How To Use Supercoins In Flipkart: Pro Tips For Getting Rewards

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Do you know why customers Shop the most from Flipkart? It never fails to give attractive offers and rewards to its customers. A few months ago, this online store rewarded me for each order through Flipkart Coins. 

The most amazing thing is the Flipkart Super coins are offered to both Plus and non-Plus customers.

Are you interested to know “How to use Supercoins in Flipkart”? In this article, I am going to tell you everything about it, including How to check Flipkart Super Coin balance, How to redeem Flipkart Super Coins and much more. 

After knowing about it, I am sure you will only proceed further in shopping from this top-grade online store. 

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How To Use Supercoins In Flipkart

About Flipkart Supercoin

Supercoin is the customer rewards program of Flipkart. Customers get rewarded for every purchase on Flipkart. And once they become a part of the loyalty program, they can redeem Supercoins for various benefits. In addition to purchases on Flipkart, customers also get reward points or Supercoins for recharge, bill payment, and travel bookings. 

Flipkart also rewards customers for the transaction on partner apps and websites such as Ola, Urban Clap, Oyo, and Zoomcar among others.

Whenever you place an order with Flipkart and that order is delivered successfully, you will earn supercoins depending upon the amount of your order purchased. 

Moreover, it will expire after 6 months from the date they were credited to your account. 

How to Use Supercoins in Flipkart?

Here I am going to tell you how to use supercoins in flipkart while shopping. Flipkart Plus members can use supercoins for different purposes and avail of different benefits. If you are a Flipkart Plus member, you can pay for select products using your Supercoins.

There is also the option to buy coupons and GVs, and redeem exclusive deals across partner sites. You can also use Supercoins to book flight tickets on Flipkart App. Let me share now how to use Flipkart Super coins:

  • The coins can be used only on products under Flipkart Super coins. 

  • You will see '₹1 store' on Flipkart. Use it to grab products like bedsheets, kettles, etc, for just ₹1.

  • Users are allowed to exchange Super coins with vouchers and coupons.

  • Through Super coins, buy coupons and EGVs.

  • It lets you book Travel tickets easily.

How to Redeem SuperCoins in Flipkart?

Want to know how to add SuperCoins in Flipkart. Read the below mentioned points.

  • The first step is to open the Flipkart app and log in to your account.

  • The second step is to select the “Supercoins” option.

  • You will see the “Use Coins” option, so click on it.

  • When you scroll down, you will see various ways to use Super coins.

  • Select any Offer you like.

  • Click on “Claim Offer”. 

How to Earn Supercoins on Flipkart?

I will share the three best ways to earn Super Coins on Flipkart. Read the points given below-

  • Place orders on Flipkart

If you want to earn SuperCoins, you need to place an order on Flipkart. This online store will offer two Super Coins for every Rs 100 spent. Are you a Plus Member? You can get up to 100 coins per order. If you are not a Plus member, you can get up to 50 coins per order.

  • Start Purchasing with Brand Partners

Another amazing way to earn SuperCoins is by buying something from Flipkart's partner brands. The names are PhonePe, Ola, Urban Company, 1MG, OYO, etc.

  • Play Games on Flipkart

Do you want to collect some extra coins? If the answer is yes, you can play games on the Flipkart app. It will help you to earn SuperCoins. 

How to Check my Flipkart SuperCoin Balance?

No matter whether you are a regular user or not, you can check Flipkart Super Coin Balance easily. Here we go-

  • Download the Flipkart app and log in to your account.

  • At the Home page, you will see an “Accounts” icon. Click on it. 

  • You can see your Flipkart SuperCoin Balance at the top right corner of your screen.

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How to Renew the Flipkart Plus membership?

Are you looking for a solution for how to renew your Flipkart Plus membership? Let me tell you that a person needs 200 Super Coins collected in the last 12 months. Those who have enough coins their membership will be renewed automatically. 

How To Pay Using Super Coins On Flipkart?

Some products and categories accept Flipkart Super Coin as payment.

Use these steps to pay with Super Coins on Flipkart:

  • Open the Flipkart app, then go to the SuperCoin area.

  • Select the 'Cash & Coins' option.

  • Choose the product category from which you wish to purchase.

  • Choose the item that appeals to you.

  • Check the amount you can pay with super coins by swiping down, then click "Continue."

  • After choosing "Pay Using SuperCoins," proceed to the payment screen.

What Is The Value Of Supercoins In Rupees?

You may be wondering how much one Super Coin is worth on Flipkart. The e-commerce giant has not disclosed the precise value of Super Coins in rupees. The value of Super Coins varies depending on the offer and deal. For example, if a user redeems a 2,500 gift voucher with 2,500 Super Coins, then 1 Super Coin is worth ₹1. Several sources have attempted to determine the exact value of Super Coins in cash, but no official statements are available.

How to Convert Flipkart Super Coins In Rupees?

Although Flipkart Super Coins cannot be converted directly into cash, they can be easily used as a form of payment for more than 1000 partnered brands and platforms.

Super Coins are a payment method that you can use on Flipkart's affiliated platforms. Super Coins can thus be used for a variety of purposes, including gift card purchases, Flipkart shopping, travel reservations, daily necessities, OTT subscriptions, and much more.

