Best Online Food Ordering Sites

We have curated a list of the best online food ordering websites for food delivery for all your day to night food cravings.

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Your tongue wants to have Chinese but you don’t know any decent place nearby. You are paying full money but aren’t satisfied with your canteen food. We all have been through these situations.

Trust me eating good food is like worship, it betters your mood and keeps you happy, but what to do when you don’t know about a decent temple or in this case a restaurant.

Worry Not !!!  We have compiled a list of the best online food ordering sites available in India for food delivery. Not only you will be able to search for an excellent restaurant but You will also get best offers on Food.

These delivery services have reviews and ratings based on which you can select your restaurant for delivery. You can also get any cuisine as per your cravings today. So, scroll down and let the hunger begin.



It is one of the most widely used websites in India to order food online. It has a large database of restaurants and hotels for food delivery. You just name the cuisine or a dish, Foodpanda will list your kind of restaurant for your tongue. It also has a wide range of restaurants in affordable range as well as exquisite.




  • Foodpanda offers you all day meal whether it be Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

  • You get an option of picking from 10000+ restaurants.

  • You also get an option of paying online or cash on delivery.

  • They deliver you freshly prepared food.

  • Foodpanda is available to you 24*7.



Offers on Foodpanda

  • Free delivery on using the code ZERO and paying via Paytm.

  • Get 25% off on the first three orders using Foodpanda on using the code FP25.

  • Get deals like 20% off and 30% off in restaurants that deliver in your area.

Note: Foodpanda offers discounts on selected restaurants around your area.

  • It is not necessary to get restaurants with discounts every time.


Foodpanda Reviews

Foodpanda has been on top of the food chain of the food delivery service but with a service that big, there can be problems. Foodpanda gives you access to thousands of restaurant around you, therefore it becomes necessary to check the reviews beforehand to select a suitable place. Following are the reviews by the users of Foodpanda

  • Always prefer Foodpanda for online delivery for the kind of service they provide is highly satisfactory.

  • It has a great and robust delivery mechanism.

  • The food delivery speed is quite good.

  • Highly recommend it for online food delivery.

  • Complaints Emails are not answered.


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2) Swiggy

Swiggy is another very popular website used by foodies in India also it is one best site to order food online. It is no less than Foodpanda, in fact in certain cities the number users for exceeds any other website. It too has a very large collection of the database for restaurants and hotels. With over 10,000,000+ downloads on google play store and a rating of 4.2, the service proves its mettle.


  • Swiggy offers you no minimum order which means you can order anything from any range.

  • You can track your live and get the status of your delivery.

  • Swiggy delivers you fresh food and that to on time.

  • They operate in major cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Noida etc.

  • They have various sections for popular food around you, offers around free delivery, what’s new etc.

Offers on Swiggy

  • Get free delivery on orders above Rs.99.

  • Use code PAYTM25 during the time of checkout and get a cashback of 25% maximum up to Rs.50.

  • Get 15% off on all Boxmeal.

  • Get 50% off on all orders above Rs.450 only on Cafe Coffee Day.

  • Get 15% off on Barista. The offers on applicable on summer beverages

Swiggy Reviews

Swiggy just like Foodpanda also has very large database of restaurants for food delivery. Make sure you select the best restaurant to have the best service experience by Swiggy. In order to have a better understanding regarding Swiggy, read the reviews below

  • Swiggy is one the best delivery service serving you hot and fresh food.

  • Ordered a boneless biryani and that was ordered in time.

  • I got my order 15-20 minute before the ordered time.

  • I waited for almost an hour while the order was supposed to be delivered within 30 minutes.

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3) Zomato

Zomato is one of the biggest rivals of Swiggy in India. The food delivery service has been delivering food in all the major cities in India. Zomato has actually gained a huge population of dedicated customers in a very short time. The company has already expanded in many major countries and now in India too. The user can easily enter his location and search all the food delivery services with just a click.



  • Order food online at just a single click.

  • You can even book a table using the application.

  • They have a one-click option for your all your customized meals like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch etc.

  • They also show you popular locations around you to dine in or order food from it.

  • With Zomato Gold you can avail a great deal like 1+1 free in the best restaurants around you.

Note: It offers discounts just like Foodpanda on selected restaurants around you.



Offers on Zomato

  • Use the Code NEW50 for 50% discount on your first 5 orders.

  • Get 50% off on ordering 2 pizzas from Pizza Hut on selected Pizza Hut restaurants.

  • Get 20% off on ICICI debit/credit card on order above Rs.200.

  • Get offers like 10% off, 20 % off on selected restaurants around you.


