12 Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil For Hair Growth with Tips And Benefits

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Ayurveda is a part of rich Indian tradition. Our ancient medical history is full of ayurvedic treatments and practices. It teaches us about the various benefits of Ayurveda in our daily lives and how they help us achieve our healthy living goals. 

One such ayurvedic relief is - Ayurvedic hair oils. Ayurvedic hair oils help in hair growth, moisturising the scalp naturally, and controlling hair fall. This article will exclusively discuss the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth and closely look at their benefits to know what is in these oils that make them so valuable.These oils help in stopping hair thinning and promoting hair growth, with regular use over time.

Herbal hair oils are highly beneficial as they are organic and natural, and if we include them in our daily hair care routine, they promise to give us the best results.There are tips to maximize the benefits of your hair oil to help your hair get high benefits for hair growth. Read on to know them in detail. Also, you can learn How do Ayurvedic Hair Oils help in hair growth?

So it is highly essential to know about various fast hair growth oils and its benefits to help us choose only the best for our hair.Also, if you wish to know more about essential onion hair oils for hair growth, you can visit this page by clicking here.

To know more about Ayurvedic hair oils and their benefits, read on.

best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth

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Ayurvedic Hair Oils - The Fast Hair Growth Oil

Ayurveda is an ancient science that still holds relevance in traditionally rich countries like India. In India, we rely on traditional methods and procedures to cure various ailments and be always naturally healthy. Ayurveda recommends hundreds of ayurvedic mixtures and potions for better health results.

When we talk about hair, a lot of concerns come to our minds. We often wonder - which hair oil is best to control hair fall? How to have healthy and voluminous hair with consistent growth? Which oil is best for hair regrowth and thickness? And many other worries related to hair hound over us. Ayurveda has all the solutions for our hair-related problems.

Ayurvedic hair oils are rich in natural minerals and vitamins that make our hair grow naturally and feel smooth. They help to  moisturise the skin of the scalp and prevent hair loss. With their naturally extracted rich ingredients, these oils make our hair healthy and prevent any damages and breakage. Ayurvedic oils are, in the real sense, fast hair growth oils- but all-natural.

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Types Of Ayurvedic Hair Oils - Hair Regrowth And Hair Thickness

Ayurvedic hair oils boost hair growth and hair thickness with regular and optimum use over time, the essential minerals in these oils control hair fall and thinning. It is enriched with the goodness of natural extracts of herbal ingredients that naturally and organically boost hair thickness, control - hair thinning, scalp infections, hair fall, and make skin soothing and healthy. The most popular and the best oil for hair loss and regrowth are mostly ayurvedic and have herbal properties.

There are different types of Ayurvedic hair oils.

  • Bhringraj Ayurvedic Hair

  • Amla Oil

  • Brahmi Oil

  • Kumkumadi Oil

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil

  • Onion Oil

  • Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Mustard Oil

  • Organic Sesame Oil

  • Organic Neem Oil

  • Tea Tree Oil

  • Organic Almond Oil

How To Use Ayurvedic Hair Oil To Maximise Its Benefits?

Using your favorite hair oil is not enough. There is a proper technique with essential tips that help maximize Ayurveda's benefits for hair growth. You need to apply hair oil on your scalp and massage it properly all around the scalp to let it emulsify on the whole surface. Keeping it on for a minimum of 1 hour or leaving it on overnight maximizes its benefits. Let us see some tips that help you maximize the benefits of the goodness of ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth.

Tips For Maximizing The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Hair Oil:

  • Heat The Oil

Heating the oil before use helps stimulate the hair, scalp, and follicles and increase blood circulation, which further helps scalp nourishment and hair growth, so it is advisable to preheat oil before use.

  • Mix Different Essential Oils 

You can mix different oils as different oils have additional benefits and comprehensively help the scalp nourish. Like tea tree oil, biotin oil, and neem oil can help provide significant benefits to hair roots.

  • Apply Directly On Roots

You should apply the oil directly to the roots to help them get the maximum benefits. Then you can spread the goodness of oil to the hair lengths. Applying oil on the scalp rejuvenates the roots and provides the required benefits the roots and follicles demand. You should always use one of the best oil for hair growth, like coconut oil, mustard oil, etc. 

  • Give Steam To Your Hair

Steaming your hair helps them get their lost moisturization and keeps hair follicles clean and dirt-free. It helps keep soft hair, and steaming also helps get the benefits of oil to the hair and scalp comprehensively.

  • Wrap Hot Towel Around Your Hair

After oiling your hair, it is advisable to wrap a hot towel around your head. It is a great stress buster, and it rejuvenates the hair’s shine and radiance. It is a great hair growth booster.

