15 Best Mustard Oil Brands In India: Benefits For Different Purpose

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Mustard Oil has been used for a long time in India. It is a natural oil and is derived from healthy mustard seeds. It has been used for generations to cook healthy food and can also be used as a skin and hair care product. Mustard Oil has several health benefits, as it is a purely natural extract of mustard seeds. Its being enriched with natural benefits makes it worthwhile in multiple ways and for numerous purposes. The best mustard oil brands in India can be found in almost all the households in the country as it is one of the most common oil varieties used for various purposes.

In this article, we will know which is the best mustard oil in India, its multiple uses, and its benefits to be well aware of which natural and herbal oil is healthy for us and which is not.

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best mustard oil brands in india

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How To Pick The Best Brand Of Mustard Oil?

Mustard oil is highly beneficial and should be chosen as a cooking partner anytime. To pick the best mustard oil brands, first, we should know about their purity. The pure mustard oil is the best, and the brand that ensures its purity should be picked.

The purity of mustard oil determines its quality and if it is the best or not.

There are multiple brands available in the market; we should keep certain factors in mind while choosing the brand for our cooking or other purposes. These factors are:

  • Purity of oil

  • Purpose of buying- for cooking or any other purpose

  • The Colour of mustard oil is a prominent parameter to choose it

  • Taste of the oil- should taste a bit bitter like mustard seeds

  • The smell should be pungent and strong

  • Size of the bottle- according to the need

  • Prices of the brands- most suitable

  • Manufacturing technology- how the oil is manufactured- the processing technique used

  • Multiple usages of the oil - having different purposes

  • Oil brands with providing most of the benefits out of the mustard oil

So these factors should be kept in mind while choosing a mustard oil brand for yourself.

Mustard Oil In India- Useful In Different Ways

Mustard Oil has an age-old existence in Indian households. People from all over the country use it for multiple purposes and in many different ways. Its health benefits and non-expensive pricing make it an ideal choice of oil variety. The top 10 mustard oil companies in India manufacture Mustard oil that can be used in multiple ways. Mustard oil cannot only be used for edible purposes but also be used as a beauty and personal care product because of its multi-utility qualities and health benefits. 

Mustard oil is made out of mustard seeds either by cold-pressed methods or by grinding the seeds, mixing them with water, and collecting the oil as a residual after distillation.

The various usage of mustard oil are:

  • It can be used as an essential base oil for cooking, edible purposes.

  • It can be used for hair care, for applying on the scalp and hair ends.

  • It can be used for skincare as a skin moisturiser

  • It can be used for body massage.

  • It can be used for ayurvedic treatments for various ailments.

  • It can be used in medicine and medicinal oils.

As Mustard oil has multiple uses, various brands manufacture it to cater to customers' needs. To know which is the best mustard oil brand in India, read the article and refer to its information.

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Top 15 Mustard Oil Brands In India 

Mustard Oil Brands




Dhara Kachi Ghani Oil




Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil




Patanjali Mustard Oil




Dabur Cold Pressed Mustard Oil




Organic India Mustard Oil




24 Mantra Organic Mustard Oil




True Oils Mustard Oil




Indus Valley Mustard Oil 




Organic Tattva Mustard Oil




Natureland Organics Kachhi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil




Engine Brand Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil




Daana Single Origin Organic Mustard Oil




Pure & Sure Organic Mustard Oil 




Hathmic Cold Pressed Mustard Oil




Anveshan Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil





1.Dhara Kachi Ghani Oil

Dhara is a brand known for its cooking oil range. It is one of the best mustard oil brand for cooking. This oil is enriched with vitamin A, D2, and natural omega 3. it is highly aromatic and helps bring out the best natural taste and flavour of every dish.

This oil not only makes your delicacies healthy but also best suited for making pickles and preserving them, giving them a long shelf life. It is also very healthy to be used every day, for every meal.

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2.Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil

Fortune is the best mustard oil brand in India for cooking. It is made from the cold-pressed technique with the finest mustard seeds, and It is infused with Omega 3 and omega six nutrients for better immunity and strength.It is also highly rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and beta carotene. This oil is good for the heart as it is 100% cholesterol-free. It is also enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids. 

Fortune aromatic mustard oil is best for preserving homemade edibles that need higher shelf lives. It indeed answers which oil brand is best for cooking in India by adding its best qualities to the food it is used to make.

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3.Patanjali Mustard Oil

Patanjali brand name highly popular among the common masses in India. It is one of the renowned brands in India. This oil by the Patanjali brand is among the top 10 mustard oil brands in India.

This product is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial for the heart and overall health. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti viral properties that boost immunity. It helps in fighting against multiple types of infections and keeps the digestive tract clean and infection-free.

