, including online blood tests, full-body checkup and other preventive health check-ups at reasonable prices 

  • Save money almost a minimum of 15% on every order and get a Rs.50 discount 

  • PharmEasy has 4.5 ratings in android and 4.3 ratings in iOS.  

Customer Review 

App is smooth and sufficient when it comes to book medicines and diagnostics online but the complaint management is very poor and no UI given to see the logged complaints and its status. I have two complaints logged and no resolution given yet and each time i have to call customer care where they say we will check and get back to you but i never get any reply. Customer support is very important in any ecommerce platform released for public and this should be enhanced by pharmeasy.


5. Yodawy- Pharmacy Delivery App 

They are the leading medicine delivery app in Egypt. The company has tied up with more than 500 local vendors in Egypt who take care of fulfilling the order. The app is one of the easiest to access apps and deliver medicines at your home from the nearest pharmacy store. It is the instant medicine delivery app where you can rely on the experts to by uploading images of your prescription or even medicine packaging. Here are the features of this app. 

  • Yodawy is a free medicine delivery app.

  • User-friendly and easy to use.

  • Search within the up-to-date, online medical database

  • Wait and receive medical e-prescriptions from your doctor after visiting their clinic or hospital.

  • The medicine will be delivered to your doorstep in Egypt within 30 minutes. 

  • The app has a 4.5 rating on Android.

Customer Review 

Application is easy & useful... but please add a button to remove address and another one to remove old insurance cards


Netmeds is the oldest pharmacy in India, which delivers the best quality medicines. It is an easy to use app that provides medicines to you anytime there is an emergency. You can refer the app to anyone and earn rewards as it is one of the best Online medicine ordering apps.  This brand is operated by The Dadha Company which has operated in India since 1914. NetMed made it easy for their customers, you just need to upload the prescription and place the order. You can also avail cash on delivery across any location in India.  Here are the benefits of the best medicine home delivery app.


The brand is offering a flat 20% discount on the very first order with additional cashback. The medicine will be delivered at your doorstep within 48 hours. 

Key Features 

  • It is the only online pharmacy that does faster delivery of medicines to any location in India.

  • Book different kinds of tests online and access medical reports online. 

  • Save money by availing the latest offers on the app.

  • In case of emergency, you can instantly call or chat with top specialist doctors online across India anywhere, anytime.

  • Easy to access all the reliable medicine information.

  • Netmeds send you a message to restock your medicines whenever they are running out of medicines.

  • You can book consolation with the doctor and get a follow-up consultation for free. 

  • It has a 4.3 rating in Android.

Customer Review 

Great service.But they are frauds. They take benefit your trust. I applied medicines for 20% discounts. The website said discount applied. The order came with full price. I told their customer service to correct they said that it can not be done. Their mistakes customers will suffer... sorry for using it. Buyers beware of fraudsters like this. 


7. MedPlus Mart - Online Pharmacy 

MedPlus Mart lets you buy genuine medicines baby, nutrition, healthcare, personal care, diabetic and other speciality products at best prices. It delivers all products at the comfort of your home and is easy to use. Here are the features of the best app for online medicine delivery. They also provide the information when your order or medicine is ready and out for delivery. It is one of the trusted Apps to easily get genuine medicines at your doorstep.  With their FlexiReward programme, you can get off up to 35 % on medicines. 

Key Features 

  • Deliver your medicines in most cities in 6-24 hrs

  • You can order general products from a comprehensive range of baby, healthcare, nutrition, personal care, diabetes care and OTC products.

  • Keep all your health records online. 

  • Search for medicine availability at a MedPlus store near you

  • You get complete information about the medicines you buy like indications, adverse effects, precautions and alternatives.

  • Your medicine list history and previous orders details get recorded and available.

  • It has a 4.4 rating in Android. 

  • Today's offer - Get 20% Off on every medicine above Rs.1000.

Customer Review 

Online shopping experience is good. Prescriptions are saved...process of re ordering the medicines is simple....delivery is prompt...good job.


8. BookMEDS App 

It is an online pharmacy that operates in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bhopal, Lucknow, Patna, Indore, Jabalpur, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, etc. It is a fast medicine delivery app that delivers all health-related products at ease. Listed are some of the features of BookMeds app. It is one of the Top online medicine delivery apps in India. Their service for the medicine delivery is  available in more than 600 pin codes covering many cities in Delhi NCR. 

Key Features 

  • You can order medicines by uploading your prescription. The brand has different categories such as medicine, surgical products, orthopedic,medical gadgets, baby care , mother care, and many more products. Theri services are operating in majorly 600 pin codes in India that are covering all major cities. 

  • Senior citizens can set-up pill reminders to avoid forgetting to take your medicines on time.

  • Get an opportunity to save all your health records at one location.

