15 Best Tea Brands In India: Give Life More Flavours

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Did you know that India has more than 3,000 different types of tea? India, the world's second-largest tea grower, is a nation divided by cultures but bound together by a love of tea. In most Indian families, tea is not just a beverage but also an integral part of everyday routines.

In this article, we will tell you about the 15 best tea brands in India that provide the best tea leaves, using which you can make a perfect cup of tea to start your day.

Tea is now available in various tastes from several tea companies in India, making it a remedy for anything from clear skin to stomach issues, headaches and stress. Tea has calming benefits on the mind since it relieves mental stress and nourishes the body. 

Additionally, if you want to know Which Green Tea is Best for Weight Loss, I suggest you read our article on the same. 

Best Tea Brands In India

List Of 15 Best Brands In India

Here we have compiled a list of the Top 15 Tea Brands In India, along with their starting price. We have also provided detailed info about these brands below the table. So, to know more, keep reading this article until the end.  

Best Tea Brands 

Starting Price With Quantity

1. Tata Tea

Rs. 35/100g

2. Lipton

Rs. 60/10Tea Bags Pack

3. Brooke Bond

Rs. 65/250g

4. Tetley

Rs. 52/25 Tea Bags Pack

5. Girnar

Rs. 90/100g

6. Vahdam

Rs. 99/15 Tea Bags Pack

7. Society Tea

Rs. 100/100g

8. Wagh Bakri

Rs. 150/250g

9. Organic India

Rs. 160/25 Tea Bags Pack

10. Dharmsala

Rs. 170/100g

11. Dancing Leaf Tea

Rs. 200/50g

12. Octavius Tea

Rs. 225/1Kg

13. Sancha Tea

Rs. 330/100g

14. Tea Trunk

Rs. 399/50g

15. TWG Tea

Rs. 970/15 Tea Bags Pack

Review Of The Premium Tea Brands In India

Here we have each of these luxury tea brands in india in detail for your convenience so that you can opt for the best. For more detailed information, go through this article to the end. 

1. Tata Tea

Tata Tea

In India, a cup of Tata Tea greets residents of one in three homes. The brand has driven societal awakening through various significant projects by leveraging customer attachment. When Tata Tea started its journey more than 35 years ago, the packaged tea business in India was controlled by a sizable competitor with more than 70% of the market share. Tata Tea saw an opportunity where other people saw a high-risk entry into this sector.

The Tata tea provides best tea in India. It gives the ideal cup of tea in a nation as diverse as India, thanks to its wide variety of national and regional brands that reflect the regional tastes of its customers. With its iconic 'Jaago Re' (wake up) campaign, which was initially introduced in 2007 on Facebook, the brand communicates to its customers in a distinctive voice, helping to inspire a wave of social awareness. 

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1962

  • Founder: James Finlay Group

  • Revenue: $1.7 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Tata Premium Tea, Tata Tea Gold, Tata Tea Gold Care, Tata Tea Agni, 1868 By Tata Tea, Tata Tea Chakra Gold, Tata Tea Kanan Devan & More

  • Headquarters: Kolkata, India

2. Lipton


Ekaterra is the owner of the British-American tea company Lipton. The business bears Sir Thomas Lipton's name because he created it in 1890. The "Pepsi Lipton International" firm, owned by Ekaterra and PepsiCo, is in charge of marketing the Lipton ready-to-drink drinks. The company's primary foundation brands are Lipton Yellow Label and Lipton Iced Tea. The Lipton pyramid (tetrahedron) series in Europe and North America and Lipton Milk Tea in East Asia are other product lines. Lipton Linea was introduced by the company throughout Western Europe in 2008.

Despite being available in more than 110 nations, Lipton is incredibly well-liked in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, portions of Asia, and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand). While Top Tea is made entirely of black tea from Camellia sinensis, Lipton Tea is made from the processed leaves of the same plant. It provides the best tea bags in India. 

