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If you love to play online games, you will undoubtedly want to know about the best gaming sites. 

Online gaming websites offer a wide variety. This is the reason there are over two billion gamers worldwide. Studies also prove that playing video games with the family positively impacts the child.

But not all online gaming sites are equal. I advise you not to go for sites with distracting ads, popups, etc. Many sites are filled with harmful downloads that can damage your computer too. Also, some of these may also need to be more suitable for young crowds. 

Therefore, to tackle all these issues, here I am sharing the safest and the best online gaming sites that will keep you occupied for hours and allow you to play different games. 

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Best Online Gaming Sites

List of 27 Best Best Gaming Sites Online

Here we have curated a list of 27 best online gaming sites where you can visit and play multiple types of games according to your interest.

Best Gaming Sites 

Top Featured Games

Get Mega

  • Card games (Poker and Rummy)

  • Casual games( Pool and Carrom)

  • Trivia (Quizzes)


  • WWE Mayhem Game

  • Zapak Chess Game

  • Carrom Pool Game


  • 8 Ball Pool™

  • Subway Surfers™

  • Golf Battle™


  • Spy 'n Find Collage

  • Mahjong for Christmas

  • Daily Rebound


  • Arcade games

  • Puzzle games

  • Shooting games


  • Puzzle

  • Shooting 

  • Adventure


  • Cricket 

  • Racing

  • Arcade


  • Dress up

  • Puzzle

  • Action


  • Hurakan City Driver HD

  • City Ambulance Car Driving

  • Car Parking City Duel


  • Escape From Prison 

  • World Cup Fever 

  • Archery 


  • The Forest Temple

  • Bubble Shooter Extreme

  • Money Movers 3


  • First Class Solitaire HDSolitaire

  • Crossword Cove HDWord

  • Payday Freecell HDSolitaire


  • Operation Desesrt Road

  • Mermaid Tail Rush

  • Fun Draw Race 3D

Play Retro Games

  • Sonic The Hedgehog 

  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy

  • Sonic Classic Heroes


  • Recoil

  • Soccer Skills World Cup

  • Crazy Cars


  • Jewel Shuffle.

  • Card Sharks.

  • Family Feud

Big Fish Games

  • EverMerge

  • Cooking Craze

  • Fairway Solitaire

Armor Games

  • Crush the Castle Legacy

  • Nauticrawl

  • Void Tyrant


  • Upgrades.

  • Multiplayer.

  • Arena Combat.


  • Call of Duty

  • Overwatch

  • God of War Ragnarök


  • Has‑Been Heroes

  • Deformers

Review Of The Best Gaming Sites in India 2023

Here are the detailed review of the best gaming sites in India. Enjoy free online gaming with the top sites that take complete care of your entertainment. 

1. Getmega


Getmega is an online gaming platform recognized and handled by Megashots Internet Pvt Ltd. It offers real cash to the players on winning different types of games. The user interface and user experience of Getmega are real and it gives assurance that there are no bots or fake id players in Getmega.

The leaderboard of Getmega is quite impressive as it is updated 24x7 and the players receive attractive cash prizes and other rewards by ranking on the leaderboard. Getmega offers up to Rs 10,00,000 per month to the users who rank on the leaderboard. 

The real rummy games are offered by Getmega and users according to their skills can buy them at a minimum price of Rs 1 to Rs 2,400. It also offers 1 minimum withdrawal features to the users with offers on online payments applications such as UPI payments on Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay and it also provides bank transfers. 

Getmega has chat support in which users can get responses within 15 minutes. The random number generator certification from Itech technologies of Australia is in Getmega so there will be no chance of prediction and luck. The All India Gaming Federation gives support and recognizes Getmega as a reliable and safe platform.

Key Features

  1. Play real money games

  2. Get rewards based on the hourly, daily, weekly leaderboard 

  3. No fee for leaderboard entry

  4. RNG and AIGF verified

  5. Live video chat feature 

  6. 1-minute payment withdrawal 

  7. Live conversation feature 

  8. Minimum Rs 1 for buy-in

  9. Minimum depending on Rs 10 available 

2. Zapak.com


Zapak.com is one of the largest gaming websites in India. It has over 10 million registered users. Zapak is also available for feature phones via its mobile site to provide multiplayer gaming experience across all devices. The website has over 1200 free games.

The popular online gaming categories on Zapak include Cricket, racing, action, and arcade among others. The website has many single and multiplayer games. There are downloadable games as well. Their kid’s games are the most popular category. 

