Top 10 Sunflower Oil in India (Best for Cooking in 2022)

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Do you also get concerned regarding your health when it comes to select the best cooking oil? If yes, then here in this article we have given you the permanent solution regarding this concern by providing you detailed information about Top 10 Sunflower Oil in India.

Sunflower has a special place in Indian cooking, and it is one of the best choices as per our elders. As per the name, sunflower oil is separated from sunflowers, and it is one of the best health-boosting cooking oil. Apart from cooking, it is also used for body rubbing and skin care-related issues. 

Here we are giving you the best sunflower oil in India for cooking. As the demand for the same is increasing, different brands are available claiming that their sunflower is best. Let’s check it out. 

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Best Sunflower Oil in India ( Best for Cooking)

Best Sunflower Oil Brand for Cooking in India   

Check out the best sunflower oil brand India here, along with their price, and check the link of Amazon. 

Best Sunflower Oil for Cooking in India


Saffola Gold Refined Cooking oil


24 Mantra Organic Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil 1 Litre


Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil, 1L


Natureland Organics Sunflower Oil 1 LTR


Mr. Gold Refined Sunflower Oil Can, 5 L


Hathmic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil 2L


Jivo Cold Pressed Chemical Free Sunflower Oil 5 Litre


Sundrop Superlite Advanced Sunflower Oil, 3 Liters


SUNFLORA Sunflower Oil (5 Litre Can)


Patanjali Fortified Sunflower Oil, 1 L


Price Disclaimer: The price ranges mentioned above in this article are continuously changing with time. And they can change without any prior notice. The price mentioned above is based on the date when we reviewed the product.

Review of best Sunflower Oil Brands in India   

Here is a detailed review of the best sunflower cooking oil in India.

Price: Rs. 215

Saffola needs no introduction; it is one of the leading oil brands in India that offers mustard, olive, sunflower, and other types of oils. It has been known for providing the best quality oil for many years. 

This Saffola Gold Refined is the best sunflower oil for the heart that comes with a good balance of MUFA & PUFA, the goodness of two mineral oils. This sunflower oil from Saffola is fortified with Vitamin A and D that helps against night blindness and supports strong bones. It comes with an improved Anti-oxidants system that helps fight free radicals as they can cause oxidative damage, leading to various diseases. 

2. 24 Mantra Organic Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil 1 Litre

Price: Rs. 340

This 24 Mantra is one of the leading brands that offer different types of organic food and cooking items. It is one of the reputed brands in the Indian market. They are majorly known for their organic products, and this sunflower oil is also made with organic sunflowers. 

Sunflower oil is the fourth most consumed oil all over the world. This 24 Mantra organic pressed sunflower oil reduces health risks with organic purity and keeps you from harmful chemicals. As it is an organic product, it is entirely free from cholesterol and trans fat. It is one of the best cold-pressed sunflower oil in India. 

Price: Rs. 208

Fortune is one of the topmost selling brands in India. Its refined oil is being consumed by almost every Indian. This brand of sunflower oil is best for health as it is light and very easy to digest. This is rich in Vitamin E that keeps your skin healthy, and strengthens the overall immune system. 

Fortune sunflower oil is one of the best sunflower oil for the heart in India, and it is an excellent choice for the Indian cooking style. It is low in saturated fats and rich in natural vitamins. Fortune products provide the best quality products. 

Price: Rs. 297

Natruel and Organics were founded to create an effective and efficient bridge between quality organic produce. They aim to offer  India’s best quality products while maintaining adherence to stringent quality practices. This Natureland organic sunflower oil is healthy for cooking. It has vitamin E, sterols, squalene, and other aliphatic hydrocarbons, terpene, and more good for health. 

Staying healthy should be the priority, and this brand’s sunflower is one of the best choices you can make. 

Price: Rs. 975

Mr. Gold sunflower oil is refined ideally for color, odor, and nutritional content. It is personally formulated, keeping in mind the strength-conscious audience of India. Sunflower oil provides enough linoleic acid that helps in maintaining the overall immune system. 

