Top 33 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India [Updated]

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Who would have thought that one can actually make money out of knowing things about cricket? Yes, now you can use your knowledge of Cricket to play fantasy games. The best fantasy cricket sites in India give users a chance to win real cash using their cricket skills. 

Below 30 top Websites to Play Fantasy Cricket. You can also download fantasy cricket apps on your mobile and start playing.

By following tips to play fantasy cricket online you can improve your chances of winning cash contests on popular apps. Online gaming websites take complete care of your entertainment. For the best gaming websites in India Click Here

So check out the best fantasy cricket sites in India and start using your cricket skills to win real cash. 

List of 33 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps India 

Fantasy Website
Referral Code
Referral Bonus



Rs 500

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Rs. 100

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50 Coins {Sign Up Bonus]

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OneTo11 Fantasy Cricket App


 Rs 500

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Rs. 100

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Rs. 50

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Rs. 50

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Rs. 100

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Rs. 10

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Rs. 50

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Rs. 50

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Up to Rs. 100

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Rs. 100

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Up to Rs. 200

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Up to Rs. 300




Up to Rs. 300

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12 Coins

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Up to Rs. 200

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Funtasy 11


Rs. 65

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Rs. 25



Click here

Rs. 50




Rs. 50

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Cricking Duels



Rs. 89

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Indus Game



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Up to Rs. 200

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Rs. 50

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Up to Rs. 100

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1. Blitzpool

Blitzpool is one of the latest launched fantasy applications like other fantasy gaming apps available in the market that can assist you with bringing in cash. It was recently known as Liverpool Fantasy, But now the name of the application has been totally changed to Blitzpool Fantasy App. This application is advanced by numerous famous people like Ishan Kishan, Dhawal Kulkarni, and has low Commission fees than other fantasy apps

Sign up Offers on Blitzpool

If you are thinking of signing up on the website then you can avail the great offer. Now if you have a signup code or referral code during the time of Sign up then you can get an amount of Rs.50.

Referral Offer on Blitzpool

Refer and Earn is the best way of earning unlimited cash without any investment. You can refer your friends to earn the bonus. On every successful referral, you will get Rs. 500 bonus in your BlitzPools wallet. You can earn up to 100 from each referral. The best thing is that 100% bonus usable are on BlitzPool Fantasy. 

Share your Referral Code on any social media platform you want and you will get Instantly Rs 500 on each successful referral. Also the friend using your referral will receive Rs. 50 as a signup bonus.

  • Lots of offers, & User-Friendly Interface.
  • 100% Bonus Usable Fantasy App.
  • Low Competition than other fantasy apps.
  • Instant Withdrawal is also available.
  • No cons found yet.

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2. MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is another great website that you can use to earn money using your Cricket. Also, the user interface is very easy to use, therefore, you don’t need to worry if you are using for the first time.

The website also got me so many competition so I nailed a decent amount of Rs.500 once. The fantasy cricket websites provide users with great entertainment alongside a chance of winning exciting prizes. 

Sign up Offers on MyTeam11

If you are thinking of signing up on the website then you can avail the great offer. Now if you have a signup code or referral code during the time of Sign up then you can get an amount of Rs.50.

Referral Offer on MyTeam11

Upon availing the referral offer on MyTeam11, you can earn an amount of Rs.100 by just inviting your friend. All you have to do is send your friend a referral code if he/she uses the code during the time of Sign Up then Voila !!! you will be getting an amount of Rs.100.

  • The User interface is quite easy.
  • Options for selecting multiple teams
  • Ease of accessing it anywhere.
  • The application is very easy to use.

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3. MPL

MPL (Mobile Premier League) is one of India's leading and prevalent fantasy cricket applications, with Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador. It offers cricket enthusiasts a safe and secure platform to use their cricket knowledge for creating strong virtual or fantasy cricket teams and win real money. The platform is known for its user-friendly navigation and intuitive interface that enables gamers to have fun creating fantasy cricket teams from the comfort of their couch. 

On the MPL fantasy cricket app, cricket enthusiasts can play 1V1 intense contests with friends and real-life online players. Gamers get to earn bragging rights by creating strong fantasy cricket teams consisting of real cricket players performing excellently on the field. If the players on the fantasy team are scoring points on the field, fantasy team owners score fantasy points and rise up the leaderboard.

You get 50 coins as sign up bonus on the MPL app.

Moreover, MPL is introducing the Great Indian Gaming League (GIGL) from March 24 to May 29, where users signing up and playing in MPL would get a chance to win from the vast pot of Rs 2000 crores that MPL is offering.  

