10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2022

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Are you looking for chamomile tea brands? Check out the best chamomile tea brands in Indian here.

If you hear about chamomile, then you think of good sleep because that is what this herb helps with. If you are facing trouble in sleeping then you need to check the best chamomile tea brands in India.  

Having a sleeping issue can be blamed on several things, but the complications come to a solution. This chamomile tea helps to lower down the stress level for better sleep. Sipping up some chamomile tea will surely make the difference to your life. In this article, we are sharing some best chamomile tea brands in India here. As we all know that there are a number of brands available in India for it, but it is very difficult to choose the best quality brands. These are the top chamomile tea brands, let’s check them out. 


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10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020


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Best Chamomile Tea Brands

Check out the Best Chamomile Tea in India  2022 here with their brand’s name, price, and buy link. 

Chamomile Tea Brands



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The Tea Trove - Organic Chamomile Flowers Herbal Tea



Check Here

Udyan Tea Chamomile Delight Green Tea, 100g (40 Cups)



Check Here

ONLYLEAF Chamomile Green Tea For Stress Relief & Good Sleep



Check Here

Tea Raja Chamomile Green Tea (100 Gm) Relaxing



Check Here

Ono Teas Chamomile Mint Tea



Check Here

The Indian Chai - Organic Chamomile Tea 50g in Air Tight Zipper Pouch



Check Here

Teamonk Nilgiri Chamomile Green Tea



Check Here

TeaTreasure USDA Certified Organic Chamomile Green Tea



Check Here

Organic India Tulsi Honey Chamomile 25 Tea Bags



Check Here

TE-A-ME Chamomile Infusion, 25 Tea Bags



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Best Chamomile tea in India | Best brands & Reviews 2022

Here is the complete review for all the best chamomile tea brands with detailed information about them 

1. The Tea Trove - Organic Chamomile Flowers Herbal Tea 

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

This Tea Trove organic chamomile herbal tea comes with a delightful and pleasant taste. They are known in the tea industry for many years and provide fresh-packed tea directly from the tea cultivators and blend them into unique, sophisticated teas. They are committed to being a sustainable and eco-friendly business venture by working hard in hand with the best local as we as global tea and food band. 

Chamomile tea in India is regarded as one of the most popular tea solving stomach problems, helps to maintain diabetes, and calm down the muscles. It comes with 20 tea bags and with no preservatives. 

What We Like  

  • It helps you from morning sickness. 

  • This tea is organically made with herbs and spices. 

  • It has no added colour and artificial ingredients. 


2. Udyan Tea Chamomile Delight Green Tea

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

Udyan Chamomile green tea is India's awarding-winning tea brand for the global Tea championship, USA, 2019. This chamomile green tea is based out in Darjeeling as the home of one of the finest teas in India. They are shipping this tea to nearly 40 countries and have won many others also. 

They only used freshly manufactured tea directly from the garden, reducing the timeframe between production and consumption. They are packed in three-layer aluminium packers to protect the tea from being exposed to air.  It's one of the sweet and aromatic teas with green tea and it is one of the Best chamomile tea in India 2022 

What We Like 

  • They provide high-quality tea leaves by cutting out the middleman and ensuring better taste. 

  • This tea is crafted with diligent research and evaluation because you deserve nothing but the best one. 

  • It is made with chamomile leaves, and rosemary leaves that helps to calm down your mind. 


3. ONLYLEAF Chamomile Green Tea For Stress Relief & Good Sleep, Made with 100% Whole Leaf & Natural Chamomile Flowers

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

This Chamomile tea online is one of the best with the exact flavour of the tea. It contains the unbroken leaves of the tea in it. It is the highest grade chamomile green tea as comes with 100% whole leaves. It comes with the taste of ginger, turmeric and basil. 

These types of herbs make the tea with more benefits of the antibacterial and antioxidant property that helps to boost your immune system. All the natural ingredients used in Only Life chamomile green tea will calm you down and feel relaxed. The teabag of this brand can be used in two cups without losing its natural taste. 

What We Like

  • This chamomile green tea is made with 100% whole leaf.

  • It helps to improve the digestion and reduce the stress level. 


4. Tea Raja Chamomile Green Tea (100 Gm) Relaxing, Sleep Inducing

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

Tea Raja is one of the growing tea brands in India located at Kolkata. Their motto is to provide fresh and delicious tea to their customers.  In that process, they try to remove four threats of tea—moisture, light, heat, and oxygen. 

Moisture can cause fungal growth and can make the tea stale; their storage keeps them away from humidity to maintain the quality of the chamomile tea. Light can affect the composition of tea; low light ensures for safety and remains the same taste for a more extended period. As the teas are grown naturally, they need to be away from oxygen to ensure a good life. They pack them in a vacuum pack to keep away from oxygen. 

  What We Like

  • This herbal tea is best for insomnia and helps to boost the immune system.

  •  It is one of the premium quality Relaxing tea that you would love to try 


5. Ono Teas Chamomile Mint Tea

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

Ono teas are also one of the growing brands that have a wide range of tea available. If you buy chamomile tea online from their store, then there is no need to pay shipping charges in minimum Rs 500 order.   They were primarily based on the Japanese culture and ended with the trust to bend tasteful teas like no other in the market. 

They have given international flour to our Indian drinks and enhance the awareness of tea culture to the world. They have a vast collection of tea like green tea, black tea, Tisanes, Assam tea and many more. They strongly believe in delivering a great quality product to its customers.     

What We Like

  • This Ono tea contains no caffeine that helps to improve your sleep. 

  • It comes with a very attractive aroma that makes the best to drink when looking for something unique. 

  • It is one of the best chamomile tea at this price. 


