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Your search for the latest Magic Moments Price in India ends here. This article covers all the information on this beverage, including some exciting facts on Magic Moments Vodka. 

I remember one of my friends saying at a party, “I can’t drink orange juice neat; pass the vodka!” Whenever you ask him about Vodka, he always talks about Magic Moments and its taste. 

He was even surprised to see a new update on Magic Moments Price in India. I am 100% sure he has started making a collection of this brand at home. 

Do you also love drinking this Vodka brand but have no idea about its latest price in 2024? No problem! Read this article till the end

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Magic Moments Price in India

An Overview on Magic Moments Price in India

From chocolate to green apple, I have covered every variant to help you decide which is affordable. Have a look at the table given below-



Magic Moments Chocolate (750ml)

INR 800

Magic Moments Dazzle Vanilla (750ml)    

INR 1800

Magic Moments Green Apple (750ml)

INR 800

Magic Moments Lemon, Grass and Ginger (750ml)

INR 800

Magic Moments Orange (750ml)    

INR 800

Do you know the exact Alcohol volume? Magic Moments Vodka has 42.8% alcohol volume, and the brand is available in 750ml, 375ml, 180ml, and 90ml.

Magic Moments Vodka Price in Delhi

Are you interested to know the updated price of this brand in Delhi? I have created a table below that is all about Magic Moments Vodka Price in Delhi. Check it out-


Price (375 ML)

Price (750 ML)

Pure Grain

Rs. 390

Rs. 780

Green Apple

Rs. 390

Rs. 780


Rs. 390

Rs. 780


Rs. 390

Rs. 780


Rs. 390

Rs. 780

Grapefruit and Watermelon

Rs. 390

Rs. 780

Lemongrass and Ginger

Rs. 390

Rs. 780


Rs. 390

Rs. 780

M.M Cucumber Green & Wild Lemon Ginger

Rs. 390

Rs. 780

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How to Drink Vodka? 

I know most of you love drinking the best Vodka brands like Magic Moments. But I was surprised that so many don't know other ways to drink Vodka. See the jotted points given below-

  • Start drinking chilled Vodka! The reason is it has less bite and a slightly thicker texture. Do one thing: place vodka bottle in the freezer until it is ice-cold before serving to anyone.

  • You can mix Magic Moments Vodka with Cocktails. You can also mix a variety of juices with Vodka, such as lime juice, grapefruit juice, etc. 

  • I also recommend drinking Magic Moments with Traditional Food. Yes, you heard that right! Many experts have said you will love drinking Vodka alongside traditional foods, like salmon, fresh cucumbers, and olives.

Interesting Facts About Vodka

When it's about Vodka, I will always talk about its interesting facts. I hope you are also curious to know about it. Let's delve deeper-

  • The best stress reliever is Vodka! Are you kidding me?? You can do research personally, and you will find out that drinking the best Vodka brand can eliminate stress. Vodka causes the brain to release endorphins, which give no space to keep stress. 

  • Want to increase your blood flow? I am sure your friend has suggested drinking Vodka. The reason why I am saying this is because Vodka can increase your blood flow because it is a diuretic.

  • A former Diabetes patient said that Vodka can help reduce the risks associated with diabetes. There is no sugar, plus this beverage is low-calorie. Try Magic Moments today!

Closing Words

"Drink up and let the magic begin." Magic Moments is one of my favourites and I am happy to know the latest update on Magic Moments Price in India. Select any variant of your choice and start your special occasion by drinking this ultimate beverage. I have covered everything about Magic Moments and its new price. You also got to know how to drink Vodka. Start making an amazing collection of this Vodka brand from today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much alcohol is in magic moments?

A1. The Magic Moments Vodka brand has 42.8% alcohol volume. 

Q2. Is Magic Moments pure vodka?

A2. Magic Moments is a popular vodka brand produced from the finest grains. It is smooth and perfectly blends with your senses.

Q3. Which flavour of Magic Moments is best?

A3. You can try amazing flavours like Lemon Grass and Ginger while drinking Magic Moments Vodka. 

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