Haldiram Franchise In India 2024: Cost And Structure

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Ever wondered what it takes to own a Haldiram Franchise? This article is your guide to the ins and outs of this exciting opportunity.

Haldiram is celebrated as the home of delectable desserts, snacks, nutritious food, and a wide variety of ready meals. 

Its products, which include over 410 products, are available in more than 80 countries, and the business is actively growing its network of franchises.

Thanks to the establishment of stores in several metropolises and other urban areas, Haldiram's is easier to find for most Indians. Also, Haldiram's can reach a larger audience by offering home delivery services via various online food delivery apps. 

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Haldiram Franchise


History Of Haldiram

The name Haldiram is linked to the best and most genuine Indian flavor in sweets and namkeens. The company was founded in 1937 in Bikaner, Rajasthan, and has since grown to become incredibly well-known both in India and internationally. Its rich variety of food has won millions of hearts over the decades that it has been in the industry. Today, Haldiram Products are sold in over 7 million outlets across India, where the brand has a vast network of 1000 distributors and 100 C & F outlets. With several restaurant locations across the nation, the brand also makes a name for itself in the hospitality sector. 

Important Points

  • Revenue: ₹8,870 crore (US$1.1 Billion) 

  • Market Share: Over 20% in the organised snack market in India

  • Number of Employees: Over 50,000

  • Distribution Network: Over 700,000 outlets across India and abroad

  • Product Categories: Sweets, namkeens (savoury snacks), ready-to-eat meals, frozen foods, beverages, and more

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Haldiram Franchise Cost & ROI

With varying prices, Haldiram offers a variety of franchise outlets. An estimate is as follows:

1. Kiosk 

The Kiosk Model is supposed to be the easiest to operate, but to use it, you must obtain a valid business license. All you need is a valid license from the business and a vending stall in a very busy area; no significant land or other investment is required. The initial Haldiram franchise cost, including the Kiosk Model, typically ranges from [INR 10 lakhs to INR 1 crore], depending on the location and size of the outlet.

  • Space Requirement- 150 – 200 sq. ft. (approx)

  • Investment- INR 10 lakhs to INR 1 crore (approx)

2. Quick Service Resturants

With the Quick Service Restaurants model, customers can order meals and have them delivered to their homes or delivered to them in a hurry. This kind of restaurant has very little and restricted seating. This model has a budget of roughly 1–5 crore. For the same, the company requests an area of about 1500 square feet.

  • Space Requirement- 1500 sq. ft. (approx)

  • Investment- INR 1–5 crore (approx)

3. Casual Dining

The most popular model is Casual Dining, which enables people to eat in a restaurant with happiness. Even though running a restaurant seems simple, the initial stages of building one require spending anywhere from 1-4 crore rupees. Rent, employee payroll, utilities, water and electricity bills, food ingredients, and numerous other costs are paid for. This sum progressively rises to 15–18 crores. For the same, the company requests an area of about 4000-5000 square feet.

  • Space Requirement- 4000-5000 sq. ft. (approx)

  • Investment- INR 3-6 crore (approx)

Steps To Apply For A Haldiram Franchise

To create your own Haldiram franchise, you must adhere to a number of detailed procedures. The steps involved are outlined below:

  • Select your franchise model, which can be QSR, casual dining, or kiosk-style.

  • Choose the area with the most potential for Haldiram's products, goods, and services after doing some research on the area.

  • Check out the Haldiram's official website at https://www.haldiramfranchisee.com.

  • There is a franchise form available on Haldiram's official website.

  • Complete the form with all required personal and professional information, such as your name, email address, current company, number of years in business, location details, and business experience.

  • If you meet the requirements to become a Haldiram's franchisee, someone from the franchisor or the company will get in touch with you to go over the details.

  • The franchise fee will be paid in addition to signing the franchise agreement.