Furthermore, Super Coins can be used on well-known food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy thanks to Flipkart's partnership with these companies. Flipkart also offers the option for you to purchase subscriptions to well-known OTT platforms like Disney+ Hotstar, Zee 5, etc., if you enjoy watching movies and television shows.

Benefits Of Flipkart Super Coins

The following are several benefits of Super Coins on Flipkart: -

  • Super Coins can be used at Flipkart to receive amazing savings on your preferred items.

  • With additional savings, you can purchase goods for as little as Rs. 1, Rs. 49, and Rs. 99.

  • You can redeem these Super Coins according to your needs. There are very few or none at all.

  • Thanks to Super Coins, you can benefit from coupons or vouchers.

  • Other partnered platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Make My Trip, and many more allow you to transact.

  • Super Coins can be used to play games and earn thrilling rewards.

  • Recharge your phone and pay bills with Flipkart Super Coin.

What Flipkart Rewards Can You Enjoy With Super Coins?

Flipkart gives users lots of options to use Supercoins. You can use supercoins to get discounts on select products. In addition to that, it can be redeemed for various subscriptions. Read out the Flipkart Rewards given below-

  • YouTube Premium Membership

If you have 150 Super Coins, you are able to buy a YouTube premium membership. It will also help you get ad-free YouTube for six months, including a YouTube Music Trial. 

  • Disney+ Hotstar Subscription

Get a Free Subscription to Disney + Hotstar without any pay. You will also get a Hotstar VIP Subscription if you have 1499 Flipkart Super Coins. 

  • ZEE 5 Subscription

Get a ZEE 5 Subscription by only having 350 Super Coins. It will even help you to grab Premium content for 30 days.

What Is Flipkart Plus? 

Flipkart offers its users a loyalty program called Flipkart Plus. Customers who participate in this program receive rewards for each purchase they make via the Flipkart website or app, giving them a unique shopping experience. Benefits from this program also include early access to sales, quick or free delivery, excellent customer service, discounts, and a host of other advantages.

To begin, you must shop on Flipkart and earn 200 Super Coins within a year. Once the coins have been gathered, you can get started with Plus. Simply select the 'Join Now' option to join this loyalty program on the Flipkart Plus membership page. Flipkart introduced a new membership program with exclusive deals and advantages for its devoted customers. Flipkart Plus Premium is one such loyalty program that enables customers to receive better incentives for their purchases.

Benefits Of Flipkart Plus Membership

Two tiers comprise the Flipkart Plus Program:

Level of Entry: Flipkart Plus

Customers who successfully complete four transactions over the course of the previous 365 days will be eligible for Flipkart Plus membership.

Benefits of Flipkart Plus include:

  • Gain more Supercoins with each transaction.

  • Supercoin-based incentives for over five million products

  • A welcome benefit of 300 Supercoins, exclusive to new Plus members

  • Early access to a limited selection of products for a few hours on sale days, such as Big Billion Days and Big Shopping Days.

Premium Tier: Flipkart Plus Premium

Consumers who have completed 8 transactions successfully over the previous 365 days are eligible for Flipkart Plus Premium.

Benefits Of Flipkart Plus Premium Include

  • Get extra (2X) supercoins for each transaction.

  • Supercoin-based special incentives for over five million products

  • A welcome benefit of 300 Supercoins, exclusive to new Plus members

  • Early access to a limited selection of products for a few hours on sale days, such as Big Billion Days and Big Shopping Days.

  • For transactions over 10,000, there is a flat 300 Supercoins (available only with Plus Premium).

  • Extra Special Rewards

How to Participate in the Flipkart Plus Quiz?

You can grab amazing rewards from Flipkart by answering a few simple questions. To know how to participate in the Flipkart Plus Quiz, see the steps given below-

  • Open your Flipkart application and Log in to your account.

  • Select the Game Zone button.

  • Scroll and find “Flipkart Plus Quiz” now.

  • Click on it to start your quiz. 


Are you searching for How to use Supercoins in Flipkart? I have covered that in this article. The esrlier post goes into great detail regarding Flipkart Super Coins, the Flipkart Plus reward program, how to accrue and use Super Coins, as well as their advantages and validity. It also explains how to use Flipkart Super Coins for purchases.This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to earn Flipkart Super Coins through playing games on the Flipkart app or website or through making purchases on Flipkart, Myntra, Make My Trip, and other affiliated brands.  Do you believe that you would benefit from this reward program? Please let us know in the comments. To ensure that more Flipkart customers take advantage of this offer, don't forget to forward this article to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is 50 SuperCoins in flipkart?

A1. If you have 50 Super Coins in Flipkart, you can buy a gift voucher of Rs 1000.

Q2. Can we convert Supercoins to cash?

A2. As per Flipkart’s Policy, you cannot convert Supercoins to cash.

Q3. Can I use Supercoins to pay?

A3. You can use Flipkart Super Coins to buy various products. 

Q4. Do Flipkart SuperCoins expire?

A4. Flipkart SuperCoins will expire after 6 months.

Q5. How many SuperCoins is equal to 1 rupee?

A5. 2.33 SuperCoins are equal to 1 Indian rupee. 

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