15 Best Paypal Earning Apps 2024: Earn Real Money

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You are familiar with tons of applications that are not paying you. But have you ever used any application that can give you instant money? No? This article is all about the best Paypal Earning Apps

If I am not wrong, your routine is getting up in the morning, using your phone, and going to sleep after scrolling social media feeds. Why waste time when there are plenty of applications that give money? 

One of my friends recommended two-three applications to me, and I am earning from those apps every day. I thoroughly researched such applications and I found 15 more Paypal Earning Apps

Excited to know those applications with some details? Well, the article below covers a lot of information. Plus, I will share the rating of every app below. Just stick to this article. 

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PayPal Cash Earning Apps

List of Best Paypal Earning Apps

Here is a list of best Paypal Earning Apps with their ratings on Google PlayStore.

Best Paypal Earning Apps

Ratings on PlayStore



Go Daily


Money Tree Rewards App


App Flame




Make Money


Push Rewards


Lucky Miner


Cash App




GAMEE Prizes


Lucky Chest




Money Bingo




Review of the Best Paypal Cash Earning Apps

Here, I have provided a review of the above listed Best Paypal Earning Apps in India. Have  a look for more information.

1. mRewards


mRewards is one of the latest money-earning apps. They have many rewarding tasks and excellent referral programs in place. Also, they are offering many options to users to redeem their earnings. You can choose from different withdrawal options at your convenience. All these make it an easy app worth trying to earn money online. 

  • Download mRewards app

  • Register on the app

  • Starting completing tasks such as app downloads, surveys etc 

  • Redeem your earnings using any method of choice 

2. Go Daily

Go Daily

With Go Daily, you get rewarded for completing different tasks, such as trying new apps. The app has many exciting offers to take care of your earnings. You get many new offers daily, which you can complete to unlock cash rewards.

It has an easy redemption feature. You need a minimum of Rs. 50 to transfer the earnings to your account. With so many tasks available, this app gives you a great chance to earn money. You can expect payment within 72 hrs. 

Earn with Go Daily App

  • Download the app

  • Login with your mobile number

  • Sign up bonus will be added to your account

  • Earn a daily login bonus as well

  • Complete simple tasks to earn money

  • Redeem your earnings for free recharge or Bank Transfer

3. Money Tree rewards app

Money Tree rewards app

Money Tree rewards app helps you earn PayPal cash, gift cards and more. It rewards users for trying apps, answering surveys etc. 

You can start your earning journey by signing up with the Money Tree. Also, share your referral code with friends to earn unlimited Paypal Cash.

You also earn a daily login bonus with the Money Tree rewards app. And as you progress to a higher level, the earning possibilities also increase. 

  • Download the Money tree App

  • Complete simple tasks

  • Redeem for PayPal Cash or Gift Cards 

4. App Flame

App Flame

Earn money by discovering cool apps. You will get game and app recommendations that you need to download. For each Paypal Earning Apps, you will earn some rewards. App Flames provides you mCoins that can be redeemed for rewards. Share your referral code with friends to earn bonus mCoins. 

App rating on Google Play Store: 3.9

How to Earn PayPal Cash with App Flame?

  • Download App Flame

  • Register to get sign up bonus

  • Browse to tasks sections on the app

  • Complete tasks and earn mCoins

  • Redeem your mCoins for exciting rewards

5. Fitplay: Make money playing games

Fitplay: Make money playing games

Earn money by simply playing games on your mobile. Try new games to earn coins. The coins can be exchanged for cash rewards or Gift cards. You will get rewarded for every second you play. Redeem the collected coins for real money. 
App rating on Google Play Store: 3.3

How to Earn With Fitplay App?

  • Download Fitplay app

  • Register on the app to earn a sign-up reward

  • Now start playing new games to earn coins

  • Redeem your coins for PayPal Cash

6. Make Money - Free Cash App

Make Money

It is one of the top Paypal Earning Apps that let you earn real money with the app. You have to complete simple tasks like watching videos, downloading new apps, completing surveys, etc. The points you earn for each task can be redeemed as PayPal cash. 

App rating on Google Play Store: 4.6

How to Earn with Make Money App

  • Download Make Money App

  • Register on the app

  • Complete tasks to earn points

  • Redeem your rewards for PayPal cash

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7. PushRewards - Earn Rewards and Gift Cards


Earn gift cards, rewards, and PayPal cash with the PushRewards for Android. Complete some easy tasks such as downloading apps. Also, earn unlimited points by referring your friends.  Enter your email ID linked to your PayPal account for the redemption of rewards. 

App rating on Google Play Store: 4.3

How to Earn with the PushRewards app?

