11 Best Bra Brands In India: For Every Woman's Wardrobe

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A great bra should be comfy and stylish. Right? 

Searching for the best bra brands in India that not only provide you with comfort and support but also come in the perfect fit for each occasion is complicated. 

A perfect bra will support your breasts and also feel like a second skin. Once you know about your exact size and fit, you can try the extensive collection of bra types and styles accessible in the market to enhance your overall look. 

As the demands are increasing day by day, various international lingerie brands are entering the Indian market. These companies provide you with great options no matter what colour, size or fabric you are searching for.

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 Best Bra Brands In India

List Of 11 Best Bra Brands In India

Here, you will get the best bra brands in India along with their starting price range that provides extreme comfort and gives you a feel-good feeling. Also, I will provide detailed information regarding each of these brands below the table. So, to know more regarding the same, hang on to this article until the end. 

Best Bra Brands In India

Starting Price Range


Rs. 245


Rs. 279


Rs. 299


Rs. 300


Rs. 315


Rs. 320


Rs. 350


Rs. 593

Marks & Spenser

Rs. 599


Rs. 780

Calvin Klein

Rs. 1320

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Knowing The Best Bra Brands In India In Detail

Below, I will provide every minor detail regarding the 11 Best Bra Brands In India, along with their foundation date, founder, size and fit offered and more. To get the entire indo, keep on reading. 

1. Loveable

If your lingerie makes you feel glamorous, you're halfway there to turning heads and that is why Loveable provides the comfiest bra you can ever prefer. The brand was incorporated in 1987, and since then, it has become one of the leading women's undergarments manufacturer companies in India. 


Loveable collection of bras caters to five categories that are Seamless, Sports,  backless, t-shirt and bridal bra. The sizes that are available at the brand start from 32B to 40D. Moreover, you can calculate the size of a bra with their size calculator to find your best fit. Other than that, you can also shop for panties, sportswear, nightwear, and winterwear from Loveable. 

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Gussie and Frank Garson

  • Foundation Year: 1987

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Sizes Available: 32B to 40D

  • Fit Available: Seamless Bra, Sports Bra,  Backless Bra, T-shirt Bra and Bridal Bra

2. Enamor

Enamor is another of the best bra brands in India, known for its excellent support and stylish designs. They provide a range of bras that blend fashion and functionality, making sure of a comfortable and flattering fit. India's leading lingerie brand, Enamor, made its debut in 2003. Its ideal customer is a woman who is self-reliant, self-assured, successful, and amazing, just the way she is.


The only company in India, Enamor, offers user trials and multi-size fits to make sure every style fits the Indian body type. The goal is to provide a woman with a take-home experience that will make her feel amazing on the inside and out every single day. Enamor basically provides bras in five different categories that are everyday bras, beginner’s bras, sports bras, bridal bras and nursing bras. Accessible sizes at the brand start from 30D to 44G.

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Jagadish Hinduja

  • Foundation Year: 2001

  • Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

  • Sizes Available: 30D to 44G

  • Fit Available: Bralettes, Beginner's Bra, T-Shirt Bra, Cami Bra, Full Support Bra, Minimizer Bra, Pushup Bra, Plunge Bra, Strapless/Multiway, Nursing/ Maternity Bra, And Sports Bra.

3. Shyaway

The right bra can change your life. It all comes down to comfort and support. The renowned, alluring, and creative lingerie brand Shyaway was established with the sincere goal of empowering women. Although customers find lingerie to be very exciting, they also find it to be pricey and confusing. Shyaway, which has over a million customers, is here to make quality lingerie shopping easy for everyone to choose, discover, afford, and enjoy. 


Shyaway offers a wide variety of bra styles, each tailored to meet specific needs and preferences in terms of functionality and style, such as push-up, racerback, T-shirt, strapless, balconette, bralette, padded, non-padded, wired, and non-wired bras, plunge, front-open, backless, halter, and more. Shyaway bras feature an elegant fusion of fine fabrics and well-considered design components. Their top priority is to use premium materials that feel soft and gentle against the skin, in addition to ensuring durability.