Key Features

  • 10 million + online registered users

  • 1 out of every 3 people on the Internet in India are on Zapak

  • Zapak features among the top 10 WAP destinations in India with 

  • Over 2.5mn unique users per month

  • Global distribution of Mobile Games

  • Mobile apps on iTunes and Google Play

  • Multiplayer games on feature phones as well

  • A strong technology team for porting games and applications across multiple Mobile devices

3. Miniclip.com


Miniclip is a leading online gaming site. You can play a huge range of games. The popular categories of free online games on Miniclip include action games, sports games, puzzle games, mobile games, iPhone Games, Window Games. Android Games, flash games and many more.

Get a high-quality gaming experience with game statistics such as ranking, high scores and more. The website allows users to create a unique avatar including clothing and accessories. There is a massive collection of single and multiplayer games. 

Key Features 

  • Huge range of free online games

  • Game statistics

  • Miniclip avatar

  • Single and multiplayer games

  • Download games for iPhone, Android & Windows

4. Shockwave.com


Shockwave.com is one of the best gaming websites. It is the ultimate destination for online games. You also get free download games from the websites.

Shockwave has games also popular categories such as action, adventure, card & board games, jigsaw games, music games, puzzle games, racing games, shooter games, sports games, and strategy games, and word games among others.

They have an endless collection of games, and the collection is updated on a regular basis. Start playing free games online with Shockwave.com. 

Key Features

  • More than 1800 Games

  • 20+ Years of experience in the industry

  • New Games added every week

  • Best games across all popular categories

  • Games for everyone

5. Addictinggames.com


Addictinggames.com is one of the largest gaming sites in the US. The website reaches over 10 million users every month. They have a large range of free online games across popular categories such as sports games, puzzle games, mobile games, and many more. 

The website comes up with more than a dozen games every week. You can play games anytime and on any device. They work with game developers across the world to bring new games.

The website is a pioneer in the online game space. Addicting games bring innovation to keep players entertained. They have produced various popular gaming titles such as Fratboy Girlfriend TD, Pencil Racer, and 50 States

Key Features 

  • Presence in Online gaming space since 2002

  • 4000+ online games

  • New games added every week

  • One of the first gaming portals

  • Many popular gaming titles

6. FreeOnlineGames.com


FreeOnlineGames.com is one os the best gaming websites. The website is completely free with a massive collection of games. They have free games across all popular genres. The most online games on the website include racing games, puzzle games, MMO games, and action games among others.

The website has lots of original content to keep players entertained. You can spend hours playing the games available on the website. There is also a search box available on the website to help users choose a game of their choice.

The website has a very simple layout, so anyone can use with convenience. The popular categories are listed on top. The user can choose any category to find the various games available. 

Key Features

  • Simple layout

  • Massive selection of games

  • Lots of original games

  • Free to play games

  • Highest quality

7. IndiaArcade.com

india arcade

The website is perfect for free online gaming. They have a huge collection of free games across popular categories such as sports, adventure, strategy and more. Just register on the website to enjoy free games. The registration is free. 

If you are also looking for a website with 100% free gaming then you can check out IndiaArcade.com. Before registration, you can try different games as well. If you like the quality of the games then you can register on the website for free and enjoy unlimited free online games. 

Key Features 

  • Huge collection of free games

  • 100% free registration

  • Unlimited free games

  • Easy to register and play

8. Atmegame.com


Here is one more website in our list of best gaming websites. You can check out atmegame.com. They have a huge collection of high-end games packed with technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. 

The website is very engaging with a huge range of best online games. The extensive range of categories includes racing, action, adventure, sports, puzzle, arcade and more. They have online games with no need to download. Also, you can play without registration.

The action games available on the website are simply best with zombie games, monster games, war games and more.

They also have a good range of adventure games such as running, mining, and flying. You can also play different sports games such as Rugby, Soccer, hockey, cricket and baseball. 

Key Features

  • No registration required

  • Extensive range of best online games

  • Single and multiplayer mode

  • Extensive entertainment and fun

  • Action-packed AI and virtual reality-based games

9. DailyGames.com

daily games

Number 8 on our list is Daily Games. It is another very useful site with many free online games. The website has many special features to provide a better gaming experience. The gaming portal has a very attractive design. The website transforms your online gaming experience. 

The Daily Games categories are listed on the landing page of the website. You can choose any category to find different options available and play your favourite game. The website has a huge collection of free online games for users. You can also buy credit to play different games. 

Key Features

  • Good number of free online games

  • Many surprising features

  • Top-notch gaming experience

  • Well recognized gaming platform

10. Gamesonline.in

games online

Here is one more website with an extensive range of free games. The website is one of the best resources for free online gaming. They have something for every type of game lover. From action to puzzle and fun games, the gaming portal gives all types of games. 

Their painting games are very unique. They also have specially developed games for kids. You can check out the website for the extensive range of games that are free. It is available for android and Windows platforms.

