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There are a lot of people who rely heavily on food delivery services, for them it is almost essential to know about tools to save money. Even if you order food once in a while, you want to know about different money saving opportunities. And you will be delighted to know that there are many ways to reduce your expenditure on most delicious food. You get all types of saving on food delivery services here.

Get well cooked meals delivered to your doorsteps at best prices with our handpicked Food delivery offers. The order can be placed online or from a smartphone. The convenience of getting fresh food delivered to your door ensures that you have a hot and tasty meal. Delivery may be free or small charges depending on your order.

The trend of ordering meals brings readymade food home, you get an enormous choice of menus. It keeps you away from the restaurant crowd and gives you chance to have a peaceful time. Sumptuous meals can be ordered to eat in your favorite surroundings. Stop stressing over the food, you can select the best delivery services suiting your budget and requirements. And don’t forget to check the online food delivery coupons to get an extra discount on the mouth-watering dishes of your choice. Use coupons to cut down costs and take advantage of food delivery sitting at your home. Nothing is more satisfying than a fresh and tasty meal that is available anytime, anywhere.

Top Offers

Top Food Delivery Deals, Offers and Promo Codes





Get 30% OFF

First Order


Get 25% OFF

First Three Orders


Get Rs 100 OFF

First Order


Up to 25% OFF

First Order


Get Rs 150 OFF

First Order

You can enjoy any type of meals through food delivery services without worrying about the hefty price tags. Get amazing saving on every order with a collection of food delivery deals and promo codes. Never pay the full price again as a plethora of discounts are always here ready to avail. Select any offer of your choice as you get the best deals from all across the web. Enjoy mouth-watering delicacies of your choice at pocket-friendly prices. You can save up to 70 percent on a meal of your choice. Like the Rs 150 discount offer on Faasos for new users. There are also many such offers for Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy, Freshmenu and more.


Best Food Delivery offers - Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda and more

Online Food delivery services are a lifesaver in case of an emergency when it is not possible to cook. In that situation, online food order discount come to the rescue helping you save money as well. You get these deals and discounts from various platforms to take care of your needs. Find the ongoing discounts of popular food delivery websites like Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda and more. These offers are updated several times a day to make sure you have choose from the best. Whenever it is your mood to taste delicious food avail the best online food delivery coupons to save money.

Online Food Delivery Offers to Save More

Enjoy your favorite meal at super affordable price with online food order offers. You get best bargains on all types of meals to order a variety of cuisines at prices which are much lower than the actual one. Ordering food online is smart when you have no time to cook and it gets smarter when you have to pay much lesser than the original price. If you are not tasting your favorite dishes only thinking about the prices, it is time to check the online food delivery offers. Such promotions are quite common in the present era where more and more people are looking to save time. To cater the needs of customers food delivery platforms come with lucrative promotions.

Grab Discounts With Food Delivery Coupons

Among the various options that help you save money on food delivery, coupons are the most popular. It is easy to make use of coupons for your order and pay lesser. You get the latest food coupons for a variety of online restaurants at once place. Popular food delivery coupon codes include Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato, Freshmenu, Faasos and more. To avail discount via use of coupons is very simple and logical. After adding your favorite dishes to cart redeem the coupon code at checkout and pay lesser. You will the coupon dialog box at different stages of checkout on different websites. Once you have the coupon code you can redeem it to qualify your order for a discount. Food delivery promo codes help you save up to 50 percent on your favorite meal.

Top Food Delivery Offers for Today

You get latest food delivery discounts each day of the week which keep track of your appetite. We list the ongoing deals of top online platforms like Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato, Freshmenu and more. With top deals updated each day, you have a chance to order your favorite meals at jaw-dropping prices. These promotions run out very fast as the new ones are rolled out. So, it is crucial to keep updating the new ones and remove the ones that have expired. The latest updated online food offers ensure that there is no waste of time and provide you a smooth saving experience. While availing discounts on your food order online also check the beverage deals for a complete meal on a budget.

New User Offers, Exclusive Discounts and more

The online food platforms roll out different promotions to benefit their customers. Like the new user offers which can be redeemed only on the first order by a customer. You can know about such promotions to save on food delivery services. There are also account specific discounts, app exclusive deals and more to provide you a super saving experience. To make sure you never miss out on any amazing offer subscribe to our newsletter or enable notifications for FreeKaaMaal on your smartphone.