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Mr. Gopinathan, Mr. Sanjay Dangi and Mr. Ramachandran

  • Foundation Year: 2015

  • Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Sizes Available: 30B to 52D

  • Fit Available: Push-up, Racerback, T-shirt, Strapless, Balconette, Bralette, Padded, Non-Padded, Wired, Non-wired, Plunge, Front-open, Backless, Halter, and more.

4. Zivame

Every woman can have the choice, comfort, and confidence she deserves with Zivame. With the goal of empowering women to shop for intimate apparel without inhibitions, Zivame was established in 2011. With a $100 million valuation, Zivame is the top online lingerie retailer in India, providing 5,000 styles, 50 brands, and 100 sizes. Two bras are sold on the website every minute, with 2.5 million unique visitors each month.


Zivame offers bras in different categories like T-shirts, Sports, Minimiser, Backless, Strapless, Bralette, Maternity, and Transparent. The Zivame products are also available in a wide range at Nykaa, Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm Mall, Limeroad and more online shopping sites. You can shop for bra sizes starting from 28A to 48H from this one of the best bra brands in India. 

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Richa Kar

  • Foundation Year: 2011

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Sizes Available: 28A to 48H

  • Fit Available:  T-shirts, Sports, Minimiser, Backless, Strapless, Bralette, Maternity, and Transparent

5. Clovia

You can't imagine your day without a bra because it starts with it. Your bra must be the right size for it to stay on throughout the day. The irony is that despite the ease of access to bra size calculators, a lot of women are unaware of their bra size or how to measure their bust size. Not only can you determine your cup size at Clovia, but you can also shop online for your preferred bra styles. Clovia offers collections of bras to suit all your needs, whether you're wearing them for a special occasion or on a daily basis. 


You can purchase daily wear bras, party bras, solution bras, bridal bras, maternity bras, and many more styles in more than 50 sizes. There are a variety of options available to you, including T-shirts, push-ups, plunges, balconettes, bralettes, front-opening, racerbacks, backless, halters, strapless, and wired or non-wired options. Both solid colours and vibrant prints are available in their women's bras. Above all, the bras are reasonably priced. So, don't hesitate to purchase your bra from stores or online.  

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Pankaj Vermani

  • Foundation Year: 2012

  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India

  • Sizes Available: 26 to 44F

  • Fit Available: T-shirts, Push-ups, Plunges, Balconettes, Bralettes, Front-opening, Racerbacks, Backless, Halters, Strapless, and Wired or non-wired Bras.

6. Jockey

For many Indian girls, the American brand Jockey may be their first choice when it comes to sports bras. They have a great line of sleepwear in addition to amazing sportswear styles! Jockey's bras are incredibly soft and absorb sweat, making them the epitome of comfort. There's bound to be something in their enormous selection of undergarments that will steal your heart. 


With a large selection of bras to suit the needs of both teenagers and women with large busts, jockey bras are the ideal fusion of the finest materials, designs, fits, and hues. They have everything from strapless bras to sleep bras, padded or non-padded, everyday bras to athletic bras. Jockey Bras offers sizes ranging from 30B to 42D. Women of all ages favour them because of their focus on comfort and attention to detail.

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Samuel Thrall Cooper

  • Foundation Year: 1876

  • Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

  • Sizes Available: 30B to 42D

  • Fit Available: Strapless Bras, Sleep Bras, Padded or Non-Padded Bras, Everyday Bras, And Athletic Bras

7. Amante

With decades of experience, Amanté is committed to producing elegant, comfortable, well-fitting, and thoughtfully designed intimate apparel. With a focus on creating intimate wear that fits each modern Indian woman's distinct shape, style, and silhouette, Amanté offers a wide selection of stylish lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, and activewear to match her cutting-edge way of living.


