10 Best Potato Chips Brand in India 2021 And Their Top Variants

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Snacks are one of the best foods at the time for tea. The potato chips are smackingly spicy, tangy, and flavored favorite pastime snacks. They are liked by people of all age groups, whether they are children or old age people. They are eaten almost everywhere, like at cinema halls, college campuses, or on picnic spots. 

There are a number of brands available in the market like Uncle Chips, Haldiram chips, and other famous brands. These potato chips are deep-fried or baked in thin potato slices served with various flavors, including herbs, masala, spices, and cheese. Let’s check out the best chips brand in India 2021 here. 


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10 Best Chips Brand in India 2021 & Their Top Variants


10 Top Chips brand in India 

Check out the top 10 chips brands in India here along with their site link in the table. 

Popular Chips Brand in India

Website Link

Uncle Chips (Amrit Agro Limited)

Check Here

Lays (PepsiCo)

Check Here

Bingo (ITC)

Check Here

Parle Wafers

Check Here

Haldiram Chips

Check Here

Balaji Wafers

Check Here

Pringles Chips

Check Here

Kettle Studio

Check Here

Yellow Diamond

Check Here

Budhani Wafers

Check Here


Review of Popular Chips Brands in India 

Check out the detailed information about these potato chips brands in India. 

1. Uncle Chips 

Uncle Chips is one of the famous and most consumed chips brands in India. This brand was acquired by Amrit Agro Limited.

These Best potato chips brands in India are an ideal combination of flavors and have great taste. This brand has a wide range of varieties like a spicy treat, classic slated, bombat chili, and more. 


It is one of the best potato chips brands listed in India. It is very popular in India and was once the market leader in this industry. 

Top Variants-  Plan chips, salted chips, onion chips, masala chips. 


2. Lay’s 

Lay’s is one of the leading brands in India that has been owned by PepsiCo. They are one of the topmost selling brands in India.  Lay’s comes with a wafer style, and they are available in different flavors.  


Lay’s have a special place in the heart of the people of India, they are also famous for their amazing packaging. Their magic Masala flavor is one of the topmost selling flavors in India. These Lay’s chips are available in different packaging in different sizes. All of the chips are available online on their website, and you can check out all the products available. It is one of the Most popular chips brand available in Indian Market


Top Variants- Onion Chips, Masala Chips, Salted Chips, and more.  


3. Bingo 

Bingo is one of the newest brands that has been successful in the Indian market. It has become popular among the young generation with their quite different promotional campaigns. Their Bingo Tedhe Medhe and Mad angles are the most loved chips. 

It is manufactured by ITC, and it is available in 10 different flavors like the Achari Masti, Chili Shamaka, tomato madness, and more.


They are perfect snacks for every party as they have a special mixture and flavor available for parties and different occasions. They are ideal snacks. 


Top Variants- Chilli sprinkled, Tedhe Medhe, Cheese, Bingo mad, and more.


4. Parle Wafers

Parle is one of the biggest biscuit brands in India, and their Parle Ji biscuit is loved by everyone.  Parle wafers have a wide range of very crunchy potato chips and light. It is one of the best-baked chips brands in India.


These Parle wafers are available in different flavors like cream n onion, Masala Masti, Tangy Tomato, Classic Salted, Piri, Piri, Aloo Chaat. You can order online from their online platform as the link has been given in the table. All of the wafers are made with good quality ingredients that are healthy for eating. 


5. Haldiram Chips 


Haldiram is one of the leading companies that offer healthy chips brands in India which has a wide range of Indian snacks and namkeen.  They have multiple outlets all over India offering a wide range of snacks like Raj kachori, Chole Bhature, and more with the best quality ingredients. 


They have many different flavors available as part of the chips, like Halke Fulke, Kettle Chips, Tangy tomato, pink pepper potato chips, Achari Masti chips, chili Shameka, and more. Haldirams is one of the leading brands in India, which is now offering quality food. 


6. Balaji Wafers      

Balaji wafer is one of the known brands in India, and it has a wide range of options for snacks, including namkeen. The organization has seen fantastic growth in the chips sector, and today they are one of the leading names in this industry. 


Chandubhai, the founder of Balaji wafer, takes the brand from 10,000 to 1800 Crores; they understand the market’s demand and fulfill the best quality food and snacks under a very affordable price range. They are majorly known for their potato chips for their amazing taste. 


7. Pringles Chips 

They are primarily known for their potato chips that have been owned by Kellogg’s.  Pringles are available in different flavors with exquisite taste and aromas, and it has potato, corn, rice, Cheddar cheese, BBQ flavor, Ranch flavor, dill pickle, Pizza flavor, and more. 


They are gaining popularity in the Indian market and have seen growth in a few years. It is one of the international sagas. Pringles chips are chips at all, they are crisp, and every flavor of pringles is best. 


8. Kettle Studios 

Kettle Studio is one of the leading potato chip brands globally made from ingredients like perfect potato cooked in the finest refined sunflower that is very crunchy. They are available in different flavors, and there are sea salt, jalapenos, ad pepper jack cheese, balsamic vinegar, and paprika with exotic spices. 


It is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world that are offering the best quality chips. It has a wide range of namkeen that are perfect snacks for evening tea time. 


9. Yellow Diamond 

Yellow Diamond is one of the leading brands in India, Salman Khan the Superstar was the brand ambassador of this brand for many years. They have a wide range of chips, namkeens, dip rings, and fingers and are among India’s top snack manufacturing companies. Yellow Diamond is one of the popular brand of potato chips available in India

The company is based in Indore and is known for the excellent processing & packaging of its brand kurves, Katori, wheels, rings, and pipes. 


10. Budhani Wafers

Budhani Bros Waferwala is one of the fastest-growing companies in India that offers crispy, tasty, and high-quality potato chips, wafers, and mixtures in India. It is one of the reputed brands known for quality products like crispy wafers, potato mixtures, salted peanuts, and cashew nuts. 


They have been in this industry for more than 6 Decades and understand the client’s demand. They have a wide range of tomato chips that are made with good quality ingredients. 


This is all about the best chips brands in India, all of the brands mentioned above are the best ones in India, and they offer the best quality snacks. 


We hope this information will help you choose the Top best chips brands with price in India 2021 to eat in your spare time or tea time.


Questions You May Have 


Q. Which is the most popular potato chip brand in India?

All of the above brands in India are the best ones, but Uncle Chips and Lay’s are the most popular potato chip brands in India. 

Q. Where can I buy banana chips in India?

Banana chips brands in India are among the most consumed chips, all of the brands mentioned above offer banana chips; you can choose from them. 

Q. Which are the best potato chips for kids?

Potato chips are a better choice for kids. Eating twice or thrice a week is enough for your kids. Potato chips are the best healthy snacking options as compared to burgers or pizza. You can select any of these brands.


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