  • Download PushRewards app

  • Register with your PayPal Email ID

  • Complete the given tasks to earn rewards

  • Transfer your rewards to PayPal account

8. Lucky Miner

Lucky Miner

Earn PayPal cash by playing Games on the Lucky Miner app. Get Rs. 30 as a sign-up bonus. And earn Rs. 2 per referral; once you have enough coins redeem them for Paypal cash or Gift cards as per your choice. You get a lot of games to play, and at the same time, you earn for every minute on the app. Try this one of the top Paypal Earning Apps! 

App rating on Google Play Store: 3.8

How to Earn with Lucky Miner App?

  • Download Lucky Winner App

  • Register on the app

  • Starting Playing games to earn points

  • Redeem the accumulated coins to Paypal Cash

9. Cash App 

Cash App

Looking for PayPal Cash Earning apps? Use this one! Complete simple quests on earn credit rewards on the app. You can try new apps, complete quests and more. There is also a daily check-in bonus to help you earn money. You can choose to redeem your rewards as PayPal cash. The app has got very positive reviews on the app store. 

How to earn PayPal cash with Earn Money App

  • Download the app

  • Register using mobile number or email

  • Get a daily check-in bonus

  • try apps to earn credit rewards

  • Redeem your earnings for PayPal cash

10. Rewardy


Rewardy is one of the best Paypal Earning Apps. You get rewards for completing surveys on the Rewardy app. Sign up on the app and start completing surveys to earn PayPal cash. You need to sign up on the app to get maximum surveys.

How to Earn PayPal Cash with Rewardy app

  • Download the Rewardy app

  • Set up your account

  • Complete paid surveys

  • Earn reward points for every survey

  • Redeem the reward points for free PayPal Cash 

11. GAMEE Prizes

GAMEE Prizes

GAMEE Prizes is another Paypal Earning Apps that you must try if you are looking forward to earning some money. The app is 100% free, and the best part is that you can earn money playing games on this online platform. The gaming app offers more than 70 mini games. Play these games and win hundreds of dollars as real cash reward. Every month the app comes up with new games for you. GAMEE Prizes are filled with addictive F2P mini-games. You can play any of your choice. GAMEE Prizes also gives you a chance to earn amazing rewards for a weekly giveaway with their daily lottery and scratchers offers on Paypal.

12. Lucky Chest

Lucky Chest

Lucky Chest is also an online gaming platform and one of the top Paypal Earning Apps that you can download to play games for free and earn real money. You do not have to fill in any sort of information. The app is the most sorted platform where you can play a number of games each day and earn the greatest rewards in the form of cash. Lucky chest has got a rating of 4.3 stars on Google play store. Play and win coins everyday, redeem them and earn real money. 

13. Cashyy


Cashyy too is a completely free gaming application. You can discover free games here everyday, accomplish the missions for which you win the coins. You can exchange these coins with gift cards. Play as much as you can, as the more you play, the more rewards you will earn as cash. The gaming application has got a rating of 4.1 stars on Google PlayStore, and has been downloaded by more than 5 Million people from the platform as of for now. The game is restricted to be played by the users who are above 12 years of age.

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14. Money Bingo

The next one on our list of best Paypal Earning Apps is the Money Bingo app. The app brings the most fun games for you. Play these games, and get the most exciting rewards. Here, you’ll get a daily chance to win hourly cashbacks. To witness the amazing Bingo power ups and amazing minigames, download Money Bingo now on your smartphone and earn bestest rewards ever. 

15. Giantplay

Giantplay is the app that you can use to earn rewards using PayPal, Paytm, and more, just by completing some simple tasks. The tasks can include a number of things, such as, playing games, completing the surveys, and getting paid. Have you ever thought that engaging in different activities like playing games, listening to music, using a few apps, and participating in surveys, can get you real money.

The app has got the ratings of 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store and more than 100 k people have downloaded it till now. 


How many of you are interested in making extra money? I am sure everyone will raise their hand. Why waste this opportunity when you know the best Paypal Earning Apps? In this article, I have talked about those apps and their Google Play rating. Furthermore, these applications are 100% secure for users. Sitting at your home, such applications will open the doors of earning money. Do you know more Paypal Earning Apps? Please share it in our comment section so that I can mention the names of those apps here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which game pays real money on PayPal?

A1. To earn real money on PayPal, you can play games like online bingo, solitaire online, pool games online, etc. 

Q2. Is PayPal app free?

A2. Paypal is a secure application that enables users to send and receive money.

Q3. Which app has real money?

A3. You can earn real money by using apps like Money Tree Rewards.

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