10 Best Skin Care Products to use in Winter for Smooth and Glowing Skin

Change your skin care routine along with the wardrobe as the season is moving from summer to winters. For your convenience, here I have prepared a list of the best skincare products for winter from top brands that can be used by everyone.

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Winter takes a toll on our skin. And, the most affected part of the body is the face. The breezy winds, cold temperatures, and harsh sun rays make the skin appear dull, dry and dark during the chilly season of winters. So, it becomes necessary to adjust your skincare routines along with your wardrobe. Skin needs a special care during the change in weather because the transition from humid to cold weather will snatch all your glow and subtleness. For the same reason, here I have aggregated the list of best skin care products for winter which will help your skin to brighten, soothe, hydrate and protect your skin from the harsh weather conditions of the season. Needless to say, if you use best beauty products in India then, your skin will withstand even in harsh weather conditions.

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1. Pond’s Moisturizing Cold Cream


Pond’s helps you beat the heat in summers and the cold in winters. It is amazing to experience the in-depth moisturization and permanent glow added by the Pond’s moisturizing cold cream. It features a striking blend of soy, protein, sunflower oil and skin lipids that keep your skin glowing, healthy, and smooth during the winters. This skincare formula pampers your skin in such as way and helps you to attain a rosy glow in the days of winters.

Why use Pond’s moisturizing cold cream?

  • Provides natural moisture to the skin

  • Prevents skin from dryness and retains the moisture

  • Leaves a non greasy, non-oily soft, comfortable and lightweight moisturizer

2. Garnier Skin Naturals Nourishing Cold Cream

Looking for the best skin care products which can fight with the cold aggressive winter winds? Then, Garnier skin naturals nourishing cold cream is perfect for you. The hydro-fixation power of the ingredients present in this moisturizing cream will be absorbed deeply and speedily and makes your skin soft readily. The presence of honey and pure acacia in it nourishes and moisturizes your skin thoroughly and maintain the skin’s moisture level at a high no matter how harsh the surroundings levels.

Reasons to Use Garnier Skin Naturals Nourishing Cold Cream

  • Moisturizing plus anti-aging with 24 hr protection.

  • Cream works for 24 hours to nourish and protect skin from dryness.

  • Intensively moisturizes the skin and leaves skin soft.

  • Immediately soothes any skin discomfort including tightness, roughness, & dryness.

3. Nivea Cold Cream

Nivea cold cream is for dry skin and can be used as day and night cream. This skincare product is rich in jojoba oil and vitamin E which are considered to be boon for the person who’ve dry skin. The little bit usage of this cream will soothe any kind of skin and will make skin to appear healthy and glowing. The presence of hydrating microdroplet in the Nivea cold cream will properly provide intensive care from the outer oil phase and makes the skin subtle and glowy.

Why use Nivea cold cream?

  • Protects the skin from the harsh rays of the winter sun.

  • Keeps your skin moisturized for the day long.

  • Lightweight and nongreasy texture.

  • Strengthens the skin cells and moisturizes them deeply.

4. Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturizer

Are you scared of losing the glow and smoothness that you’ve tried hard in summers to achieve? Does your winter face haunt you season after season? If your answer to any of the question is yes, then it’s time for you to make a quick change and pick up the perfect skincare product for this winters. One of the best product that I will suggest you to use in this winter is Lakme skin gloss winter intense moisturizer. Truly saying, this moisturizer is a secret weapon for attaining healthy and soft skin in the season of winters.

Advantages of using Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturizer

  • Best cold-weather companion.

  • Seeps into the layers of skin for intensely hydrating it.

  • Keeps face skin soft and rosy.

  • No more dullness and flaking of the skin.

5. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion

As the winter arrives, skin damage begins the days before the signs of dryness appears. And, if damage occurs in the deeper layers of skin, it can lead to visible problems like irritated or flaky skin. So, before the worsening of conditions, you need to take some preventive steps when it comes to the care of the body’s largest organ skin. Use, vaseline intensive care deep restore lotion as it will deeply moisturize your layers of skin. This skincare product is comprised of microdroplets of petroleum jelly which penetrate deep into the skin and keeps the skin healthy and glowing all day long.