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1890

  • Founder: Sir Thomas Lipton

  • Revenue: $1.7 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Black Teas, Iced Teas, Matcha Blends To A Selection Of Fruity Infusions And Green Teas 

  • Headquarters: Hoboken, New Jersey, US

3. Brooke Bond

Brooke Bond

Ekaterra, a former independent tea-selling and manufacturing business in the United Kingdom famous for its PG Tips brand and Brooke Bond tea cards, owns the Brooke Bond tea brand. This tea company is considered one of the top tea companies in india. With 115 years of history and a monthly audience of over 50 million, Brooke Bond is one of India's oldest tea brands.

Consumption is determined by price and product quality, whereas penetration is often driven by awareness and distribution. Because of Brooke Bond tea's distinctive smell and flavour, customers like it. Customer loyalty has improved as a result of this unique mix. This has helped the business build solid brand equity and awareness in the marketplace. The tea has a distinctive aroma that aids in brand recognition.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1845

  • Founder: Arthur Brooke

  • Revenue: $50 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Red Label, Taaza, Taj Mahal, 3 Roses, Super Dust & More

  • Headquarters: United Kingdom

4. Tetley 


Tetley, the second-largest tea brand in the world, is a British legend with a more than 180-year history. The Tetley brothers of Yorkshire created the company in 1837, and in 2000 it became a part of the Tata Consumer Products family. Tetley has become steadily more vital over the following decades. The brand has expanded its market share to over 40 nations, including important markets like the UK, Canada, and the US, where millions of consumers enjoy Tetley's delicious flavour daily. 

The Kolkata-based TATA tea brands include iced tea in various flavours, including mint infusion, lemon twist, ginger zing, and green tea with aloe vera. This company produces tea bags and distributes them to customers in special packaging. You may choose from a selection of green teas from this company packed with various organic components. Additionally, this brand offers a unique experimental spice that is now highly popular.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1837

  • Founder: Joseph and Edward Tetley

  • Revenue: $13.3 Million

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Green Tea, Ginger Tea, Masala Chai, lemon Twist, Elaichi Tea, Black Tea & More

  • Headquarters: Greenford, London, England

5. Girnar


Since its introduction in the 1970s, Girnar Tea has become an established brand among tea lovers. Two businessmen, Harendra Shah and Pravin Bhansali, who both hail from families with a long history in the tea industry, are promoting the firm. It currently controls about 7-8% of the domestic market. The Girnar group ranks as one of the top five tea exporters in the nation and a prominent tea exporter. Mr Shah's business had an Rs. 60 lakh turnover when Girnar was initially introduced. Besides exports, Girnar Tea has a current revenue of Rs 120 crore.

After an Indian hill, Girnar is well-known for its assortment of teas and afternoon munchies. The Instant Tea premixes, which come in flavours like masala chai, cardamom tea, ginger tea, and many more, are among their most well-liked products since they're simple to use and provide aromatic, flavorful cups of tea for road trips, hikes, and other activities.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1987

  • Founder: Harendra Shah and Pravin Bhansali

  • Revenue: $1.2 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Green Tea, Instant Tea, Masala Chai, lemon Tea, Royal Cup Tea & More

  • Headquarters: Parel, Maharashtra, India

6. Vahdam


The best teas from India are available to consumers worldwide thanks to the award-winning, sustainable, and ethical VAHDAM India wellness brand, which a fourth-generation tea entrepreneur founded. They can provide consumers worldwide with garden-fresh, premium teas and superfoods and keep all profits in the region where they are produced and developed by millions of farmers with great love, care, and passion. A procedure that finally aids each farmer in receiving a higher price for their harvest.

Anyone interested in trying out different types of green tea should start with the green tea sampler package from Vahdam Teas. These are clearly premium teas, and people who enjoy green tea and wish to experiment with flavours or who have an eye for high-quality green teas will appreciate them.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 2015

  • Founder: Bala Sarda

  • Revenue: $2 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Black Tea, Green Tea, Chai Tea, Herbal Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Single Estate, Limited Edition & More

  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India

7. Society Tea

Society Tea

Society Tea is an Indian tea company with its corporate office in Mumbai. It is a member of a 1933-founded organisation. The brand is available outside of Maharashtra in areas like Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Hasmukhrai & Co tea blenders, the parent firm also situated in Mumbai, owns the retail tea brand Society Tea. 