Amongst MPL’s new introduction is also Team Trading, where MPL fantasy team owners can bid, negotiate and buy fantasy teams from other owners while participating in a contest. Once a fantasy team trading deal is done, the buyer gets all the new team’s winnings for that particular contest, while MPL will take a 10% cut from profit. Kindly send the invoice so that we can initiate the payment process.

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4. OneTo11 Fantasy Cricket App

Oneto11 is a real time fantasy platform for fantasy lovers to earn daily free paytm cash. Win upto Rs 1000 cash prize with their Daily Lucky Draw campaign. This is great opportunity to earn lots of income from this fantasy app as you are getting free Rs 100 on Signup with unlimited referral program. You can also share your referral code to earn lifetime income from it. So download OneTo11 Apk now to enjoy all the benefits.

Sign Up Bonus on OneTo11 Fantasy Cricket App

  • OneTo11 Referral Code is – ARAB4RQD

  • Get Rs.100 Signup Bonus Free

  • Earn 1.5% of Referred Friend Contest Fee

  • Up To Rs 500 Refer Cash.

  • Upto 11 Levels of Referrals in the Network.

  • Chance of Earning Unlimited Income and Lifetime Rewards.

  • Get Upto 100% Cashback While Adding Money.

  • Minimum Withdrawal Is Only Rs.50


Download Now


5. Dream11

This is by far among the best Fantasy Cricket websites in India. Dream11 gets you an excellent interface to bet on your favourite Players.

The website also gets you the option of checking the track record of the player you will be selecting. Not only that but you can make multiple teams on Dream11 and increase your chances of winning.
If you love to play fantasy cricket on Dream11, then there are plenty of contests to play with which you get great earning opportunities. 

Sign Up Bonus on Dream11

Dream11 Offers you Rs.100 as the Sign Up bonus that can be used by you to later make your team. These Rs.100 will be credited to your Dream11 account and can be used by you to select a team. 

Referral Offer on Dream11

If you are an existing user on Dream11 then you are surely in for a treat. Refer a friend that has not joined the website. If he uses your code on Sign Up then you and him both will get a bonus of Rs.100.

  • The interface on the website is very easy to use.
  • It gets people multiple options to choose your own team
  • It makes you an avid cricket fan and increases your knowledge.
  • The winning in the tournaments can reach crores.
  • The point system is decided by the Application.
  • They have very less promotional Offers.
  • The document verification is Tedious.

Download Now

6. My11Circle


My11Circle brings the best fantasy cricket experience to your fingertips. The registration process is simple. They have free and cash contests. The interface is smooth to provide a great gaming experience. You can win prizes worth up to Rs. 1 Crore. There are multiple contests available on My11Circle. You can choose from practice, cash, and private contests. 

For the My11Circle referral code click here

Sign up bonus on My11Circle

At the time of writing this article, we could not find any sign up offer on My11Circle. We will update this post once we find one.

Referral bonus on My11Circle

  • Win up to 1 Crore
  • Free, cash & private contests
  • Not much

Download Now

7. HalaPlay

The next name on our fantasy cricket websites list is Halaplay. HalaPlay was among the first websites which I used to play Fantasy Cricket. It won’t be wrong to say that this one is surely the Best Fantasy Cricket Sites available online.

HalaPlay is an old service and that is the reason it has so many players just like Dream11. You get to have multiple teams in a single competition. 

Sign Up Bonus on HalaPlay

If you are a new user on Halaplay then the good news for you is that they have a Sign-Up bonus for you. Upon Signing Up with the website, you are getting a Sign-up Bonus of Rs.100. 

Referral Bonus on HalaPlay

If you are an Old User then you can about this application to your friends who are also an enthusiast. Doing so will get you Rs.50 every time anyone signup using your referral code.


  • One of the Oldest and the most trusted platform
  • Gets you a decent interface.
  • Has a wide range of offers for you to avail.
  • The payout is decent.
  • The interface is good but not the best.

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8. BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi is another really great website that can be used by any DFS(Daily Fantasy Sports) Lover. All you gotta do is to click on a match and it will show you all the associated competitions running. 

Overall, BalleBaazi is a decent option if you are looking forward to spending your money on cricket money. 

If you are looking for a new fantasy cricket website 2022, then BaleBazzi is one of the best choices. Its popularity is soaring because of very good choices in fantasy contests. 

Sign Up Offers on BalleBaazi

On BalleBaazi you can earn a signup bonus of Rs.50. The website gives you the option of using a referral code and uses it during the time of sign up.

Top Offers on BalleBaazi

SUPER Offers: On availing these offers on BalleBaazi, you can get a 100% deposit bonus.