Documents Required To Own A Haldiram Franchise

The documentation required for owning a Haldiram Franchise is as follows:

  • Shop Agreement

  • Sale Deed

  • GST Number

  • MSME Certificate

  • Outlet Trade License

  • FSSAI Certificate

  • ITR

Eligibility Criteria for a Haldiram Franchise

Since Haldiram's is a well-known, recognizable, and established brand throughout the world, its prospective owners must meet a number of requirements, such as:

  • Managing skills

  • Entrepreneurship that succeeds

  • Prior experience managing a profitable and efficient business.

  • A mindset that never gives up.

  • Keeps putting the needs of the customer first.

  • Able to adjust to the circumstances, whether favourable or unfavourable.

  • Must obtain a minimum of a 12th-grade diploma.

  • Must be at least 21 years old.

  • Ought to become knowledgeable about the food and beverage sector.

  • Must raise enough money for the franchise outlet's operations and investments.

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Reasons For Haldiram Franchise Success

The reasons for Haldiram's Franchise Success are given below. Scroll down and go through it. 

  • Emphasis on Quality: Haldiram consistently delivers taste and satisfaction by using traditional recipes and premium ingredients.

  • Broad Distribution Network: Haldiram's products are easily accessible to customers thanks to their extensive reach across retail outlets and their own restaurant chain.

  • Product Innovation: Haldiram responds to changing consumer tastes and market trends by consistently launching new goods and flavours.

  • Strong Brand Marketing: Through successful advertising and promotional campaigns, Haldiram has developed a strong brand reputation and a devoted customer following.

  • Value for Money: The Franchise offers its customers good value for money by providing them with tasty and convenient snacks at reasonable prices.

Why Can Haldiram Franchise Be A Good Business Option?

For a number of reasons, Haldiram's—a name associated with high-quality snacks and sweets in India—makes a strong business case to potential franchisees.

  • Brand Recognition: In India, Haldiram's is a very well-known brand. It was founded in 1937 and is now well-known. This acknowledgement may result in new franchises gaining immediate client trust and foot traffic.

  • Diverse Product Range: Haldiram's serves a wide range of customers by providing a vast range of products, from classic sweets to contemporary snacks and a variety of beverages. Thanks to this variety, franchises are able to draw in a diverse clientele.

  • Proven Business Model: Haldiram's business model has been successfully implemented in several Indian locations. By giving franchisees a path to financial success, this model lowers the risk involved in launching a new company.

  • Comprehensive Assistance: The parent company frequently provides franchisees with extensive assistance, including setup, marketing, training, and continuous operational direction. This assistance can be quite helpful to new business owners.

  • Market Growth: As a result of shifting consumption habits and rising disposable incomes, the snack market in India is expanding quickly. Haldiram is in a strong position to profit from this expansion as a well-known player, which will help its franchisees.

  • Quality Control: Haldiram ensures customer satisfaction and repeat business by upholding strict hygiene and quality control standards. By emphasising quality, franchisees can develop a devoted customer base.

  • Flexibility: The company has demonstrated incredible flexibility in responding to consumer trends, as evidenced by the introduction of packaged goods and the growth of its vegetarian menu. In a market that is changing, this flexibility can help franchises remain relevant.

Summing Up

This is all about the Haldiram Franchise. Known for its allo bhujia and traditional Indian restaurants, Haldiram is one of the largest chains in the Indian dessert and restaurant industry. A meal in India is a magical experience because food is not only a source of nourishment but also a way of life, and the Haldiram restaurant chain perfectly captures this spirit. It continues to uphold a legacy that will undoubtedly last for many years as it dominates the restaurant franchise market in 2024. I hope after reading this article, you have received all the important information regarding this subject. However, if you have any questions regarding the same, you can ask them in our comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Haldiram profitable?

A. Indeed! Haldiram is profitable as it earns a revenue of approx $1.1 Billion every year.

Q. Who is the CEO of Haldiram?

A. The CEO of Haldiram is Krishan Kumar Chutani, the former CEO of Dabur International, who left the position in January 2023.

Q. Who is the competitor of Haldiram?

A. Kishlay Foods, Delight Foods, and Capital Foods are some of Haldiram's main rivals.

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