Patanjali mustard oil has anti-microbial qualities that help in preserving healthy homemade pickles. This oil is also suitable for hair and is one of the best mustard oil brand in India for hair. It helps in circulating the blood flow and making your hair voluminous and shiny.

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4.Dabur Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Dabur is known for 100% natural and indigenous products. This mustard oil from the brand is made by cold pressing technique and has natural ingredients that benefit health. It is enriched with omega-3 and omega-six nutrients and has ALA that regulates blood cholesterol levels.This mustard oil is perfect for the heart and digestion.It also helps relieve nose and throat congestion and helps maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It is one of the best pure mustard oil brands in India

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5.Organic India Mustard Oil

This oil from Organic India is certified Kachi Ghani mustard oil. It is highly beneficial for health as it contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 nutrients. This Kachi Ghani mustard oil is best for the heart and immunity. It keeps a tab on your cholesterol levels and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy body.

This oil is enriched with MUFA and PUFA that help in maintaining the health of the heart. It is one of the best mustard oil brands in India for cooking, and is highly popular among many Indian household kitchens.

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6.24 Mantra Organic Mustard Oil

This oil from 24 Mantra Organic is a premium quality mustard oil grown without any synthetic pesticides, GMOs, etc. It is made with a cold-pressed technique and unadulterated with zero cholesterol and trans fats. It is very beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Also, it is a rich and healthy source of antioxidants and pure minerals that are suitable for health.

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7.True Oils Mustard Oil

True oils natural pressed mustard oil is one of the best quality mustard oil brands in India, as it has multiple uses. It has vitamin A and D2 and is made with a low absorbance technique. It is recommended for heart and overall development. It has anti-inflammatory qualities that help in relieving joint pain and other muscular pain.

It has essential minerals that help in hair thickness and restricts the premature graying of your hair. It also helps in healing cracked heels and is suitable for hair growth. It is aromatic and doesn't have a sharp pungent smell, which helps keep it on your hair for a longer extended period.

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8.Indus Valley Mustard Oil 

Indus valley mustard oil is best for skin and hair. It lightens the dark spots and gives your skin the proper nutrients it requires to be healthy. There are no chemicals in it, and it is best for daily use. It has multivitamin qualities that make it best for skin, hair, and body. 

It also helps in healing the skin, hydrating the chapped and cracked lips. It is 100 % natural and toxic-free. When used on the scalp, it relaxes the body and gives a soothing feel to your dried skin. It Contains Omega-3 and omega-six fatty acids that help in immunity-boosting and maintaining overall health. It is one of the best mustard oil brand for hair.

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9.Organic Tattva Mustard Oil

Organic tattva mustard oil is extracted from organically grown mustard oil and helps in reducing inflammation. It is 100% vegan and gluten-free. It is natural and chemical-free. Mustard oil helps in enriching skin and hair. It treats cold and cough symptoms and provides relief in winters and ailments high in that season. It is one of the best organic mustard oil brands in India.

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10. Natureland Organics Kachhi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil

Natureland Organics Kachhi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil is pure and 100% natural. It is suitable for daily consumption. 

It is naturally extracted from mustard seeds and is rich in essential minerals. It is suitable for consumption and treats hair and skincare needs as well. It is chemical-free and good for health. It also helps in healing cracked heels and protects you from any infection.

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11.Engine Brand Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

Engine brand mustard oil is 100% Pure. It is very popular among a specific user base and is one of the preferred oils for daily cooking. It is made from the finest mustard seeds. 

Engine brand mustard oil helps in digestion and neutralising the toxins. It can be used in pickles as it also helps keep pickles preserved and fresh for a long time.

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12. Daana Single Origin Organic Mustard Oil

The Daana Mustard oil is cold-pressed and natural, and it is rich in colour and aroma and helps prepare healthy meals and a tasty dining experience. It has no chemicals and is rich in antioxidant properties, health nutrients, and minerals.

It has no bad cholesterol and is free from trans fats. It can be used for cooking, ayurvedic treatments, joint problems, and pain-relieving massages. It also helps curb the common cold symptoms, infused with Omega-3, Vitamin E. It helps in hair growth and skin nourishment too. It is a highly recommended mustard oil due to its ample benefits.

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13. Pure & Sure Organic Mustard Oil 

The mustard oil from Pure and Sure is 100% organic and made with the finest mustard seeds. It is made with a cold-pressed technique without chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. The taste and colour of the oil are rich and aromatic. It is an ideal cooking partner, especially for the health-conscious and requires low calories in their meals.

It is best suited for daily cooking purposes. It is free from cholesterol and sodium. It helps in cooking and enhances hair growth and skin nourishment. It is suitable for diminishing skin infections and can also be used for body massages.