The focus on quality and consistency that Amarshibhai instilled in the family throughout the early decades of the business is what made Society Tea a household name in the following decades. The consistency of flavour that Society Tea is renowned for among its devoted consumers was finally developed due to this enthusiasm for manufacturing tea.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1933

  • Founder: Hiravan Pranjivandas

  • Revenue: $4.9 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Shop Tea, Leaf Tea, Dust Tea, Iced Tea, Hasmukhrai, One Minute Tea, Green Tea, Flavoured Tea

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India

8. Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri

Since 1892, the Wagh Bakri Tea Group has been in the tea industry and is renowned for its quality tea. Today, Wagh Bakri Tea Group owns and runs, under its aegis, one of India's top packaged tea businesses with a turnover of over Rs.1500 Cr. and a distribution of over 40 million Kgs. of tea. The group is a global leader in tea exports and retail sales. With a large following of Wagh Bakri tea drinkers worldwide, it has become a genuinely international brand.

The word "Wagh Bakri" stands for the harmonious coexistence of all people who forge enduring bonds in society by resolving disagreements over a satisfying cup of tea. We continually provide everyone with the highest quality tea throughout the year. Wagh Bakri represents harmony and connection, in other words.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1892

  • Founder: Shri Narandas Desai

  • Revenue: $8.5 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Premium Tea, Masala Tea, Flavoured Tea Bags, Green Tea, Organic Tea, Darjeeling Tea & More

  • Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India

9. Organic India

Organic India

Regenerative agriculture, which preserves and refills the land, is the cornerstone of ORGANIC INDIA's goods, business, and sourcing. A LEED Platinum-certified production plant that is a wonder of top-tier sustainable design, building, and operations supports and rewards farmer partners with equitable salaries, health care, and continued organic agriculture training, and these practices are fair trade practices. This produces organic, non-GMO herbal teas and supplements that promote population health, planetary vitality, and Indian community livelihoods.

These ORGANIC INDIA products are manufactured with love and encourage wellness and good health. Mother Nature, the farmers, and you are all interconnected in a web by which each product is one link. You are completing this chain, contributing to establishing a sustainable environment of True Wellness.  

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1997

  • Founder: Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev

  • Revenue: $1-5 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Tulsi Green Tea, Tulsi green Tea Lemon & Ginger, Tulsi Ginger Turmeric Tea, Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea, Tulsi Mulethi Tea & More

  • Headquarters: Lucknow, India

10. Dharmsala


For a very long time, the Himalayas have served as a place of inspiration, purity, renewal, and much more. And the Dharmsala Tea Company sends its love from the Himalayas to you. They meticulously uphold the heritage of sharing single-origin, high-grown Kangra Tea with the rest of the world as sixth-generation tea growers. Their tea continues to evoke their fundamental principles of straightforwardness, authenticity, purity, love, and sustainability.

Dharmsala Tea Company is much more than just a tea company, though. It's an approach to life. In Dharmsala, a place that inspires and shapes our ideals and a city with which our family has been linked for more than 135 years, culture, philosophy, art, health, friends, and nature intersect.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1882

  • Founder: The Mann family

  • Revenue: $5 Million

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Herbal Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Teas, White Teas, Tisanes Tea

  • Headquarters: Dharmsala, Himachal Pradesh

11. Dancing Leaf Tea

Dancing Leaf Tea

The idea behind "Dancing Leaf" was to produce an elixir using carefully chosen teas, spices, and herbs that would brew into various health benefits for the body and mind. They have professionally blended teas with a thorough understanding of natural ingredients to fulfil every palette and appetite. Their distinctive selection of blends has a specific cup for every mood, whether you want to indulge in something extra energising and fragrant or satisfy a sweet craving.

Their selection of essential teaware, which turns tea time into a celebration, also enhances the tea experience. Dancing Leaf is your one-stop shop for brewing the ideal cup of tastes thanks to its stylish accessories, which include tea tumblers, infusers, and Tetsubin - Japanese-style durable cast iron tea kettles. 

