Jameson Whiskey Price in India: 2024 Complete List

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“What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for.” – Famous Irish proverb

I have lived so far by this proverb and can certainly say it's true. Especially when it comes to the Jameson whiskey, the fine taste and the bold nature are my cure for everything. 

In this article, I’m going to share with you the Jameson whiskey price in India. You will also get to know about the story of this brand’s origin, which is fascinating in itself.

And also, don’t forget to read about some amazing facts about the Jameson whiskey brand.

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Jameson Whiskey Price in India

Jameson Whiskey Price in India 

Whether you are a flavour lover, a beer lover or a barrel lover, Jameson Whiskey has varieties for you all. Check out the latest Jameson Whiskey Price in India of its different variants.  

Jameson Whiskey



Jameson Ginger and Lime RTD 


355 ml

Jameson Cold Brew


750 ml

Jameson Orange 


750 ml

Jameson Irish Whiskey


700 ml

Jameson Triple Triple


700 ml

Jameson Stout 


750 ml

Jameson Crested x Eight Degrees Black Ball


700 ml

Jameson Crested x Eight Degrees Devil’s Ladder


700 ml

Jameson Crested 


750 ml

Jameson IPA Addition 


750 ml

Jameson Black Barrel 


750 ml

Jameson Black Barrel Proof


750 ml

Jameson 18 Years 


750 ml

Note: The price varies from state to state. 

Story of the Jameson Whiskey Origin

‘Live a bit more and fear a bit less!’ This is what the Jameson whiskey brand has been telling us throughout the years. In the 1770s, John Jameson (founder of Jameson whiskey) travelled all the way to Dublin. The journey from Scotland to Dublin was indeed long. However, the journey of becoming one of the best whiskey brands in the world is longer. The sons of John Jameson successfully continued it. Do you know why Jameson whiskey is distilled 3 times? This is because John Jameson died on 3 December 1823 at the age of 83. That’s why number 3 is special to the Jameson brand. 

Today, Jameson is the most beloved whiskey brand in the world, selling over 22 million bottles per year. Various variants of Jameson whiskey, including 18 Year and Rarest Reserve, have received international awards for their premium quality and taste. A French company now owns Jameson whiskey, and the wood to make barrels (to age whiskey) is imported from Spain and America. Interesting, right?  

Amazing Facts About Jameson Whiskey  

  • Jameson Whiskey was originally founded by a Scottish man who settled in Ireland, and now the brand is owned by a French company. 

  • Out of all the Jameson whiskey produced, only 10% stays in Ireland, and the rest is exported to countries all over the world. 

  • Over 31 million bottles of Jameson Irish whiskey are sold annually. 

  • Around 70% of total Irish whiskey sold annually in America is Jameson whiskey. 

  • Most of the standard whiskey has a two-step distillation process. However, Jameson whiskey goes through a triple distillation process for a richer and smoother taste. 

  • Enter a shop in search of Jameson whiskey, and you’ll have to buy a cask (wooden barrel). Only after 1963 did this tradition change, and Jameson whiskey started to come in bottles. 

  • Jameson is the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world and the third best-selling whiskey worldwide. 

  • Jameson family’s coat of arms has the motto “Sine Metu”, which means “without fear”. 

  • The barrels in which Jameson whiskey is aged for three years in Ireland are imported from Spain and America. 

  • Jameson Crested Ten is Jameson’s oldest bottled brand, launched in 1963. 

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A Quick Questionnaire!

  • What is the Jameson whiskey bottle price? 

Jameson whiskey generally comes in a bottle of 750 ml, and the price varies from Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000, depending on the variant. 

  • What is Jameson Triple distilled Irish whiskey price in india?

The average price for the Jameson triple-distilled Irish whiskey in India is Rs.3,500. However, it varies from state to state. 

  • What is Jameson Irish whiskey price in india?

Jameson Irish whiskey price in India varies anywhere between Rs.3,000 to Rs.5,000 depending on the state where we are buying. 

  • What is Jameson whiskey price in India? 

The price for Jameson whiskey in India is between Rs.1,600 to Rs.14,500. It depends on the variant we are looking for and the state we are making the purchase in. 


“I followed my heart, and it led me to whiskey.” This happens every single time. So, if you also like this, you are not alone. Jameson whiskey price in India varies anywhere between Rs.800 to Rs.14,560, depending on the variety. Jameson 18 Years is the most expensive variant, which has even been rewarded with many international awards for its exquisite taste and quality. I guess this makes it worth spending every penny. Try this exquisite whiskey brand and share your experience in the comments. 


Q. How much is a 750ml bottle of Jameson in India?

Ans. Jameson whiskey 750 ml bottle is available in India starting from Rs.1,600. 

Q. How much is Jameson 1 Litre?

Ans. Jameson 1 litre whiskey price starts from Rs.3,300 onwards. 

Q. What is the price of Jameson in Delhi?

Ans. The price of Jameson whiskey in Delhi varies from Rs.1,600 to Rs.14,500, depending on the variant. 

Q. Is Jameson Whiskey expensive?

Ans. Jameson whiskey is not that expensive, which makes it a great option for gifting purposes. 

Q. What is the Jameson Irish whiskey price in india?

Ans. The average price for Jameson Irish whiskey in India is around Rs.2,500. 

Q. What is the Irish whiskey Bushmills price? 

Ans. Bushmills Irish whiskey is available in India with an average price of Rs.2,490. 

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