  • Leave It On Overnight

Leaving on your hair oil for an hour is generally enough, but if you are going through many hair problems, leaving it overnight can help your damaged hair get back its shine and strength. You can apply warm and preheated oil to your hair and then wash it with herbal products the following day.

  • Wash Oiled Hair With Ayurvedic Products

If you wish to have maximum benefits from ayurvedic hair oils, you should switch to herbal products for your hair care routine. Use herbal shampoos, conditioners, and serums to give your hair a holistic benefit and a shield to get an environment for growth and shine.

So follow these simple tips to get maximum benefits from your ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth.

We will look at the best hair growth oil recommended by Ayurveda in this article and gauge the benefits of ayurvedic oil in our daily lives.

Top 12 Ayurvedic Hair Oil For Hair Growth

Ayurvedic Hair Oil




WOW Onion With Black Seed Oil 




Urbangabru Ayurvedic Jadibuti Hair Oil




Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil 




Ustraa Ayurvedic Hair Oil 




Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Coconut Hair Oil




Dabur Vatika Naturals Bringhraj Hair Oil




Kerala Ayurveda Kesini Oil




Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil




Vedix Vanya Root Stimulating Hair Oil




Kesh King Ayurvedic




Khadi Natural Ayurvedic




Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil 





1.WOW Onion With Black Seed Oil 

Wow has some fantastic hair care products that ensure beautiful hair and healthy locks. It has a vast range of oils enriched with natural ingredients to make hair naturally strong and beautiful. Ayurvedic oils are highly beneficial, but this onion with black seed oil from Wow is the among the top ayurvedic hair oils..

It ensures taming the frizziness of hair and helping in detangling. It balances the oil of the scalp and neutralises its PH level.

This oil makes the hair stronger and silkier and gives them a naturally healthy shine. It is suitable for all hair types.

It is highly enriched with essential Onion Black Seed Oil, which strengthens the roots of the hair and controls hair fall. The oil is enhanced with the goodness of various other natural extracts like Almond oil, coconut oil. Castor oil, olive oil, and Jojoba oil make it a super combination of oils that control hair fall and boost hair growth.


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2.Urbangabru Ayurvedic Jadibuti Hair Oil 

As the name suggests, this oil from Urbangabru is a naturally extracted oil, made of Jadi Buti- herbs, to give extra natural care to your hair. This oil extracts various healthy herbs that are best suited for damaged and weak hair strands.

This oil helps in preventing itchy scalps and making the roots strong from ent to tips. It is enriched with natural herbs; it strengthens the hair, prevents hair fall, and gives hair a natural shine and bounce. It is one of the best oils for hair growth in India.


A natural blend of herbs in this oil makes it one of the best herbal oil in India. It contains Jadibuti like Shankhpushpi, Kapur Kachri, Brahmi, Mehandi Seeds. Also, the goodness of Bhangra and Sugandhi Valo helps in a healthier scalp by preventing dryness and itchiness. These herbs help in strengthening hair roots.


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3.Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil 

Sesa hair oil is an ayurvedic potion infused with more than 20 natural extracts for healthier hair and scalp. If you have wondered which is the best ayurvedic hair oil,  then Sesa is the answer for you.

This oil promises to control hair fall and remove dandruff from the scalp. It has natural ingredients that ensure hair growth and reduce premature hair greying. The 20+ herbs and natural extracts infused in the oil make it a super product for super quality hair. It also helps in stress relief and headaches. Suitable for all hair types.


Sesa ayurvedic oil contains 18 rare herbs like-Bhringraj,Sudha Dhatura, Manduka Parni,Yashtimadhu, Jati, Karanj, Indravaruni, Jatamansi, Bhasma, Mehandi, Nili, Rasot,, Mandoor,,Neem,Akarkara, Elaychi , Triphala, Vacha, and Gunja Sudha.

This is not all; it is enhanced with the goodness of Til, coconut, lemon, godhuma, and nili.

One unique ingredient and procedure which makes this oil stand out is -Milk. This oil is made by boiling these herms and oils together to have a residual oil- Sesa ayurvedic oil.

It is one of the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth in India with such nourishing extracts.


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4.Ustraa Ayurvedic Hair Oil 

The Ustraa ayurvedic oil is a naturally made chemical-free hair oil that boosts hair growth and controls hair fall. It promotes a healthy and itch-free scalp and helps in hair -regrowth all naturally. It is infused with natural herbs and is recognised by the ministry of Ayush as one of the best hair oils for men's hair growth.


