Best Lingerie Brands In India to Look your Best

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Are you looking for the Best Lingerie Brands in India?

Lingeries are the sexiest clothing and not to mention expensive. So, we must ensure complete research before buying a pair for ourselves.

If your answer to my question is yes, let us begin with learning all about the sexy lingerie brands in India. I have mentioned the best brands you can find across the country, irrespective of the price range. However, I have used the price of the brand's cheapest product to put them in ascending order. So, read until the end to learn about one of the most expensive brands in India.

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Lingerie Brands in India


Minimum Price


₹137 Onwards


₹202 Onwards

Forever 21

₹211 Onwards


₹399 Onwards


₹452 Onwards


₹425 Onwards


₹699 Onward


₹840 Onwards


₹999 Onwards

Victoria's Secret

₹1,300 Onwards

1. Clovia

Clovia promises to become your second skin, enabling you to stay comfortable throughout your day. Their products are meant to fit perfectly and last just as fresh in the morning throughout the day. In addition to comfort, they have the perfect, pretty and plush designs for all ladies.

The brand does not have a separate section for lingerie, but it has some super sexy bra and panty pieces that you can club together to make the perfect lingerie.

Price Range: ₹137 Onwards

2. Zivame

If you want to know about my favourite, that has to be Zivame. I like this brand for many reasons, but the foremost is the availability of multiple sizes. My size is 34D, and I could not find any decent brand offering me this size with the desired quality. Either they were too expensive, the quality was too cheap, or the variety was more petite than a handful.

It was when I found Zivame, which offered me the size, quality, variety and price range of my liking. Also, their bra size calculator is made to perfection, which gives you the correct size possible.

You can club a panty bra and have lingerie set for yourself as they do not have a separate collection of lingerie.

Price Range: ₹202 Onwards

3. Forever 21

An international brand headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Forever 21 offers products that matches international quality standards and fit right into your pocket. So, if you are looking for a cheap yet high-quality brand, here is your answer.

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited acquired the online and offline rights to the Indian network of Forever 21 in July 2016. Since then, It has been a great brand with the trust of the leading Indian businessman.

Price Range: ₹211 Onwards

4. Jockey

Jockey has been clothing mankind since 1876, and you can not go wrong with an old and internationally famous brand. Currently, they are selling in over 140 countries, including India.

Page Industries Ltd introduced Jockey's quality, comfort, fashion, innovation and value in India in 1994. Since then, it has been resting in our hearts and wardrobes. However, they do not have a separate lingerie collection so find the right bra for yourself and pair it with a great panty to make yourself lingerie.

Price Range: ₹399 Onwards

5. Amante

Amante holds decades of experience that they utilise to create the innerwear ever. The brand offers the perfect blend of comfort, fit, design and fashion. All these elements complement the unique requirements of modern women, and its products are tailored to fit Asian Women perfectly.

Amante does not have a specific section for lingerie on their website, but you can match a bra with a panty to create one for yourself.

Price Range: ₹452 Onwards

6. BodyCare

BodyCare was established in 1992 under the name M/S Pawan Hosiery with the brand name 'Bodycare'. They manufactured innerwear, which was created while keeping comfort and quality on the priority list. Later this brand was established as Bodycare Creations Ltd. by the year 2008.

The brand offers a wide range of lingerie sets that you can buy. The category is called Bridal Lingerie Sets, so you can imagine the thought they might have put behind creating this range.

Price Range: ₹425 Onwards

7. H&M

H&M is one of those brands that fits right into your pocket while giving you an expensive experience. They have the latest styles and a unique designer collection exclusive to their brand. You can pair a bra with the most suitable panty to make a complete lingerie pair from their lingerie section.

In addition to lingerie, you can buy fashionable clothes and other accessories to complement your look.

Price Range: ₹699 Onwards

8. Enamor

Enamor was launched in 2001 as a joint venture between Gokaldas Images Private Limited and Barbara of Paris. With the help of Barbara's experience and Gokaldas Images's spirit, Enamour has been offering its customers unmatched comfort. They spoke to more than 4000 women across the country before coming up with their current collection.

Their lingerie is slightly different from the other brands, so you must check it before picking your pick. Also, you can always pair a bra and a panty to make your desired lingerie set.

Price Range: ₹840 Onwards

9. Shyaway

Shyaway believes buying luxury, and comfortable lingerie should be an uncomplicated and smooth process, whether online or offline. It is the reason they have kept their options simple and attractive. Their lingerie section has a few selective pairs that are comfortable with a fair price tag.

Price Range: ₹999 Onwards

10. Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret has been America's most famous lingerie of all time, gaining international popularity over the years. While it was making its way into the lingerie business worldwide, it also touched Indian women's hearts. Though on the expensive side, this brand ensured to offer the best lingerie possible.

You must check its lingerie collection; I promise you won't get such quality and variety anywhere else.

Price Range: ₹1,300 Onwards

Things to consider before buying lingerie

As established earlier, lingerie is expensive, and we should consider all the possible angles before we invest our money in it. Below I have mentioned some of the points I feel should be considered in depth before placing your order.


Size is, without doubt, the most critical aspect of lingerie or any shopping. Imperfect lingerie size leads to ill-fitting, which defeats the sole person of it to make women feel confident and sexy.

While buying lingerie, it's always best to get your size checked professionally in case you are unsure about your size. Or you can use the online bra size calculator to measure it at home.


Multiple lingerie styles are available in the market, and you should know what you need. In addition, different kinds look good on different body types, so you must read multiple articles to learn what is best for you.


When it comes to lingerie, you must favour a brand over other because they are expensive and goes a long way. A good brand will offer you better quality, and you must go for the best to get the best out of your purchase.