Key Features

  • Engaging social networking games

  • An array of free games to play

  • Games for all age groups

  • Large gaming platform

  • Supports Android and Windows platform

11. Agame.com


The last name on our list of best online gaming websites is Agame.com. The website has a huge collection of HTML5 games. They have some of the world's best games. The collection of games is for all types of users; young and old. With multiplayer games, you can compete with thousands of games worldwide.

Agame is one of the best online gaming websites with tons of best games such as Five Nights at Freddy's, Slither.io, Happy Wheels, Subway surfer, Mahjong and more. They also have a lot of racing, shooting, music, and makeup games. 

Key Features

  • World's best HTML5 Free games

  • Cooking games

  • Compete against thousands of gamers

  • Continuously updated titles

  • Tons of online games

12. Pogo.com

Pogo game

The website has over 100 games to take complete care of your entertainment. The website is free with sponsored ads. You can also join Club Pogo for an ad-free experience. Club Pogo membership is available at $6.99 a month. The premium membership comes with added benefits for users and also help keep ads away. 

You can even play without premium subscription the ads play for only 20 seconds during any game. You can also chat while playing live games on the site. The website gives download option as well to gamers for offline playing. Pogo Games is a credible website for online gaming. The website ranks among the top 10 internet sites for US visitors. Once you visit Pogo games website, select your age to find appropriate games. 

Top Features

  • 100+ Casual games to play for free

  • Games based on the age of users

  • No need to sign up, play free games as a guest

  • Among top 10 internet sites for US visitors

  • Download option to allows offline playing as well

  • Club Pogo membership for ad-free experience and premium services

13. Bored.com

The gaming website keeps you away from boredom. You get to choose from puzzle, racing, strategy, adventure, fighting and shooting games. However, the ads keep coming which can at times dilute your gaming experience. Apart from that, the website is easy and fun with unique game content, The website is among the top free game websites worldwide with millions of active users.

There is a search box on the top to help you find games as per your choice. Bored games website is updated with new titles regularly to provide more and more choices to players. There is a separate tab for new games to help you find the latest additions to the website. 

Key Features

  • Among top free gaming websites worldwide

  • Unique game content

  • Millions of active users

  • Games across all popular categories

  • New titles added regularly 

14. Playretrogames.com

Play Retro Games

As the name suggests the website brings 8-bit title games from the NES era. The website has many classic games in its library such as Castlevania and Jurrasic Park. Playretrogames.com offers a mostly ad less gaming experience. You need an NES controller to access the 8-bit titles. 

The website packs some unique features to enhance your online gaming experience. There are many features for casual as well as professional games. It is easy to play your childhood games with this website. To enjoy the best gaming experience you need good internet connectivity. 

You can use the search bar to find your favourite games or click on the menu button to browse different categories. Simply choose a game and start playing, no need to signup or register on the site. However, to save your game progress, you can register on Playretrogames.com. 

Key Features

  • Brings 8-bit titles games from the NES Era.

  • Huge collection of classic games

  • Thousands of arcade games to provide non-stop entertainment

  • No Need to sign up or register

  • Many advanced features for an enhanced gaming experience

15. Poki.com

Poki Game

The website gives instant play to all users without download or register. Poki has a huge selection of free online games that you can play alone or with friends. New titles are daily added to the platform. The popular games include Subway Surfers, Iron Snout, Stickman Hook, and Rodeo Stampede among others. 

The website brings over 1000 games titles which you can play on your desktop, tablet, or mobile. Every month 30 million + users play their favourite games on Poki. The popular categories include .io games, two players, dress up games, car games and shooting games. The overall gaming experience is good and you can easily skip the ads. 

Key Features 

  • 1000+ free game titles

  • 30 million + user base

  • New titles added daily

  • Offers instant play to all users without download or register

16. Arkadium.com

Arkadium Game

This website is popular for its huge collection of puzzles, math and card games. There are also soduku, word making, and brain exercising games on the platform. It also has lots of card and strategy games as well. The website has a good interface which makes gaming even more fun. You get used to the website very easily. 

There are no annoying ads which make it a treat for all free game lovers. The website functions smoothly even on a slow internet connection. The ad-free experience makes it one of the best gaming websites in India. 

Key Features

  • Huge collection of puzzles, math and card games

  • Brain Excercise games

  • Lots of card and strategy games as well

  • No annoying ads for a smooth gaming experience

  • Works smoothly even on a slow internet connection

17. Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games

The online gaming site is popular for online casinos and solitaire. The popular games include Big Fish Games, Fairway Solitaire, Jackpot magic SLots, & cooking Craze, among others. 
You can sign-up using your email address and win 100,000 chips. Also, earn chips for daily login. Apart from online games, you can also download games for Android, iOS, & PC. 

Key Features 

  • One of the best sites for online casino 

  • Games for iPhone & Mac

  • Wide array of online & downloadable games

18. Armor Games

Armor Games

Choose from a wide array of online games for strategy, shooting, action, puzzle, adventure, & more. With new games added almost every week, you have plenty of choices. 