Whatever the occasion, this one of the best bra brands in India has a bra to fit! Whether it's for your home office, your evening walks, your quick grocery shop run, everyday use, your much-anticipated holiday, or any other special occasion. Simply unwind by sitting back! And welcome the sensation of luxurious, high-quality fabrics that are like a second skin! The bra sizes available at Amante start from 30A - 42F. 

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Deepak Jain

  • Foundation Year: 2017

  • Headquarters: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

  • Sizes Available: 30A - 42F

  • Fit Available: T-shirt, Push-up, Strapless/Multiway, Minimiser, Bralettes, Sports, Full Figure, Lounge And Slip On Bras

8. Parfait

Parfait was founded in the year 2005. The company offers a wide range of bras in inclusive sizing and colours, including sports bras, nursing bras, bralettes, and signature styles. Parfait is committed to reinventing perfection by crafting exquisite undergarments that accentuate each woman's flawless features. They have designed exquisite underwear that not only fits but also accentuates every distinct body shape and size, regardless of whether the wearer is full-figured, full-busted, or a typical bra size.


Plus-size women can trust the lingerie brand Parfait. Women who struggle to locate the ideal large cup size in other brands can rely on Parfait's selection. This brand offers sizes ranging from D to K cup sizes, from 30 to 44 band sizes, and up to 4XL bottoms. For special occasions, there are flower bras, panty sets with laces and padded fancy bralettes available in every size. 

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Ken Zhang

  • Foundation Year: 2005

  • Headquarters: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

  • Sizes Available: 30A - 42F

  • Fit Available: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

9. Marks & Spenser

Marks and Spencer is the greatest location to satisfy your lingerie needs for the best bras, offering an extensive selection of bras in a multitude of vivid colours, patterns, and styles in a range of sizes. Additionally, you will undoubtedly find a style for every ensemble, including dresses, party wear, and everyday t-shirts. Combine striking hues of red, pink, and yellow with basic black and white tones. Add some style to your everyday essentials with lace overlays, mesh inserts, and subtle prints.

Marks & Spenser

You can choose the ideal bra for your body type by browsing through the variety of styles that Marks & Spencer offers online. Their selection includes plunge bras that are perfect for wearing under low-cut tops and non-wired bras that offer complete support and coverage. Various types of bras, including full coverage, push-up, and strapless styles, are available online at Marks and Spencer. They have everything from basic to boudoir-worthy.

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Michael Marks And Thomas Spence

  • Foundation Year: 1884

  • Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

  • Sizes Available: 28A - 46D

  • Fit Available: Full Cup, Strapless Bras, Plunge, Balcony And Bralets

10. Triumph

Without the ideal bra, a woman's wardrobe is incomplete. The world of women's bras is both vital and varied. The ability to select the perfect bra can change many people's lives, whether they are wearing everyday staples or designer collections. Triumph India provides a large selection of bra choices to meet the various needs of their customers while guaranteeing support and style. 


There is something for everyone in the ladies' bra collection, which includes a variety of bra types. They have everything you need, from statement-making bra designs to everyday wear bras that put comfort first. In every bra design, they put quality, comfort, and style at priority.

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer And Michael Braun

  • Foundation Year: 1886

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Sizes Available: 32A - 42D

  • Fit Available:  Wired Bras, Wirefree Bras, Non-Padded Bras, Padded Bras, Plus Size, Seamless Bra, Minimizer Bra, T-Shirt Bras, And Beginner Bra.

11. Calvin Klein

The collection of women's bras and bralettes at Calvin Klein redefines comfort with their form-fitting silhouettes and ultimate support design. Their selection of women's extra small to plus size bras is designed to fit all body types. They have push-up bras for a lifting effect, unlined bralettes for a lightweight fit, and t-shirt bras for everyday, casual wear. All of their designs are specifically made to match your outfit. Every program provides unique, essential features.