  • Create focussed healthcare groups, where patients going through similar problems get a chance to chat with each other.

  • Track your medicines by sitting at home. 

  • It has 2.5 ratings in Android.  

Customer Review 

Excellent app and only one stop shop for all medical needs. Additional features like health records,health locators and pill reminders really make it a complete package.


9. Myra Medicines App  - Now Not available

Myra medicines app is a one-stop solution for products ranging from medicines, baby food, baby diapers, senior care, sexual wellness, dental care and women's hygiene. They sell OTC products from various popular brands. 

Key Features 

  • Super-fast delivery within 30 minutes 

  • Offer a flat 20% discount on medicines.

  • Sells 22,000+ products across Bangalore and Mumbai more than the local pharmacy

  • Amazing discounts, cashback and coupons on this online medicine delivery app 

  • Online payment and cash on delivery options 

  • All products are verified by a certified professional 

  • It has a 3.8 rating in Android and 3.6 ratings in iOS. 

  • You can pay them online by using debit or credit card, they also have the option for cash on delivery. 

Customer Review 

I don't know why the app is rated so less. But believe me till date, I didn't face any issues with their fast delivery (2 hours) and clarity on whether medicine is not available or providing an alternate medicine. Also, even if someone has to get their medicine replaced, the process is very fast. Support team also listens to you carefully and if they can't help you, they give you a proper channel to reach out to like email to the backend team etc. I highly recommend this app to order medicines.


10. BrownPacket App  

Brown Packet app offers medicines to cities like Bangalore, Patna, and Delhi. The medicine home delivery app is available for iOS mobile users.  This medicine home delivery app offers heavy discounts up to 22 %. The brands partnered with local pharmacies to boost their network and sales. 

Key Features

  • Fast delivery within 2 hours without any extra cost 

  • 10% of discounts and 24 hours delivery with 20% Discounts

  • If you login to the app for the first time, you can apply promo code “GPLAY5” to get discounts on your orders

  • The app reminds you to take medicines on time

  • Protects your healthcare information with full security. 

  • It has a 3.7 rating in iOS. 

Customer Review 

Useful App Very useful app for those people who always busy in their office's life and other activities..and thanks markers of brown packet


11. Ask Apollo App  

Ask Apollo app offers you all necessary medicines and healthcare products. If you register on the app, you even get a complimentary OneApollo Membership. Choose among the available health care packages to track your health from this immediate medicine delivery app. Here are the features of the Ask Apollo app. It is available as Apollo 247 for android users.

Key Features 

  • Book an appointment from 220+ specialities at Apollo Hospitals

  • Free doorstep delivery of medicines 

  • Check your medical records anywhere and anytime. 

  • Go for health checkups at diagnostic labs that are nearby. 

  • Get a homecare visit scheduled. 

  • View your medical records anytime you wish to. 

  • It has 4.4 ratings in Android and 2.8 rating in iOS.


12. Tata Health App  

Tata health app offers you Fitcoins for maintaining your overall health on the app. Buy the right quality medicines from the app and set reminders to take them on time to stay healthy. It is one of the leading and Top online medicine apps to order medicine online in India. Listed are the features of the app. 

Key features 

  • 24*7 access to access to qualified doctors on your phone

  • Book your appointment online with a personalized consultation

  • Get your lab tests done from the multiple NABL certified labs.

  • Order medicines from top online pharmacies

  • It has a rating of 4.5 in Android and 4.7 in iOS.


13. Pulse Pharmacy App  

Pulse pharmacy app offers you a range of medical and health care products. You can even get your lab tests done for 30% Off. The app is easy to use and delivers medicines as soon as possible. Here are the features of the Pulse app. 

Key Features 

  • You can order your medicines and get upto 20% off.

  • Famous for fastest delivery of medicines at your doorstep

  • It is an easy to use App.

  • The app provides medicines, OTC products, online doctor consultation and lab tests all over India.

  • Deliver healthcare products across 15000 pin codes in India. 

  • It has a 3.9 rating in Android.


14. SastaSundar App  

SastaSundar is a healthcare medicine app where you can perform online medicine purchases for all medical, health and personal care needs. You get free home delivery of the exclusion products. Listed are some of the benefits of the app for home delivery of medicines. 

Key Features 

  • Smart Search that helps you to browse through medicines/products/categories

  • You can manage the health of family members.

  • Book an online doctor appointment easily. 

  • You get many healthcare products under offers and discounts.

  • All your medical tests get performed with full accuracy at the Genu Pathlabs.

  • It has 4.6 ratings in Android and 3.2 ratings in iOS.


15. Gomedii App  

Gomedii app is a very well-known app to manage chronic illnesses. The app provides care under doctor and healthcare experts. Gomedii app provides all medicines, lab services, nutrition advice, Lifestyle coaching, and clinical counselling. Listed are some of the benefits of the app. 

