GoldStar Shoes & Its 4 Series: Best Quality And Low Price

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Are you looking for sports shoes or a pair of sneakers with the best comfort and prices?

If you are sick and tired of searching various brands online and offline, Your search ends right here

GoldStar shoes offer ultimate comfort, superior durability, and an affordable price. 

That’s not all! The combination of eye-catching styles & colours will blow your mind. 

And that’s all you want! Isn’t it?

In addition, GoldStar sports shoes are available in a variety of designs and colours for men, women and as well as for kids.

 Let’s look at the variants available with prices so that you get a clear picture while choosing yours!

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GoldStar Shoes


Variants Of GoldStar Shoes With Prices 

No matter your activity, GoldStar shoes are categorized by four brands and GoldStar shoes price in India vary with each brand. Take a look at the table below.

Variant Name


Price (Rs)

1. G 10 Series

Sports Shoes

400 onwards

2. GoldStar Classic

Daily-use Shoes

200 onwards

3. GoldStar PU

All-purpose Shoes

200 onwards

4. Republic Leather

Formal Shoes

500 onwards







If you want to buy a pair of running shoes, G 10 series is the most comfortable GoldStar shoe running you can choose. You can wear them for a more extended period of time without any complaints. A double sole is provided in every pair which ensures dual comfort. GoldStar running shoes are available in a variety of styles and colours.


Activity: Sports, walking, daily use

Material: PU, breathable fabric

Special features: Slip-resistant, lightweight

Colour & style: Multiple

Sizes: 5-12 

Maintenance: Easy to wash

This is the most popular, affordable and high-selling brand. Most GoldStar white shoes come from this brand and they are very much liked by most of the buyers aged 18-32. They are lightweight and super-durable with attractive designs and colours. You can wear them anywhere, anytime.


Activity: Regular use

Material: Breathable fabric

Special features: Excellent support, lightweight

Colour & style: Multiple

Sizes: 6-10

Maintenance: washable

 If you are crazy about colours and trendy designs, go for GoldStar PU without giving it a second thought. You’ll find multiple colours and patterns of your choice. This variety is favoured among youngsters for its unique colour combinations and styles. You can go for GoldStar running shoes or GoldStar white shoes for ultimate comfort and trendy designs


Activity- All-purpose use

Material: High-quality PU

Special features: Water-resistant, Breathable

Colour & style: Multiple

Sizes: 5-10

Maintenance: washable, wet wipe


This brand is known for its formal wear. Superb quality GoldStar Shoes original leather with countless designs and shades like jet black, tan brown, dark brown, mixed brown, black and brown and whatnot. An elegant look and a quality finish is the key to go for this brand.


Activity- Formal use

Material: High-quality leather

Special features: Lightweight, long-lasting

Colour & style: Multiple

Sizes: 5-10

Maintenance: Wipe and dry, Polish

Originating in Nepal in 1970 by Noor Pratap Rana, this Nepalese shoe brand became a pioneer in India, Nepal, and other Western countries for its affordable price and great quality.

During the Maoist period, if anyone was seen wearing a pair of GoldStar shoes, they were imprisoned accusing a part of rebels as these shoes were cheaper and easily available. The army starved the rebels during the war by imposing a barrier on GoldStar shoes and food.

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I hope you have a better understanding of the different styles of GoldStar shoes now. So If you're ready to experience the ultimate in comfort and style at reasonable prices, pick up a pair of GoldStar shoes today and take your steps to the next level! 

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Q1. Who is the owner of GoldStar shoes?

A. Noor Pratap Rana first initiated GoldStar shoes and from that time the business is running by his family.

Q2. Where is GoldStar from?

A. During the world war, a blue star is used to represent a family member involved in the war. In case of any death, the family used to change the blue star into a gold one.

Q3. What is GoldStar known for?

A. GoldStar is a leading brand known for its high-quality, lesser price and longevity.

Q4. What is GoldStar's history?

A. During the Maoist period, GoldStar shoes were cheaper and easily available, so people who wore them were imprisoned as rebels. The army starved the rebels during the war by imposing a barrier on GoldStar shoes and food.

Q5. Why should you buy GoldStar shoes?

A. They are comfortable, durable, and affordable combining eye-catching styles and colours.

Q6. What is the tagline of GoldStar shoes?

A. “Hathi Balio Ki Hathi Chap Chappal”- is the tagline of GoldStar shoes and it’s famous among the users.


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