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14. Hathmic cold pressed Mustard oil

Hathmic Cold Pressed Oil is made with the finest quality of black seeds. The oil is rich with the goodness of omega-3, omega -6, and PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acid. It is an organic oil-free from trans fats and cholesterol. It is infused with vitamins and antioxidant properties.

It is an aromatic oil good for health and great in taste. It has a strong aroma that can make your food smell good even from a distance. It can be used for cooking traditional authentic dishes and frying food.

It uses natural preservatives and can be used for an extended period.

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15. Anveshan Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil

The Anveshan wood pressed mustard oil is a highly beneficial oil that helps cure cold, skin infections and helps in hair growth. The rich properties of mustard oil help clear the congestion and relieve the cold and its symptoms. It also helps in boosting immunity with Omega- 3 and 6 fatty acids. 

The oil from Anveshan also helps in soothing the pain as it is rich in magnesium, antioxidants, and Selenium, that help in curing joint and muscular pain. The oil also helps protect against infections with its antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, it controls cholesterol levels and at the same time provides excellent and healthy taste. It is suitable for the heart and improves blood circulation levels too.


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Mustard oil is highly beneficial, especially for specific focus areas like skin and hair. Let us see why they are helpful for health, skin and hair.

Medicinal, Health Benefits And Uses Of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is best for health, skin and hair. People often choose it as an alternative to refined oil, which is not healthy for regular consumption. Mustard oil is not only beneficial for cooking. It also has alternate uses. Due to its benefits for healthy hair and skin are often part of more than a kitchen area.

Here we will discuss some of the health and medicinal values of Mustard oil. Why should you make it a part of your health care routine? Let's find out.

  • Antimicrobial Properties

It is often found that mustard oil and its essential nutrients have antimicrobial properties that help it be an excellent source of getting rid of bacterial and other infections. Mustard oil helps keep bacterial infections and other microbial germs away from your body, keeps you healthy, and gives you a healthy body.

  • Anti Inflammatory Properties

Mustard oil is highly rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help control inflammation and its signs. The oil helps with its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce sensations due to inflammation. It is often used to relieve the body from any inflammation and inflammatory discomfort.

  • Pain Relief Ointments

Mustard oil is also used to relieve the body, especially from joint pain and sensation. It is known to treat the symptoms of arthritis and its causes. Mustard oil has allyl isothiocyanate that helps give relief from pain and its causes. As Omega 3 fatty acids are present in mustard oil, it helps in the reduction of inflammation and helps relieves the body from joint pains and other pain

  • Heart Health

Heart health is of supreme importance. Mustard oils contain monounsaturated fatty acids that are good for heart health and keep the heart away from any illness and complications. It is also believed that with conscious consumption of mustard oils, one can reduce the triglyceride, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels that support heart health.

It also helps decrease LDL cholesterol levels, helping to protect heart health.

So making Mustard oil a part of your dining table is a good option for heart health.

  • Cold Relief

Cold often grips us into its claws and stays with us for long. It is better to use mustard oil to get rid of cold symptoms immediately after their first sign. A pure oil helps treat cold and its symptoms and helps reduce deep congestion.

When mixed with other remedial options like camphor, clove and other decongestants, it can treat congestions and throat infections. You can also put it in stem water, take occasional steam, and inhale it.

Mustard oil, when applied on the chest with a turmeric pack, is suitable for congestions and cough

  • Essential Oils

Mustard oil can be mixed with other essential oils and can be distilled to make a helpful essential oil. It helps in massage too. People use it to massage their bodies to relieve stress and pain and relax. The relaxing properties of mustard oil help the stress levels to go down.

  • Stimulant Properties

Mustard oil has stimulating properties that trigger sweat glands and help in blood circulation. It helps in relaxing muscles and causing the stress levels to go down. It acts as an active stimulant. It helps in lowering body temperature. Mustard oil also helps remove toxins from the body, making it feel healthy and refreshed.

Mustard oil is highly beneficial, and incorporating it with your regular meals and health routine can significantly benefit your health.

Why Use Mustard Oil For Skin Care

Mustard oil is excellent for health. It has many benefits for the body and serves as one of the best oils for skincare.

To Cleanse The Skin

Mustard oil helps clean the skin and unclog the pores to help remove the dirt and let the skin breathe. It makes the skin look vibrant and keeps the skin's glow intact. A regular massage of mustard oil with some other essential oil to dilute the thickness of the oil can bring in great results.

To Remove Tan

Detanning is an essential part of the daily beauty regime. People who live near coastal areas are prone to constant skin tanning and skin burns. Mustard oil helps remove the tan of the skin and keeps the natural colour of the skin as beautiful as it is in reality. The face mask made with mustard oil helps keep the skin tan-free for long if one uses it regularly on the skin.