This brand of Mr. Gold refined sunflower is enriched with Omega 3, Vitamin A, D, E, and K. It is best for skincare and maintains the food’s aroma and flavor. 

Price: Rs. 419

Hathmic is one of the famous brands that offers a wide range of products, including the cold-pressed sunflower oil. This brand's sunflower oil is entirely free from harmful chemicals, and it is an unrefined and unfiltered oil with all the natural ingredients. 

The sunflower is one of the richest sources of vitamin E, A, and powerful antioxidants considered good for the heart. Sunflower is considered as the best oil for deep-frying. Hathmic is one of the best sunflower oil manufacturers in India.

Price: Rs. 1349

Jivo is one of the growing brands in India that offers the best quality products, including sunflower oil. This Jivo Cold pressed sunflower oil is entirely free from harmful chemicals, and it has the goodness of Vitamin A &D. 

Cold-pressed oils are best for deep frying, and Indian dishes like Pakoda and chole bhature are the most loved that we need to deep fry them. It will not change the taste of the food as it is naturally processed. 

Price: Rs. 574


Sundrop is one of the famous brands in India that offers the best quality refined and sunflower oil in the Indian market.  It is enriched with vitamins like A, D, and cooking food with this brand's sunflower oil makes the food super lite, which helps keep your family healthy and active.  

Sundrop sunflower oil comes with low absorbance technology, and it has low in saturated fats and is high in unsaturated fat that is good fat. It has a high smoke point which makes it more comfortable for deep-frying. It is one of the best quality sunflower oil in India. 

Price: Rs. 1044

Sunlora is one of the fastest-growing brands not in India but all over the world. This brand's sunflower is one of India’s best sunflower oils online, free from Odour, and it is a completely vegetarian product. 

This brand's sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin E and other important natural antioxidants. This oil is highly preferred for deep-frying due to its high smoking point. 

Price: Rs. 185

Patanjali is one of India’s famous and trusted brands with care entirely a wide range of products, and they are classified as organic and healthy. This sunflower oil is best for reducing the bad cholesterol in the body due to the high level of PUFA and MUFA, making it one of the topmost brands for sunflower oil. 

This Patanjali sunflower oil is available in a very reasonable price range. They are known for maintaining heart health; they contain added vitamin A and E, good for healthy skin and eyesight. The oil has been refined physically to bring maximum purity. 

Benefits of Consuming Sunflower oil 

Here are some benefits of cooking food with sunflower oil. 

Improve Heart Health- as it has MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acid), it is suitable for overall health. It helps prevent heart attack, and it is rich in vitamin E that prevents dangerous free radicals from oxidizing the body’s cholesterol. 

Improve skin health- sunflower seeds are very remarkable for improving skin tone.  The infant massage on your skin will moisturize, and it is full of vitamins E, AD, C, which keeps the skin supple and works as an excellent face moisturizer. 

Prevent Cancer- Sunflower oil is enriched in antioxidants that help fight against free radicals that cause degeneration of the cells and inhibit cancer cells’ growth. Sunflower oil will play a significant role in reducing colon cancer and uterine cancer as well. 


This is all about the Top 10 Sunflower Oil in India; all the brands mentioned above are the best. Sunflower oil is best for heart health and also improves the overall immune system. 

We hope this information will help you to choose the best one from them as per your requirement. 

Questions You May Have 

Q. Which is the best sunflower oil for health?

All of the brands mentioned above are the best ones but sundrop and Saffola are the top brands best for cooking. 

Q. Is sunflower oil healthy in India?

Yes, sunflower oil is healthy; it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help to fight against free radicals and improve the overall immune system.

Q. Which oil is best for the heart?

Sunflower oil and olive oil are the best for heart health as they contain good cholesterol that helps prevent heart attack and other heart problems.


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