It contains eight natural herbs like Haritaki (Harad), Nimba (Neem), Bhringaraj, Vibhitaka, Nimbu oil, Gulmehndi oil, Tila oil, and Amalaki (Amla), all promising to make hair and scalp healthy and itch-free.

It is one of the best ayurvedic hair oil for faster hair growth for men.


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5.Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Coconut Hair Oil

Parachute is a well-known name in India when it comes to natural hair care. Its coconut oil has been an all-time favourite by the majority of the country. It is one of the top hair oil for hair growth and thickness.

It solves seven hair problems: hair fall, dandruff, hair thinning, breakage, slow hair growth, split ends, and rough, frizzy hair. It is usable for all types of hair. 


Parachute advansed ayurvedic hair oil is enriched with the goodness of more than 25 natural ingredients like henna, Brahmi, bhringraj, yashtimadhu, karanj, black sesame, flaxseed, and chakramarda. It also consists of amla, methi, nagarmotha, kumari, neem, jyothishmathi, Japa, Vata, mandukaparni, Kadi Patta, kalonji, tulsi, jatamansi, haritaki, neeli, black mustard, shigru, and last but not least coconut oil. With such an amalgamation of rich natural ayurvedic extracts, the answer to which is the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth is -Parachute advanced ayurvedic oil.


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6.Dabur Vatika Naturals Bringhraj Hair Oil 

Dabur is a household name in India. With a variety of natural products, Dabur has a trust value for natural and ayurvedic products. This Dabur Vatika Naturals Bhringraj hair oil is also one of the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair regrowth in India.

The main ingredient of this oil-Bhringraj leaf is suitable for hair as it strengthens the roots and helps hair growth. It also volumises the hair and makes it naturally thick.

This ayurvedic oil ensures dense and shining hair all day long.


Dabur vatika bhringraj hair oil contains 7 ayurvedic herbs like amla, mandukaparni, bahera, neem, harad, madyantika. This richness ensures damage-free hair as these herbs have anti-fungal properties that neutralise the scalp and strengthen the roots.


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7.Kerala Ayurveda Kesini Oil

Kesini oil from Kerala Ayurveda is rich in natural extracts that boost hair growth by strengthening the roots and avoiding split ends. It is one of the best ayurvedic hair oil in Kerala.  This oil rejuvenates the scalp and helps in preventing dandruff and itching.

It is excellent ayurvedic oil that controls hair fall and damage. It helps in maintaining the natural hair colour and prevents hair greying.


It is infused with five natural extracts like amla, Japa Pushpa, jatamansi, Brahmi, nili. All these extracts help in lustrous damage-free hair and nourishing the scalp naturally.


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8.Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

Mamaearth has the goodness of nature infused in each of its products. This onion hair oil also promises to be a natural scalp nourishing oil that helps breakage control and shiny hair. Its natural ingredients ensured complete hair care- from growth to maintenance.

It is best suited on all types of hair and can be used as often as needed. It answers which is the best ayurvedic oil for hair loss ideally.


This onion oil is rich in essential oils like Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Almond Oil. It is also enhanced with the goodness of Bhringraj extract, Amla extract, Gurhal Extract, Brahmi oil extract, and Olive Oil. Its Onion Extract and Natural Vitamin E ensures root strengthening, and its ingredients like Sesame Oil, Castor Oil, and Redensyl make the scalp healthy and hair shiny.


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9.Vedix Vanya Root Stimulating Hair Oil

Vedix Vanya Root Stimulating hair oil is an ayurvedic oil that controls hair fall and helps restore the essential oils of your scalp and neutralize its pH balance.

It further helps in reducing breakage due to dryness of the scalp. The oil boosts the density and volume of your hair and makes the scalp healthy from within. Its natural ingredients condition the hair and also provides natural dye to your hair colour. The soothing scalp formula helps in reducing itching, infection, and dryness.


This natural oil contains herbal ingredients like Fenugreek, Sesamum, Sage, Cold-Pressed coconut oil, and Ashwagandha. These essential oils help in reducing hair fall, enriching hair roots with Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, controlling dryness, and hydrating the hair.

It is Silicone, Paraben, and Sulphate Free. It is one of the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair regrowth in India.


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10.Kesh King Ayurvedic

Kesh King Ayurvedic oil is one of the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth and thickness. It contains the goodness of various essential oils and helps in enriching the scalp and hair.

It helps in reducing graying of hair and stimulating the rots to make hair naturally grow and gain volume. It also helps in reducing hair fall.


It comes with a root comb applicator to help stimulate the roots and rejuvenate the scalp with healthy blood circulation. It further helps in deeper oil penetration.