  • To avail the offer, you can use the following coupon codes: “SUPER6666”, “SUPER4444”, “SUPER666”, and “SUPER444”.

  • On depositing an amount of Rs.6666, you will get a deposit bonus of Rs.6666 by applying the code “SUPER6666”.

  • All the coupon mentioned above will be working the same way as “SUPER6666” does. You have to deposit the same amount to get the bonus of that amount.

  • The offers are only valid on first-time users.

  • Hurry Up !!! These are Limited time period time offers.

BAAZI100: You are getting a 100% extra bonus on availing this offer.

  • To avail the bonus, you need to use the coupon code “BAAZI100”.

  • The offer can be availed up to an amount of Rs.5000.

  • The offer is only valid for once.

  • It is a limited time period Offer.

Referral Offer on BalleBaazi

On BalleBaazi, you can earn an amount of Rs.50. All you have to do is invite your friend. If he downloads the app using your link and deposits an amount of Rs.30 or more then you will get your referral bonus.

  • It has various Grand leagues
  • The competition on the website is very low so the chances of winning are not steep.
  • For every match, there is a bonus league
  • The customer support on the website is great.
  • It does not have an application.


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9. RotoBash

Rotobash is not that famous among the Fantasy Cricket players and that is the beauty of it. The competition on the website is limited and not that stiff unlike any other website of this sort. 

Also, if you want then you can add the money to your Payments bank without any hassle. As the format has become more popular new fantasy cricket league websites have emerged. 

Sign Up Offers on RotoBash

On signing up just like any other website, this one also offers 100 Roto credits to your RotoBash Wallet.  The application is very easy to Sign Up.

Referral Offers on RotoBash

A Referral is a great way of earning something extra for yourself. All you have to do is tell your friends about it.

Once they download the application as told by you and use your provided referral code then you will get a referral bonus of 100 Roto Credits. 

  • They have a variety of options to play the game.
  • The user interface is pretty decent.
  • It has got a decent payment
  • Withdrawal and deposit both are very easy.
  • The user interface is not the best.


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10. FanMojo

This is a decent website if you wish to start your fantasy cricket charade. For the game, you have to select 5 batsmen at least 40 mins before the match goes live. It is a great website if you are thinking of earning good.

Also, you get so many great offers that it is surely worth for you to at least install the application for once. The competition on the application is relatively less so the chances of winning are relatively more.

Sign Up Offers on FanMojo

In case if you are thinking of Signing Up with the website then you are getting free money in your credit. Upon signing up with the website, you are getting an amount of Rs.15.

In order to Sign Up, all you have to do is open the website and enter your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your number, just enter the OTP and you are done with it. Once your account is activated, you will receive an amount of Rs.15

Referral Offer on FanMojo

Every time you successfully invite a friend on FanMojo, you are capable of earning a referral amount of Rs.10. In order to refer your friends, all you have to do is send your referral Id to him/her.

Not only this the best thing about this referral is that you will receive 10% of his first deposit. Therefore, in the long run, it’s referral is going to be the most profitable one.

  • You just have to select 5 batsmen for the game.
  • Withdrawal on the application is quite easy.
  • They don’t have an application.


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11. 11Wickets

11Wickets is a new and best exciting Fantasy Cricket App. On the application, you can bet for both Cricket as well as Football. The application increases your interest in the sport that you like to watch since you are practically earning something.

11Wickets has got great offers for you which can be used by you to save some money. The application is really liked by most of the people who are regularly on it.

Sign Up Offers on 11Wickets

Another great thing about the website is that upon sign up, you will be getting a discount of Rs.50. All you have to do is fill in some of the details that are asked to you along with referral code that is provided to you.

Once you are done with the signup, the amount that your receiver will be credited to your 11wickets wallet.

Referral Offers on 11Wickets

Upon referring your friend on the website, you are getting an amount of Rs.50. Although, if your friend uses the referral code provided by you then he will be given Rs.75. 

  • It is a great website considering the among of games it has.
  • The service is very easy to use.
  • It is relatively a new website so a lot of people don’t trust it.


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12. WorldTeam11

WorldTeam11 is an application which is quite identical to Dream11 if the playability of the game is considered. Although, why would one consider this one over the biggest one.

I personally feel if you are not going usual in fantasy games then you are going better.

WorldTeam11 for me was the same as it got me some of the best wins that I expected all because of the number of rookie players operating on it. 

Sign Up Offer on WorldTeam11

Signing Up on WorldTeam11 is pretty easy although the benefit that you have upon Sign Up are immense. WorldTeam11 is offering an amount of Rs.100 once you sign up to the website.

