10 Best Saffron Brands In India: Pure and Natural

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Want to buy pure and original saffron from the best Saffron Brands In India?  

Your search is going to end here with a list of the top brands of saffron. All these brands are exceptionally good in ensuring the best quality products. The selection of the brands are based on the popularity, customer review, ratings, and demand of the brands in the market. 

You can choose from any of the mentioned brands and share your experience in the comment box mentioned below. With the desire to get an effective result, it is important to choose the right brand that assures the best- quality of products. 

Also get to know “ how to find the best Saffron In India and the benefits of the saffron below in the article.  

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What is Saffron?

Saffron is one kind of spice that is used for adding color and flavor to the food. It is picked up with bare hands and by putting on lots of effort. The flowers are made to pass through the drying process that is very intense. The result of this is the fragrant spice that acts as a coloring agent and spice for food. 

The overall process of converting flowers into spice takes lots of effort and time. That is why it is one of the most expensive spices in the world. If we consider the hard work that goes into harvesting it, then it’s easy to understand its high cost.

Let’s check what are the benefits of Saffron Having known what saffron really is!

List of Best Quality saffron Brands In India

There are plenty of Best Saffron Brands in India For Pure, Natural High-Quality Kesar. So, choosing the right brand can be a tiring task for you. To make your work easier,  we have created a list of our favorites that are tried and tested at our homes. We ensure high standard quantity, quality, and outcome. So, keep reading for more information about Saffron. 

Name of brand

Price Per 1gram


Baby Brand Saffron


Kashmiri Saffron (India)

Gathering Spanish Saffron


Spain Saffron

Lion Saffron


Kashmiri Saffron (India)

House of Saffron Kashmiri Kesar


Kashmiri Saffron (India)

KeyNote Kashmir Saffron


Kashmiri Saffron (India)

Taj Mahal Saffron



UPAKARMA Pure, Natural Afghani Kesar



INDUS Pure and Finest A++Kashmiri Kesar


Kashmiri Saffron (India)

Shree Murli Kashmiri Saffron


Kashmiri Saffron (India)


Are you searching for the best saffron brand during pregnancy in India? Then you are on the right page and reading about the right product. It is the Baby brand saffron that has gained an immense reputation for being the best saffron brand during pregnancy in India. It has been considered to be of superior quality and handpicked that is safe for cooking purposes. It is also one of the best kashmiri saffron brand in India.


  • No Added color or flavors 

  • Has remedial properties

  • Highest-quality saffron

  • Best saffron during pregnancy


2. Gathering Spanish Saffron

It is one of the best saffron brands not only in India but also across the world. The product of The Gathering Spanish Saffron maintains high quality. It has long and thick threads that differentiate it from the rest in the market. This brand has gained immense popularity since its inception for providing fine-quality saffron. Get a better result after soaking it in water or milk for more than 30 minutes. There is no side effect of using this product in any case.

Your search for the best organic saffron brand in India ends here. This is the best saffron brand in India for pregnancy as it is 100% organic, and chemical-free, and healthy as well. Known for adding authentic taste and aroma to the food. You can see the best result in terms of quantity and quality after using a few strands of it. It is safe to use for all age groups including kids, adults, and elderly ones. 


  • Good for all age group

  • Popular brand since inception

  • fine-quality saffron

  • Provide coloring and taste to the food

  • Produce nice aroma


3. Lion 100% Pure Kashmiri Saffron

The Lion saffron is another among the best Kashmiri saffron brands in India.  This brand is considered to produce the best Kesar in India. This product, in particular, is known to give a pleasant taste and fragrance. It is considered to be the best and  pure saffron brand in India. Lion Brand is pure and organic in nature. It can be consumed absolutely safe for consumption by all age groups. It is also helpful in preventing a range of ailments due to its remedial properties. 

When we talk about the top Quality and Best Saffron Brands in India 2022 then the name of the Lion brand comes in the top list . 


  • Pleasant taste and fragrance

  • Remedial properties

  • pure and organic in nature

  • One of the most popular brands


House of Saffron Kashmiri Kesar is the most popular brand in India. It has been serving the needs of organic saffron across the country. There is no doubt that it will be one of the most popular brands in India in 2022. There are crimson-colored threads that are known to give pure and nice fragrance. 

You can add this saffron for better color if you are planning to make a dessert. It will be helpful in adding aroma and flavor to your dish. What makes this brand more popular is its packaging style of products. This process helps to improve the shelf life of the saffron and retain its quality. 


  • High-quality packaging

  • Adds aroma and flavor to food

  • Retain natural quality

  • Crimson-colored threads


5. KeyNote Kashmir Saffron

KeyNote is among the best quality saffron brands in India. It is not only popular in the country but across the world due to its quality results. It is mostly used to enhance the taste and aroma of the recipe. There is no added substance and it is purely organic. If you are looking for saffron that has a long shelf-life and retains quality for a longer time, then this can be the best choice for you.  This brand comes under the best kesar brand in India.


  • Certified by the NABL Laboratory IS5453 Standard

  • Exclusive for kitchen

  • Adds richness to the recipe

  • purely organic

  • Mostly used by culinary specialists


6. Taj Mahal Saffron

It is another top saffron brand in India. Taj Mahal Saffron is aunique and royal brand in the country. The best thing about this brand is its quality in the country. Within a short duration, it has gained immense popularity. Taj Mahal Saffron is very healthy and safe to use. The best thing about this brand is that it is safe for pregnant ladies.

