Top Chicken Masala Powder in India (Updated June 2022)

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10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Are you looking for the best chicken masala? Check out the best chicken masala powder in India to make your chicken more delicious. 

The world knows that India is the land of spices and that is one of the reasons why our food is so much full of masalas. Today, we are sharing the Best chicken masala powder in India’s information here in detail. 

If you want to improve the quality of the food, you need the right mixture of masalas. As the competition is high in the market, there are many manufacturers in the market claiming the best masalas. Choosing the right one is not an easy job. Let’s check these top brands that are top in quality and taste in India for a very long time.

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Top Chicken Masala Powder in India 

Check out the top chicken masala powders in India here with their price and buy links available in the table. 

Best Chicken Masala Powder Brand
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Everest Masala Powder - Chicken


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Tata Sampann Chicken Masala


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MDH Chicken Masala


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Catch Chicken Masala


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NILONS Chicken Curry Masala


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Goldiee Chicken Masala, 100 Grams (Pack of 2)


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Badshah Hot Chicken Masala 100g


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Ramdev Chicken Masala 50 g


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Suhana Chicken Tandoori Easy to Cook


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Aachi Chicken Masala Powder


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Review of Top Chicken Masala Powder in India

Here is the detailed review for the chicken masala powder in India with their brand information and get Chicken masala at best price in India

1. Everest Masala Powder-Chicken Masala 

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Everest is India’s no.1 spice brand. They are famous for their impeccable quality and a wide range of masalas. They have more than 45 varieties of spices and whole spices. With 22 years of dedication, They are maintaining the standard of purity, freshness, and authentically with every pack. 

The amount of aroma and flour in their masala is perfect. Their unmatchable taste is backed up with research, innovation, and technology. Their success lies in reaching the heart of India’s culinary world with its spices with the perfect blend. 

This Everest masala powder is the right blend between spice elements and other ingredients in the dish. It enhances the taste of the dish. 


  • The price of this Everest chicken masala powder is Rs. 72. 


2.Tata Sampann Chicken Masala  

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

The Tata group needs no introduction; they are emerging in almost every field. The Tata Sampann has dals, besan, and spices that are completely pure and authentic. Their sizes are wholesome and come with essential oil extracts. Tata Sampan’s chicken masala powder provides the perfect balance of flavors with a combination of best-chosen spices. 


It is one of the best Indian chicken curry masala powders that give your chicken curry the flavor and the perfect aroma that it deserves. Tata Sampann spices are scientifically stored and processed to lock the freshness for a longer time. 

  • This Tata Sampann chicken masala powder price is Rs.57. 


3. MDH Chicken Masala

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

MDH is one of the best masala brands in India for many years. MDH spices come with the natural aroma of the Mughalai chicken. This is one of the best brands. If you love the spicy food, then you can simply add extra spices in your dish as they are natural and come with the best quality. 

This MDH chicken masala uses the exotic blend of species to create the tangiest and delectable gravies. It is loved by almost every chicken lover, especially in gravy chicken dishes. It is the best Indian chicken masala powder. 


  • The price of this MDH chicken masala powder is Rs.67. 


4. Catch Chicken Masala

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Catch spices are pure and have no artificial color added to it. This brand is famous for many Indian housewives and also preferred by Hotels and caters.they have a very strict quality control department for better manufacturing and packaging of the finished products. They have s[pecial tagline, “ catch ka koi match nahi,” which is very famous. 


This chicken masala powder creates an exact balance between the spices elements and the extra ingredients in the dish. It comes with a wonderfully rich flavor and superiority. This is the best Indian chicken curry masala.

  • The price of this Catch Chicken Masala is Rs.58. 


5. Nilons Chicken Curry Masala 

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Nilons is one of the oodles brands of spices since 1962. Today, they are one of the fastest-growing food companies in India with an extensive range of right quality products. Indians and many food companies especially trust them. It is one of the best Indian chicken curry masalas. 

You will experience the balanced restaurant taste at home with this Nilons Chicken Curry masala. Their products are 100% natural and from added artificial colours and flavours. This chicken currency masala from Nilons comes in specially designed packing to keep it safe and fresh. 


  • The price of this  Nilon chicken curry masala is Rs. 171 and comes in 3 pack 


6. Goldiee Chicken Masala, 100 Grams (Pack of 2)

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Goldiee Group is one of the growing brands in India that deals in spices, Pickles, heeng, Noodles, Papad, and many food items. Many Indians love them for their traditional taste in spices. Their spices are 100% natural and it is one of the top best chicken masala powders in India

This Goldiee Chicken Masala gives a very delicious taste to the chicken. Bollywood actor Salman Khan is the Brand Ambassador for this brand. They are especially known for their No.1 quality products. 