Also, make sure you have a referral code if you want your sign up bonus. You also get scratch card per day after Sign Up that can get you up to Rs.50.

Referral Offers on WorldTeam11

If you have friends who are just as interested as you are in playing Fantasy sports then you both are getting great money. By availing the offer you both can get an amount of Rs.50.

All you have to do is share your referral code to him/her. Although, one thing that you need is to fill in the KYC.

  • The referral and sign up bonuses are pretty decent.
  • They have different options for playing the game.
  • You can also select international teams and play bets on the player.
  • The website is not that popular in comparison to some other application.

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13. LeagueX

If you are looking for a new website to play in then LeagueX could be a really great option for you. The interface of the website is very easy to use and makes your gameplay worth the time.

Withdrawal on the website is also very, therefore, if you are thinking of trying it then go ahead without any fear as this is 100% legal and safe.

Sign Up Offer on LeagueX

The signup bonus that they are getting you is Rs.200. This is a great amount of bonus that one is getting just upon Sign Up. The SignUp procedure is also ridiculously easy. It is one of the top 10 fantasy cricket websites in India. 

All you have to do is visit the website and click on the signup button. Although, just like any other website, you have to fill in referral code to avail the offer.

Referral Offer on LeagueX

If you are thinking of referring your friend then do it, Why? Because upon referring your friends to the website you are giving him an amount of Rs.200. Although, on the other hand, you are getting an amount of Rs.100.

This referral can be made in a few easy steps, therefore, start referring as soon as you join the service.

  • The Login and Sign up are very simplified
  • The user interface of the application is pretty simple.
  • You have multiple options for withdrawal almost instantly
  • You can also join any league using the referral bonus
  • The internet presence of the website is limited. They don’t have an application.

Click Here to Register

14. FanFight

In case if you are tired of Dream11 and looking for a new website to fill in your knack of Playing fantasy cricket then this the place you are looking for. The best part about FanFight is that it gets you a decent amount of Sign up and referral bonus.

Also, What I personally liked about the platform is that it lets you change your player even after the toss. Withdrawal on the website is also pretty easy.

Sign Up Offer on FanFight

Thinking of Signing up on FanFight, if yes then they are getting you a total of Rs.100 on Sign Up. All you have to do is fill in your details and you are good to go. The Sign Up bonuses will only be given to you if you have completed your KYC.

The bonus will be provided to you in form of Rs.70, as Paytm money while Rs.30 as joining bonus. In order to earn the Rs.70 you need a referral code although if you don’t have it then you’ll only get the joining bonus.

Referral Offer on FanFight

In case if you have who just like you like to play fantasy sports game then they would surely be interested in joining the website.

Although, upon referral, FanFight is giving you 50% of what your friend deposit for the first time.

The maximum amount of deposit that your friend can do of which you can get your referral amount is Rs.1000. This means if your friend makes a deposit of Rs.1000 then you will get a referral bonus of Rs.500.

  • The referral amount offered can be huge.
  • The gameplay on the application is quite simplified
  • They also have other great offers.
  • The competition on the website is relatively low.
  • It is mandatory to fill KYC in order to avail the offers.


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15. FantasyPower11

To play in fantasypower11, you need to first download the app. It is very simple, choose a challenge to participate and score points.

The fantasy app allows users to redeem the winning amount to Paytm wallet. Free and cash contests are available on the Fantasy Power11 app. In addition to that, there are private contests as well where users can specific users. 

Sign up Offer on FantasyPower11

Sign up on Fantasypower11, using the referral code to get Rs. 20 worth Paytm cash. Once download you can find your unique Fantasy Power11 Referral code. You can play any contest and user 100% off your referral bonus. 

FantasyPower11 Referral Offer

Share your Power11 referral code with friends to earn a cash bonus. When your referred friend deposits any amount, you will get 10% of the amount as a referral bonus.

Play the fantasy leagues to convert your signup bonus into withdrawing the amount.

  • You can Play or Join and Fantasy League using this Wallet Balance.
  • Free & Cash Contests.
  • App only game play.
  • Referral bonus cannot be withdrawn.


Click Here to Register

16. Jiyo11

Here is one more popular fantasy cricket platform allows users to win prizes with their cricket skills. Users get 10 credits to create a team and participate in Jiyo11. The online gaming platform has two types of contest formats.

In the open contest, all users can participate while in the personal contest, entry is limited for a few participants.

You can even join Jiyo11 Telegram channel to stay updated with the latest contests.

Sign Up offer on Jiyo11

Get Rs. 51 Bonus on sign up & 50% bonus from your friend. The sign-up bonus can be used for joining leagues. Your winning amount can be withdrawn to a bank account.