 Calvin Klein

If you're looking for t-shirt bras with a silhouette that goes well with casual attire and full coverage, check out their Perfectly Modern Fit models. Their Modern Cotton styles, which are weightless and unlined, have a flexible underband with the iconic Calvin Klein logo styling. The Calvin Klein 1996 styles are designed with vivid colours and graphics if you're more of a bold person. The CK Black lace styles have a sheer design and are enhanced with deep detailing for sensual lingerie. They also make maternity bralettes with side inserts for nursing pads, made from an incredibly soft cotton modal stretch blend. 

Key Highlights

  • Founder: Calvin Richard Klein

  • Foundation Year: 1968

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Sizes Available: 30A - 40D

  • Fit Available: Bralette, Plunge Bras, Push-Up Bras, T-Shirt Bras, Triangle Bras, Balcony Bras, Strapless Bras, Sports Bras

Different Types of Bras

A woman's wardrobe would not be complete without a bra because it offers support, comfort, and style. Knowing which kind of bra is ideal for various situations, looks, and body types can be intimidating. We are thus available to assist you with that.

  • T-Shirt Bra: Under form-fitting tops, dresses, or T-shirts, a seamless, lightly padded bra creates a smooth silhouette. This type of bra is known as a T-shirt bra. Its seamless construction and moulded cups contribute to the shape's natural appearance. For a customisable fit, T-shirt bras usually feature back closure and adjustable straps.
  • Sports Bra: A sports bra is made especially for physical activities like working out, running, or playing sports, as the name would imply. It is constructed from a moisture-wicking, stretchable fabric for optimal support. They also aid in the reduction of pain and discomfort. 
  • Push-Up Bra: The purpose of a push-up bra is to lift and press the breasts together, giving the bust a more lifted and full appearance. Usually, it has an underwire for extra lift and support, as well as padded cups.
  • Wireless Bra: A wireless bra fits more comfortably and loosely because it lacks an underwire. Typically, it is constructed from soft, stretchable fabric that aligns with the curves of your breasts to provide a natural shape without the pain of an underwire. For casual wear, lounging, or those who want a more natural feel, wireless bras are fantastic.
  • Plunge Bra: Wearing a plunge bra with low-cut or plunging necklines is perfect because of its deep V-neckline design. Underwire and padded cups are common features of plunge bras, which give them extra lift and support and are ideal for special occasions or dramatic looks.
  • Convertible Bra: A convertible bra is an adaptable choice with various ways to wear it. Its convertible straps allow you to change the style of your outfit by adjusting or removing them. Wearing it as a regular bra, halter bra, racerback bra, one-shoulder bra, or even strapless bra is possible. When pairing with various tops or dresses that call for various strap arrangements, convertible bras are ideal.

Final Words

These best bra brands in India have bras that are available in different materials, sizes, fabrics, designs, etc. While there are many affordable brands out there, such as Lovable and Enamor, we have highlighted the ones that we think are the greatest in this category and have received the greatest online reviews. So, next time when you shop, make sure to go through these top-rated brands and shop according to your preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Which bra is best to wear daily?

A. For everyday wear, we suggest cotton bras, T-shirt bras, and non-padded bras because they are made to provide extended comfort.

Q. Which type of bra is best?

A. or beginners, a cotton, padded, non-wired teen bra is ideal. Teenage girls' first bra experience can now be made comfortable and simple with this bra, which offers an extremely comfortable fit. Its full-coverage cups stop spills from the top and sides, and its non-wired cups add even more comfort.

Q. Which type of bra is good for breast health?

A. Larger-breasted women with lots of bounce should wear encapsulation bras. Each breast is held in place and supported by them in a strong cup. When you wear a bra that fits properly, you'll look amazing, have excellent support, and avoid needless discomfort.

Q. Is it OK to wear a bra 24 * 7?

A. According to reports, the study found that your chance of getting breast cancer increases with the amount of time you wear your bra each day. 

Q. Is it OK to wear wired bras?

A. The wire of an underwire bra that fits properly should not hurt and should sit flat against the ribcage. If your underwire bra fits properly, is composed of comfortable materials, and has regular checks and breaks, then wearing it every day is acceptable.

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