Top 9 Best Formal Shoes For Men Under 500 In India

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Men look their best in formal attire and a pair of formal shoes complement the look. A man, whatever his profession is, has at least one pair of formal shoes in his wardrobe. 

Hey guys! I know you always try your best to groom your overall appearance while going to the workplace, during business meetings, professional events or any other social gatherings. Isn’t it?

And while doing so, you sometimes end up sending huge on your favourite formal shoes. But folks, there are good-quality, comfortable, trendy formal shoes for men under 500. Why spend so much?

Can’t believe it?

Just look through this article till the end and you’ll know there are men’s formal shoes brands under 500 where you’ll find black formal shoes as well as men’s formal brown shoes that will express your style and personality. 

Let’s get started!

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formal shoes for men under 500

List Of The Best Formal Shoes For Men Under 500 With Price

We‘ve curated some formal shoes for men under 500 from very popular brands available in India. They are not only comfortable to wear but also go with the trend. That too at a price lesser than 500. Here you go.

Shoe name

Price (Rs)

Aadi Black LACE UP Formal Shoes: 


 Port Men's Brown Formal Shoes:


 DEEKADA Men's Synthetic Leather Formal Shoes


SAIJARA Men's Black Formal/Official Shoes


DE LOYON Men's Patent Leather Derby Formal Shoes


Aadi Men's Modern Shoes


 Stylelure Men's Synthetic Leather Black Formal Shoes for Men


 DECENT Decent


DEEKADA Men's Black Lace-Up Synthetic Leather Formal Shoes


This is a classic formal shoes for men which follows the latest fashion. The jet-black colour and lace-up closure add to a glamorous look. This super-comfortable shoe is most suitable to wear for a longer period of time. It has a dual-cushioned sole for maximum comfort. Wear this and let others follow you!


  • Man-made sole

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Cushioned insole

  • Dustproof

  • 6-10 sizes available



You‘ll be amazed at the alluring shiny, tan, super-trendy finish of this masterpiece. That too at an affordable price. This unparallel collection can be worn on any formal occasion like for professionals and as well as weddings. This brand also has a collection of men’s black formal shoes.


  • Polyvinyl breathable materials

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Dual-cushioned sole

  • Dustproof

  • 4-11 sizes available


This is a formal shoe that carries your personality and energy. Super-awesome finish, long-lasting, flawless fitting and convenient to use. DEEKADA is one of the best men’s formal shoes brands. You can easily pair up with formal and casual trousers, suits and as well as denim.



  • High-quality canvas and PU

  • Lightweight & durable

  • Super comfortable sole

  • Dustproof

  • 6-10 sizes available






This clean-front lace-up formal shoe is the ultimate statement of style and durability. Made from selected synthetic leather, that is long-lasting and lightweight. This shoe can be maintained easily, with just a wet wipe. The waxed dress shoelace makes it long-lasting. You can definitely go for this shoe if you are fond of black pull-on formals and looking for a pocket-friendly product.


  • High-quality PU

  • Lightweight & long-lasting

  • Durable flex padded rubber sole

  • Classic shape

  • 6.5-10.5 sizes available

5. DE LOYON Men's Patent Leather Derby Formal Shoes:

This s a typical black derby and one of the best formal shoes for men in its class. It has a dual-padded closed sole. If you are a derby person and black is your only choice then no look further. This buy would be a value for money for you. This brand also has men’s formal brown shoes.


  • Patent leather

  • Comfortable & long-lasting

  • Durable flex padded rubber sole

  • Pointed front

  • 6-10sizes available



You should go for this if you’re crazy about stylish formal looks. It is super stylish and available in black, brown and tan colour. The sideways lace-up design makes this shoe unique. This shoe is the perfect mixture of style, colour, quality and comfort. If you’re looking for formal shoes for men at a reasonable price, you can choose this in the first place itself.


  • Breathable air mix sole

  • Comfortable & long-lasting

  • Exceptionally stylish

  • Attractive colours

  • 6-10sizes available


This shoe is a perfect balance of classic and modern looks. This is black in colour with a regular fit pull-on style. The sole is made with thermoplastic rubber for extra comfort and they are long-lasting. Stylelure promises the highest quality at the minimum possible prices. Go for this shoe to complete your formal looks for an official meeting or a wedding or any other formal gathering. 


  • Thermoplastic sole

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Fashionable & durable

  • Cozy fit

  • 6-10 sizes available




This stylish and elegant black formal shoe for men stands out for its sleek design, high performance and affordable price. It’s a jet black colour, matte finish, pull-on shoe with a really- decent look. Additionally, an 8 cm platform heel elevates its style. If you're a fan of simple formal shoes, this could be your no.1 choice when you’re attending an official event or any other formal event.


  • Premium-quality synthetic leather

  • Lightweight

  • Stylish platform heel

  • Comfortable inner cushion

  • 6-10 sizes available






This sophisticated lace-up rich black formal shoe is one of the best formal shoes for men  at a lesser price than you thought. This is a formal shoe that carries your personality and energy. It has an amazing finish, is very long-lasting, fits perfectly, and is easy to maintain. DEEKADA is one of the best men’s formal shoes brands. It can easily be paired with both formal and casual trousers, suits, and denim.


  • High-quality faux leather

  • Lightweight

  • Super-stylish look 

  • Double cushion for comfort

  • 6-10 sizes available

Know More About Formal Shoes: The Types

Mainly, there are four types of formal shoes available.

  • Oxford- They are smooth textures, and simple patterns, with closed lace and low heels. This type is purely traditional and is worn best on most formal occasions.

  • Derby- They are the second most-demanding type. They are with opened-lace pattern and the stitches are different from oxford. They are worn formally and also can be paired up with denim and chinos.

  • Brogues- They have complicated decorative patterns and extended wings. Brogues are the first choice for highly fashionable individuals. They are perfect for date nights or can be reserved for big events.

  • Boots- Boots are not only bold, but they are also a necessity. They are available in different style and shades and represents someone’s taste. Boots can be worn in adverse weather conditions as they cover more areas. They can also be worn at parties as well as daily wear.

What Are Monk Starps?

  • This type of formal shoe originated in Europe during 1000-1300 BC. They are with a wider front and a metal strap buckled at the side. It is said that monks used to wear these wider front-style sandals before, thus the name monk style came from. Monk strap formals can be used as both formal and casual.


As men wear formal shoes for a longer time, it is important to look for comfort when purchasing formal shoes. Additionally, a trendy formal shoe completes a sophisticated look. So always select a pair of formals that suits your personality. Hopefully, you found this article about formal shoes for men under 500 helpful. If so, do share with your friends and family who are in requirement of a pair of formal shoes within a low budget. 

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Q. What Type of Shoes To Wear With A Suit?

A.You can use all categories like Oxfords, Derby, Monk Straps, and Brogues to wear with a suit. On the other hand, loafers, boots, and sneakers are also used for a casual look.

Q. Can I wear loafers with formal?

A. You can wear loafers with formals but make sure the material is leather or leather-like.

Q. Can I wear jeans with formal shoes?

A. Yes, you can. But again you have to take care of the rest of the outfits you are wearing and most importantly how you are carrying yourself. Always be confident about what you’re wearing and let the world follow your fashion.

Q. What are gentleman's shoes called?

A. The Oxford shoe is known as the gentleman’s shoe as they are an all-time favourite by most and can be paired up with formal as well as casual.


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