Referral offer on Jiyo11

Refer your friends and get 300 credits for each referral. The referral bonus is credited after the 1st contest of your friend. The referral link can be found in the profile section of Jiyo11 app.

The referral code needs to be entered at the time of Sign up of new user. 

  • The withdrawal process is simple.
  • Practice free leagues before participating in the live and private leagues.
  • PAN, KYC, and Bank details to withdraw rewards


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17. ProSports11

The fastest growing fantasy cricket platform allows users to turn their cricket skills into cash prizes. ProSports11 fantasy cricket app allows users to make multiple teams and join the match. There is also a backup mode to allow last minute team changes.

You can join public, pro, and one-on-one contests on ProSports11 app. The app is available on Google Play Store as well.

Signup offer on Prosports11

Receive extra money in your wallet on every deposit. Use Prosports11 promo code to get bonus. Get up to Rs. 150 sign up and a maximum of Rs. 250 per referral. The referral bonus on each deposit adds to your earnings form ProSports11 app. 

Referral offer on Prosports11

Share your referral code to get Rs. 50 on sign up. The amount will be credited when your friend completes KYC. Also, get a 50% deposit bonus when your friend makes a deposit. 

  • High chances of winning jackpot leagues.
  • Up to Rs. 250 on each referral
  • Introduction of the Regular and Backup league.
  • Exciting deposit bonus on a daily basis.
  • You can’t withdraw your promotional balance.
  • You need to complete your KYC before withdraw.

Click Here to Register

18. CricPlay

It is one of the fantasy cricket apps available in the Google Play store. There are no paid leagues but users can still earn money which can be transferred to Paytm wallet.

Users can earn coins for various activities that can be used for participation in leagues to earn additional rewards. Users can create more than one team for a match to elevate the chance of winning.

The cash winnings can be transferred to your Paytm wallet.

Signup offer on CricPlay

Get 12 coins on signup. The coins can be used for participation in contests on match days.

Referral offer on CricPlay

Share your referral code to earn 12 coins for every friend. You can also earn a bonus from the winning amount of your friend on select contests.

  • Free contests to win real cash

  • A variety of contests for every match

  • Daily predictions to earn extra money

  • No documentation


  • High competition


Click Here to Register


19. Fantain

The sports platform allows users to play fantasy cricket and football. Download Fantain Android app to get started with your fantasy playing experience. You can register using facebook or google account.

There is also an option to sign up with Email ID or mobile number. With Fantain, play fantasy cricket on the web, Android, and iOS.

Sign up offer on Fantain

The app provides Rs. 100 Sign up bonus to every user. You have to download the app and create a new account using email, mobile number or social login.

Referral offer on Fantain

There is also a referral offer. Earn Rs. 50 per referral with Fantain offer. Share your Fantain referral code on invite through a social link.

  • Easy login through App and Website.
  • Unlimited Referral Bonus.
  • 100% useable Bonus FanCash
  • The document verification is Tedious.


Click Here to Register

20. Dotball


Dotball is another great fantasy cricket app which gives an amazing chance of winning. Show your skills and earn money with Dotball app.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is Rs.300. Dotball is part of the fantasy cricket games in India.

The minimum amount to withdraw is Rs. 300. The withdrawn amount is instantly transferred to the bank account of the user.

Sign Up offer on Dotball

Dotball offers Rs. 51 sign up bonus to users. Once you register on the app, sign u bonus would be credited to your account.  

Referral offer on Dotball

Currently, there is no referral offer on Dotball.

  • A wide array of contests
  • Instant cash withdrawal
  • Minimum amount to withdraw is Rs. 300


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21. KhelChamps

Enjoy the cricket fever with fantasy cricket apps. The best about Khel Champ is that the competition is very less. Fantasy leagues start for as low as Rs. 1. The fantasy platform has a very easy way to create a team.

You can even join contests with multiple teams. To track your points is also super easy with Khel Champs. Get a 100% welcome bonus to get started on Khelchamps app.

Signup offer on Khel Champs

Khelchamps offers 100% welcome bonus to users as part of its sign up. You can also get up to Rs. 1500 extra on your deposit.

Referral offer on Khelchamps

Earn up to Rs. 200 on each referral. For participation share your referral code with friends.

  • Contests start for as low as Rs. 1.
  • 100% welcome bonus on sign up
  • Bonus of up to Rs. 1500 on deposit.
  • Only 20% Bonus is usable for playing contest


Click Here to Register


22. Funtasy 11

The fantasy game is for cricket, football, and badminton fans. Choose your favourite sport and start playing the game and winning money. You can connect directly with your social accounts.

