8 Best Biotin Tablets For Hair Growth - Biotin And Its Benefits

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Today, we strive for better health and better health nutrients that can lead us to have a healthy life and take care of our overall wellness. Apart from a balanced diet, we require a balance of health boosters and wellness supplement tablets in this fast-moving world. One such is Biotin. With excellent benefits, Biotin is an essential vitamin that our body requires in optimal quantities for our skin, hair, liver, eyes, etc. The Best Biotin Tablets For Hair Growth help our hair grow and stay healthy naturally.

That calls for a discussion about what Biotin is and how we can absorb its goodness with the help of biotin tablets as supplements. Also, we need to know all the benefits of Biotin and its essential need for hair growth.

Read on to know which company biotin is best for hair growth, the price of the biotin tablets, and their health benefits for our development and wellbeing.

Also, if you wish to know about the best multivitamins for better health, kindly read here.

Best Biotin Tablets For Hair Growth

What Is Biotin?

Biotin is one of the vitamins from the vitamins family and is known as vitamin B7 or Vitamin H. Its health benefits cover a broad spectrum. It provides solutions to a lot of health problems. It is naturally found in eggs, Chicken liver, Beef liver, Peanuts. Salmon, Pork, Milk, Almonds, Turkey breast, Tuna, and many such edible food items. It has ample essential nutrients that help extract the goodness of the vitamins to boost the health of skin, nails, liver, fetus, and metabolism. 

It is highly beneficial for your hair, and Its positive effects can be seen by using the biotin pills for hair growth before and after.

What Are Biotin Tablets?

Biotin tablets are supplements and health-boosting pills that are rich sources of biotin. We sometimes are deficient in necessary vitamins that need to be orally taken to fill the gap. Biotin deficiency demands biotin supplements that need to be taken to boost health. Biotin helps the hair most positively and effectively. Here we will understand the use of biotin tablets for hair growth and realize how useful they are for the health of our hair. They make our hair thick and eliminate the problem of hair thinning and breakage.

Some of the top biotin tablets are mentioned below that help in boosting hair health and hair growth.

Top 8 Biotin Tablets For Hair Growth

Biotin Tablets



HealthKart Biotin Tablets



Man Matters Biotin Tablets 



Carbamide Forte Biotin Tablets



Himalayan Organics Biotin Tablets



DR. MOREPEN Biotin+ Tablets



Amway Nutrilite Biotin Tablets



Simply Herbal Organic Biotin Capsules 



Nutrainix High Potency Biotin 




1.HealthKart Biotin Tablets

HealthKart Biotin has benefits that help the hair to grow and remain healthy for long. 

They are one of the best biotin tablets for hair growth in India. It makes hair thick and strong from the roots, and these biotin supplements fill the severe hair loss caused by biotin deficiency.

These biotin supplements boost hair growth and improve the thickness of hair. It helps the hair get the desired volume. These tablets stimulate keratin production to help make the hair stronger and reduce hair fall. 

Its daily intake helps the hair to be strong and supports nails, skin, and metabolism positively. It provides glowing skin, stronger hair, non-brittle nails and combat digestive problems, low energy, fatigue, and tiredness.

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2. Man Matters Biotin Tablets 

Man Matters has these biotin-enriched tablets with the goodness of amla, an onion bulb to make the hair stronger and shinier. It also helps in boosting the growth of hair.

The Man Matters Biotin tablets with Bhringraj oil help to make your hair healthier. It helps in controlling hair fall, and these tablets are also antioxidants to prevent hair damage. The Keshya property that helps in hair growth is infused in these tablets. They improve the circulation of blood on the scalp and provide optimum nutrition for hair growth.

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3.Carbamide Forte Biotin Tablets

Carbamide Forte biotin tablets have high potency of biotin that supports hair strength. It also supports immunity and vitality. It has 50 multivitamins for both men and women.

These tablets have the goodness of amla that also supports skin health and hair growth.

These tablets provide strength to the nails, skin, and hair. These Biotin tablets for men and women help in building collagen that further helps nail strength.


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4.Himalayan Organics Biotin Tablets

The best Himalaya biotin tablets for hair growth come in the Himalayan Organics Biotin Tablets bottle. This tablet improves the strength of your hair by providing the essential nutrients and extract of the goodness of Biotin.

These tablets make the hair roots healthy, as it has combinations of Vitamin A, D3, E, B3, B5, B6, B12, B9, and is also rich in calcium, iron, selenium, and zinc to nurture and nourish the roots.

The Himalayan biotin tablet helps manage hair follicle shrinkage by providing all the essential nutrients to the roots. This is not only Biotin but also has the goodness of various natural extracts to strengthen hair.

These are safe, gluten-free, and healthy for long-term usage. There are no harsh chemicals induced in them as they are natural, sugar-free, and non-toxic.


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5.DR. MOREPEN Biotin+ Tablets

The DR. Morepen Biotin+ Tablets help strengthen hair as it also contains the goodness of Bhringraj and Brahmi and Biotin and other multivitamins. It helps in hair growth and hair strength as it has the goodness of Evening Primrose infused in it. 

These tablets also strengthen the nails by providing essential nutrients that help discoloured, brittle, weak, and pale nails and cuticles.