Food Delivery Services - Save Time and Money

Delicious food right at your doorstep to satisfy hunger, you can get any sort of food. When ordering meals online, you get to pick from separate categories for lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks, and beverages. Take advantage of food delivery services without any compromise on the choices. Ordering food over the internet offers a tremendous variety alongside a range of dishes.

These platforms cater to all sorts of customers bringing fresh food to your doorstep. You get order menu on your desktop or mobile screen and there are a lot of choices. You can pick any dish and get it delivered within the stipulated time. Discounts ensure that you are getting your desired food without missing out on budget. A variety of options at reasonable prices offer you a satisfying experience without having to worry about what to cook for lunch or dinner. It is also a time-saving option, you can order from anywhere and get the food delivered.

These platforms delivering to the foodies and bring the world on their plate. The ease of simply ordering food makes it a smart choice when you have no time to cook. The freedom to order fresh and different cuisines of the world anytime. Quick availability of various cuisines to simply order meals staying within your budget.

When looking for food delivery services to enjoy your meal at home you want to be extra conscious. There are numerous websites which offer this service but you trust only the reliable ones. But the real question is how to check whether a website is reliable or not with new ones emerging every single day. You can follow certain rules like checking the social media presence, reading the news etc. One more thing you want to test is the customer service before placing food order you can call the customer service and ask details about the food you are planning to order. If you find positive reviews and prompt customer service. it is safe to go ahead and place your order.

Food Delivery Offers On Your Mobile

Staying updated with the trending online deals on the go is possible with the FreeKaaMaal app. You can even subscribe to deal alerts of your favorite category. There is no need to sweat over the prices as you always have the best bargains only a click away. When you get the latest food delivery offers on the go, you can order a delicious meal any time of the day at the lowest price. The same smooth browsing experience is offered across all platforms desktop, mobile and app.

Latest Cashback Offers on Food Order Online





15% Supercash



Up to Rs 75 Cashback

Amazon Pay


Up to Rs 50 Cashback



Up to Rs 100 Cashback

Amazon Pay


Up to Rs 200 Cashback


When you opt to order food online, check the ongoing cashback offers of various digital wallets. Get a fraction of the bill amount back to get tasty food at a pocket-friendly price. For instance, the Paytm offer on Box8 offers cashback of Rs 50 on four transactions which means you can up to Rs 200. Similarly, there is 25% Cashback offer for Amazon pay users on McDelivery, the maximum cashback available for customers is Rs 100. You also need to check the minimum order value, for the Box8 offer it is Rs 200. There is also 25% cashback on Swiggy on Freecharge transactions. The maximum cashback is Rs 50 and the offer is applicable twice per user. There are many such amazing offers waiting for you which you can redeem with FreeKaaMaal.

Reasons to Choose Food Delivery Services

Variety: You get a wide variety of choice be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. You can even order world cuisines as per your liking. The vast variety is also useful when you are serving special guests at a party or event. It saves you from the hassles of looking for cooking for the guests or making alternative arrangements.

Convenience: Ordering food is really convenient when you are short of time or don't want to cook for different reasons. You can order as per your convenience to order meals of your choice. It is particularly useful in case of emergencies when you have to look after a baby or elderly people at home.

Save Time: Along with convenience, you also get the ultimate pleasure of saving your precious time. When you have a lot of work to do cooking food is simply not a priority but feeding yourself on time is. So to save yourself from the hassles, food order online is the ultimate choice.

Delicious Meals: Not everyone is blessed with great culinary skills but everyone likes to have delicious meals. It may not be possible every day but you want to do it as often as possible. You can taste finger licking food without mastering the art of cooking. It is possible with the food delivery service, you get delicious meals with minimum effort.

Discounts: One additional reason, of course, is the presence of money saving deals. There are many discounts, deals and promo codes available which you can avail to save a lot of money on food delivery online. The ease of ordering fresh and different cuisines in a matter of few clicks at great prices makes discounts on food delivery a useful perspective.

Grab Food Delivery Offers With FreeKaaMaal

To redeem the ongoing offers of various food delivery platforms is simple with FreeKaaMaal. You get a detailed view of the ongoing discounts along with the steps to avail. The huge collection of daily updated deals presents you the choice to pick any discount and avail it in few simple steps. This website is full of exciting deals and coupons that help you save money. Ordering online can save a lot of money, you have discounts of numerous well-known platforms to choose from. You get great variety with discounts on every type of meal also check the Cake offers online to save on birthday, anniversary, new year, and Christmas cakes online.

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