You can also invite friends to play private league on Funtsy11. You have a credit of 100 to create your fantasy cricket team. The live leaderboard allows players to follow their teams in real time.

Similar to most popular apps Funtasy11 allows users to create a private league and invite friends to play.  

Sign Up offer on Funtasy 11

With the sign-up offer, get Rs. 80 in your Funtasy 11 app account. You also get a 50% bonus on deposit with the use of promo code.

Referral offer on Funtasy 11

Invite your friends to the fantasy app and get Rs. 10 and 1100 coins credit to your account.

  • Option to choose your favourite sport - Cricket, football, and Badminton.
  • Free and cash contests
  • Redeem your coins with exciting rewards.
  • Need to verify PAN card for Sign up bonus


Click Here to Register


23. CricMoney

Earn cash prizes in free leagues. Get hassle-free payment to the bank or Paytm wallet. Also, a 50% bonus on a deposit of Rs. 500. However, you need to complete KYC to withdraw cash earning to your account.

Even the free leagues include cash prizes for winners. The low competition in leagues enhances your chance of winning. The best performing fantasy teams are awarded cash prizes. 

Signup offer on CricMoney

Signup on CricMoney using the referral code to get Rs. 25 bonus. Also, get a 50% bonus on first deposit with the use of new user coupon.

Referral offer on CricMoney

Earn Rs. 25 per referral on CricMoney app. You can invite as many friends as possible to earn unlimited referral money.


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24. Duggout


Today more and more people want to play fantasy cricket. Duggout is one more popular platform to play fantasy cricket.

Duggout was first launched via a mobile app for Android users. However, with the growing popularity, it is also available on the web.

You can pick a maximum of 7 players from one team which is the case with most fantasy apps.

Signup offer on Duggout

Get Rs. 50 sign up bonus on Duggout. The welcome reward is provided to users only after profile verification. To verify account on Duggout, provide your PAN number.

Referral offer on Duggout

Earn up to Rs. 1000 every month with Duggout referral offer. You will get 10% of your friend’s first deposit. Share your referral link with more friends to earn more. Once you download the app, you can see your referral code.

  • Fantasy Cricket platform for app and web users.
  • Low competition.
  • The app is only 6.5MB
  • The user interface on the website is confusing.
  • Need to verify account for sign up bonus.
  • Low winning prize



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25. Cricketplusplus


The fantasy cricket platform is available on desktop as well as the app. CricketPlusPlus has a slightly different approach to fantasy gaming.

Here you do not pick a team of eleven players but predict 5 best and 3 worst performers for each match to join a contest. Entry fee for cash contests varies from Rs. 15 to Rs. 600 depending on the match.

You can start playing after email verification of your account.


Sign Up Bonus on Cricketplusplus

You can register on the website and get Rs. 50. The amount credited to your account and can be used to join contests and win cash on the fantasy app. To avail the sign-up offer on Cricket++ fantasy app, use a referral code.


Referral offer on Cricketplusplus

Share your unique referral code with friends to earn Rs. 50 on every signup. Your referral code on Cricketplusplus fantasy app is your unique username.

Share your username with friends and ask them to enter it as referral code on signup.

  • Unique format of fantasy cricket.
  • Support for various modes of payment for add money including different e-wallets.
  • The format is different but it can also be difficult to understand.



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26. Cricking Duels


Cricking Duels is an interactive fantasy cricket game. Select 10 players for your team. And you are the 11th player. Make a ball by ball prediction to score more points and improve your chances of winning.

So the format is slightly different if you are already playing fantasy cricket.

Select a maximum of six players from one side. The fantasy cricket app has a slightly wider reach along with Android and web versions, cricking duels app is available on the Apple app store as well.


Sign Up offer on Cricking Duels

Get Rs. 50 sign up bonus on cricking Duels. You can register with Facebook account. Complete your profile by verifying your mobile number to get sign up bonus.

Referral Offer on Cricking Duels

Earn up to Rs. 89 with referral offer on cricking Duels app. Earn Rs. 9 when your friend uses your referral code on sign up. Get additional Rs. 10 bonus when your friend joins 1 or more leagues.

  • Wider rich with Android, iOS, and web versions. 
  • Slightly different format.
  • Huge prize money
  • Predictions for every ball to score more.
  • Difficult referral program.
  • Only Facebook login available


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27. Indus Game


Indus Games has free contests as well where you can win up to Rs. 1,000. The cash leagues start for as low as Rs. 7. You can sign up on the website or download the mobile app.

It is easy to get started, provide basic details and start playing fantasy cricket to win real money. Join free leagues on Indus games app and stand chance to win cash prizes.