To Remove Dark Spots

Dark spots are a big put off in the flawless beauty desire. These are rigid and almost permanent, with a shallow and slow fading rate. For this, we require highly efficient oils that help maintain the hydration of the skin and keep the spots at bay. Mustard oil helps lighten the spots and makes the skin flawless and radiant.

To Moisturise Skin

Mustard oil is rich in the goodness of Vitamin E, which helps keep skin moisturised and hydrated. Massaging the skin with drops of mustard oil and having a beauty sleep will keep the skin supple and soft for long. You can only put mustard oil in your packs to keep the skin soft. The natural goodness of mustard oil helps stay moisturised in winters and hydrated in summer.

So, mustard oil is highly beneficial for skin care.

Why Use Mustard Oil For Hair Care

Mustard oil is excellent for hair. It helps in hair rejuvenation and boosts hair growth. There are multiple reasons as to why to use mustard oil on hair. Some of the reasons are listed below:

To Condition Hair

A hair conditioner is highly essential for hair care. Especially during the winter season, hair conditioning is necessary. Along with good quality hair conditioners, you need a vital hair oil that conditions the hair. Mustard oil acts as a natural hair conditioner that you may use to get a smooth and silky hairstyle for the whole day. They have the benefit of moisturising the skin.

Reduce Scalp Itchiness

Mustard oil helps reduce the scalp's itchiness and provides enough moisture to have less inflammation. It is a vital source of Vitamin E that helps moisturise the skin and keep it away from getting dry and itchy.

Retain Natural Hair Colour

Mustard oils help prevent hair from greying and keep the hair's natural colour intact. It helps in the non-decolourisation of hair with regular usage. With age, when our hair tends to get grey and white, mustard oil can delay the greying process and retain the natural shine of the hair texture.

To Thicken Hair And Help Its Growth.

Hair thinning is yet another hair problem. Especially men tend to get bald patches early in their age. Mustard oil keeps the hair thick and makes them flowy. They tend to keep hair thinning at bay and make your natural hair grow. Mustard oil boosts hair growth and reduces hair fall. Its natural goodness keeps hair naturally thick and growing faster.

So mustard oil is highly beneficial for hair too.

Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a naturally extracted oil with various health benefits. Some of the significant health benefits associated with it are:

  • Good For Health

Mustard oil is highly beneficial for health. If taken in optimal quantity, It helps in protecting the heart and reducing heart ailments. It has natural qualities to treat cold and its symptoms. It is also light for health as compared to other refined oils. 

  • Natural- Toxic-Free

It is natural and pure. It is extracted from mustard seeds, which have no side effects and have remedial benefits. It is non-toxic and chemical-free, so it is suitable for health and skin and hair.

  • Multiple Usage

Mustard oil can be used for daily cooking and hair care, and skincare routines. It can be used to cook healthy food. Massaging the scalp with mustard oil rescues itchiness and nourishes it from deep inside. It also delays graying of hair and makes it thick and voluminous. For skin, Mustard oil helps in providing moisture and reducing itchiness.

  • Good Cooking Partner

Cooking Food in mustard oil is good for the heart, cholesterol, and BP. It has medicinal pro[erties which make it n ide4la cooking partner. It is light and can be used for the daily cooking of regular meals.

  • Medicinal Utility

It also has healing qualities that can be4 used for cough and respiratory illnesses. It is beneficial for heart patients, so it is also used in various ayurvedic ointments and oils for pain relief. It is often used for joint pain and arthritis problems.

So these were some of the benefits of mustard oil.

In the above article, it is clear how helpful mustard oil is for daily use. Add it to your meal for comprehensive health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which brand mustard oil is good for hair?

A.All brands of mustard oil are good for health and hair, but especially hair care curated mustard oils are best for hair. These include- Indus valley mustard oil, True oils, natural mustard oil, Patanjali mustard oil, etc.

Q.Which brand mustard oil is best?

A.All the brands mentioned above are suitable and the best mustard oils, but the prevalent ones include Dabur mustard oil, Dhara mustard oil, Fortune mustard oil, etc.

Q.Which mustard oil is pure in India?

A.The Kachi Ghani mustard oils are pure in India. These are from Ptanajali, Fortune, Dabur, etc.

Q.Is Dabur mustard oil pure?

A.Dabur mustard oil is cold-pressed from mustard seeds and is highly pure as per the brand.

Q.What does Kachi Ghani mean?

A.Kachi Ghani refers to the cold press oil extraction technique of extracting oil.

Q.What is the rate of mustard oil?

A.Different mustard oils are priced according to the brand and techniques they are extracted.

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