These tablets are infused with antioxidant properties that free the skin and scalp from any infection and inflammation, and itchiness of the hair scalp.

The tablet from the brand is free from allergens, soy, peanuts, or gluten.


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6.Amway Nutrilite Biotin


Amway is a name for providing supplements and nutrients to its loyal customers. These Amway biotin tablets for hair growth help strengthen hair roots, nails, and skin. These also contain collagen that helps in structuring and maintaining hair texture and growth of hair.

These tablets from Amway are a rich source of biotin and have the goodness of grape seed extracts that are potent antioxidants.


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7.Simply Herbal Organic Biotin Capsules 

The Simply Herbal Organic Biotin Capsules improve the body's keratin absorption that helps strengthen hair follicles and make hair thick, strong, and black. The natural protein in the scalp- keratin, promotes hair growth. The Simply Herbal biotin tablet helps this keratin to boost the growth of hair.

This tablet also nourishes skin, nails and boosts nail growth.

These also help in weight management and digestion. Biotin tablets work as a coenzyme to help break the food to digest it fully.

These tablets from the brand are highly safe and natural.


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8.Nutrainix High Potency Biotin Tablets

Nutrainix High Potency Biotin Tablets nourish the hair and remove its frizziness. It helps in repairing the hair damage and making the hair look smooth, silky, and shiny. It also helps improve hair elasticity and reduces the split end. 

Nutrainix, being the best biotin supplement for hair growth reviews being one of the most active biotin supplements.

These tablets also improve the skin by enhancing its glow and maintaining the nourishment of the skin. These also strengthen nails and support metabolism.

Nutrainix Biotin contains vitamin H that improves hair thickness. It is free from any artificial colours, chemicals, and preservatives.


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Biotin is full of benefits, so these biotin tablets are highly recommended for biotin deficient patients. The benefits of biotin are discussed below. You can have a look to understand them briefly.

Health Benefits Of Biotin Tablets

Biotin Tablets are a rich and healthy source of vitamin B7 that boosts hair and skin health. They strengthen the hair and reduce hair thinning. There are various other health benefits associated with biotin tablets. If taken in optimal quantities, these tablets prove to be the best solution for what's the best biotin supplement for hair growth? 

Some of the benefits of biotin tablets are:

Good For Hair

Biotin has Super benefits for hair, and it helps to volumize your hair and provide it with the required vitamin nutrients to be healthy from the inside. The foodsFoods rich in biotins include eggs, nuts, milk, and fish, which help take care of your hair's health and boost its growth naturally. The tablets rich in biotin supplements fill the deficiency of natural biotin intake.

Nails Strength

Nail requires calcium, proteins, and vitamins to be strong and shiny. Deficiency of such mineralminerals lealead to brittle nails Biotinnails. Biotin is a vitamin whose deficiency makes nails brittle and leads to easy chip-offs.


Biotin tablets help boost metabolism. It breaks down the food into energy and increases the metabolism of our body. It helps in the synthesis of glucose from sources, and biotin enzymes help initiate this process.

It also helps in synthesizing Fatty acid and amino acid breakdown. The enzymes that Biotin contains help in breaking down the macronutrients and boosting health.

Good Digestion

As Biotin boosts the process of metabolism, it helps in digestion and easy absorption of nutrients. It helps in breaking down the food that one eats and converts folic acid into its active form. This further supports the body in making new RBCs.

Good During Pregnancy

Biotin is good for fetal development. Pregnant females and lactating females are advised to fill their biotin deficiency to boost the baby's health and the mother's. During pregnancy, the mother often becomes Biotin deficient. That's why they are encouraged to rich their diet with biotin supplements to boost their health.

Good For Diabetics

Biotin lowers the levels of sugar. People with diabetes are recommended rich biotin diets or biotin tablets as suppp[lemenst to check their sugar levels. People with type 2 diabetes have significantly lower levels of biotins. So they are recommended to have biotin-rich diets or biotin tablets as supplements.

For Skin Care

Skin needs proper care and attention. Biotin deficiency causes the skin to have red rashes. Biotin tablets take care of the health of the skin and reduce skin rashes to significant levels. Biotin boosts the health of the skin, and its deficiency should indeed be avoided.


Biotin is a good source of essential nutrients, so they are best taken as supplements. You can buy yourself some of the top brands of biotin tablets and enjoy their benefits to boost your health and metabolism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which biotin pills are best for hair growth?

A.Various brands have manufactured some of the best biotin tablets that boost hair growth. Some of them are mentioned above, like Nutrainix High Potency Biotin, Amway Nutrilite Biotin, Himalayan Organics, etc.

Q.How many mg of biotin should I take for hair growth?

A.The acceptable amount of biotin can be from 2 mg to 5 mg. The intake may vary from person to person according to the needs and requirements. 

The recommended levels of biotin intake for kids can be :

Upto three years, 10 mcg - 20 mcg

From ages 4 - 6 years, 25 mcg

From ages 7 - 10 years, 30 mcg

Q.Is biotin better for hair growth?

A.Yes, biotin boosts hair growth. Biotin pills help stop hair thinning and provide the essential nutrients to promote hair health and strengthen hair strands.

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