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 2014

  • Founder: Nandini Mehta

  • Revenue: $5 Million

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Herbal Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Matcha Green Tea

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

12. Octavius Tea

Octavius Tea

For tea lovers in India and worldwide, Octavius offers the unique privilege of tasting pure and unblended, single-origin, premium Indian teas. They also believe in spreading the rich tradition of tea drinking and exemplifying its art. Their teas blend an exceptional palate for flavour, which is clearly an Indian refinement, with a reverence for great teas, a uniquely British feeling. 

Tea is at its best when flavour, fragrance, and taste all work together. It is determined by a vast array of variables, including climate, water, and soil, to mention a few. Your taste senses will be transported on a voyage every time you sip one of the brews thanks to the years of expertise of their experienced master blenders and tea makers in creating teas you will adore with all your heart.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1922

  • Founder: Walter Duncan

  • Revenue: $1 Billion

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Herbal Tea,  Tulsi Rose Chamomile & More

  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India

13. Sancha Tea

Sancha Tea

The tea by Sancha Tea is blended in Micro Batches using the freshest produce harvested at award-winning tea estates. Enjoy aroma like never before in their selections that are pleasing & well-balanced. Our Green Tea Selections are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning they are sustainably grown and good for the environment.

This tea hamper is the healthiest gift for your loved ones, colleagues and Friends. Fine gourmet teas blended with the freshest herbs, spices & Botanics blended in the High Mountain Teas and presented in High-Quality Printed Boxes depicting floral motifs.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 1981

  • Founder: Sanjay Kapur

  • Revenue: $14.3 Million

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Chamomile Green Tea, Christmas Saffron Kahwah Tea, Cinnamon Green Tea, Dragon Lily Blooming Tea & more

  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India

14. Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk selects the best Indian tea leaves and uses only natural additives to create distinctive blends with them. Their teas are flavorful, whole-leaf, and nutritious. They provide direct shipment worldwide and the freshest and most genuine artisanal tea blends available online. It does not include any additives or artificial colours. They ensure that you properly appreciate delicious tea.

Obtain healthy tea to drink. Craftsmanship is required for good tea. Their in-house Tea Sommeliers are renowned for their knowledge of tea. For you to receive only the best from India's tea gardens—with all the taste and health benefits preserved—their Tea Sommelier spends days tasting, refining, and re-tasting each of the tea recipes. Small quantities are used to mix the teas. This guarantees that the ingredients and teas are treated with the highest care. Teas with less processing can maintain their taste and health advantages to the fullest.

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 2013

  • Founder: Snigdha Manchanda

  • Revenue: $5 Million

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Herbal tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Rose Oolong Tea & More

  • Headquarters: Goa, India

15. TWG Tea

 TWG Tea

Every year, TWG Tea tasters fly thousands of miles worldwide to sample hundreds of teas in quest of the best harvests that come straight from the source gardens. With the development of new tea varieties every season in cooperation with the most renowned estates in the world, TWG Tea is recognised internationally as a true innovator and offers over 1,000 single-estate, good harvest teas and exclusive mixes, in addition to tea patisseries and various tea-infused delicacies.

TWG Tea, dedicated to providing teas straight from source gardens, is aware of the changing preferences of contemporary tea drinkers and has created unique kinds in association with the most illustrious tea estates. TWG Tea continuously sources innovates, expands, and improves the teas in its inventory and provides limited-edition teas and seasonal blends. TWG Tea tasters painstakingly make sure that their choice is always of the very finest quality to maintain the consistency and purity of each harvest. 