Reasons to use Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion

  • Keeps skin healthy, soft and glowing.

  • Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel.

  • Keeps the skin moisturized for all day long.

  • Clinically proven to heal dry skin.

6. Aloe Vera Cold Cream by Blossom Kochhar

A slight chill in the air, skin becomes dry and lifeless. Autumn has got to be the best time of the year and winter is coming your way. Just like the season's change, your lotions and potions need to change too. While your skin can get dull and dry in transition, but an amazing winter skincare products can help your skin through colder months. So, go for Blossom Kochhar aloe vera cold cream can help your skin to keep soft and glowing for the upcoming winter chilling season. The hydrating and soothing properties of aloe vera are perfect to protect your skin against dryness, harsh winds, and sunlight.

Reasons to use Blossom Kochhar Aloe Vera Cold Cream

  • Regular usage can rediscover a pinkish tint on your face

  • Protects your skin against dryness, harsh winds, and sunlight

  • Keeps skin soft and supple

7. Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream

Olay is a perfect nourishing cream for using the onset of winter. It helps to infuse moistures at the top, as well as in deep down layers of the skin. This skin cream from Olay offers 24-hour nourishment to the skin. The ingredients present in this product gives skin soft and supple touch by reaching into the deepest skin cells. So, put aside your worries for dark and dull skin in winters, with this moisturizing skincare formula.

Benefits of using Olay Moisturizing Cream

  • Provides 24 hours nourishment to the skin.

  • Gives a soft, supple and radiant looking skin.

  • Locks the moisture in the deepest cells and makes skin smooth and supple.

  • Regular usage of this body moisturizer gives the best results.

8. Dove Intense Moisturizing Cream

The ultimate path to get smooth and soft skin in winters is moisturization. For beautifully hydrated skin in the chilly cold weather, use Dove Intense moisturizing cream. Its unique skin natural nutrients and essential oils leave the skin smooth and soft on continual application. As we all know, when harsh weather hits, moisturizing cream or lotion is one and the only solution to prevent the skin against the cold weather and lack of humidity in the air.

Advantages of using Dove Intense Moisturizing Cream

  • Nourishes the deep layers of skin.

  • Keeps skin healthy, glowing and subtle.

  • Formulated using natural nutrients and essential oils.

  • Prevents skin from getting dry and harsh.

9. Liquorice Cold Cream By VLCC

VLCC is one of the most trusted and renowned cosmetic brand. The liquorice cold cream by VLCC is an absolute winter companion for protecting the skin from harsh chilly weather. It is ideal for dry and normal-skinned beauties. This skincare formula is rich in the goodness of saffron, jojoba oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, grape seed extracts and rose petals. Combining all these ingredients protects the skin against dryness and dullness and helps the skin to withstand in hard temperature. Moreover, this winter skin care product offers the SPF20 sun cover, which provides your skin glow, fairness and sun protection.

Benefits of using Liquorice Cold Cream By VLCC

  • Perfect for all dry skin woes.

  • Formulated to bring moisture back to patches of dry skin.

  • Fast absorbing cream that softens, smoothes and intensely moisturize dry skin.

  • Clinically proven for dry skin.

10. Jolen Cold Cream

The non-greasy formula of this moisturizing cold cream by Jolen is the perfect and best for the winters. This cream rebuilds the damaged skin cells during the winters. It is light in weight and expert in adding fairness, glow, and sheen to the skin. The natural and clinically tested ingredients of this cream are harsh on skin woes and soft on skin cells. So, without thinking too much add Jolen cold cream in your daily skin care routine of winters.

Reasons Why to use Jolen Cold Cream

  • The composition of this formula is Jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin A, Vitamin D, Aloe Vera, and Shea butter.

  • Apply on the skin for nourishment and moisturization.

  • Supports cell regeneration process.

All the above-listed top 10 winter skincare products will help your skin to lose its sheen and glow that you have managed to achieve in days of summer. A quick change in your skin care routine and adding one of these skin care products from top brands including Nivea, Lakme, ponds and more will keep all the skin woes aside. So, keep all your skin worries aside when you have so many options for keeping your skin healthy, soft, rosy glow and smooth in the chilly weather.

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