Sign up offer on Indus Game 

Get 100% cashback up to Rs. 250 on your add money on Indus Games. The fantasy app allows users to edit their team even after toss while the 1st innings is going on.

Referral Offer on Indus Game

Share your referral code with friends to earn a cash bonus. Find your unique referral code in the account section on Indus Games website.

  • Free contests with real cash.
  • 100% usable signup bonus
  • The account verification procedure is lengthy.
  • Referrals are not very beneficial


Click Here to Register


28. Dolostar


Refer a friend to get Rs. 100. The referral code can be used on Sign up on the Dolo Star website. The cash contests start for as low as Rs. 10. You can also participate in the free contests but there are limited prizes.

To participate is very simple, pick a team of eleven players and join a cash contest of your choice. You can add money via Paytm or Cards to play and stand a chance to win real cash.

Sign Up offer on Dolo Star

Register on the website with referral code of a friend to get Rs. 100 bonus on sign up. The registration step is very simple, provide basic details like Email, phone number, and name to create a new account on Dolo Star website or app.

Referral Offer on Dolostar

Invite your friends to the fantasy cricket website and earn great rewards. You earn Rs. 200 on every friend that joins through your referral code and plays on Dolo star. The referral program is available on the website as well as the app.

  • Both web and app versions available for users
  • Paid and free contests
  • Only 10% of the entry fee can be paid from the bonus amount.
  • Bonus and referral amount is not 100% usable.


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29. Livepools

With Livepools fantasy app, enjoy Rs. 0 entry fee to some of the best leagues. The new fantasy website provides maximum winning chance due to very low competition.

Based on the concept of online fantasy games, your points depends on the performance of your selected players in real matches. 

Sign Up Bonus on Livepools

Yes, the fantasy website welcomes new users with sign up bonus. Register on Livepools website or app to get Rs. 10 Paytm cash. Also, get Rs. 50 bonus on your first deposit of Rs. 50 or more. Use coupon code "WC50" on your deposit.

Referral Offer on Livepools

Neither on the app nor on the website was I able to spot any referral offer.

  • Full gameplay on the website, no need to download the app
  • User interface is not the best.
  • It can time to adjust to the game format. 


Click Here to Register


30. BackBoardKing

The fantasy cricket app is easy to play and win money. Download the app and get started. You can also register on the website with your Email ID and phone number.

Join free or paid leagues to play fantasy cricket.

You can withdraw the winning amount by verifying your PAN card or Bank account. The cricket fantasy website is available on Android & iOS platform.

Sign Up Bonus on BackBoardKing

The fantasy cricket platform has a great welcome program for new users. Get Rs. 100 bonus on Signup.

Referral offer on BackBoardKing

Get Rs. 50 cash bonus by inviting friends to BackBoardKing fantasy cricket app. The refer and earn offer is very simple as you have to share your referral code and you earn cash bonus on signup. 

  • 100% Bonus usable Team after the toss Free Contests
  • User interface is not the best.
  • Very few contests


Click Here to Register


31. PlayerzPot


The fantasy game platform is also great for football and Kabaddi fans. PlayerzPot fantasy cricket app is available for Android and iOS users.

Similar to other popular fantasy cricket platforms, users have a budget of 100 virtual gems to choose a team. At the end of the match, prizes are credited to the account of user based on their team rank.

Sign Up Bonus on PlayerzPot

Get up to Rs. 100 sign up bonus on PlayerzPot Account. The user gets Rs. 20 on mobile number verification, Rs. 10 on email verification and 25% cash back on first deposit.

Referral Offer on PlayerzPot

Earn a 10% bonus on the first deposit of your referred person. The maximum bonus per referral is Rs. 100. Also, get a 5% referral bonus on special spots. The referral amount will expire within 30 days.

  • Multiple contests and prizes 100% usable sign up bonus
  • The chance of winnings is bleak.
  • The document verification is Tedious.



Click Here to Register


32. Gamezy

Gamezy is a new addition to the list of fantasy cricket websites in India. So try this game and earn instant cash online. There are so many chances of winning with this fantasy cricket website.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 200.  Gamezy also offers prizes with many top brands like Gaana, Myntra, Box8, Faasos, Zoom car, and Cleatrip among others.

Sign Up Bonus on Gamezy

Gamezy offers a referral bonus of Rs. 100 to new users. You get the bonus when you join using a referral code. Use up to 60% of your cash bonus. The bonus amount can be used only to join contests.

Gamezy is the latest game from the house of GamesKraft.

Referral offer on Gamezy

Share your unique referral code to invite friends to the app. For every successful registration both get Rs. 100. The amount can be used to play games.