6. The Indian Chai - Organic Chamomile Tea 50g in Air Tight Zipper Pouch 

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

It is the complete package of detox tea and herbal The Indian Chai. It is made with 100% handpicked chamomile flowers which soothe the nervous system naturally that brings good sleep as a result. It also fights against insomnia for better deep sleep in the night. 

As it is made with 100% natural, this tea shines in the term of antioxidants and has powerful benefits. It also helps to soothe the upset stomach and one of the best solutions for better digestion.   This Indian Chai organic Chamomile tea ismone of the best for overall health. 

What We Like 

  • It also helps to improve the metabolism rate of the body.

  • One of the best quality chamomile tea to buy. 

  • It also helps to reduce stress and improve your mood. 

  • It is one of the best for those who are suffering from IBS irritable bowel syndrome. 


7. Teamonk Nilgiri Chamomile Green Tea for Relax and Calming, Stress Relief

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

Teamonk is one of the expert brands in this field for nearly four decades. They are one of the leading brands for different types of teas in India with superior quality. Their tea curation process is an intensely iterative process which involves working closely with the garden to get the right colour and flavour and overall better tea experience. 

They preserve them very carefully and make it free from anything, not natural. They do not use added oils, no artificial colour, fragrance and no additives. Just pure and natural tea. This chamomile green tea has special benefits for skin and helps in weight loss. 

What We Like 

  • This tea is 100% natural and no added flavours, just natural teas. 

  •  It provides complete stress relief and helps to reduce muscle pains. 

  • It also helps to prevent gastric disorders.


8. TeaTreasure USDA Certified Organic Chamomile Green Tea - 100 Gm

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

A cup of Tea Treasure in the morning will make a great start. The herbs and the pure, superior quality of the chamomile are used in it for manufacturing it, which helps to reduce sleep issues due to stress. It is one of the 100% organic chamomile green tea; it also helps to prevent acne issues. 

As it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this tea helps to improve the inner system and functioning. This Tea Treasure chamomile tea also helps to reduce the dark spot and could prevent the aces issue. This teal will surely warm your heart with the gentle natural gentle flavour.

What We Like

  • It helps to improve the  gastrointestinal disturbances 

  • This chamomile green tea helps to reduce menstrual pain. 

  • It is 100% organic and natural. 


9. Organic India Tulsi Honey Chamomile 25 Tea Bags

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

Organic India is one of the known and trusted brands of India for providing quality products for a very long time.  This Tulsi Honey Chamomile tea is extremely rich in antioxidants, and one of the main reasons is called as an immune booster.  It has tulsi, which has many benefits for diabetes, blood pressure and many more diseases. This Organic  Tulsi honey chamomile tea is free from caffeine, and it is one of the certified organic India chamomile tea. 

This tea is straightforward to prepare and the perfect timing to have it is at bedtime. It will bring full healing power and relaxing moments. 

What We Like 

  • It helps to relieve nasal congestion. 

  • It is one of the best organic tea that calms your nerves and mind.

  • It helps to improve metabolism and energy level. 


10.TE-A-ME Chamomile Infusion, 25 Tea Bags

10 Best Chamomile Tea Brands in India- Top Picks in 2020

This TE-A-ME chamomile infusion is one of the best from Egyptian chamomile that is flavorful tea with the essence of natural flowers and fruits. This is caffeine-free tea and made with 100% natural  Egyptian chamomile petals which are also used for medical purposes. This honest herbal tea has benefits to relieve from many issues like cold, fever, inflammation and sore throat. 

With more than 10 million consumers all around the world, they won the silver award in the 19th Food and Beverage Excellence Award. The company offers a money-back guarantee or replacement if they are not satisfied with it. 

What We Like 

  • It has no added sugar in it

  • Complete caffeine-free.

  • It is made with 100% chamomile flowers. 

  • It also reduces stress and improves sleep.


What is Chamomile Tea and Its Benefits 

Chamomile is a flowering herb that looks tiny and daisy with a yellow central disc which is surrounded by delicate white petals. Chamomile has more fragrance as compared to other flowers. As per many reports, it has many health benefits, and it is famous for herbal teas and aromatherapy. 

The chamomile plants flower and bud are harvested for tea, and the flower opens. Let’s check out the health benefits of it. 

  • It is one of the known and famous stress relievers and helps insomnia also.  

  • In many preparations including tea, it has the anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the muscle pain and menstrual cramps. It also helps to reduce the inflammation of the skin like dark circles, sunburns and rashes. 

  • From many studies, it has been proven that it is one of the natural immune boosters and prevents you from the common cold and sore throat. 

  • It is helpful for those who have a cardiovascular issue, cancer patients. 

 Chamomile tea is the perfect solution for health and taste.  It is also called the queen of herbs. After completing a hectic day and stressful work, a cup of this herb tea will give you relief from all stress. 

Here are the Top chamomile teas of 2022 that you can buy online from the link given above. We hope that the information we bring here will help you to choose the right brand for you and your family and remember, the best time is the bedtime for chamomile tea. 


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Questions You May Have 


Q. Which Chamomile tea is best in India?

The Organic Indian and the Indian chai are the best Indian brand for chamomile tea in India. 

Q. Is it OK to drink chamomile tea in everyday life?

One of the most common drinks people usually is tea. Yes, it is ok to drink the chamomile tea daily, but it will be best if you take it at bedtime. 

Q. Is chamomile tea good for your skin?

Yes, it helps to reduce the dark circle,  acne and fight scare. As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it is good for the skin. 

Q. Which chamomile is best for sleep?

All of the above mentioned are good for sleep but the German Chamomile tea is the best for sleep. 

Q. What is the best time to drink chamomile tea?

Chamomile tea can be consumed at any time of the day. To get the maximum benefits of chamomile tea and for it to aid in sleeping, it is best to consume it at night before sleeping. 


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