How to Order Free Food Online?

Who doesn’t want to have a free meal online every once in a while, therefore, in order to make your wish come true we wrote this article?

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What is the worst part about a working bachelor living away from his hometown? Getting Good Food. Food is how we live and why we live. Also, if I ask you what is the one thing that you actually miss about your hometown then it’s surely going to be your mum’s hand food.

Although with so many online services to search for food, finding good food is not food. Although, being a dedicated customer to all these services you can Order some Free Food Online.

If how is a question then this article is the answer for some great Order Food Online Deals. Therefore, let’s get to know how you can get free food or food that is almost free on different platforms.


  • In case if you wish to know about some great Food Offers Online then click on the provided link below.

  • You can order free food either via referring your friends and earning credits or by some special offer.

1. Zomato

1) Referral: The most common and easiest way of getting your food for free is by referral. Zomato Referral gets you the chance of getting free Zomato Credits. These credits can be used for ordering thus making it completely free.

Below are the steps on how you can refer anyone on Zomato:

  • Firstly open the Zomato service by clicking here.

  • Now login to Zomato Id or make one in case you don’t have it.

  • Now click on the top right scroll down and click on network.

  • Click on the “Invite a Friend” button.

  • Now Send invites to your friends on Facebook or Google+. You can also do the same with your application by sending a referral code.

  • Now if your friend installs the application using the link or entering the referral for his first order above Rs.300, you will receive Rs.200 each time it is being used. Also, your friend will get Rs.100 off.

2) Refunds: Zomato is very particular about their services. If in case you ordered the food and the food came late or the quality of it wasn’t good.

Therefore, you are eligible for a refund. This is a legit way of getting credits and also Zomato uses it to maintain quality. Below are the steps to get a refund.

  • Firstly, open up your Zomato Application.

  • Now click on the left corner of the window.

  • Click on food order there you will see “Customer Service”, click on it.

  • Now mention your issue with customer support.

  • If they find your issue relevant and justified then you will receive Zomato Credits.

3) Coupons: Coupons to get a 100% cash backs are very rare. Also, the validity of these offers is very short lived. Although, the catch would be that they will be giving 100% cashback to a maximum limit. The maximum limit could be Rs.100, Rs.75, or any amount the promoter decide.


  • In case if you are interested in knowing about Zomato Gold Membership then click on the provided link.
  • Now you can get up to Rs.100 on Zomato using the coupon code “TASTYPTM” and use Paytm for paying for your Zomato Order. The offer gives you a discount of 50% Off.

2. FoodPanda

1) Foodpanda Wallet: This is something you may be knowing about or maybe not. Whenever you make an order and receive a cashback or discount that amount is saved in your Foodpanda Wallet.

This amount that is saved in the wallet can be used to make further payments for your future transaction on Foodpanda. Therefore in order to make recharge your wallet follow the steps below:

  • Click here to reach Foodpanda.

  • Now Select your area to search restaurant.

  • Now select a restaurant to order your food.

  • Now look for your dish, select it and proceed to checkout.

  • Here on the payment gateway, click on Apply promo code and enter any promo code if mentioned.

  • Now select a suitable payment method. Currently, PhonePe if Offering a cashback of 50%. You will see the change reflected in your total amount.

  • Congratulations !!! Now the cashback received via the Foodpanda code entered will be credited to your Foodpanda wallet.

2) Zero: Use the code Zero during the time of Checkout and pay via PhonePe to get a cashback of Rs.300. By applying the code ZERO, you will receive free delivery up to four times and after the fourth transaction, you will receive a cashback of Rs.300.

3. Swiggy

1) Referral: This is one of the most common way of getting your food for free. By referring a friend to use Swiggy, you receive a credit of Rs.100 if your friend makes an order above Rs.199. Therefore, follow the steps below in order to proceed with refer and earn:

  • Click on the link here to get Swiggy.

  • Now after opening the application look for Account then click on it.

  • Now click on Referrals.

  • Now click on Invite and Earn to proceed.

  • Now select the contacts, you wish to send the referral code.

  • Once your friend downloads the application using the link and enters the referral code during the login, you will become eligible for the Credit.

2) SWIGGYIT: If you are a first time user on Swiggy then you can use the Coupon Code “SWIGGYIT”. By using the code, you will receive a discount of 50% off on your overall order.

The discount that you get is maximum up to Rs.100. In case if you missed the order for the first time then you may not be able to avail the offer. You can also combine it with other payment wallets to get further discounts on your order.

4. Ubereats

Referral: Now get a chance to save Rs.50 of your just by sending him the referral code. The best part about the Ubereats Refer and Earn is the fact that there is no minimum balance in order to avail it. Although, by doing so what you are getting is free food.

After your friend downloads the app using the link and sets it up using your referral code, you will receive an offer from Uber. This offer will last for 3 months. Therefore, in order refer your friend to UberEats follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Link here to reach the application.

  • Now click on the profile tab mentioned at the bottom.

  • Now click on Tell Your Friend.

  • You will be able to see a referral code. Share the code with your friend using the methods that are provided.

  • Now just wait for him to install and use the code. As soon as that happens, you will receive an offer for your free food.

  • Meanwhile, Checkout our article uber eats food offer for the latest offers on Uber Eats.

Benefits of Ordering Food Online

  • Can order your food anytime, 24/7.

  • Delivery is to your doorstep with e-shopping.

  • Stores send best quality and fresh food at affordable price.

  • Avoid the hassle of crowds and parking queues.

  • Get the best prices; browse offers online at your leisure.

So these were some of the ways on How to get Free Food Online India. In case if you wish to know about some Best Online Food Ordering Sites then click on the provided link. We hope this article may have been of some to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which is the best online food delivery app?

There are many websites and app delivering good quality food at a very affordable prce across India. You can try online food delivery apps like -

  • Zomato
  • Swigy
  • FoodPanda
  • UberEats
  • Fassos
  • FreshMenu, and more.

2.Is odering food online cheaper?

Yes ordering food online helps you get good quality food deliverd to your door step at a very affordable price. You get quality assured food online. And there are may promotions you can use to get discount on your food order.

3. What are the modes of payment for ordering food?

Most of the food delivery app accept cards, ayment wallets and COD. if you are no sure about wallet and card payment you can simply opt for COD and pay for your order in cash to the delivery boy.

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