This oil contains the goodness of Bhringraj, Tulsi, Jatamansi, Brahmi, Amalaki, Manjistha, Lodhra, Japa, Methi, and 21 essential oils. It helps in the rejuvenation of the scalp and the growth of healthy and dense hair.

The root comb applicator helps in the proper stimulation of roots and blood circulation for healthy hair growth.


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11.Khadi Natural Ayurvedic

This Ayurvedic Oil by khadi is enriched with Bhringraj and other essential oils. Khadi is a name in natural and ayurvedic products. This oil from khadi is 100% natural with all the goodness of essential natural extracts.

It helps in soothing the scalp and maintaining its pH levels. It reduces hair fall and premature graying. It also has therapeutic qualities and calms the mind, and relaxes you.

It is suitable for all hair types and can be used by both men and women.


This oil contains the goodness of Bhrigraj, Kapoor, Sandal oil, Lemon, and other essential oils and herbs. It is infused with natural extracts of essential herbs.


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12.Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil 

Bajaj Almond is one of the best hair growth oils in India. It has the goodness of almonds that help in enriching the hair with natural strength and shine. It is non-sticky and nourishes hair from the roots, giving it a  neutral fragrance and healthy shine.

This oil helps in reducing hair fall and hair breakage. It is suitable for all hair types.


It includes the richness of almonds and vitamin  E, both having proven expertise in hair strengthening and reducing hair fall. It one of the fast hair growth oil in India and is very popular.


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How Do Ayurvedic Hair Oils Help In Hair Growth?

Ayurveda is an ancient science that answers all our health, beauty and wellness problems. It has numerous benefits to enhance the growth of the hair from its roots.

Hair needs good care and constant attention. The hair strands lose their lustre without regular oiling, and the scalp tends to get itchy and dry.

If used in optimum amount with regular application, Ayurvedic hair oil can lead to the reduction of hair problems to a great level.

Hair greying can also be minimised with the help of a suitable variety of hair oil. The hair retains its natural colour with a good quality ayurvedic hair oil. The hair also shows signs of growth with regular massage as the oil gets soaked in the skin through the scalp, and it helps in blood circulation that boosts hair growth.

Also, these oils have nourishment properties of essential minerals, nutrients and goodness of natural extracts that help them give hair the natural conditioning it requires. These oils are herbal and are free from any chemicals. So they are mild on the roots and best for the skin.

As we can see, Ayurvedic oils are so popular because of their benefits. But what are the benefits of Ayurvedic oil? Let us try to list it down.


Ayurvedic Hair Oil Benefits

If you ask which ayurvedic medicine is best for hair growth,  you will get a list of medications rich in a variety of natural extracts and essential oils. These ayurvedic natural oils are part of every ayurvedic medicine to heal ailments. They are widely used because ayurvedic oils are highly beneficial. After all, they are natural and lack side effects.

Ayurvedic hair oil is most suited to all hair types as it is natural and has no chemicals. They are enriched with natural herbs and extracts that make them ideal for prolonged daily usage. These oils are highly beneficial in the long run as they deeply nourish the hair and scalp.

Let us consider the benefits of ayurvedic hair oil. These are:

  • All Natural- Chemical-Free

  • Scalp Nourishing

  • Prevents Hair Loss

  • Stimulates Hair Growth

  • Removes Dandruff

  • Prevents Hair- Greying

  • Maintains Natural Hair Colour

  • Relieves Stress

  • Moisturises The Texture Of Hair- Controls Frizz

  • Prevents Hair Breakage

  • Prevents Split Ends

  • Retains Natural Essential Minerals on the scalp

  • Prevents Dryness

  • Control Itchiness Of Scalp

All these goodness make ayurvedic oil best for daily use.

Ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth is a must on your shelves for your daily hair care routine. Don't forget to go through this article next time before buying yourself one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which oil is the best for hair growth and thickness in India?

A.In this article, we have mentioned some of the best hair oils for hair growth and thickness. From this parachute advansed ayurvedic hair oil is the best.

Q.Which oil is the best for hair fall control in India?

A.Among many, Mamaearth onion hair oil, Kerala Ayurveda Kesini hair oil are best for hair fall control.

Q.Which ayurvedic oil is the best for hair growth?

A.WOW Onion With Black Seed Oil, Dabur Vatika Natural bhringraj hair oil is the best hair oil for hair growth.

Q.Does ayurvedic oil regrow hair?

A.Ayurvedic formulations help in hair growth with regular use over time. It helps in providing the essential minerals and oils that boost hair growth and stop hair thinning.

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