Zomato Reviews

Zomato is another big name in the food delivery industry. Just like any other food delivery service zomato gives you access to multiple restaurants around you. With a big service, it becomes ultimate that things can sometimes go down. So, read down below the reviews of Zomato to have an understanding of the service

  • I am a big time foodie and Zomato helps me with it.

  • Zomato helps you find out restaurants nearby your place.

  • Best application for hotel and restaurant industry.

  • The application helped me select the best restaurant from all over the city.

  • Support and service can be poor sometimes.


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Faasos has already spread its roots in the food delivery business in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. The food delivery startup started in 2011 and is giving competition to big brands in certain cities. The app and the website offers a various number of customizations. Also, You get various payments methods like Cash on delivery,  payment via credit/debit card. You can also track your order in real time.


  • Delivering in almost 15 major cities all across India.

  • Select your meals from the curated list of Faasos like Breakfast, All day lunch, Signature wraps, A La Carte etc.

  • Download the app for your smartphone both IOS and Android.

  • It’s never too late for parties, Give order for your parties in no time.

  • Be a regular customer and be Faasos Elite and get benefits like prioritized delivery, order now and pay later, get premium deals etc.

  • 100% cashback if they fail to deliver on time.



Offers on Faasos

  • Get a cashback of 100% on delivery late than 30 mins maximum up to Rs.200.

  • Get 20% off on all orders on using the code RWEB20

  • Get 30% off on all orders above Rs.999 maximum up to Rs.400.



Fassos Reviews

Faasos is an established name in the industry. It is delivering food in almost 15 major cities of India. Faasos has been known for its rolls but what about other food items. So, make sure about the service beforehand by reading the reviews down below.

  • Faasos is good for flavorful rolls and your cravings for snacks.

  • Good food but worst service possible.

  • Had my “OMG” moment with Faasos lately.

  • Chicken tikka roll was pure perfection.

  • You need to order roll if you are a roll lover.


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Who doesn’t love Pizza and who doesn’t know about Domino’s if they love Pizza? It is one among the top food chains in India and around the globe with delivering Pizzas to your residence. They also offers a wide range of other products from pasta to beverages. The company is among the pioneers in the online food order sites for food delivery also they have a vast majority of restaurants in all the major cities across India.



  • Get a wide range of pizzas with different crust along with beverages, pasta, bread, dips and more.

  • They offer you both veg as well as non-veg options for your cravings.

  • Get daily offers on Domino’s and get your pizza at the best prices possible.

  • They deliver in all the tier 1 and many tiers 2 and tier 3 cities.

  • They have multiple payment options including cash on delivery.



Offers on Domino’s

  • Get 2 regular sized pizza at just Rs.99 each.

  • Get 2 medium sized pizza at just Rs.199 each.

  • Up to Rs.100 assured cashback on paying via Paytm on Everyday value offer.

  • Get 25% super cash maximum up to Rs.100 on paying via Mobikwik on Everyday Value Offer.

  • Get cashback up to 25% on paying via free charge maximum up to Rs.50 on Everyday value Offer.

  • Get cashback up to 15% on paying via Airtel Payment bank on Everyday value Offer.



Domino's Reviews

Domino’s is a very big food chain and they also deliver your favorite Pizzas at your doorstep. It also has a large number of the restaurant. Domino’s uses freshly prepared dough so the taste of the pizza can vary from place to place, therefore, read the reviews down below.

  • Veg loaded pizza was good with a thick base and the dough used was soft.

  • Service could be a little slow.

  • Got the wrong pizza but had the replacement very easily.

  • Domino’s has improved its quality with bigger topping, butter sauce, and cheese.


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Things to keep in mind while Ordering Food Online

  • Quantity: Check out the quantity that is being offered to you whether it is sufficient for you. Some websites offer a meal like “meal for two” or “meal for one” but it is simply not enough for you.

  • Quality: It is the most important aspect of the food that is being offered to you. The quality of the food ensures both taste and health because you won’t like a stomach ache after a satisfying meal.

  • Price: Check for the best prizes available for your meal before ordering food.

  • Coupon and Offers: Before ordering food checkout for coupons, deals and promo code to save money.

  • Delivery Time: Select the service that offers the best time of delivery otherwise the food you’ll get won’t be as fresh and hot.  

  • Delivery Charges: Check for the delivery charges, some services offer free delivery while other deliver free with a minimum order of certain price.

  • Reviews: If you’re aren’t aware of the restaurant you’re ordering from then always read it's reviews and ratings to get the best experience ordering food.



So, these are the best online food ordering sites in India. You can avail the best offers and the best quality from these top food ordering sites. Wait! this is not enough for our lovely users we have something more for you people. Click On The Button To avail the best Offers on your favorite food.


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