Comfort is sexy; if you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it will never give you the confidence you need to look your best. When buying the perfect style and design for your lingerie, ensure its comfort on priority.


Lingeries are expensive, and the costlier will be more luring to you. Make sure to pick a budget beforehand so that you don't overspend.

Why should you buy branded lingerie online in India? 

Although I favour buying lingerie offline to avoid any wrong purchases in terms of fitting and colours or whatsoever, technological advancement has ensured that you don't have to worry heavily about it, and below is why:

Saves Time

Buying offline requires a lot of time on your hand, whereas online shopping can be done even while relieving oneself. Also, it takes a lot of time to check out one store and then hop to another. However, online shopping allows you to use filters to limit your search, and it takes seconds to hop on to another stores and even back to the former.

Saves Money

There is always one or other offer and sale live on multiple online stores that help you save money. You can also use additional discount coupons or cashback schemes while paying for your purchases to save more.

Compare Products

As mentioned above, an online store lets you filter products and look for the specific ones you will buy. In addition, you can compare the price and reviews for your product in all the stores you like to buy from. It ensures that you get the best deal.

Special Discounts and Sales

Although I already mentioned saving money, you need to know one other thing. It would be best if you always avail yourself of special discounts for new users. In addition, the online stores bring sales on various occasions like the new year, Christmas and more that you can take advantage of.

Gifting Purpose

It is my favourite of all the benefits of shopping online. If you want to gift someone something, shopping for it online and putting their address on it is the way to go about it.

Easy Return or Replace

As we discussed, it is easy to shop online, and returning and replacing is just as easy as buying them online. You don't have to take out time to go to the store and plead with the store person to exchange it for you.

How to know your cup size

Confused between your perfect cup sizes? If yes, I have an ideal solution for you, go through the mentioned picture below and know about your perfect bra size.

Know your bra size

Types of Lingerie in India

Before you move forward to our best lingerie brand review, let us find out about the types of lingerie available in India and the most common ones are listed below.

Babydolls and Chemises: Babydolls and chemises are similar but have a little difference in detail. Chemises will fit and snuggle your body and runs up to mid-thigh.

Babydolls are relatively loose-fitting as compared to Chemises and they have a shorter hemline with breast cups for extra support in baby dolls. Babydoll looks like a different short dress, and it has a cute sexy appeal.

They both look like nightgowns and can be a spin-off in your lingerie collection.     

Bodysuits: Bodysuits are trendy among women these days which is a skin-tight garment that covers you from shoulders to hips, often with a closure at the crotch. It may look like a swimsuit to you, but it is not.

You can pair them with pants or skirts as a top which is body-hugging and will flaunts your curves. It gives you much-needed shaping and smoothing as well as breast support. They are available in different materials ranging from lacy fabric to sheer to viscous. 

Teddies: Teddies are similar to bodysuits, but it is relatively loose and made of more sheer material. It is a comfortable bedroom lingerie for women. Many teddies come with plunging necklines and lace details, giving sensual vibes. Teddies look beautiful and are comfortable at the same time.

Crotchless Lingerie: Crotchless Lingerie is an experimental lingerie which can add spice to your collection. It comes in all kinds of fabric, from silk to sheer to lace. When it comes to crotchless lingerie, it is not limited to panties.

Bras: A bra is a staple lingerie item in every woman's wardrobe. Bras come in a variety of fits and functions. There are different bras like strapless, push-up, sports, padded, non-padded and more. The job of a bra is to support your breast and shape them under your dress to make you look good. 

Corsets and Bustiers: Corsets and bustiers have been used for centuries as lingerie and outerwear to shape and accentuate curves. It clinches your waist and supports the breasts. Corsets are considered the centrepiece of steamy lingerie, so you should have one in your wardrobe.

Bodystockings: Bodystockings go over the legs, torso and arms. They are seen as an extension of the bodysuit that comes in a variety of materials and styles. You will find fishnets, sheer, lace, crotchless, strapless, elbow length, and other bodystocking styles in India.


In this article, you read about the Best Lingerie Brands in India 2022 that shall be perfect for you and your wardrobe. I recommend you to go with Zivame as they have decent quality at super affordable prices. Whereas if you wish to up your range, then H&M has some beautiful feminine pieces to go with it.

Once you purchase, you can share your experience with other readers and me. Also, it would be best if you shared this well-researched article with your friends and family members looking forward to trying a new lingerie brand in India. Do not forget to leave your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which brand bra is best?

A1. Jockey brand bra is the best as most youngsters prefer it. You can read this article to learn about more brands available in India.

Q2. Is Amante a good brand?

A2. Yes, Amante is a fantastic lingerie brand. The brand has been creating intimate women's wear for decades and is best known for blending comfort with fashion. You should read my article to learn more about this brand.

Q3. Is Clovia an Indian brand?

A3. Yes, Clovia is an Indian Brand known for making smooth, silky, plush, and pretty lingerie. Read about this amazing brand in my article along with other brands available in India.

Q4. Which brand of lingerie is best?

A4. Forever 21 is the best brand for lingerie as it has a wide variety. You will also like Victoria's Secret, but only if it is within your budget. Read this article to learn about both and more brands.

Q5. What are the top lingerie brands in India?

A5. Forever 21, Zivame, H&M and Jockey are the top lingerie brands in India. You should read my article to learn more about these brands along with other options available in the market.

Q6. Which bra brand is best in India?

A6. Zivame is the best bra brand in India as it fits right into your pocket. However, if you wish to spend a little more then Jockey would be the best for you. Read my article to learn more about both these brands to pick your favourite.

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