Key features 

  • You can buy all your prescribed medicines online on Gomedii app.

  • Perform instant appointment with the high qualified doctors

  • Get a specialized care plan for yourself to keep track of your health.

  • You can access all your records and history on the app.

  • The app lets you manage the chronic disease from which you are suffering by giving you the latest health tips. 

  • It has a 4.3 rating in Android and 4+ rating in iOS.


16. SmartMedics App

SmartMedics is one of the known online medicine delivery apps in India for ordering medicine and consulting doctors for different branches of medicines. It has the option to order the medicine online across different cities in Indiaby calling them or through their app. You just need to upload the picture of the prescription in the app. 

Key Features 

  • They offer assured a 20%- 22% discount on all healthcare products with delivery under 48 hours.  

  • There are no delivery charges on the minimum order of Rs.100.

  • This best online medicine delivery app is available on iOS and Android. 

  • They have the option to pay the amount through cash on delivery or by card. 

  • It has a 3.4 rating in Android and 3.7 rating in iOS.


17. HeyCare App

HeyCare is one of the leading healthcare apps which is designed and developed to provide complete healthcare and medical service to everyone. It is one of the best online medicine delivery apps in India. The interface of this app is user friendly, they assure to provide the best service and products to their customers. They provide special features like OTC products online, book diagnostic, lab test online and set vaccination and pill reminders. For medicine online you just need to upload the prescription and different Offers on healthcare products 

Key Features 

  • It allows up to 30% discounts on all medicine and wellness products. 

  • They are delivering their medicine and wellness products to more than 20 cities. 

  • They assure you to deliver medicine in 3-5 days with an exceptional 48 hours delivery in Delhi NCR. 

  • This online delivery medicine app is available on iOS and Android. 


18. Medibuddy

It is one of the leading e-pharmacy business brands in India which is specially used for ordering medicines online. The brand was formed in 2000 and it is a one stop solution for all the healthcare problems like online medicine delivery, health check  packages, virtual doctor consultation, online lab tests and fitness services. 

It is one of the best online medicine delivery apps that offers great discounts and offers for their new and existing customers. 

Key Features

  • It is an all in one stop for health related issues. 

  • The brand also offers cash on delivery options for online medicine delivery.

  • This online medicine delivery app is available on iOS and Google Play store. 

  • One of the trusted brands in Indian market for online medine and it is 100% safe, secure for use. 

  • It has a 4.4 rating in Android and3.8 rating in iOS.

Why Do Pharmacy Apps Are essential In India?

India has a large population spread across a large part of the area. Small medical shops are not enough to cater to the immediate and essential medical needs of such a vast mass of people in the country. For that, online pharmacies come to help. These pharmacies help provide immediate medical assistance and ensure fast and timely delivery of medications.  

India is a growing market where many online pharmacies have emerged and provide medical help in emergencies. From medicines to health care products, many even cater to the personal care needs of the customers.

You can buy boosters, supplements, soaps and shampoos to keep your health and hygiene under care.

The apps help online medicine home delivery at the best price and with the best deals and offers. In India, this kind of pharmacy is essential due to:

  • Large and widespread population

  • Need for immediate medical assistance

  • Expensive medicines due to high demand and less supply

  • Need to increase medical awareness- to give attention to diseases and deformities

To know the need and role of such pharmacies, let’s discuss them below.

Need Of Online Medicine Delivery Apps In India

Online Medicine delivery apps are the need of the hour. People are getting busy, and they don't pay the required attention to their health and upkeep. They don't have time to go and consult the doctor and get their medical needs from the pharmacies. Sometimes one medicine is available at one place and the other at another. So, Various reasons make online prescription shopping a hit in countries like India- with huge populations. Let us discuss why we need online delivery apps in India.

Large Population

The population of India is enormous and still growing. Even the basic and essential needs of a significant portion of the people are not met completely. Medical care is one of the critical needs, and is scarce in the country. In this kind of scenario, online pharmacies provide the required medical attention easily and quickly. They help in getting medical attention at your doorsteps, along with the requisite medications and health products. This further helps in taking the medical attention to the more needy ones.

Less Medical Facilities

Also, a first-come, first-serve, and high-end approach leads to a shortage of medical services. As the population is high, the medical facilities get absorbed by the needier and the severe cases. So, in this case, online pharmacies, without being biased, provide necessary medications and medical attention available to the patients and their customers.

Immediate Needs And Requirements

The best app for online medicine delivery ensures that the patient gets the immediate attention they require. He should get the attention of the doctor or the expert even at his doorsteps, online. Also, the scarcity of medicines can be met with the help of these pharmacies.