You get a complete guide to playing each game. There is no need to sign-up or register on the website to play your favourite games. There are no distractions which makes the gameplay smooth and easy.

Key Features 

  • Games across all categories

  • No need to sign up

  • Complete guide to play every game

19. Kongregate

Kongregate game

Get access to tons of online games that you can play right from your browser. Choose from a popular category of games based on your choice. There are also 5-minute quick games if you are in a hurry. 

Registration is optional, but you can easily track your progress with free sign-up. You can also collect badges, track points & participate in chats which make the gameplay interesting.

Key Features

  • Games across all popular categories

  • Registration is optional

  • Collect badges, participate in live chats & more 

20. Twitch.Tv


Twitch is the world's driving video stage and community for gamers. In excess of 45 million gamers gathers consistently on twitch to communicate, watch and talk about gaming. Twitch's video platform is the foundation of both live and on-request distribution for the whole computer game environment. This incorporates game distributers, developers, news sources, industry shows and press conferance, easygoing gamers and gaming for a noble cause occasions. Twitch likewise takes care of the whole esports industry, crossing the top master players, competitions, leagues, television shows and associations

Key Features 

  • Among top free gaming websites worldwide

  • Contains multiple game content

  • Provides both live and on-request computer game environments

Game Stop

GameStop Corp. is an American video game, user electronics, and retailer of gaming merchandise. The domain is based in Grapevine, Texas, and is the greatest video game retailer across the world. GameStop website is checked and tested consistently by internal sources and through AudioEye, a third-party provider of Web Accessibility is monitoring and testing.Pre-order and purchase consoles, video games, and accessories at GameStop as it is also the largest video game retailer with more than6,600 stores in 15 countries all over the world.

Key Features 

  • Contains various games of different categories

  • One of the largest provider of video games

Types of Games to Play Online

Online gaming is a vast category of online entertainment. There are different types of games online for enjoyment. It is easy to choose one based on your interest. 

To start you need to register with your email, then you can play anytime with a username and password. There are free games as well as paid ones. You can play these games in your leisure time. These games attract people of ages to participate. There are action-packed games, mind games, sports games, card games and more. 

Online strategy games

It is one of the most preferred types of games. Strategy based games need a lot of attention. The users to outthink the opponent for a chance of winning. The player has to work out different tactics to play.

Sports Games

This category is for sports lovers. You can enjoy sports games from the comforts of your home. There are various variations and levels to keep up the excitement levels. You can play cricket, soccer, tennis, and basketball among other sports. Players can compete with each other or the computer itself.

Shooting games

Online shooting games are full of thrill and action. There are plenty of gaming options. Shooting games test the precision and aim of the gamer. Shooting games have always been very popular among youngers. 

Card Games

There are several card games to play online. The popular selection includes poker, spades, and more. The availability of traditional card games online attracts a lot of players. Players have the option to challenge other players in contests. 

Arcade Games

The games are addictive and attract players of all ages. Players are exposed to a different environment. Quick decision making is the key in such kind of games. There are various classic arcade games which you can play for free. With a plethora of online games, you don't have to look for the ultimate gaming experience. 

Top Tips for Safe Gaming Performance

  • Never put your personal details in your username or avatar.

  • Use a strong password

  • Ensure antivirus software is installed on your PC or laptop

  • Treat opponents as players and never reveal personal information

  • Report any abuse to the gaming website

  • Be alert of the false virus alerts.

Before you start using the top sites for online gaming in India, follow some tips to stay safe. Online gaming is fun it can help reduce stress and lighten depression. However, it is also linked to obesity and addictive behaviour.

Online gaming spans from everything to simple game of Solitaire to multiplayer online games. The users can interact with other players. You can play online games using computers, laptops, handheld devices and phones and tablets. 


People of all age groups play online games. Online gaming is very addictive in nature. Users want to reach the next level in such a scenario it is easy to lose track of time.It is important to balance the act. You can set a time limit for gaming. It is very tempting to play online games. And the best gaming websites provide ample choices to keep you entertained. 

The top gaming websites we have listed provide full entertainment and you can enjoy a lot of games for free. All the websites are very good, you can select from the available options and say goodbye to a boring day.  Each website is very different from the other. So you have plenty of choices to try and decide which suites your online gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the nuber 1 best online game?

Ans. You can check the list of best online gaming website above. We have mentioned 10 best websites for free games. You can check these websites they have a huge collection of free games.

Q. Where do I find free games?

Ans. There are many online gaming sites on which you can play free games. Check out our dedicatedd article to leatn more.

Q. Which is the best online game in India?

Ans. Ludo, Carrom, Snake and Ladders are some of the best online games in India.

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