There is a huge range of utility of this product starting from making desserts to therapeutic needs. It is a bit more expensive in comparison to other brands but the added price makes for its supreme quality and packaging.


  • No Added color or flavors 

  • Has remedial properties

  • Highest-quality saffron

  • Best saffron during pregnancy


Upakarma offers the world's finest saffron: natural and hand harvested. It has been proved to be more effective especially when it comes to the color of the saffron. It has remedial properties including antidepressant properties. It is also effective in controlling emotional stress during pregnancy. 


  • Effective  during pregnancy

  • Act as an antidepressant

  • Controls emotional stress

  • Prevent mood swing


INDUS brand offers Saffron that contains a multiple variety of plant compounds. These compounds act  as antioxidants: protecting cells against free radicals and oxidative stress. Known for boosting immunity.You can consume saffron on a regular basis. The recommended quantity of saffron is 30 mg. Taking 30mg regularly has proved to be effective for good health.


  • Healthy Gift For your Loved One

  • Improve immunity

  • Aid Weight Loss

  • Act as antioxidants


9. Shree Murli Kashmiri Saffron 100 % Natural (Kesar)

It is natural & 100% Pure Kashmir Saffron. It also comes in an air-tight glass bottle. Shree Murli Kashmiri brand saffron has gained immense reputation because of its highest-quality results. Their product has been considered to be safe and healthy in consumption. Only a few strands of saffron can add taste and flavour to your food. You should give it a try especially during festive seasons to get dishes in beautiful color and taste.


  • Natural & 100% Pure

  • Packed in an air-tight glass bottle

  • Handpicked by farmers

  • Best Quality Kashmiri Saffron (kesar)


 10. Taj Mahal Saffron

Tajmahal brand saffron is of Spanish origin. You may find this information a bit weird but it is true! This brand is considered among the best saffron brands in India for its quality results. The distinctive things about this brand is its fine texture and flavor. It is  safe for even kids' consumption. Moreover, it is full of nutritional content.  It can be stored for a longer period of time. 


  • Genuine spanish saffron 

  • Best -suited for vegetarians

  • Adds flavor to the food

  • Known for its highly nutritive quality

How to Find High-Quality Saffron?

If you want to check out whether the saffron you are buying is real or fake, you need to follow the two methods mentioned below. 

By Soaking the strands of saffron in water - As you put the strands of the saffron into water, it will leach out the color.  The colour of the real saffron is crimson red even after getting soaked for hours. On the other hand, The fake saffron will turn into white after a few minutes. 

By Checking Out The Smell And Taste - The smell of Real saffron is sweet and tastes bitter. 


Top Benefits of Saffron

Saffron is known to be used for many different benefits besides being able to add great flavor and smell to the food. keep reading the full article to dive deeper to know the benefits of saffron!

  • It is considered to be beneficial for heart health since it has the power to prevent a range of heart-related ailments. 

  • Saffron is used worldwide due to its properties. It provides protection against fever, cold, and cough. As it is helpful in improving the immunity system in the body. 

  • Saffron is useful for people who often face the issue of insomnia.

  • Saffron is used to treat menstrual cramps in women.

  • It can also be utilized to treat a range of allergies including asthma in women.


How is Saffron Powder used?

The use of saffron is for restorative purposes. It goes back to old occasions with its remedial applications.  It was used to take care of worries of the skin, eye, stomach related, respiratory, and genitourinary parcels. Saffron has been the subject of different examinations and always comes out with excellent results. 

  • The main use of Saffron is seen in India’s Mughal cuisine. 

  • The connoisseurs of the Middle East use saffron to make a combination with cardamom to add flavor to their coffees.

  • In general, Saffron is used to adding flavor and color to the food.


What Is The Source of Saffron?

Saffron is derived from the flower of the plant called “Crocus sativus”. It has a threadlike appearance (measuring around 2.5 to 4 cm in length).

Saffron is mainly grown in Kashmir in India. Besides, saffron is also cultivated in Central Asia, China (Tibet region), Europe, and the US. It is considered to be the most expensive spice that comes with several benefits. 


Why Saffron is So Expensive? 

The cultivation of saffron is very hectic and labor intensive.  It takes around 600 threads to make one gram of saffron. In addition to this, close inspection and careful segregation of the threads is also required to maintain the quality of saffron.

The color is bright orange-red which is an indication of the best grade of saffron. The presence of white streaks indicates a lower quality of the saffron. 

The reasons for saffron being so expensive is the limited cultivation, seasonality and high labor cost. 

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Conclusion - 

So, it was about top 10 saffron brand in India. We hope that you are certain about the properties and benefits of the saffron. Saffron has several benefits in terms of adding taste and flavour to the food. In addition to this, saffron also has remedial properties. That is why it is important to choose the right brand that has huge popularity and reputation.  


Q. Which brand is original saffron?

A. There are several brands that sell saffron in the market but it is important to ensure that you buy good quality saffron. To know everything about the saffron, you can read through the article. 

Q. Which Kashmiri saffron is best?

A. There is no doubt that Kashmiri saffron, the sweetest, has been considered the best one in the world. We have provided you with several brands of Kashmiri saffron in the article. 

Q. Which grade of saffron is best?

A. We have provided the list of the best saffron brands in India. There are various kinds of remedial properties available in the saffron including skin care.

Q. Which is a good brand for saffron?

A. The best quality of saffron should have a deep red with orange tips. Check out the best brands of saffron mentioned above in the article. 








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