Diverse Age Of Population

The population demographic of India is very diverse. There are infants, adults, elders, and every age group density present in all the areas. They have different medical needs and different criteria to consider while visiting a consultant. Online pharmacies let diverse medical attention reach the patient and meet his unique needs and requirements. There are specialists available, and the billing and medicine delivery is effortless and quick with online pharmacies.


Online medicine delivery apps and stores are highly cost-effective. They are often full of online offers, deals, and discounts. The membership benefits allow the customers to avail themselves of the online medical services by these medical pharmacy apps at a more reasonable cost. Also, these apps often have bank offers and huge discounts on bills. In a country like India getting any cost-effective benefits is welcome and makes the customer or patient more comfortable.

Online medicine delivery in India is improving because of the need for medical attention and care. Also, with digitalization and self-awareness, these apps are gaining immense popularity.

How To Decide Which Is The Best Online Medicine App?

There are many online medicine apps and pharmacies. It gets tough to choose which one is the best. We need to have some actors on which we can make a choice. What all to consider while selecting an online medicine app? Which is the best online pharmacy? From where to order the best medical care? These are some of the questions which bother us.

When already suffering from a disease, these questions add up to your worries. Don't worry. We will help you with this.

Let's discuss the points to keep in mind while choosing the best online medicine app to order medicines and other health care products.

  • Services Offered

The primary deciding factor for the choice of online pharmacies is the number and quality of services offered by them. Various Online medicine stores offer medicines, health care products, personal care products, doctors consultations, medical insurances, etc. Choose that app that offers consolidated services.

  • Quality Of Products

Only the number of products and services don't make an app one of the best. It also requires providing quality products and products that meet the requirements of the patients and customers. Online medicine stores should provide non-expired products and the best quality medicines.

  • Brand Name Of The Medicine Delivery App

The brand or company of the app plays a significant role in deciding which app to use. Brand names like Apollo, Pharmeasy, etc., come quickly to mind as they are perceived to offer only the best quality products. Brands do take care of their image and provide the best quality at the best reasonable price.

  • Delivery Locations

The location of your delivery address also makes it challenging to choose your medicine ordering app. Choose the app which can deliver the best quality products and medicines at your doorsteps without much delay. Medicinal requirements need urgent fulfillment.

  • Offers And Discounts

These days we get an offer on almost everything. Medicine apps are not much against the idea. Various medicine apps offer good discounts on medicines and other products. Why to pay more for something that you can get at the most reasonable price? Always keep this in mind.

So there were some key points better to keep in mind while choosing a medicine store app.


Benefits of Online Medicine Ordering Apps 

Check out the benefits of Online medicine delivery for customers and pharmacies. 

For customers

  • Get the medicine at your doorstep with just one click. 

  • Medicine apps offer great deals and discounts along with free shipping. 

  • You will get the instant reminders for taking medicines. 

  • Ge the detailed information about the prescription of drugs and medicines 

For the Pharmacies 

  • They provide amazing offers to their customers. 

  • Pharmacies can take their business online.

  • It also helps to enhance customer support.

  • Sotres can manage their inventory without any hassle online and check the important alerts and reminders about products and their expiry dates. 

  • One of the huge benefits of getting recurring orders from customers. 

How to Order Medicine Online

This is the simple way by which you can order your medicine online by using the above mentioned apps. 

  • First install the app for ordering medicine online, install anyone from above. 

  • Then upload your prescription in the app.

  • Select the medicines accordion to prescription 

  • Check out some discount of cashback is going

  • Now order it from the app by making the payment 

  • Your medicine will be delivered at your doorstep within the given time. 

That was all about an online medicine delivery app. Stay home and keep yourself healthy by buying all the medicinal products online through these listed apps. Do consider their rating before installing any of the apps by checking their features and benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Which is the best online pharmacy app?

A1. The best online pharmacy apps include 1mg, Medlife, Practo, PharmEasy, Netmeds, etc. 

Q2. Which is fastest medicine delivery app?

A2. In today’s competitive scenarios, all the apps try to be the fastest and most efficient. Some of the fastest online medicine delivery apps are- 

Tata1mg App, PharmEasy App, Medlife - Medicines App/PharmEasy, Practo App, etc.

Q3. Which online site is best for medicine?

A3. There are online sites which are considered best for buying medicines, like 1Mg, Netmeds, PharmEasy, Medlife, Ask Apollo, etc. 

Q4. Is there an app that delivers medicine?

A4. You can buy medicines from various apps that are available online. Some of the apps even sell medicines at discounted prices to your doorsteps. 

Q5. Which app gives the best discount on medicines?

A5. All of the above mentioned online medicine delivery apps are offering good discounts to their customers, but Netmeds, Ask Apollo, Practo and many more. 

Q6. Which is the best app for buying medicines in India

A6. 1mg, NetMeds, PharmEasy, and Practo are the best app for buying medicines in India. 


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