Key Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 2008

  • Founder: Manoj M. Murjani

  • Revenue: $73.2 Million

  • Types Of Tea Offered: Oolong, White Tea, Yellow tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea & More

  • Headquarters: Singapore

Advantages Of Having Tea

  • Composed of Antioxidants: Tea is an antioxidant powerhouse with a lot of health benefits that have all been found in several sorts of studies. According to several research, tea use may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. When people drink tea, antioxidants are released into the bloodstream to help the body counter free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals that damage DNA and cells and can result in cancer. According to one research, three cups of green tea daily reduce cancer risk by 12%.
  • Amount of Caffeine Is Lower: For people trying to cut back on their caffeine consumption, tea is a better option than coffee because it contains less caffeine than the same amount of coffee. Furthermore, one cup of tea has twice as many antioxidants as two cups.
  • Decreases The Chance Of Stroke And Eases Anxiety: Tea may help with anxiety and has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke. This is because it has magnesium, which is good for the heart and blood vessels. Interestingly, tea contains the amino acid L-theanine, which may help moderate anxiety to some level. This drug improves relaxation without making individuals asleep.
  • Promotes Weight Loss: There are several reasons why people drink tea, including to lose weight. Additionally, tea may be a terrific natural replacement for sugary drinks due to its low-calorie level. Antioxidants found in tea have also been connected to decreased levels of belly fat, which may help with weight reduction. 
  • Prevents Tooth Decay: Tea can significantly help in preventing the issue of tooth decay. It includes fluoride, which strengthens teeth and inhibits the growth of microbes. Through chelation, tea tannins also assist in the elimination of toxic chemicals from the teeth. It is believed that tea's action as a mild antibiotic, which promotes dental health, inhibits the growth of infections.

Disadvantages Of Having Tea

  • Reduced Absorption Of Iron: The chemical group known as tannins is abundant in tea. Certain foods' iron can be bound by tannins, making it impossible for your digestive system to absorb. One of the most prevalent nutritional deficits in the world is iron deficiency. So if you already have low levels of iron, drinking too much tea may worsen things.
  • Sleep Disorders: Tea naturally includes caffeine, so drinking too much might interfere with your sleep pattern. Your brain receives a signal from the hormone melatonin that it is time to go to bed. According to certain studies, caffeine may prevent melatonin generation, leading to poor-quality sleep. 
  • Nausea: Tea contains several substances that might make you feel sick, especially if you drink or are hungry. The dry, bitter flavour of the tea is brought on by tannins found in tea leaves. The astringent qualities of tannins can also harm digestive tissue, which can cause unpleasant feelings like nausea or stomach discomfort.  
  • Heartburn: Tea contains caffeine, which may worsen acid reflux symptoms or induce heartburn. According to research, caffeine can loosen the sphincter that separates your oesophagus from your stomach, making it easier for stomach acid to pass into your oesophagus. Additionally, caffeine could lead to a rise in the overall production of stomach acid.
  • Caffeine Addiction: Since caffeine is a stimulant that may build habits, frequent consumption of tea or other forms may cause dependency. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms might include weariness, irritability, headache, and an elevated heart rate. 


This was all about Best Tea Brands In India. After going through this article, you must have gained all the knowledge about this topic. We have tyried providing you with each minor details regarding the same. However, if you still have any queries, feel free to drop them down in the comment section below and we will try to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the No 1 tea brand in India?

A. One of the leading tea brands in India was founded in 1964 and is a division of the Tata Group called Tata Global Beverages Limited. Tata Tea now has the largest percentage of the nation's tea production and distribution. As a result, it is India's largest tea firm.

Q. Which tea is good in taste in India?

A. Darjeeling and Assam teas are both prized for their superiority in terms of flavour, fragrance, and quality. The Assam and Darjeeling-produced teas are among the best in India. Indian tea manufacturers have also developed a variety of flavours.

Q. What is the No 1 tea in the world?

A. As per the World Tea Export Council, black tea accounts for around 75% of all tea consumption worldwide, making it the most popular type of tea.

Q. Which is the most expensive tea in India?

A. The Silver Tips Imperial Tea is one of the most costly teas in India. The tea is produced at the Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling from unique buds that resemble silver needles.

Q. Which is a higher quality of tea?

A. By "good tea," we mean tea that has been cultivated using organic methods, in organic soil, without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, and that has been brewed using filtered water. In our opinion, white tea is the healthiest type of tea since it has undergone the least amount of processing.

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