  • The Price of this Goldiee Chicken Masala is Rs. 110.


7. Badshah Hot Chicken Masala 100g

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Badshah masala needs no introduction; they are the world with a host of tastes and flavors for the last six decades. They believe that culinary skill requires the proper use of spices to enhance your meal every time. Species are good for health as they act as antioxidants. Badshah spices have a vast range of species that offer food more appealing, nitrous, and interesting. 

They are catering national and some international households with their unbeatable flavors and enchanting aromas. This tandoori chicken masala powder will give you unmatched tastes that leave you wanting more. 

  • The price of this Badshah hot chicken masala is Rs.38.


8. Ramdev Chicken Masala 50 g

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Ramdev has started its business from a small unit in Ahmedabad. They have grown globally as one of the trusted spice brands in India. All spices are best in quality with purity and freshness. They successfully maintain their standard in the global market. 


This Ramdev Chicken masala powder is made with natural ingredients that are good for health and good in taste. They also use the best technology-based packages for long time freshness. It is one of the famous brand for Top chicken masala, cooking masala, spices

  • The price of this Ramdev Chicken Masala is Rs.304 for eight small packs. 


9. Suhana Chicken Tandoori Easy to Cook

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

These brands started as a home-based set up in 1962. Later they became a growing name and brand in the Indian spices market. They understand the importance of spices and their nitrous benefits if they are natural. This Suhana chicken tandoori powder is 100% natural and has a very attractive aroma. 

It has no added color and artificial flavors. And you can also use it for tandoori vegetables, paneer, or tandoori seafood of your choice. It has a distinctive taste, and the appearance creates an exotic culinary landmark. 


  • The price of this Suhana Chicken Easy is Rs.149.


10. Aachi Chicken Masala Powder, 100g

10 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Aachi Group was founded in 1995 in our south India at Tamil Nadu. This becomes very popular in our countries South for their excellent quality products catering to ordinary people. Their product range is so vast that no household can afford to miss their products. 


With their strong quality, useful resources, and always upgrading marketing network and the market analysis, they maintain their international standard and brand recall value. This Aachi Chicken masala is packed in a hygienic packaging for maintaining the quality and freshness. This is one of the best chicken tikka masala powder. They are connected with more than 12 lakh retailers and 4000 agents to reach out to the customers. 


  • The price of this Aachi chicken masala powder is Rs.55.


How to Make Chicken Masala Powder 

It is one of the essential ingredients when you are cooking any non-veg, maybe curries, fried one, or even biryani. Chicken masalas have a strong flavor and aroma that makes the dish delicious. 

Ingredients - We Need these ingredients to make chicken Masala powder

  •  ½  cup coriander seeds 

  • One tablespoon fennel seeds

  • Two tablespoon cumin seeds

  • One tablespoon black cumin seeds 

  • ½ tablespoon black peppercorn.

  • Four dry chilies

  • ½  tablespoon fenugreek seeds

  • 20-30 curry leaves. 



  • Dry roast curry leaves for a min on low flame till turned crispy and remove from the heat and keep aside. 

  • Dry roast red chilies till they change the color a bit. Please remove it from the heat and dry roast coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, black cumin seeds, black cumin seeds, and peppercorn seeds together till a pleasant aroma comes. 

  • Please remove it from the heat and allow it to cool down. Grind everything together to powder and add salt to as per the taste and mix it well. 

  • keep it in an airtight container and use it when needed. 

This is all about the best chicken masala powder in India; the mentioned brands are top brands in India for their best quality and impeccable taste. All these can be used in any chicken dish. 

I hope the information we share will help you choose the right one for your favorite dish. 


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Question You May Have


Q.Which are the best masalas in India?

All of the above brands are profitable chicken masala powder brands, but Everest and MDH are the best one among all.

Q. Does chicken masala powder contain chicken?

No, chicken small does not contain chicken; it has red chilies, turmeric, cumin, iodized salt, black pepper, and many more. 

Q. Is Chicken Masala the same as chicken tikka masala?

Both tikka and chicken tikka masala powder are made with chicken chunks to create a difference from others. The significant difference is tikka masala is spicier than chicken tikka masala. 

Q. Which brand of biryani masala is good?

Everest is a famous brand for chicken biryani masala powder in India.

Q. Which tandoori chicken masala is best?

all of the above-mentioned chicken masala brands are the best ones for tandoori chicken but Everest and Suhana Chicken Tandori paste are the best among all. 

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