  • The interface on the website is very easy to use.
  • It has multiple options to choose your own team
  • Cash bonus is not 100% usable


Click Here to Register

33. My Innings


My Innings is an excellent fantasy cricket app. They are also providing Rs. 100 cash bonus to new players. To get the cash bonus sign up with My Innings Referral Code. You can also share your referral code with friends and family to get Rs. 100 cash bonus after your friend joins a fantasy contest. My Innings fantasy cricket app is available for android users. 

Sign Up Bonus on My Innings

For sign up bonus, you need to register with My Innings Referral code. Use referral code - UGWJQG478 Get Rs. 100 cash bonus on sign up. The offer is for all new users. Download the app and enter referral code at the time of sign up. Rs 100 Cash bonus will be credited to your playing account. 

Referral Bonus on My Innings

Sign up with My innings referral code to get Rs. 100 cash bonus. Also, share your referral code with friends to get Rs. 100 cash bonus after your friend joins a fantasy You can find your unique referral code on the app. 


  • Good referral bonus
  • Less competition
  • Instant withdrawal
  • Not much

Download Now


  • If you wish to download the applications for all the websites mentioned then you can only do that via their official website.
  • These websites are not available on PlayStore since it does not support betting applications.

  • Most of the Fantasy Cricket Websites mentioned below have App Download.

  • Also, the websites mentioned below are 100% legal in India.


What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an engaging form of online gaming. As the name suggests the user has to create a fantasy team to participate in the contest.

The team with the best performance is the winner. The performance is based on all factors such as runs, boundaries, wickets, dots, fielding, etc. It basically covers all aspects of the game. The aim is to score maximum points and reach the top.

The best fantasy cricket websites in India have come with different formats to make the game more interesting. But the basics remain the same which include selecting the best team to win the contests. The prize money depends on the contest. 

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

The basic format remains the same which is to select a team for a contest. The user with the best performance or maximum ranking wins the contest. However, fantasy websites and apps have come with different concepts. 

The thing that remains the same is that the user has to select the best team for competition within the allotted budget. The launch of new fantasy cricket websites makes it more interesting also users more choice to select a format as per their preference.

A budget is given within which the user to select his team. The team needs to have the right balance with batsman, bowlers, all-rounders and wicketkeeper. 

How to Win Real Money Playing Fantasy Cricket?

First of all, you need to sign up one of the best fantasy cricket websites mentioned above. Then you have to sign using your mobile number and enter a contest. You can also get sign up of fantasy cricket websites. Now, enter a contest and select your team within the allotted budget. 

While choosing the team, take the recent performance of players into account. Once the game starts, you can track your progress in real-time. The prize money you win will depend on your rank in the contest. 

The prize you earn is real cash that can be transferred to your wallet or bank account. The process to redeem fantasy cricket winning amount will vary from one website to other. But it is almost same, follow the steps to redeem your winning amount. Your chance of winning with cricket fantasy websites depends on the performance of your team.

How to play Fantasy cricket on Dream11?

To play fantasy cricket on Dream11 you need to follow some basic rules. You need to select a match from the list of upcoming matches. After you have select a match, use your cricket knowledge to create the right team.

Pick the captain and vice-captain of your team wisely. You get 2X and 1.5X points for your captain and vice-captain respectively. Now, select a cash contest to participate.

You can choose a contest based on your budget. Practice contests are also available on Dream11. You can check your team's progress from the fantasy scoreboard and contest leaderboard. You can check your team's ranking and winning amount from the leaderboard once the match is over.

So these are the Top 30 Fantasy Cricket Websites in India. You can try BigCash live app for fantasy cricket.  Sign up with BigCash referral code and get Rs. 11 on Sign up. Cricket is a rage in our country and people are just crazy about it. With so many leagues and matches happening now and since being a fanatic keeping knowledge about becomes obvious.

These apps fuel your passion and by the side helps you in making something extra. We hope that this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best website for fantasy cricket in India?

We have mentioned the top 30 websites for fantasy cricket in India. All the websites are very good. The format of contests varies for different fantasy cricket websites so it depends on individual choice.

How Can I Play Fantasy Cricket online?

Choose a fantasy cricket website from the list and start playing fantasy cricket online. You need to enter a contest and select a team. The performance of your team decides you rank in the contest.

Hot to Earn money with Fantasy cricket websites?

The chance of earning money depends on the performance of your team. Each player you select should contribute with runs, wickets or fielding to help you win. If your team performs well and you are one of the winners you will earn money as per your rank. You can redeem your winning amount to an e-wallet or bank account. 


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